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Chapter 1: A… normal life?

Rex shot awake from his bed, breathing heavily and sweating all over, almost as if he had been suffering from a horrific nightmare.

He could vaguely remember what he saw, though he could have sworn it was real from how it felt. He was fighting against Van Kliess and his annoying Pack like always, until everything suddenly went black and then was right back in his…

Now that he mentioned it, this Hispanic teenager wondered where the heck he was. He wasn't at his room at Providence, as what tipped him off first was the fact he had a window. Not to mention he was sleeping in a normal wooden framed bed, in motorcycle themed pajamas, and a pile of used clothes on the floor.

Getting out of bed, he changed into his normal attire of a red jacket, blue pants, and a short sleeve shirt with the top half being blue and the bottom being white and made his way out of the room.

Several questions raced through his mind, like why he was in this strange house? He made sure to walk quietly, peering into each room as he walked by until he made his way to the staircase. He originally believed this might have been some kind of prison, but so far there was nothing to back that up. All he saw was a large bed in one room, a bed around the same size as his in another room, and a bathroom, overall what simply could be a normal house. A thought came to mind that Providence was finally seeing him as a human being instead of a weapon, but that was as likely to happen as much as Agent Six is to smile or White Knight is to wear red.

Taking each step with great caution down that staircase, though he admitted the delicious smell of homemade chocolate chip pancakes in the air caused him to become semi-distracted. Walking a little more quickly he came upon a kitchen with three people there: two guys, one older and another around his age, possibly older, and a woman around the same age as the other guy. Hiding behind the wall and before he could question who these people were, or why he was in their house, the woman called out. "Rex! Get your lazy butt down or you're going to miss breakfast!"

This woman, whoever she was, knew his name. So for the time being, Rex decided to play along. As he walked out from behind the wall he was hiding, he calmly stated with the best acting of his life. "I'm up, I'm up. No need to shout."

Though when Rex hesitatively approached them, he had to admit something about them looked offly familiar, but at the same he knew he had never seen them before in his life. He needed to find out what was going on fast, since this was getting way too weird.

"Wow," the woman genuinely reacted surprised, "this is the first time you have gotten up without having to be dragged out of bed. Is there a special reason for this son?"

She said 'SON'? Did he really hear her correctly? Was this person claiming that she was his mother? Then that would mean that old guy is his father, and that guy was his brother? What in the world was going on? But after hearing that he had to admit that familiar part started to set in: they all had the same skin color, his 'father', and 'brother' had the same hair as he did, and his 'mother' had the same eyes as he did. Was it possible that these people were really his… family?

None of this made any sense. Where was Doctor Holiday, Providence, rampant EVO attacks? One minute he was human races only hope and the next he was having breakfast with 'family'?

However, the teenager with jet black bed hair still went along with this, as he was completely unsure of anything at the moment; although he had a way to find out something. "Not really, I just had a nightmare that woke me up. I was being chased by a pack of rat EVOs while in the middle of a desert."

"What's an EVO, Rex?" His 'mother' asked to the teen's surprise, how was it she couldn't know what an EVO was. Though he had to admit for some reason his own nanites weren't reacting when he tried to make his smack hands, or punk busters. What was going on?

"EVOs, the things created by that event five years ago?"

"Sorry son," Rex's 'father' stated as he read the newspaper, "the only event that happened five years ago that I can recall is you were recruited to Providence."

Wait now that didn't make any sense. If there was supposedly no EVOs then why was there Providence. After all the only reason they exist was to deal with the EVOs,

"Yes, the good school of Providence High, one of the best schools in the state." Rex's 'mother' cheered. "Oh how proud we were that you got a scholarship to that school thanks to your dancing robot monkey you made."

Oddly, that did sound like something Rex would have made. "If anything," Rex's 'brother' added, "I think he got up early so he could get ready and impress some girl."

"That's not true!" Rex blurted while his face was beat red from embarrassment. Yet something about all of this felt strangely nice, though still a bit off. But to continue to play along he made his way to the table and sat between his 'father' and brother'. "I just had a bad dream and that's all."

"Now César, don't tease your little brother like that." His 'mother' stated as she placed a large stack of home made pancakes right before this suspicious teens face. They just smelled so good to him that his mouth couldn't help but water, especially after he started pouring that maple syrup right on the top, watching it as it ran down each side until it was a syrup soaked stack of sweet goodness. "But if you do have a crush confess already, its not good to wait."

He was glad he had yet taken his first bite of his breakfast or he would have choked on that piece. "Mom!" Rex had to admit, it was a complete shock to him that he called a complete stranger 'mom'. However he also had to admit, it was really nice to be able to, even if it was a lie. "I don't like anyone at the moment."

"If you say so," his 'mother' smirked with a playful wink, obviously not believing him, "but eat up or you will be late for school. And don't forget your lunches this time."

Rex still had his strong suspicions about all of this: like why he was here, were these people really were his family, Providence, or anything else he was familiar with. But with that big stack of pancakes right in front of them, he decided it was better to investigate on a full stomach.

It was about a mile to school from his very normal suburban two story house. It was starting to creep the teen out how absolutely normal his life was; seeing people tending to their lawns, some little kids playing on the sidewalks, a guy cleaning his car. So normal it was almost frightening yet at the same time, everything Rex had ever wanted.

His 'brother' was in college so he didn't have school today, something Rex if didn't have the life of day-to-day EVO battles wouldn't be envious of, as he was simply excited at the fact he was attending school like any other kid his age. Unconsciously pedaling his bike a bit faster.

Once he rode, looked at his watch on his left wrist to see there was still some time left. During that time, he managed to catch out of the corner of his eye a news rack stand. He stopped his bike and peered into it, where he noticed that there was absolutely no mention of anything to do with nanites or EVOs on the front page, something that was extremely odd. Why did his 'mother' state there was never an Event, it was all so confusing.

He knew if anything, there would defiantly be some answers at this 'Providence High', so that's where he was going.

Once again, there was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary from this High School. It was a large white building similar to that school Noah went to when tricked him into taking Annie to the prom. Still she was really cute.

Chaining his bike to the racks, he was instantly greeted by the first familiar voice all day. "Hey there Rex."

Recognizing that voice anywhere, he turned to see Noah standing right before him holding out his hand where as of which Rex instinctively slapped it as their regular greeting. "Good to see you."


It was just getting stranger and stranger. This was Noah alright yet Noah acted like this was a typical day, there was something going on here.

"Well come on Rex." The blond teenager before him stated as he was already heading into the school. "If we don't hurry up we will be late for your favorite subject."

"Favorite subject?"

"Yeah, AP Biology."

Now there was something that certainly didn't sound anything like him. Why would he be interested in a subject like that?

It was instantly clear to him why he so interested in this particular class as soon as he walked into it. As there was none other than Doctor Holiday sitting in the teacher's desk looking as lovely as ever.

He made sure to get a seat right in the front row; he wanted to be a 'good' student after all. But more questions came to mind: why Doctor Holiday was a teacher, should he talk to her about all of what is going on? Who would have ever guessed a normal school life would be so confusing.

Yet he knew there was nothing he could do now, as class was about to start. He decided to just relax and enjoy the view… lecture until it was lunch break. There he will finally get some questions answered.

Rex never knew four hours could feel like forever. Lecture and homework with every class as if the class before didn't realize they had more than just that one. Seriously wished an EVO alert would had gone off so he could at least have some action.

But at least for lunch it wasn't so bad, as his 'mother' made his favorite: mash potatoes and meat loaf. Still nice and warm even after all that time sealed in those Tupperware containers. Rex had to admit, besides the fact he had no idea what was going on, overall this was a really good day.

Suddenly, Noah sat directly across from him with his own lunch, already complaining on how the day had been going as well. To his he was talking to him as if going to school was an everyday thing with Rex. Once he finished with his lunch he needed to find Doctor Holiday and start asking questions.

"So are you ready for P.E. next period with Coach Six?" Rex nearly burst out laughing from that question as the mental image of Six in anything else but that suit of his, let alone a pair of gym shorts flashed into his mind. "Are you ok Rex?"

Managing to control those chuckles from escaping, he looked over at his friend who seemed to be authentically concerned for him. "Yeah I'm fine, Noah. Why do you ask?"

"Because you have been acting weird all morning." Noah stated as his fork played with whatever that stuff was the school was serving for lunch that day. It looked like a sandwich made into a soup. "I mean, you acted as if you didn't know where Dr. Holiday's classroom was, or any of your usual classes were and you've been looking around this place as if you believe someone is about to jump you."

"I have?" Rex lied, though he didn't realize he was being so obvious about it. "I must have just not gotten enough sleep last night and have yet to fully wake up."

Noah seemed to have bought that. Yet just before he was about to enjoy his first bite of that delicious smelling lunch of his, an announcement rang over the speaker system. "Will a Rex Salazar please report to Doctor Holiday's office? I repeat, will a Rex Salazar please report to Doctor Holiday's office?"

Suddenly that noisy cafeteria was quickly filled with the audio whispering of his 'classmates' as if he was instantly guilty of something. "You better hurry, Rex. Doc doesn't like to be kept waiting long."

Like Noah had to tell him that, as any excuse to see Holiday was a good one. Simply packing up his lunch he rushed out, only to quickly return and ask his best friend. "Where is her office again?"

Though it was sooner and different than he expected, Rex was finally going to figure out what exactly was going on. He sat there in that small office room as he waited for Holiday to enter, where during that time he took the time to look around.

It looked fairly ordinary, some chairs a wooden desk, and a book shelve crammed with countless books were all there. However, on that wall he noticed some pictures, one of which that immediately stood out. It was her, standing with his parents at what looked to be a barbeque party at his 'home'. So if anything it seemed like she and his 'family' knew of each other more than just a professional level.

Yet before he could get a better look at the rest, he could hear the door opening behind him. Watching as she walked in with that stern look on her face he couldn't get enough of, she quickly asked him to take a seat as she took hers behind that desk.

"So, how is everything going today, Rex?" She inquired.

The teen was quite baffled by that question, wondering if he had been way too obvious about how suspicious he found everything around him to be. "I'm fine, Dr. Holiday. Why do you ask?"

She didn't answer him back immediately, watching as she plainly wrote in some file she had in front of her. "Then let me ask you some questions just to be sure."

Rex started to wonder if she was trying to tell him something, wondering if she was about to tell him the reason why the bed he woke up in wasn't his bed, why he suddenly had a family, why he was going to school and what happened to his nanites? "Ok, go right ahead doctor."

She once again wrote in that file of hers before addressing him. "Alright. Tell me the names of your parents."

Rex suddenly felt as if he was trying to swallow a baseball down his throat, instantly realizing he had absolutely no clue what his 'parent's' name were. But he also wondered why she would ask such a question. What exactly was going on?

He couldn't joke his way out of this one. He could only hang his head down and state in a barely perceptible tone. "I-I, don't know."

He looked up to see Doctor Holiday gently rub her forehead with her right finger and thumb before she asked the second question. "Does anything revolving around an incident called, 'The Event', hold any significant meaning to you?"

"Yes!" Rex exclaimed excitedly, feeling as if his questions were finally going to be answered. "It was the day five years ago of a sudden explosion that covered the world in nanites."

However, she didn't react at all to his statement, once again just writing down in that notebook of hers before stating. "I see. Well Rex, it would appear that it happened again."

"What happened? What do you mean again?" Rex frantically asked. What exactly was going on here?

Though while in a stupor of the events before him, Doctor Holiday calmly stood up, walked over to him, and gently placed her hands on his shoulders. Her eyes, the look in her lovely stern eyes seemed to have changed with a hint of sadness in them. What exactly was going on?

"It would appear," she said softly, "you had another Black Out, Rex."

To Be Continued

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