Negirau Atashinchi
Night Attacks

Karin sat at her desk and tapped the pencil on the desk as she tried ton concentrate on her homework. Her mind kept drifting off to think about other things and she finally found herself leaning on her arm with her cheek resting on the palm of her hand. "I still can't place that feeling I got from Toshiro. It's not a feeling I'd expect him of all people to be feelings."

"Perhaps that is why you can't identify the feeling. You know what the feeling is all to well but because it is not a feeling you expect him of all people to feel you find yourself unable to place it." The voice in her head spoke up. "Speaking of which, you found yourself worried about his safety and his well being. You like him, don't you?"

The small female found herself blinking a couple of times. "You're my thoughts and my feelings so you should very well know how I feel about Toshiro. I've got other things to worry about rather then whether I should date him. Like worrying about the fact he almost got himself killed and the fact he's tried butting in on the situation with those girls."

"You shouldn't let those girls bully you. You should tell an adult."

"If I ignore them then they will just go away. I don't even understand why they are even targeting me. And no, don't go into the idea it is because I am finally wearing a skirt. I'm not the type of girl any of the guys would go gaga over." Karin paused. "You know, it is possible not to be able to get a date and not get a lesbian."

"But if you were to try and date a guy who would you try dating."

"Now, that is a weird question. I used to not used to thinking of this stuff with my conscience before I became a substitute shinigami, so what is up with that?"

"I may be very aware of what your thoughts are, but I am not your conscience. Answer my question though despite the fact I know the answer."

Karin found herself pausing and setting down the pencil. "I don't like the idea of someone else running around in my head. It is bad enough that I am able to see ghosts."

"Except I've always been there. You just haven't been able to hear me."

"Ahh... so I've had a psychosis this whole time."

"No... I'm not a psychosis. It is rather hard to explain. Since you wish for me to stop speaking I will allow you to be."

Karin let out a deep sigh before getting up and changing into her nightclothes and collapsing onto the bed and turning off the light next to her bed. The voice didn't speak to her anymore, but she couldn't help but think about the question the voice had asked. "I've never put much thought into what kind of guy I would want to date, but then I've never wanted to end up like those girls gossiping and turning a guy into an object."

The female turned over onto her back and closed her eyes. "None of the guys I know I would want to be in a long term relationship with because their attitudes stink and they are perverts. Well, there is Toshiro. He's the kind of guy any girl would want to date." The dark haired teen placed a hand on her forehead. "And how's that not objectifying him, me thinking about how cute and perfect he is. Hypocrite."

She soon found herself drifting off to sleep. After a few hours her eyes suddenly jolted open and she felt a heavy weight on her chest and she found herself taking a deep breath. She turned to look at the clock and saw that it was almost three in the morning. Carefully she got up and noticed that Yuzu was in bed asleep. She felt around for spiritual pressure, only to find herself realizing she couldn't feel Toshiro's.

"Yet I know he's here, staying in Ichi-nii's room." The small female got up and hurried to her brother's room without bothering to knock. Her opening of the door caused Ichigo to suddenly sit up from where he was sitting. She could hear a soft thrashing coming from the bed and that feeling coming again.

"Karin! What are you doing!" Ichigo blinked a couple of times only to find himself rubbing his eyes when she turned on the light.

The small female felt her lips tighten as she looked at the bed and saw that Toshrio's limbs were askew as if he had been tossing and turning while his eyes were directed at the ceiling. What really caught her eyes was the blue color his lips were starting to take on. "Ichi-nii! Something's wrong with Toshiro!"

Her brother bolted up right and hurried over to the boy while the closet door suddenly slammed open and Rukia stepped out in what looked like one of Yuzu's old nightgowns. Ichigo hurried over and shook Toshiro a few times. The small shinigami however frowned. "It's happening again, isn't it? He's not breathing."

The orange haired teen quickly lifted the boy up and then set him carefully on the ground. "Great Toshiro, of all the things you could go and do to me. CPR... how do you do CPR."

Karin found herself blurting out the steps rather fast and watched as her brother nodded his head and went to work on the small taicho. After a few minutes Toshiro took a deep breath on his own and began to struggle, one hand going to push Ichigo away despite not having much strength. His body trembled and he tried opening his mouth to speak.

Finally he managed to scoot away so he was leaning against the desk. The boy glared at the orange haired teen. Ichigo moved to come closer, only to have the boy snap at him. "Don't! Don't come near me."

"Toshiro, what..."


Rukia raised an eyebrow while Karin frowned at the two. Ichigo though felt his eye twitch. "Excuse me? The last time I checked you're older then me Toshiro."

"That still doesn't excuse you... you..." The boy turned to look at Rukia. "And you knew he was doing that. I mean..."

Karin flinched as Toshiro suddenly turned to look at her. The boy paused and his eyes widened in horror and a gagging sound was heard. He chocked a few times and then his face started to turn red around his ears and cheeks. At the same time his eyes began to glaze over. The female found herself placing a hand over her mouth.

"Perhaps I should explain Toshiro..." The female glanced at the ground, knowing that he was suddenly uncomfortable with the fact she was looking at him. "You stopped breathing while you were asleep. Ichi-nii was just trying to get you to breath again. I'll go fix you a tea. It will make it so you can sleep without those nightmares you're having about what happened."

"I don't..." Toshiro paused as he glanced at the ground. Rukia came over and knelt next to the young taicho.

"You don't remember what happened again?"


"Toshiro..." Ichigo spoke up. The boy remained silent and Ichigo watched as the boy swallowed and looked away. "Hey!" He moved over and forced the boy to look at him/ "Nothing happened."

"Ichigo, can I talk to you outside. We should possibly give Hitsugaya Taicho some privacy."

"No." The substitute folded his arms.

"Excuse me?" Rukia in turn did the same thing.

"I'm not going to risk him running off simply because he's upset. Can't what you say be said in front of him?"

"No, it can't."

"Don't worry. I won't take off. I just want to go back to bed." Toshiro got up and went to lie on the bed turning his back to the two.

"Toshiro, I..." Ichigo didn't finish what he was saying as Rukia pulled him out of the room.

The small female tugged on his sleeve until he was looking at him. "There is something you need to know about your sister and Hitsugaya Taicho."

The teen frowned. "I got it. Toshiro and Karin know each other."

"It's more then that." Rukia let out a deep sigh before leaning against the wall with her arms folded. "Hitsugaya Taicho has a really bad crush on your sister."

"Oh, come on Rukia. You can't be serious."

"I am. Think of it from his point of view. He woke up to what he thought was you kissing him..."

"It was CPR for crying out loud."

"... and the girl he has a crush on saw the whole thing."

Ichigo opened his mouth and held up a finger to point, only to make attempted sounds of protest, only to fail each time. "He's not going to want to talk to me right now, is he?"

"No. And Ichigo." Rukia looked up at him. "Don't mention the fact he is crushing on your sister to him. He's still in denial about the fact and likely doesn't understand why he is upset."


"Watch your tongue Ichi-nii." Karin was at the end of the hall turning the corner. "I don't know what your conversation was about, but for goodness sakes you don't want to have Yuzu wake up and hear that." The female handed a trey to the other female. "Could you give this to Toshiro. I need to talk to my brother about something."

"Sure." The female slipped into the room.

"Toshiro's going to be all righ, ok."

"Is he? I've been thinking about what that feeling was that I couldn't place before. It's fear."

"Karin, Toshiro's not afraid of anything."

"Does he remember what happened to him?"

"No... he..." Ichigo paused before closing his eyes and slapping his forehead. "So he's not remembering what happened because he's afraid. Not that I can't blame him."

"Why not?"

The orange haired teen uncovered one eye to look at his sister. "Who ever attacked him earlier stole his haiori. That's pretty much a symbol of his status as a captain. You should get to bed."

"I'll work on school work for a bit and do that."

"School... there was something..." Ichigo suddenly found himself grabbing his sister's wrist. "Karin, Toshiro told me you've been bullied at school."

The girl turned to look at him, the corner of her mouth turning up. "What are you talking about?"

"Toshiro showed me the letter they left you."

Karin suddenly pulled away, anger in her eyes. "He had no right to do that! I don't need a knight in shining armor! Why do guys think that girls do."

"That's not..."

"Face it Ichi-nii. You think along those lines too. That's why Rukia-nii didn't come back."

The girl then turned and slammed the door to her room behind her despite the fact others were trying to sleep. "What was that about?"

Author's note ~ It's been almost a year since I updated this one, so time for an update. For those who've read chapter 526 and read a very poetic line from Unohana it is still possible for her to have actual children despite what she said here. Makes an interesting spin on her character. And for those who don't get what I'm referring to, don't worry about it. :D