Unlucky Twist

I'm in the library. Reading Hogwarts, a history once again. I filed in the information that I had forgotten.

Ron, unusually, was in the library, Lavender opposite him.

"So, what you been doing?" Ron said. Lavender cocked her eyebrow. I kept looking.

"Oh right." Lavender said, taking a pause. "I've been mostly in the library." Lavender said.

"I like a girl that can work hard." Ron said. I opened my mouth wide, I can work hard…

"And I like a red headed sexy man." Lavender whispered back. Ron laughed. I gapped, as I got up, I glanced backwards, as they put there hands together. I ran to the girls room, ready to cry, that my boyfriend might be cheating on me.

I went into the bathroom, in the girls dorm, next to my bed, I heard breathing, 2 people breathing. I looked up from the door. Ron and Lavender snogging. I gasped for air. Shocked, and unhappy. I felt tears down of my run down my cheek, still silent to what happens next.

Ron cupped Lavender's breasts. I gasped, crying silently.

I crawled quietly out of the room, not wanting to see any more. The only thing I wanted was revenge.

I saw Harry.


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