Chapter 7: Strange… dream

It has been a full week since he discovered his alternate persona, and he has been having the time of his life. He was a school kid by day, crime fighter by night, and best of all no rampant EVOs destroying the city. What more could a teenager of this era want?

He took out many criminals from bank robbers to organizations, all while making a name for himself in the press. A smile couldn't help but grow across his face when he saw someone reading a news paper with the headline 'Who Is Generator?' written in big bold letters.

Though he had to admit, it did come to him as a bit of a shock when he found his brother down in his headquarters after the first news article. It came just after he took down the 'supposed' crime lord Quarry's chop shop ring. Caesar was surprised to find out his little mijo remembered this after his last Black Out, but explain it was thanks to his help Rex even had most of his inventions operational.

Though Caesar didn't like the fact his mijo was using said inventions for vigilantism, he was more than happy to work on all of the blue prints Rex kept coming up with and the fact he was using said inventions to help people. To Rex, it felt kind of good to know he had a secret keeper, especially since it was his brother. Caesar even went as far as to state if their parents ever found out they would ground him till dooms day. So it would be best to make sure they never found out.

The only problem he had was at school. Luckily he was doing quite well in his school work; still a bit surprised he was able to do so well in trigonometry and was something of a super star at Ping Pong at gym. Though it did creep him out a bit of how much fandom there was to that game.

The problem he was having overall wasn't a 'what', it was a 'who'. Vlad's little 'Circe' who he hadn't spoke to since that little meet-and-greet with her madman of a boss. Rex would have never guessed that someone that went to this school would ever associate with such scum as that. He wanted to find out more but all he has hit was dead ends since then. Almost like she has been laying low since everything went down.

All he could get from Kenwyn as despite the large rap the police had on that nutcase, not to mention several other things they highly suspect him to be involved in, he is completely immune due to diplomatic immunity. This teen couldn't help but role his eyes as even here that smug jerk still has that annoying protection.

Though he has to admit it hasn't been all bad, as Brianna has been doing much better since they first met and regularly sits together with him and Noah for lunch. Not to mention by the next week he might actually get more than just one sentence out of her.

And to top it all off for tonight, he just took down Gatlocke's bike gang and wrapped them up as a nice gift to the police. Despite their so called dislike of his vigilantly justice they don't seem to be ever so eager to arrest him. Rex believing that as long as he doesn't cause too much property damage and doesn't kill any of the criminals they will pretty much let him do as he pleases, and he isn't planning on doing the latter one anytime soon.

So with his equipment stored down in his secret hideout and in his bed in view, he simply crashed right down on it and went straight to sleep as nothing was going to wake up his exhausted body until noon. How he loved the weekends.

A nice dream he was having, just testing out the new Slam Cannon attachment to his Rex Ride, being attached to a side car as it really would be more of a hindrance attached to his arm in a real life situation. Caesar told him it will be done in a few days must be making him all the more eager when he gets to use it on some bad guys.

As he is visualizing driving one hundred miles an hour down a nighttime empty freeway, something started to happen. There was nothing wrong with the bike but it was like his dream was… glitching. He couldn't think of a better way to describe it beyond trying to play a game where too many character attacks are clogging up the screen.

But when this dream was glitching something else was happening. He could swear if he listened closely enough he could hear a woman screaming in excruciating pain like he has never heard. This teen tried to wake up but his body wasn't responding and while the sound was still very quiet, he could hear it clearer. It almost sounded like it was Brianna. No, in fact he was sure that was Brianna. Rex could only wonder why he was dreaming about her and why was she screaming? Where was her voice coming from?

But then, he could hear another voice, a voice he was sure he had never heard before. It sounded like a young man's voice at least around his age… pleading with her. "Brianna," Rex could only just hear him say, "You can't do this any longer. I am going to stop this right now."

"No!" Rex could hear Brianna shout at the guy. "I… can handle… it!

"You're stats are already reaching critical, there is no telling the damage it will cause you if you hold this much longer. You don't need to do this and I can find another way."

"As long… as I am… near him, I can… do it!"

Rex couldn't understand the first thing that was going on: like who was Brianna talking to, what was she doing that was causing her so much pain, and who was this person she could be near. What was going on with this dream?

"Alright," the man half-heartedly replied, "but only one more hour. The second that time is up I am ending this before you cause yourself anymore pain."

And just like that, the dream stopped glitching. Where despite his dream self still enjoying his sweet Rex Ride all these questions couldn't help but rush by his head throughout the rest of the night.

This was the first he could ever remember, though with how his memory worked it could have been last week for all he knew, wanting to get up early on a weekend. Oddly he was glad he got up early as despite getting all of that sleep, he hardly got any rest.

Rex tried to understand what had just happened in that dream of his, and how clearly he could remember it. It was as clear as that sun brightening the sky this morning on how well he could remember that short conversation. Did it have something to do with his memory? Was something coming back to him after all this time? But the question that horrified him most of all, was what if this was the first sign he was about to have another Black Out?

He didn't want that to happen again, he finally got everything working and even remembered he was a cool vigilante that got to smack bad guys around with giant fists. So as soon as he had his breakfast he asked his parents where Dr. Holiday lived. He felt she was the only one who had the most experience of what he was going through.

The jet black haired teen was in luck to discover that she lived a few blocks away and across the street, nothing a simple bike ride couldn't fix. So after his short ride and now waiting for the crossing light to turn on, he tried to focus on what exactly he would tell her about it, and why was there someone he couldn't identify who was with Brianna?

Rex always thought these Black Outs of his was supposed to revolve around people he knew in different settings. But that guy, where this teen was one hundred percent sure he never heard that voice before. Though he also had to admit his memory was never the most trustworthy thing.

It wasn't until the light finally changed that this teen suddenly felt a surge of goose bumps all over his body. His eyes suddenly went wide and looked all around him. He knew this feeling, he could never forget that. It was the feeling he got anytime he could sense Breach nearby, not Brianna, just Breach.

Though all he could see around him were just light foot traffic, it did seem to be quiet on the weekends in the suburbs. So Rex couldn't help but ask. "B…Breach? Are you there?"

Nothing else struck him as odd. He didn't feel the goose bumps nor did he see anything that would alert to him that Breach was actually here. But why would she be here anyway, it's not like that version of her was even real… right?

With that out of the way, Rex made a quick dash on his bike to the other side of the street just before the walk light stopped.

Rex was able to find Dr. Holiday's house with no problem and she kindly let him in on such short notice. As he sat on her couch he explained to her all about his dream but made sure to leave his goose bumps incident out for now at least. He didn't want to seem completely paranoid at this point.

"So Doc," the teen stuttered to ask, a bit terrified of the answer he might receive, "am I about to have another Black Out?"

She didn't answer him as fast as he wished she did, hoping it would have been like peeling of a band-aid. But no, she kept her thoughts in her head as she went over her notes, almost as if she was just as confused as he was. That was never a good sign.

That minute almost felt like eternity before she finally answered his question. "Well I have good news and I have bad news." To which Rex could only curse in his mind that there always had to be bad news. "First the good news, I am about ninety-five percent sure that this is not the symptoms of another Black Out happening."

Rex couldn't help but let out a heavy sigh of relief and subconsciously rub his forehead with the back of his hand, glad he wasn't going to be going through that anytime soon. Yet now he had to ask the obvious question. "So then, what's the bad news?"

"The bad news is… I have no idea what this is a symptom of. However the fact that you don't know whose voice that was in your dream could be someone you have met before your first Black Out."

"But then, how do I remember him?"

She flipped through her notes a few times before answering this nervous teen, seeming to try to figure it out as she read. "Don't quote me on this, but the only theory that I can think of right now is you are finally starting to remember before the accident, maybe you're mind is finally repairing itself."

"So does that mean… I may never suffer from another Black Out again?" Rex couldn't help but add that excited tone in his voice. Could it be possible that soon he could live the life of a normal teenager? Well besides that vigilante side job.

"It could be but remember I am not sure nor telling you this will be the case. Maybe you're brain is repairing itself from the damage it received from that event but it doesn't mean that you won't succumb to another Black Out at any time."

"Thanks… doc." Rex depressingly slouched back into the couch. She was a real mood killer.

"I apologize Rex," she gently reassured the young teen before her, "I truly wish that there was more information on your condition, and you must be suffering at the fact you will just wake up one random day and will have to remember everyone all over again. For right now just relax but inform me immediately if something like this happens again."

He gave the doctor a reassuring, if not half hearted smile, before he replied. "Will do."

Rex headed downtown right after, he just didn't feel like heading home right after that and what better way to spend the weekend then to check on the new video games that are about to come out. He has had his eye on that new one about a ten year old kid that gets a watch that lets him change into aliens. It looked like it could be fun.

But just as this energetic young teen started to flip through the latest game magazine, it happened again. A sudden chill of goose bumps shivered down his spine. He tried to keep his cool, acting as nothing happened while scanning the store he was in. Yet nothing he could see seemed out of place, he didn't even see Brianna anywhere so why was he getting these chills?

Now come to think of it, Rex did wonder why he was thinking about Brianna so much as of lately. Sure she was cute but it still feels like something has been off about all of this: like how she seems to keep appearing around him, the fact that she seemed to appear out of nowhere and saved him from Van Kliess' ambush, and now these chill spells he would normally get whenever Breach was around.

Rex could only grab his head with both hands and let out a loud groan of frustration. He shouldn't need to think this hard. It is probably all just a big coincidence and he is simply over thinking everything. He has a normal life, he doesn't fight EVO monsters he just fights regular ones.

But amidst all that confusion, a chilling realization suddenly hit him. How did he not remember it sooner? That time after his meeting with Van Kliess. It was just after Brianna saved her from that ambushed. He remembered she said something to him that he must have forgotten compared to everything else that happened at that time.

She said to him 'You don't remember, do you?' Was there something that she knew about him in the past, the part of his past he didn't remember himself?

If anything, it could have something to do with that strange dream he had last night. Maybe there is something that she can tell him that might clear up everything that is going on.

Rex didn't need any more reason than that; already finding himself heading towards the withdrawn girl's house.

However, once Rex made it to Brianna's house, just a few feet from the front door, he didn't know what to do. It all sounded like a good idea at the time, but now looking at it after his quick bike ride here it all seemed to hit him all at once. He couldn't help but feel that this just seemed like he would come off as completely crazy.

He spent the last five minutes in front of her door debating on whether or not to knock or just leave. After taking a deep breath, the teen decided to just forget about it, seeing how ridicules this all was.

Why did he keep pursuing this? There was no reason and no evident to contradict this and he should just drop it before he goes insane.

"What are you doing here?"

The voice behind this teen nearly let caused him to jump ten feet in the air. Beating his chest a few times to get his heart started up again as he turned around to see Brianna standing there holding a grocery bag from that convince store that he passed by up the street.

Feeling his heart starting up once again; Rex was finally able to reply to the girl that peered at him with one greenish-yellow eye through her short black hair. "Ah," he tried his best to make up something on the spot but nothing was coming to him. So he could only let out a sigh and tell Brianna the truth, "I wanted to talk to you… about that time you saved me some time ago."

He could have sworn for just a moment he saw an actually reaction in the amount of her face he could see, now almost positive she did know something.

"Please come in." Brianna replied in her normal tone, once again making it sound more like demand then a request as she made her way to her door. And with this teen feeling like he was finally going to get some answers, followed her right in.

She had him wait in her family room as she put away the milk she bought from the store. She asked if he wanted any but he turned the offer down. And despite this being the second time this teen had been in this house he still couldn't believe how big it was but again feel very empty with just one person living in it most of the time.

Yet suddenly, as he was relaxing on that couch, a major almost splitting headache hit him out of nowhere. Grabbing his forehead with both of his hands as the wooden walls he saw before him quickly change to brick and steel and back again along with a bright light shinning down on him.

But admits that confusion, he could even hear voices; all seemed to be shouting like something very bad was happening that he couldn't see. All of the voices he heard in that garbled mess he was unable to recognize. Except for one, that one he heard earlier in his dream.

"Are you ok Rex?" Brianna's voice instantly snapped him out of it. Just like that the headache was gone, the walls were back to normal, and he could no longer hear those voices. Breathing heavily as he could feel a cold sweat on his face and could only wonder what was that all of a sudden, if he was about to have another Black Out or if this was something different.

So after wiping the sweat from his face, Rex focused his attention back to his classmate, feeling she may hold some answers to what exactly is going on. "I'm fine Brianna. I am fine."

"Are you sure you don't want something to drink?"

"Yes I am sure." He confirmed as she made her way to the couch across from him, letting her sit down before he spoke. "Now the reason I wanted to speak with you Brianna. As you remember you saved me from Van Kliess some time ago you said something to me before we parted ways. You said to me 'you don't remember, do you?' what did you mean by that?"

She bent her head down slightly to cause her hair to completely cover her face, making the teen wonder what she was about to tell him. It seemed to take her a good thirty seconds before she replied.

"So you really, don't remember?"

"What don't I remember?" Rex lashed out. Only to instantly compose himself and apologize. "I'm sorry Brianna. It is just I want to figure out what is going on and maybe it might help me in some way."

She shook her head. "It is alright. But I must ask you," noticing how she tilted her head to the side as if trying to look away from him as she asked, "do you really want to know? You will most likely not want to be my friend any longer if you know."

Her voice almost seemed to tremble when she said that last word, making Rex only wonder what she knew. He let out a loud gulp before he replied. "I am positive. And I will still be your friend."

Her small hands gripped tightly at her skirt, almost struggling to get the words out. She managed to finally say something, but was so quiet about it Rex couldn't hear her. "What did you say Brianna?"

"It was me." She stated while her hands began to shake. "It was all my fault."

"I don't understand, Brianna. What was your fault?"

"That I was the reason you were caught in that explosion to begin with. It was because of me… that you have your memory lapses." Brianna declared as Rex could only sit there in shock.

To Be Continued

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