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Arie stood at the doorway of the institute. She was not a Shadowhunter and she felt she did not belong. She didn't know why, but she could see through glamours, and she could see the shadowhunters, and she could see downworlders. So why couldn't she just be a Shadowhunter? Her Father was one, but her mother was not. Arie was confused and distraught. She, had being brought up by her mother, thought that she was just a normal human. But now she was seeing people and things that others could not. Her mother had confessed that her father was a shadowhunter, and explained the whole drastic story to her:

Her father was a shadowhunter, her mother was but a mere mortal. They're love was more than frowned upon among his kind so they kept their meetings in private. But all did not turn out as it does in story books, and fairy tales.
When the Clave found out, he was put on trial before the inquisitor. He could not lie, for the Soul Sword bound him by truth. He confessed his love for her and was slewn by the same sword that offered him truth.
Her mother found she was pregnant and unsure of what to do, went to the Clave waving a white flag. She fell to her knees infront of them and begged of them that they could help her...She did not want to raise the child alone. She was wondering if they could find someone to take her. They refused vehemently, they would not take in a child that had the blood of a 'mundane'. Not only would they not take the baby, it was to be aborted, nothing of mortal blood and shadowhunter blood combined was to roam the earth. terrified, her mother fled and hid herself and Arie from the unseen world. She promised herself...when the day was to come, she would tell Arie the truth.

Now Arie found herself infront to the institute doors. She wished that she had enough shadowhunter blood in her viens that she could be one, but the mortal blood over powered and won out, leaving her with only the ability to see through glamours. Her mother had sent her, to see a man by the name of Hodge Starkweather. She blew out a heavy sigh and knocked on the door. She waited for a moment and thought about knocking again but the door flew open. In the doorway stood a girl with deep red curles, and bright green eyes. behind her was a boy who looked like he belonged...well anywhere in the normal world except here.

"Umm hi," Arie said nervously. "Is this the institute?"

The girl examined Arie quickly, and said "Yes, but we have no use for you mundanes here."

Arie laughed out a little. "I know i must look like a mundane, but actually...i have a bit of shadowhunter blood in me. would i be knocking on the door if i wasn't? I'm actually here to meet with a Hodge Starkweather."

She pursed her lips and smiled a bit. "Your smarter than you look."

"Easy on the eyes too." The boy muttered behind her. "Simon.." The girl growled, and then gestured for Arie to enter.

Arie smiled and pushed her way in. "I'm Clary Fray." the redhead said. "and this pighead here is Simon."

Arie giggled as the boy winked at her. Clary rolled her eyes and said "Follow me."

They walked up a winding stair case and down a hallway with a wide arched ceiling, and finally stopped infront of a wide arced mahogany door. "He should be in there." and with that Clary stalked off leaving Arie behind. Arie stood in the hall for a short second unsure of what to do.

She jumped when she heard a door open behind her. Steam poured out of the doorway and from it imerged a shape.

Arie sucked in a breath as the person came into view. He was tall, and had a shock of brilliant wet blonde hair on his head. His eyes were a deep gold, and his skin looked as if it were kissed by the california sun. He was muscled everywhere, and she could see this because he was only wearing a pair of jeans. his broad chest was perfectly muscled, the muscles flowed easily into the ripple of his six pack abs, which lead to the deep V of his lower body which was partially hidden by his low jeans. His muscled arms worked the towel through his hair as he whistled to himself..not noticing her.

When he looked up his eyes grew wide in surprise and then he smiled a coy smile. "Well hello there."

"Hi." Arie squeaked, her body shaking with nervousness.

"A little far from home there, aren't you goldy locks?" he said with a wink. "you know, I don't think Hodge would be to happy if he knew Simon brought one of his little friends here."

She looked at her feet, and said "I'm not with Simon, I came to meet with Hodge."

This seemed to shock him. "But what buisness would a pretty little mundane such as yourself have to do with Hodge?"

Arie, despite his sheer gorgeousness, straighten up a bit. She didn't take being called a mundane lightly. "I'm not a mundane. My father was Christian Distaene, one of the greatest shadowhunters in shadow world."

He laughed quietly underhis breath and leaned over to her. "Really now? so where are your Marks?"

"I-I.." she said suddenly embaressed. "Well come on. Show me." he prodded. "Surely your father would've-"

"My father is dead." She said cutting him off. "Beheaded for loving my mother, who was a mundane."

His eyes portrayed a sad look. "I'm sorry."

"How can a person be sorry for pain they've never felt?" she hissed.

His voice was but a whisper. "I have though. My parents are dead too."

Arie was taken aback. she was about to say something when clary appeared at the top of steps. "What are you doing?"

He never took his eyes off of Arie. "Just making an acquintance."

"Well let the girl be and come eat..I made speghetti." She said, absently wiping her hand on a dish towel.

"aww c'mon clary! we had that last week! 3 times!" he said whinely, leaning back. She could see the amazing muscles of his torso twitch and contract as he spoke and she swallowed hard. "Like I care what you want to eat." Clary said stalking down the stairs.

Arie and the boy stood in an awkward silence for a second then he leaned forward and said. "Well I wouldn't want to keep Hodge from seeing your lovely face."

Out of the door next to them came a boy and a girl who looked startlingly similar. With their dark hair, and fair high colored skin. the boy was taller and lean with electric blue eyes, the girl was shorter and narrow with curves in the right places..she was gorgeous, and her eyes were as black as midnight. They stopped short when they saw Arie. the girl turned to the blonde boy. "as if i hadn't warned you about Simon! now you're bringing another Mun-"

"She's part shadowhunter, Isabelle. So chill." the blonde boy said, cutting off the girl named Isabelle.

The dark haired boy cocked his head and smiled lightly at Arie. "Oh really?" He slurred. "Of which dynasty do I owe the gratiousness of your prescence."

"The Distaene dynasty." Arie said, holding her head high.

the Dark haired boy looked shocked, he didn't really expect an answer. "Impressive. I didn't know Christian had a daughter."

Isabelle elbowed him hard in the side and smiled fakely at Arie. "Alec..." Isabelle hissed under her breath. Isabelle obviously knew the story of her father and Arie thanked her with a sheepish smile of her own.

Alec changed the subject quickly. "are you going down to eat?" he asked the blonde boy.

"Yeah, I was just getting ready to go when I ran into her." he winked at her and she felt her heart flutter.

"Whats for dinner?" Isabelle chimed in.

"Speghetti." the blonde boy said slowly.

"ugh!" the brother and sister groaned. She could tell they were because they were exactly like in lanky structure and facial features. "We had that 3 times last week!"

The blonde boy laughed, and looked at Arie. His smile was dazzeling and diorenting. Jace reached behind him and pulled a white t-shirt out from his back pocket where it had been dangeling.

He pulled it on and looked at Arie. "Well, I guess Hodge is expecting you."

"Yeah, I should go." she said.

Isabelle linked arms endearingly with her brother and they skipped off...well isabelle did, Alec just kept up with a walking pace. "C'mon!" Isabelle called behind her.

Arie turned and started for the door when she felt a warm hand on her elbow. "Wait," Jace said, and she spun around to face him again. "I don't believe I got your name."

She smiled. "Arie. Arie Distaene."

He smiled and she almost fainted. "Arie." He repeated and she loved the sound of his voice whispering her name with ease. "I'm Jace Wayland."

"Pleased to meet you, Jace." She said formly, and then tailed it with a giggle.

"No, m'lady," Jace said laughing himself. "The pleasure is all mine." and when he said the last part his eyes grew dark with tempation and lust and then he turned. Without another word and strod off down the corridor.

Arie giggled like a little girl and finally turned to the menacing door. She had almost forgotten what she had come here for.

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