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Summary: A collection of Inuyasha xover drabbles

Rated: T

Urameshi Yusuke

Yu Yu Hakusho

Finding out was rather... very awkward.

"Y-you..." Kagome stuttered, swallowing nothing as her throat went completely dry, "Y-you're my..."

"Almost nobody knows," Yusuke said lowly, his brown eyes flashing with something that Kagome couldn't identify, "Nobody else needs to know." He stated firmly, wrapping his arms around the miko in a tight protective embrace.

"B-but..." Kagome protested quickly, though her protests grew weak as heat surged through her body from Yusuke being pressed up against her.

If anyone did find out about their secret, now incestuous relationship, she could always say she had a brother complex...

Meh – drabbles to get me back into the spirit of writing