They say that mutants, dubbed Strangers, are the most dangerous of beings on this earth. They are cruel, primal creatures that prey on the weak and helpless. They need no reason to kill; they kill simply because they wish to, because their prey is smaller, because they feel the need to establish to the world that they are superior.

Strangers are dangerous, but thankfully, every one of them has been driven into hiding. The younger generations believe that Strangers are little more than a myth, nowadays; they haven't seen any Strangers in their lifetime. The older ones know that there was a time when Strangers prowled through the streets, wild and hungry for blood.

Only a handful of people believe that modern day Strangers are peaceful and non-violent, unlike their ancestors. Unfortunately, the majority of the population, at least in Japan, sees Strangers to be feral and deadly.

Strangers are different. They have powers normal humans can only dream up. They are different, weird, strange, and so they are wrong. They must be eliminated. The sooner the better.

Humans are destructive. This is a truth that every Stranger, regardless of age, knows. Sometime's a Stranger's family would turn on him, shunning him and forcing him out of the house the moment his powers were revealed. This has happened to far too many Strangers, and they had no home until the Stranger Council came up with the idea to establish several Houses, in which children and teenage Strangers would be, well, housed. They would be taken care of by a house leader, usually an older Stranger without children of their own.

Every House had a maximum capacity of fifteen at a time, eighteen if they packed themselves together like sardines. Despite this, each teen House had about eight Strangers and one mentor, though the children Houses were more crowded.

But, of course, I digress.

Strangers are dangerous, they say.

Well, Strangers say that they are a bunch of imbeciles. Strangers are only dangerous because the humans make them dangerous. The humans forced the Strangers into hiding, kill Stranger's families, heartlessly throw children who barely understand what is going on out onto the streets to survive for themselves. Is it really such a wonder that some of us –some, mind you, not all– hate humans to our very core? Is it unimaginable, the reason we want to kill humans?

One day, one fine day, Strangers will prove their worth. Strangers will save mankind, or at least Japan.

Trust me. I have foresight.