Chapter 4! woo woo!

And so the plot thickens...

Seeing Jace this vulnerable made Arie's heart break. She could see it in the way he gritted his teeth and clutched at her mothers shirt, Bunching it in his strong hands.

Her mother sobbed loudly and Jace just held her. "I missed you so much Chloe..I thought-I thought- God I missed you." Jace sighed.

Arie, was baffledly confused, just stared in awe. Her mother backed off, and just stood there. Cupping Jace's face. "You are so handsome, Just like Micheal. Just like my dear Micheal." she choked out as tears streamed her face.

Jace smiled. "I know. It's okay, Chloe. I'm okay."

Chloe turned to her daughter and began wiping at tears. "I suppose I have alot of explaining to do."

Arie just stood there, staring at Jace. Who was smiling sheepishly at her.

"Come inside. Both of you." She said, ushering them into the house.

Arie walked into her familar home, but it didn't seem familar at all. It felt odd and placant as she fallowed her mother into their homey cozy kitchen. But the kitchen didn't feel that way now, it felt like an interogation room.

They all sat down around the kitchen table, it was silent. Her mothers gaze was on Jace and Jace's gaze was upon Arie, and Arie was pretending to stare at Nixon, her huge mastif.

Finally her mother started. "Arie, I know this is very confusing for you.."

"Really? huh. I never would've guessed."

"Just," Jace said, pinching the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger. "Listen to what she has to say."

She looked at my mother for a sign to continue.

"When I was pregnant with you, Arie, I stayed at the institute for a while. It promised protection and safety. Hodge took care of me in secret, and Maryse, and Robert both agreed that it was already if it was just temporary." she took a deep breath. "Jace was only four at the time. Alec was 5 and was always with his dad, learning and training. Isabelle was only 3 so she was with her mother most of the time. but Jace," she shook her head sadly. "Jace had no one. His mother was killed, His father was gone for long periods of time." she gritted her teeth when she spoke of his father. "That bastard Valentine should burn in hell for what he did to Micheal, I-"

"Chloe," Jace said slowly, tossing a look at her.

Her jaw unclenched and she continued. "Forget about that. Anyways, Micheal was my good friend because he stood up with your father against the Clave. After Christian was killed, Micheal, Jace's Father, Referred me to the institute...on one condition...I had to look after his boy." she said smiling, and a small tear trickled down her cheek. "Your father, You REAL father, was an amazing man Jace Wayland."

Jace looked down at his hands, examining them. "I know. I wish i would've known him better."

"Wait..hold up." Arie said, "Who's Valentine?"

"Valentine," Jace said, bitterly. "Is an evil little fucker that murdered my REAL father, and then took me for himself so he could make me his own person little warrior. Since my own Father was gone so often, and They had an uncanny resemblence..I never knew the difference."

Arie stared at him. She wasn't sure weather to comfort him or not.

"Yes," Her mother said, and Arie turned her head to listen to her. "But before Valentine took him, Jace was like my little boy while i lived at the institute." she said smiling. "I made his dinner, tucked him in, read him stories, gave him baths."

"God, that's embaressing." he said, burying his head in his hands, But Arie could still see his cheeks which were flushed red with embaressment.

"He was like my child. He loved you too, even before you were born. He always had the side of his face pressed against my stomach listening for you..he swore you could talk." Her mother said, giggling.

Arie laughed a bit and Jace smiled a dazzeling smile at her.

"He picked out your name, you know." Chloe said smiling.

Arie looked shocked and turned her head towards Jace. He nodded. "Arie Bella Distaene. I actually liked Ariebella, but your mom didn't like it. but that didn't stop me for screaming it at her stomach."

Chloe busted out laughing, and said. "Oh yeah, he didn't talk to you. He yelled at you. Convinced that if he yelled you could hear him better. He was also the first person to hold you, other than me."

"She was like my mom, and you were like my sister." he then held up a finger and reached into his back pocket. He pulled out a black wallet and produced a photo.

Arie snatched it up. Her mother was sitting on the couch, shirt up above her gigantic belly, smiling at the camera boldly. Beside her, Jace was on all fours, lips pressed gentley to her moms belly, eyes shut, and his gold hair falling perfectly. Arie looked at Jace and suddenly spat out. "how did you not remember me?"

"you were not even 3 hours old the last time I saw you..How could i have known?" He asked.

"I was only 3 hours old?" Arie quizzed.

Jace nodded stiffly. "That night, Valentine came and took me back to Idris. I never saw you again, I didn't think I ever would."

"But I told you my name, didn't that ring a bell?" Jace smiled. "Yeah, It did. I knew, I just didn't want to freak you out. As soon as you told me you're name I knew. I mean come on, How awkward would it be if i just attacked you like I wanted to?"

Arie thought it over, and bit her lip. She realized she liked the idea.

"That's why I came after you, I had to see you again...and I wanted to see Chloe." he said, smiling at her mother.

"Why did you think he was dead?" Arie asked her mom.

"Because, I learned later that he was taken by Valentine. And there was war. Arie, a shadowhunters life is short and brutal most of the time. Jace could've easily been killed. I thought he had been."

"Chloe, I'm almost killed everyday." He said, laughing.

"Mom, Can Jace and I talk...alone?"

Her mother nodded and walked out the door way of the kitchen, but not without throwing us a brilliant smile.

Arie sucked in a breathe as she prepared to talk to Jace. This was going be...awkward.

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