A/N: There wasn't supposed to be an epilogue, but then there it was so I decided to share it too. The reason Ch 127 is marked as the final chapter is because an epilogue is not technically a chapter, lol. But this one really is truly the end of this story, hence the words at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

Gibbs was sitting at the table in their room, holding a cup of coffee in one hand and browsing through the newspaper. Soft steps behind him alerted Gibbs to Jenny's presence. Two gentle arms wrapped around his neck and when she leaned over his shoulder to put her face next to his, Gibbs could feel her soft hair brushing against his skin.

He leaned back into her hold and wound a strand of red hair around his finger, remembering how it looked splayed out upon the pillows last night, while Jenny's body and his found each other again after weeks apart. A barely audible groan escaped Gibbs' lips and in one smooth motion, he twisted Jenny around so she fell into his lap, trapped in his arms. She laughed and he leaned closer, breathing in the smell of her that he loved so much.

Gibbs worked his fingers into her soft hair and Jenny slowly drew a finger down his cheek, tracing his jaw. He captured the offending hand and held it to his mouth for a kiss. Her wide eyes, open and trusting and full of love, nearly undid him right there. He frowned at her.

"You sure know how to test a man's resolve Jenny," he almost growled, aware that she wasn't doing any of it on purpose. She was just being his wife, his Jenny, the way he loved her.

Jenny quirked an eyebrow at him and wound her arms around his neck. "And which resolve might that be?" she asked in a low voice.

Gibbs settled his arms firmly around her waist, one of his thumbs absently running over her hip, making her squirm against him. He cleared his throat.

"The one about being a gentleman." But what he really wanted to do was take her back to bed this minute and have his way with her again until she moaned his name against his skin.

Jenny saw the smouldering fire in her husband's eyes and knew what he was holding back. "Jethro," she said, her tone suggestive, "did I ask?"

It was a dangerous offer, because this was still so new to them, being together this way, and they were willing it to be okay and not to bring up bad thoughts or unwanted memories by being so close.

Gibbs closed his eyes against her penetrating gaze and turned his head away for a second, his body reacting to her nearness in ways he couldn't control. Finally he sighed.

"No Jen, you didn't ask. But you deserve it. I just...don't want to rush you, to rush us, to rush this." He opened his eyes to read hers.

Jenny smiled and her face slowly got closer to his. Pressing her lips to the corner of his mouth to bestow the softest of kisses, she nuzzled her head into his neck.

"And I appreciate that, more than you know. Thank you Jethro, for loving me enough to sometimes say no."

With that she leapt out of his lap and Gibbs immediately missed her warmth and weight in his arms. Getting a good look at his wife now, Gibbs saw she was still in her silk nightie, or perhaps he should say she was back in the little purple number that had spend most of last night on the floor. It did look good on too.

Jenny looked back over her shoulder and caught him staring, but she only smiled, the 'come hither' pout on her lips making him grip the chair to keep himself seated.

"I'm going for a shower," she announced. "You should too." Jenny looked him up and down. "I hear sharing conserves water."

Now that was an invitation if he'd ever heard one. Gibbs opened his mouth to reply, but Jenny had already disappeared into the bathroom. He debated with himself back and forth, knowing she would understand if he declined the offer this time. They had the whole weekend and the rest of their lives to make up for lost time. Today was just about them - her, him, together, away from every distraction where nothing could get in the way.

Gibbs stood and looked out the window, spying a flower cart just down the street, with buckets of brightly coloured blossoms adorning the sidewalk in front of it. A slow smile crept across his face. In a little while when they were both ready to go, he would take Jenny by the cart, just to tell her 'I love you' one more time. That would explain everything, why he was taking things slowly and being so careful of their time together. He finally had her back and Gibbs never wanted to lose Jenny again.


A/N 2: So, now that APTP is officially over, let me tell you what comes next. The sequel to APTP is A New Beginning, continuing roughly from where APTP left off. However, before that gets posted, you will see the prequel to this series What We've Always Wanted, documenting Jenny and Gibbs reunion and some moments of their relationship up to and after marriage.

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