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When a surge of power pulsed through that day, Yusuke did not know what he was expecting. The surge was powerful enough that anyone with even the smallest amount of spiritual awareness felt it passing through them like an icy wind in the coldest of winter. Yusuke was all ready to go when Botan had come to tell him Koenma wanted him find out what the mysterious surge was. Somehow it felt so familiar yet so strange to him.

"Yo Urameshi!" Kuwabara yelled out to him.

Kuwabara, Kurama. And Hiei was waiting for Botan and Yusuke by an entrance of a shrine. The shrine looked to have closed down few years ago by the look of the rusted iron and splintering wood.

With a smile Yusuke ran up the stairs to greet his colleagues he have not seen for few month. After Genkai's funeral the group rarely met each other and soon the ceased to talk at all. It wasn't that they had a falling out in friendship but all of them were very busy going about their own lives.

"It's nice to see you after so long." Kurama smiled as Yusuke came next to him.

"Yeah. You don't know how happy I am to see you guys. I mean not seeing each other for nine month is too long don't cha think?" Yusuke asked the group and each response was exactly that he had been expecting.


"You got that right!"

"I agree."

Yusuke smiled when he found out that even after not meeting each other for so long that everyone was still the same as they had always been. But he could not help think how much time has changed all of them.

Kuwabara went to college and had been studying very hard to become a businessman that would be able to take care of Yukina and himself when they decide to start a family.

Hiei on the other hand stayed in Demon world looking for stray humans that somehow manage to cross the borders.

Kurama graduated and decided to work at his Stepfather's company as he climbed up the ladder in a surprising rate and became a team captain of the marketing branch.

All in all the their lives began to smooth down to what most people would call a normal life and even successful.

Yusuke was another story though.

Soon after his arrival from the demon world he found out that Keiko had decided that they were better off as friends. Yusuke could not do anything but let her go. After all he did make her wait three years for him. And he did not even know if he would be able to give her a happy or even a normal life. The break up had been hard for him but he got over it when he opened up a ramen stand. His ramen were very popular and there were many customers until someone decided to mess his stand up by breaking every single thing. Of course the said person was beaten up very badly but Yusuke did not have the money to start up his business again. Now he had been going from temp job to temp job figuring out how to save enough money to keep him and his mother in the small apartment that they having been living.

But worst of all was his craving for fights. Ever since he had battled Yomi in the King Tournament his demon inside him was craving for blood. He had always enjoyed fighting but his demon side wanted to kill. Every day it was getting harder and harder for him to control his cravings

"How did it go at the sealers?" Kurama asked quietly as the group walked toward the forest around the shrine.

Yusuke smiled. He could see the worry look etched in Kurama's face. Yusuke trusted all his friends with his life but he always went to Kurama when in need of assistance.

"Thanks to you I got my power under control now. The sealer taught me how to close the pathway of my demon energy." He said as he showed a mark under his right ear.

"Was it a right decision to completely seal your demon energy off?" Kurama asked

"For now it is… I think. Just until I can get these cravings out of my system. And if I need my demon energy I can always unseal it." Yusuke replied as he stared at the blue sky.

"Be careful Yusuke. This source, I have a bad feeling about it…" Kurama said as he looked around the mysterious shrine that had produced the surge of power.

"Kurama how long have you known me? I'm never careful." The young man answered as he smirked at Kurama's smiling face.

"What are you guys talking about?" Kuwabara yelled out as he looked around from the front.

"We were talking about how ugly you have become!" Yusuke said as he laughed. He lightly punched Kuwabara's arm as he ran away from the orange hair friend that decided a beating was in order.


The group had been searching all around the shrine for anything that might have cause the surge. But they could not find anything. Even for a Shrine the place they were at had absolutely no hint of purification energy of even spiritual energy.

With a sigh Yusuke was about to call it a day when he felt it. The pulse was different then the first time but he was certain that it was the same thing. When he turned around to tell his friends he noticed something very strange.

The world around him began to turn different shade of gray and everything was frozen in time. Hurriedly Yusuke went to his friends' side to check if anything was wrong but he could not touch them. His hands passed through their bodies and Yusuke had a dread sense a de ja vu from his time as a ghost. As he was inspecting Hiei, he once again felt the pulse. This time stronger. Deciding that the pulse had something to do what had happened around him, Yusuke ran toward the source.

As Yusuke came out of the forest and on to the Shrine's grounds he saw a demon. He unintentionally took a step back as he felt the killing intent from the beast that stood in front of him. Strangely the demon felt very familiar to him but before he could think the demon came running toward Yusuke with a growl. He had barely enough time to move away and only manage to get a scratch on his cheek.

"Hey. If you want to fight to just say the word. But first things first. Turn everything back to normal or know that you won't be able to stand for a while after I'm done with you." Yusuke said as he smirked at his opponent.

The demon's eyes flashed red as he once again attacked the spirit detective. Yusuke had no choice but to go on defense. The power in his enemy was far to great for the now retire detective to give any time for attack.

Yusuke crashed into a tree and it splintered in half. He stood up and brushed of the splinters of wood off from his cloth as he once again took his battle stance and waited for the demon to come attack him again.

Now that he had sealed off his demon powers, Yusuke once again could use his spirit gun certain amounts in one day. He could not waste it. As the demon neared his closed his hand into a fist and punched the air in front of him


The bright light flashed as he sped straight toward the demon in front of him. The demon flashed to the left as if he had known Yusuke was going to do that. The spirit detective could not do anything as the demon once again punched his face hard. He flew to the side and skidded on the ground.

With a growl Yusuke stood up and raced toward the demon with his fist up. The two being began fighting with their fist but every punch Yusuke threw the demon was able to evade them. Frustrated Yusuke kicked the demon with his right leg. It made contact as the demon was pushed back.

Yusuke was breathing hard but the demon did not even sweat. Yusuke lightly touched the mark underneath his right ear. But before he could even think of unsealing his power the demon pushed forward.

Yusuke began to back up and soon he reached a broken down shed that seemed to have a well inside. Yusuke bumped the back of his legs at the side of the well and he turned around to see that the hole was quite deep. Taking this chance the demon fired an energy ball and Yusuke had no time evade it to the side and involuntarily stepped back and fell into the hole.

Yusuke fell into the well but all he could see was the face of the enemy and with a smile Yusuke put his finger up, pointed and fired.

"Like hell I'm going down without a fight." Yusuke whispered as his spirit gun hit the mark and the demon howled. But he soon fell into unconsciousness when his head fell sharply on a rock at the bottom of the well.


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