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Negirau Atashinchi
~Life Stinks~

The first day of junior high caused excitement for most students. When Kurosaki Karin woke up that morning she seriously couldn't place the dreaded feeling in the pit of her stomach that something was wrong. Then again, she saw spirits every single day and that in itself was unsettling. If her brother still had been able to see them it might not have been so rough.

She sat at the breakfast table minding her own business. At least as well as she could with two ghosts hanging onto her shoulders, a brother who liked to bait her twin sister and a father whose taste in fashion equated to that of a clown. She was glad to find that she was leaving for class soon despite the fact that the obnoxious Kurosaki Isshin followed his two daughters the whole way.

When they arrived, they found folding chairs with every students name on the chair, girls on one side, boys on another. Most of the students didn't have the chance of sitting next to a friend; however she and Yuzu were lucky as they shared the last name. In another regard, they weren't so lucky as they had an embarrassing spectator following them.

And it wasn't a ghost, but a man with a goatee bawling his eyes out in a rather anti masculine fashion as his two girls walked to their seats. Karin sat down in her chair as Yuzu sat down to her right. Glancing back she could see her father in his weird tie, bawling his head off and getting other parents to stare at him. Thankfully there was hopefully no one that could equate him as being related to them.

She turned around, meaning to ignore the man, only to hear him yelling over the crowd as a few girls sat down around them. "Karin-chan! Yuzu-chan! Make the Kurosaki family proud!" His beaming face and over ecstatic mode caused a bunch of giggles to occur. As more gathered his incessant yelling got worse rather then stopping. She closed her eyes wanting it all to go away.

"It isn't fair Yuzu. Dad didn't do this on Ichigo's entrance ceremonies. Hell, he didn't even bother to show up, the bastard," Karin stated firmly.

"No... he didn't bother to show up," her sister muttered, causing Karin to suddenly turn her head to see her sister with her cheeks puffed out. "Ichi-nii is so mean! I saved off showing him my uniform and he doesn't notice. And then when he does notice he's a pervert about it!"

"You mean the whole fastener part of it?" the dark haired female sighed.

"I can't believe that he looked to see if my zipper was pulled up," the girl stated, her cheeks flustered.

"Yuzu... our clothes consist of a skirt and a blouse that gets pulled over our heads. We may tie the sailor knot on our uniform, but it has no fasteners of what you speak," Karin shook her head.

"I think our uniforms are absolutely adorable," one of the girls in front of them suddenly turned around to greet the two girls.

A girl next to her quickly admonished. "It's all right to talk to Kurosaki Yuzu, but don't talk to her sister. She's not nice."

"That's mean to say!" Yuzu stated. She then blinked a couple of times. "Karin... if Ichi-nii... what did he mean by that comment he made then?"

"He was trying to pull your goat and get you to react Yuzu," Karin let out a sigh.

"Hey... Yuzu..." the girl who had made the rude comment about Karin suddenly spoke up. "Is that your dad?"

"Which one?" Yuzu stated, glancing around. Isshin acted suddenly like he overheard her conversation and broke down and fell to the ground. "Don't care..."

"You're still miffed because Ichi-nii didn't notice your uniform aren't you?" the darker twin let out a sigh.

"Well, yeah. I waited, and I waited for him to notice," Yuzu stated.

"Ich-nii went to this school so he knows what the uniforms look like," Karin reprimanded.

"Plus, he's rather oblivious."

"You guys have an older brother?" the first girl spoke up.

"Kurosaki Ichigo... he's a senior this year in high school, right Yuzu?" the second girl asked, causing Yuzu to nod her head rapidly.

"If he doesn't notice girls, is he gay?" the first suddenly asked suddenly, which caused Yuzu's face to pale.

"He's still bummed because he can't see the girl he likes and he hasn't been able to admit that he likes her," Karin stated firmly.

"Ichi-nii likes a girl!" Yuzu suddenly had a rather teary eyed expression similar to her fathers.

"Yuzu! You remember Rukia nee-chan?" Karin stated firmly.

"I liked her! I wonder what happened to her. I wanted her to be our real sister," the girl spoke up.

"Well, if she married Ichi-nii, she would be our real sister," the girl stated.

"Oh." Yuzu shut her mouth. "I don't get it."

"That's why everyone likes you, Yuzu-chan!" the second girl responded, then turned to the first girl. "Her brother is like that. Which makes you wonder how Karin ever was related to them."

"She's my twin," Karin's sister stated coming to her own defense, not really fully realizing what was going on.

"She doesn't look it. I thought twins were supposed to be identical," the second girl stated, a smirk on her face.

"Yeah... I thought so too," the first girl stated, instantly agreeing.

"Shows what you both know," Karin muttered, suddenly wincing as her father went into a nice tirade about everything. She would be quite glad when he headed home for the clinic.


Other then the fact that her father was making a ruckus the opening ceremony went rather well. She and Yuzu headed off to their classes quickly escaping their father who happened to have had another mental collapse when Yuzu showed yet another miffed tantrum for the way that Ichi-nii had treated her that morning.

Thankfully they shared the same classroom and they found a seat near each other, not to mention also near the window. The fair haired Kurosaki twin still had a rather sour look on her face. "What is it now?"

"Ichi-nii should have come to our entrance ceremony?"

"Why?" Karin gave her sister a rather ambivalent look.

"Because! Ichi-nii's our big brother. Isn't that a good enough reason Karin-chan?" Yuzu stated, frustration still written all over her face.

"Ichi-nii's got school too," the dark haired twin sighed.


"So? You do know that his grades have dropped since he entered high school. He needs to focus and set a good example on his first day of school," Karin stated firmly.

"Well, if he said he went to his little sisters' opening ceremony, wouldn't the teacher be a little more lenient on him and understand that he helps take care of his family," Yuzu sighed. "I wanted Ichi-nii to come.

"Would you also have liked him and dad to have gotten into a huge fight and caused us an even bigger embarrassment then we've already had?" the second twin shook her head.

"What do you mean?" Two brown eyes blinked a couple of times in confusion.

"You didn't see what dad was doing?" Karin shook her head in irritation. "Come on Yuzu..."

"Yeah. Everyone in the freshman class saw your guys father bawling his head off," the second girl stated, setting down her stuff. Karin grimaced at having her in the class, whatever her name was.

"Knock it off. Their dad has to take on the role of mom and dad," a voice stated as a red haired youth stepped into the room.

Yuzu suddenly brightened up. "Jinta-kun! Don't you think that Ichi-nii should have come?"

Karin found humor in the fact that Jinta's face twisted up in frustration at the fact that her twin still didn't notice his crush on her. After pausing for a few seconds, he then spoke up. "Yeah. He should have come." He noticed the glare that Karin's dark eyes gave him and backed down.

"Hey... Karin-chan... where are the guys you usually play soccer with?" Yuzu asked.

"I don't know." Karin tapped on her desk. "I didn't even to think to check whose in the same class as us."

"Possibly because you didn't want any of us who've been in class with you during elementary school to blab all your family secrets," the second girl blurted out.

"Like what?" one girl, not the first one they had met spoke up.

"Doesn't matter. The only reason that ugly faced Kurosaki happens to look like a girl is because she's forced to wear the uniform," the second girl stated. "I highly doubt she could ever get a boyfriend."

"Not interested," Karin stated, narrowing her eyes. "Most guys are idiots. Gawking after a guy just because of their looks, or guys liking you just because of looks is stupid."

The other girl's face twisted up in anger only for the teacher to come in to take attendance.


During class Karin could see a few of the girls gossiping off and on, particularly during lunch time when everyone could pull their desks together and choose to be in the class or not. Yuzu went to talk to her friends while Jinta and Karin both simply kept to themselves. It felt like this was the best thing to do.

When class was over, she went to her shoe locker to get out here shoes. As she did so, she found that a note had been placed with her shoes. She carefully unfolded the paper as her sister tried to peek over her shoulder. "What is it Karin?"

"Hold on," the small female stated, her eyes carefully reading the letter. She then crumpled it up. "You know what Yuzu, don't worry about it. I need to see if I can't find my friends. Why don't you head on home. You've got to fix dinner, right?"

"Yeah. I'll meet you at home then," the small female beamed, quickly hurrying off.

After a few minutes, the second girl from the morning walked up to her from behind. "You're still here?"

"I don't know if it was you who stuck that letter into my locker or not, but you should know that I'm not someone you want to mess with," Karin stated, turning to face the girl.

"What, you going to beat me up like you did the boys back in elementary school?" the girl laughed. "That looks nice, doesn't it?" Her two friends let out giggles.

"What is it that you want? I don't see why you'd want to even bother with me. Am I really that much worth your time that you would stoop to insults?" Kurosaki-san pushed back a bit of her brown hair.

"Come on, you've got to be as gay as that stupid father as yours," the girl stated firmly. "I get that Yuzu's nice enough to over look something like that... naive enough, but you're not."

"I still don't see the point," Karin stated.

"You don't belong. Go home to that crazy dad of yours," the girl stated, sticking out her tongue.

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I am writing this as a secondary project for NaNoWriMo... 50,000 words in one month. Also, I have a few contests going on, for all fandoms. See profile please.