I never expected to meet you, to unfurl all the secrets of my heart.

"...Sam? What? I thought you left...for good?" Danny's lips were constantly opening and closing, confusion swirling in the depths of those ice-blue eyes that made Sam's heart pound uncontrollably. His fingertips were clenched into tight fists, his knuckles turning a shallow shade of white. She could see the gears in his head churning over and over, trying to think of a logical reason why she could be back. Valerie's note appeared in his mind and he tried to suppress the urge to bash something again. There was no way that Sam, this intelligent, beautiful girl he wanted to know more about could be out to expose his secret and harm his whole family. There had to be a reason, was that why she had come back? Was that what she needed to tell him?

Sam swallowed the lump in her throat, threatening to cut off her air circulation and before she moved to ask to speak to Danny in private she hurried over to Maddie, leaning down to help pick up the shattered pieces of the bowl. Maddie gasped, becoming absorbed in a flustered state, her eyes widening with embarrassment. She laughed nervously, rising to excuse herself to go retrieve a broom. "Oh, silly me." She muttered to herself while walking into the kitchen to rummage through the small closet where they hung their coats and other outdoor equipment they used around the house, such as the vacuum.

A pregnant silence filled the room, shattering after seconds by the clank of a spoon against a bowl. A light thump reached Sam's ears but she didn't turn around to hear what the cause was. She assumed that Jazz was either removing herself from the room to give her and Danny a moment alone or she was getting ready to berate Sam for leaving unannounced. She seriously was hoping it was the former, but then again she didn't want to be alone with Danny yet. She was afraid from the look in his eyes, that he knew something about her that she prayed he would never know about from anyone else but her.

"I need to pee." Jazz's voice filtered through the air, drenched with heavy tension and pure silence. Her footsteps receding upstairs proved to Sam that her guess was correct. She was leaving the two alone so that they could speak, so that Danny would be able to know why she had suddenly up and disappeared for a few hours. Her head inclined downwards towards the floor, her hair slipping down to create a dark curtain around her face. Her heart was rammed against her ribcage, creating an unsteady rhythm in her body. Her slender fingertips carefully picked the shattered remains of the bowl, some smeared with the white goop of icing. A loud, unnecessary sigh chilled her to the bone. Sam inhaled sharply, holding her breath, waiting to see what was about to happen. Just when she could feel Danny's hand press against her back, getting ready to turn her to face him, Maddie returned with a broom and dust pan. Danny cursed under his breath, muttering about a cockblocker. Sam resisted the urge to laugh, knowing it might make her facade crumple and tears stream down her cheeks.

His hand quickly retreated and he took the broom from Maddie, standing in front of the crouching Sam and sweeping the shards of the bowl into the dustpan. Sam let the pieces in her hand drop into the dustpan. She stood shakily, and let his mother lead her into the kitchen so she could hopefully look to see if any shards got into her skin, and wash her hands of the white icing. While they let the tap water pour down against the sink, Sam's shoulders slumped down and her violet eyes were shrouded with sorrow. Maddie hummed and after thoroughly examining Sam's hands, shoved them under the now hot water, pouring hand soap into her frail hands. Maddie leaned closer to Sam, speaking into her ear. "Whatever you decide to tell Danny, make sure it's the truth. He was worried sick over you, in fact he was about to come look for you. Was afraid you had been kidnapped." Her words filled Sam with a sense of hope.

She sighed. "Thank you, Maddie. I'm sorry for worrying all of you, especially Danny...I'm just afraid of letting anyone know that I care. My childhood wasn't the best, and I have a hard time letting people into my heart."

Maddie removed Sam's hand from beneath the warm water and she dried them with a dish towel. "It's alright, just know that that's the thing about trust, it's the ability to let people into your heart. Danny cares about you; don't let your fear drive the people that do care about you away." Just then she let out a loud laugh. "Oh, I almost forgot! I have to take the ectoplasm samples out of the fridge." Maddie left Sam to muse over her thoughts. Sam shrunk against the counter beside the sink, her eyes crinkled in deep thought, her head pressed downwards towards the tiled kitchen floor. Her chest heaved with her heavy breaths, and she didn't even notice Danny had been watching her and his mother, wasn't aware he had been listening, and that he was standing in the doorway. Her eyes were wide with anxiety and Danny was having a hard time trying to find the right time to intervene into her thoughts.

"How much did you hear?" Her soft voice made him jump, and he nervously rubbed the back of his neck. He hadn't been expecting to have been caught, but then he knew Sam wasn't an oblivious girl. Maybe just to her own feelings perhaps.

"Er...uhm, everything." He admitted, knowing that even if he had lied, she would've known and it would have been something she could use against him. He knew she was a feisty one. She sighed, and turned away from him, her fingertips rising to tuck her black hair behind her pierced ears. She let a few moments of silence trickle between the two, before she gestured towards the ceiling. "Do you mind if we go talk up on the Fenton Tower? I'd rather our conversation be between us first." Danny nodded in consent, leading the way up to the tower and leaving her alone in the kitchen. Sam let out a shaky breath and smoothed her hands along her black jeans. She didn't know what would result from their conversation, but she only hoped it wouldn't cause any of his family to be hurt. She was tired of hurting people to get ahead in her career. It was the time to pour her heart out.

As her footsteps reached the top of the Fenton Tower, she saw Danny sitting on the floor, his back against the balcony railing, his hair being swept around by the light breeze. Her arms folded across her chest as she stepped over towards him, situating herself beside him. Her legs stretched out along the ground, her fingers nervously intertwining and resting into her lap. She glanced off to the side, afraid to look at the man who conflicted her emotions. Her lips parted so her words could come out clearly. "I'm going to tell you everything. The reason why I am here, the reason why I ran...the reason why I'm afraid to be any more related to your family. I'd like it if you wouldn't speak until I'm finished. There is a lot I have to tell you." Her voice began to shake uneasily, and she felt something warm press against her upper left thigh. She glanced out of her peripheral vision to see Danny's large hand being the cause of that warmth. It relaxed her somewhat, the tension slightly leaving her rigid frame.

"I'll start off with why I am here. As you know, I am Samantha Manson. I'm twenty years old and my best friend is a man named Tucker Foley. He is a co-worker of mine that was who I was with hours prior. I did accept the room here because I do need a place to stay while I attend my College courses here, also due to the fact that I do not get along at all with my parents, and they have never accepted me. I dress as I do because it gives me comfort. This is who I am, and I wouldn't change my appearance just to fit along with my parents views on how a proper lady should dress. But...the main reason why I accepted your room is because of my career. I am a journalist, I work for a Corporation in Florida, and the case I was assigned was to live with the Fenton family for a few months, maybe even a year and gather information on you and your unusual ghost-like powers." She felt Danny's hand clench against her jean clad thigh, could feel the anger rolling off him in waves, but true to his word he didn't speak, knowing she hadn't finished.

"Believe me when I say that I didn't believe you had any ghost powers that this was just a story given to me by my tyrant of a boss. I don't even know who he is; just that he wants your family's life ruined. He is real strict, and I couldn't refuse his offer...and since I wasn't aware of whom you all were, I accepted. He guaranteed me a pay raise and a new promotion. If he doesn't get his way, he's a real pain in the ass. But please know that ever since I've been getting to know you and your family and even though it's been a few days...I didn't intend for this to happen. I don't want to do this anymore." Uncharacteristic tears brimmed in the corners of her eyes, her chest constricted painfully. "I ran because I don't know what I'm feeling for you, Danny. I can't make sense of what is right and wrong anymore. All I know is that you and your family mean something to me, something I haven't felt in so long. When I saw Valerie with you...I knew that I didn't belong here. And keeping my secret is something that just proves I shouldn't be here anymore. If I stay...all I will do is bring harm to the Fenton's. I just wanted to let you know everything before I leave for good." Her words died off as she had told Danny everything she believed he needed to know right now.

Her body was drenched in a sheet of ice; her body was like a statue, she couldn't move, she almost couldn't breathe. The tears in her eyes were about to overflow. The breeze from before was starting to pick up, the day had been slowly dying into the later hours and the sky was now painted a dark gray, smeared with specks of blue. The clouds were large and gray, hinting to the shifting of weather, perhaps some rain. As she sat there in the silence, she had felt Danny's hand still resting on her thigh. His hand was still there, and Sam choked back a sob. He wasn't saying anything, she was fearful that she had hurt him so much that he didn't know what to say, was too angry at her.

Exhaling heavily, she stood on shaky limbs. Wiping the sweat off her forehead with one of her hands, she hastily began walking, almost jogging down the stairs of the Fenton Tower. Danny just sat there, his ice-blue eyes distant with thought, his hand that had been resting previously on her thigh touching the ground, his nails digging into the flesh of his palm. Why wouldn't he ever say the right thing in the moment? He slammed his head back against the railing, his eyes closing and a noise of frustration slipping through his nostrils.

The sound of footsteps alerted him to a presence, and his heart dropped, pushing away the fact that it could be Sam. Of course it couldn't be her, why would she come back so quickly after hurrying away? His mind and heart were still heavy with her words. He could slightly understand why she would take this job, it was for herself. He was just blinded by the anger that she would do it, it was wrong. To slime her way into a family and tear them apart just for a stupid story that at one point she hadn't even believed. He was infuriated that he had let her know about who he was. Yet, deep down he had a feeling that she would never expose his secret. She was the girl that worked hard, the right way, to get where she needed to go. Although he hardly knew Sam, he believed her to just be that kind of person. She had a big heart; she just hid it behind her actions and words. Her whole heart was caved in with walls.

It was her defense mechanism. Her own way to block out the harsh realities of life. Of the cruel world.

His light blue orbs opened to see his sister standing a few feet away from him. Ah, that was the culprit of the footsteps. He smiled warily at his sister, still feeling that same stab of guilt at the scar that ran down from her right eye towards the left side of her chin. He would never forgive himself for letting harm come to his sister, and as she stood there, her arms crossed, and staring down at him with those eyes that could look through him so well, he realized that he didn't want to make the same mistake again. He didn't want any harm to come to Sam too. And it dawned on him that if she left their home forever, her life would only spiral towards hell.

"I saw Sam on my way up here; you do realize that if she leaves, it will truly be for forever?" Danny sighed, slowly standing up to tug Jazz against his chest. He rested his chin on the top of her head, his arms wrapping around her frame.

"Yes. I won't let that happen."

"That's my little dork."

Sam stepped into her room, tossing her suitcase onto her bed, shoving back her hair in frustration. She held back her tears, not wanting to let out her emotions until she was back in Florida, drowning out her sorrows over horror movies. Or after a long, hot bath. Something that she wouldn't have to have much effort to do. Her plan was to pack her things, leave a cliché note to the Fenton's about her true intentions, and head off to her Corporation so that she could tell her boss that she was fed up with her case and wanted to drop it. To make sure that nobody bothered the Fenton's, to come up with a story that they really weren't what the rumors said was to be true.

She sniffled, running her hand over her nose, her nose scrunching up in the process at the disgusting gesture. She rolled her eyes, her feet tapping against the floor. She shuffled around the room, gathering all her belongings. Not that it was that much anyway, considering she hadn't really unpacked much since her suitcases had arrived. Just as she was about rip her comforter off her bed along with her sheets, a voice in the doorway halted her movements. Bastard.

"Why so hasty to leave, Samantha?" She didn't dare turn around. She scoffed, ignoring the voice taunting her, and kept her attention on the bed before her. She had moved her suitcase off the bed so that it was easier to remove. Her hands were shaking as she tried to tug the comforter off. No luck of course, considering that she had tucked it securely beneath the mattress. Curse her need to be tight and snug at night. She ignored the way she could hear his breathing approaching quicker. Ignored the way she could hear his feet pressing against the floor. She ignored the way his chest was almost pressed against her back. She even ignored his warm breath billowing against the back of her neck, causing the hairs to rise. She whirled around, her violet eyes blazing with frustration as she turned to face him, look him straight in the eye.

"Leave! Get out!" She shouted into his face, and he scowled. His hands gripped her wrists and suddenly she found herself being shoved onto the messy bed. He loomed above her, his knees on either side of her legs. He pinned her wrists down onto the bed, his hair looming around his face, casting shadows and giving his alluring blue eyes this haunted, eerie look. It scared her. Abhor stretched across his face, twisted his features. His eyebrows were drawn tightly together, creating creases in his forehead. Sam began to squirm, struggling to get out of his grip.

"Stop struggling, Sam! Stop fighting me! No matter what you do, I will not let you leave. I won't let anything harm you! I am not letting someone I care about get hurt again!" He snarled into her face, tears streaming down his cheeks, dropping onto her flushed cheeks. Sam froze, her heart picking up that familiar harsh rhythm in her ribcage. Danny didn't move, didn't even loosen his grip on her wrists. She could feel his nails leaving tiny crescent shaped marks into her wrists. But the pain didn't faze her. Slowly, she removed one of her hands from his grip, after a brief conflict, and she caressed his face. The pad of her thumb ran over the red cheek, wiping away the dripping water. His eyes bored into hers, two lost souls gazing into each other's hearts. Violet clashed with blue.

"I will protect you." He whispered softly, leaning down to press his forehead against hers. She could feel his labored breathing fan across her face. His wet eyelashes were tickling her eyebrows. Her violet eyes were slowly drawing to a close as his hands cupped her cheeks, his warm fingers bringing a weird heat to rest into the pit of her stomach. Her hands, now released, rested on his upper back, rubbing soothing circles. His mouth was mere inches from hers...almost touching. Almost. Just a bit more - until the sound of the doorbell sent Sam shooting up to collide with Danny's chest, he had moved his position just in time to not collide heads. His arms instinctively wrapped around her dainty waist. Her face pressed against the fabric of his upper piece of apparel.

Jazz's voice floated up to the shocked two young adults, and the words that reached her eardrums almost sent Sam into cardiac arrest. Her hair folded down over her face, her hands lay limp in her lap. Danny's arms protectively tightened around her. Jazz was talking to the one person that could ruin her life. For eternity.

"My my, Jasmine. I didn't know you were still here. Tell me, where is Daniel? He has a pawn I must destroy." Inside Danny's mind, the pieces clicked together. Vlad Masters, the man whom he had defeated, the man who had caused him to harm his sister. This evil man was Sam's boss.

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