AU. The Fenton household takes on a new tenant, and unbeknownst to Daniel Fenton he finds her feisty Goth appearance and mysterious persona attractive, but even beautiful faces hide secrets.


Pleasant, quaint room in a pleasant family home sports the view of billboards.

Meals and laundry included.

Suits a clean, tidy and quiet student.

Please reply to: Mrs. Maddie Fenton, 62 Courtyard Drive, Amity Park.

P.S. Must like crazy husbands, twenty-year old son, gossip fanatic daughter, and ghosts.

Fourteen Radiant Road

Serenity, Florida

Mrs. Maddie Fenton

62 Courtyard Drive

Amity Park

Dear Mrs. Fenton,

I'd love to accept your offer on housing, with that certain fee of course. I am in need of somewhere to stay. Next week, I am due to start a Creative Writing course at Amity College and I haven't been able to find any helpful housing.

I am scrupulously clean, and as tidy as anyone of my twenty-year old self can be. My hobby is reading, which I define as quiet. I get along well with children my age and gossip diseased daughters. I love crazy husbands too.

Yours modestly,

Sam Manson.

Ms. Sam Manson.

P.S. Sorry haven't seen ghosts around lately, but I think they're awesome. You should also know that I'm a "Goth" ultra-recyclo-vegetarian. I don't eat meat and I tend to make people…standoffish.

Clunky black boots shuffled precariously along the front doorstep of number sixty-two Courtyard Drive. Amethyst eyes sparked beneath a black faux-furred hood situated on her pale shoulders sprouting an ostentatious, sequin splattered black strapped top that heaved up her cleavage a bit too much. Skin-tight black jeans hugged her hips, a silver chain dangling along the pockets. Short choppy black hair tinted with dark blue peeked from her hood. Her breath came out softly, her black coated fingernails shaking nervously as she pressed down the door handle. Warm voices filled her sense of hearing, and a waft of cinnamon filled her nostrils that sported a naval dark purple ring.

"Hurry, Danny - she could be here any moment."

"Lord mom, calm the ghost patrol down…I doubt she'd want to eat cinnamon chicken, she is an ultra-recyclo-vegetarian. Whatever the hell that is."


The man she assumed who was Jack appeared in front of her, his eyes crinkling beneath black hair squirted with a twinge of pure white along the backside of his neck. He wore an orange jumpsuit along his plump, looming figure, his arms stretched outwards and he crunched her against him in an earthly hug.

"Hello, Sam Manson. Welcome to the Fenton household, glad to be of service to you, let me show you your room." He spoke rapidly with a silly childish tone she found herself smiling at. He led her up stairs in their spacious lounge room, her eyes traveled along the length of the narrow stairway. Sam had lowered her hood, her hair sparkling in the dim light blue lighting the ceiling lamps cast upon her locks.

"Here you go." Mr. Fenton spoke, pausing by the entrance of the room he had for rent. He clasped his hands against his tummy, chortling to himself.

Sam giggled softly, her fingertips running across her lips gently, to which she nodded politely and adjusted her coat. She reached over Mr. Fenton and pushed the door open. The fresh smell of lavender drifted through the room, mingled with the peaceful tinkle of an outside wind chime or so she thought.

"That's our ghost catcher." Mr. Fenton explained vaguely. Sam blinked, her eyes roaming over the room - a simple desk beneath the window, a bed off to the side, large bookcase sprouting against the right wall, and a bedside table with a twisted lamp shade.

"Thank you for the room." Sam politely replied and before he left he told her that she'd meet the family at dinner which should be done soon and he trotted down the stairs to check, offering that she take a look around and if she could check the garden for her housewarming gift.

Sitting on the provided bed, the springs in the bed creaked under her slight pressure, and she sighed softly. She'd have to wait until tomorrow for her suitcases that her mother was reluctantly sending over. Fixating her gaze outside, she peered below and stripped off her coat deciding she'd take a look in the garden before dinner.

Grass – long, thick, uncut grass glistening with water and every blade soaked her skin. She lay sprawled against the plush green ground, flowers surrounding her frame. The blades tickled her bare arms, and she stared at a thunder-approaching sky, grassland all around her. A thick wind thieving the wind from her body, a sense of the sea filled her nostrils with salt, the clouds bloated formations.

The gift she had received from Mr. Fenton and his family was a book on ghosts, and a note attached that had told Sam to read up for ghosts were an important part of their family – not that she minded. She found ghosts intriguing as long as they didn't try to possess her…or scare her out of her wits.

A new voice protruded past her ears and her half-lidded eyelids pressed into icy-blue. She found her lips parting in a shocked manner for the man standing before her near the back door she had slipped through - courtesy of Mr. Fenton's scribbled arrows on sticky-notes informing her what each room was used for - was handsome, strikingly handsome.

His shaggy black hair ran into his eyes, drenched with what she calculated was sweat due to his white shirt with a red circle was darkened with a wet substance. Light blue jeans hugged his legs, and sneakers were crunching the grass beneath his feet. His eyes surveyed her, and she found herself blinking, and blinking not being able to form a coherent response.

"Dinner, veggie girl."

Well, nice to meet you too.


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