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Chapter seven/ 'Out in a Blaze'
Rated; M/ L, V (violent horror theme, non-sexual bondage, more blood and gore, brutal character death, even more character deaths, shoot out)
Characters; Adam Copeland, Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton, Matt Hardy, some cops including Dave Batista and Phil Brooks.

(Note; Picture was an edited version of Edge and Jeff standing in the ring for a Team SD vs Raw thing. It was originally posted on Twitter by Alexx Raven, known as Jadamgasm on this site)


(Years ago)

"I can't tell you, Addy.. you'll think I'm a freak." Jeff murmured as Adam held his head in his hands.

Adam leaned forward and placed a kiss on Jeff's nose. "Ah, baby.. I could never think anything bad of you. I love you. Now tell me, what do you want to do? What do you dream?"


(Present day)

Adam's heart nearly stopped. The police. They had found them. This was bad. This was so fucking bad.

"Fuck." Randy cursed as he got out of bed, throwing on his jeans and a shirt. Jeff was the next to jump out of bed and get dressed, followed by Adam.

Randy was buttoning up his shirt as Adam risked a peek out. "We're fucking surrounded. Lousy pigs."

"What are we gonna do, Addy?" Jeff asked, clutching to Adam's arm as he stood beside him.

"Yeah, Addy, what the hell are we gonna do? We're fucking fucked here." Randy asked, getting out his gun.

Adam bit his lip and looked back. "Y'got any more of those?" He asked.

"Enough for us all, but there might not be enough ammo. What are you thinking?" Randy asked, getting out the other guns.

Adam sighed. He knew this was it. They weren't getting out of this alive. It was either surrender and pray like cowards that the cops didn't shoot them, or they go down fighting. "We could surrender.. but they probably wouldn't go for it."

"Adam, I can't go back to that asylum. I won't." Jeff let go of Adam and took a gun from Randy. "I can't do it."

Adam took Jeff's head in his hands and kissed him. He kissed him long and hard. Their last kiss. "We can go out fighting. Go out in a blaze of glory."

"I said come out with your hands up, or we'll fucking drag your asses out. You have to the count of ten. One!" Dave shouted through his bullhorn.

Randy took a deep breath and nodded, handing Adam his gun.

"Two! Three!"

Adam went to the side of the door and cocked his gun. "I love you, baby. Always. Forever."

"I love you too, Adam. Forever." Jeff assured.

Randy shook his head. It didn't matter to him no how. This was the life. Live by the fucking sword and die by it. They were going to catch his ass anyway and he'd be put down for his crimes. This was more honorable.


(A few years ago)

Jeff held the razor blade in his hand, his eyes locked on the struggling form that was tied up to the chair. It was a man. His brother Matt. Matt's hands were tied together behind him and he was grunting and trying with all hell to get them free.

"Come on, Jeff.. shit.. what're you doing..? C'mon, man, this isn't you.. why're you doing this..? It isn't funny anymore, man.." Matt tried to reach his brother.. or who he thought was his brother. Now Matt wasn't so sure. Jeff hadn't been right in the head lately and that all escalated as soon as Jeff started seeing this Adam guy.

Earlier today he and Jeff had gotten into an argument over where Jeff's life was going. Matt threw Adam up in Jeff's face and Jeff took it as that Adam was the reason Jeff's life was going no where. Jeff got angry. Really angry. The angriest he'd ever been. He stormed out. Left his brother and went out to find Adam. Matt felt shitty for how that went and the deteriorating relationship he had with Jeff.. but Jeff wasn't about to see any reason.

Matt had fell asleep around 3pm and when he woke up Jeff was back.. and Jeff had Adam with him. They jumped Matt, tied him to this damn chair, left him for awhile and now Jeff was holding a damn razor and just staring at Matt with the scariest vacant expression Matt had ever seen. At first Matt thought this was just to get back at him for the argument. A way for Jeff to scare him.. But Matt was beginning to not be so sure. He never would believe Jeff would actually want to.. hurt him.

"Jeff? Do you fucking hear me? Untie me. This shit isn't funny. Come on, I get it, you're pissed. I told you the truth and you couldn't handle it. That's your problem, now let me go."

Jeff's head tilted, he blinked once then looked down at the razor blade. He felt Adam come up behind him, one arm wrapping around his waist and the other moving the hair away from the younger Hardy's neck before he kissed him there. Adam smiled and laid his head on Jeff's shoulder. "You're not going anywhere, Matty."

"Shut the fuck up, you prick. This is your fault, Copeland. As soon as Jeff lets me go, you're out of here. Y'hear me? I forbid Jeff from seeing you again." Matt snarled at the blonde.

Adam merely puckered his full lips into a pout and nuzzled his face aside of Jeff's cheek. "Awe, Matty's angry.. You can't stop me from seeing Jeff, Matthew. Jeff's an adult now, he's a big boy and it's his choice to see me. Right, baby?" Adam cooed to Jeff, kissing his cheek and making little playful growling noises.

Jeff still stared at the razor blade, a million thoughts that he was taught were bad and evil running through his head. Thoughts that only Adam ever told him were okay. Thoughts only Adam ever accepted.

"I don't care what I have to do.." Matt scowled, pulling uselessly on the ropes. "I'll take a fucking restraining order against your sorry ass if I have to, Copeland! Do you hear me? You'll stay far away from my brother."

Jeff raised his head and glared at Matt. Oh, hell no. Matt wanted to keep Adam from him. He couldn't do that. He loved Adam. Matt thought he owned him. He was sick of Matt owning him.

Adam only tisked, smirking as he ran his hands up Jeff's shirt, still kissing and loving on the younger male who occupied his arms. "Matty wants to part us, Jeff. He doesn't understand we belong together. Isn't that a shame? So sad." There was a pout in his voice.

Matt groaned in agitation. "Jeff, come on, man. Adam's manipulating you. He doesn't care about you. I'm only trying to look after you."

"Shut up, Matthew!" Jeff shouted.

"Oohoohooh.." Adam purred, grinning like an idiot. He nipped at Jeff's earlobe. "Tell him, baby. Let mean ole Matt know how you feel."

"I'm sick of this bullshit, Matt. I love Adam and he loves me. I'm tired of you trying to control my life. My destiny." Jeff stepped forward and Adam's arms loosely fell away from him.

"That's it, Jeff. What do you wanna do?" Adam encouraged, standing back as Jeff advanced on his bound brother.

"Jeff.. now.. you're being ridiculous now.. put the razor down.." Matt's eyes darted back between Jeff and the shining blade in Jeff's hand. Matt sounded calm, but on the inside he was jello. The look in his brother's eyes, Jeff's voice, everything had him terrified on the inside. His brother was scaring him. Jeff obviously needed serious help.

"I'm tired of you, Matt! You think you own me? You don't fucking own me!" Jeff swung his arm and Matt's scream was cut off as the razor sliced through his throat. Jeff's name died on his lips as blood started gushing from the massive cut in his neck. Gagged and choked sounds were all that he could muster and his body jerked and spurted. Jeff stood back and watched his brother. Matt's dark eyes were still twitching and watching him. Judging him even as he died. That only infuriated Jeff more. Matt had no damn right to fucking judge him.

Jeff was vaguely aware of Adam yelling at him. Giving him assurance and encouragement just as Adam always did and always would. "Make him see, Jeff. Make him pay for doing this shit to you."

Jeff growled, screaming out in all that rage and fury trapped inside of him, buried and causing him not to breathe. Jeff started swinging the blade back and forth, cutting and slicing into Matt's neck even more. Jeff didn't stop, just kept at it. His brother was long dead. No more jerking, no more sounds. His head hung backwards and there was blood flying everywhere. Jeff could see his brother's spine now. His head barely hanging onto his shoulders.

Jeff swung tiredly now.. panting, screaming and shouting incoherently at Matt in all his inner anguish. Jeff didn't even notice he was crying, he just crumbled to the floor, dropping the razor blade and using his bloody hands to push his hair back out of his face. The next thing he felt was Adam's hands on his shoulders, the blonde's arms curling around him and holding him as he cried.

"Shh.. shh.. it's okay.. see? Isn't that better now..? He's gone, Jeff.. You're free, baby. We're free. I told you.. No one will ever try to keep us apart again. No one will ever own us again. We're free." Adam talked to him, rocking him as Jeff turned his head into Adam's chest, sobbing in frustration. Crying in.. actual joy.. Jeff somewhere knew he should feel so terrible for what he just did.. but he didn't. Jeff felt relieved. Jeff felt liberated. Jeff felt free.

Jeff raised up, his hands shot out and grabbed Adam's head before pulling him close, kissing the blonde hard and messy. Hungrily. They fucked in Matt Hardy's blood that night... Totally fucking free.


(Present day)

"Four! Five! Six!"

Adam jerked the door open and released fire, managing to hit Phil Brooks right between the eyes and another cop in the shoulder. Randy was behind him, taking aim and shooting anything that moved.

"Get down! Cover! They've opened fire! Return fire!" Dave shouted in a frenzy.

And they did. The cops returned the fire, shooting at the men in a haze of bullets. Some wedged in the side of door, others broken windows and hit cars. Jeff screamed as a bullet grazed his leg before another hit him in the side, Adam turned his head towards him for a split second before getting hit in the arm. Randy took out two more cops before getting hit himself in the shoulder.

"Motherfucking piece of shit!" Randy snarled, firing blindly, getting sprayed with bullets from all directions. Randy staggered back. He felt cold and just numb. He swore he didn't even feel the bullets piercing his body as he went down.

Adam crawled over to Jeff, cradling the younger male as Jeff gasped and choked. "Don't leave me, Addy.. please.. don't leave me.." He begged, clutching to the taller blonde for dear life.

"Shh.. I'm not.. I'm right here, Jeff.. I'll never leave you.. I love you, Jeff.. I love you.. remember that.. always.." Adam whispered, petting his hair back.

Jeff nodded, his eyes struggling to focus. Adam's face was getting all blurry. "Always.. Adam.." Jeff took one final breath and he was still. His eyes as cold and dull as that of their victims.

"Awe, Jeff.." Adam sniffled, holding tightly to Jeff. He felt a bullet enter his back and side, but he didn't let go. In some sick Romeo-and-Juliet-bullshit type way, going out like this just felt right. He died there, holding to the lifeless body of his soulmate.

I kinda think it was taboo to have them just commit suicide by cop. But in their psychotic minds it worked. I killed them.. imagine that.. Eh, they were crazies. I could have let them lived. Maybe in another psycho one I will.. maybe not.. Either way.. this was THE END. Truly the end. Lousy cops.. pfftt.. I just randomly had Punk shot.. sorry, Punkers. I added the flashback scenes with Jeff, Adam & Matt. They weren't originally there, but the chapter was really short so I wanted something extra and wanted more psycho Jedam interaction. I let it be Matt's death scene. Their first (or well, Jeff's first) kill. Sorry, Matt :P Eh, it was just originally a quickly done mini-epic on LJ.

Things that inspired this; Pictures for PPVs, The Shining, The Devil's Rejects, psycho fics by redsandman99... and an episode of Criminal Minds where the psycho killers wanted to go out by having a 'shoot out' with the cops.

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