Who conceived a scheme so grand?

What was the creator's hand that great axle could suspend?

Whereon does the dome depend? Whereon are earth's pillars set?

Who the planets' course defines, or who chose the zodiac signs?

Who set the sun and moon on high and the constellations hung nearby?

From the east rides up the sun, In the west its course is done;

From pale dawn till all is black, Who can measure out its track?

Say what virtue has the moon, That it wanes then waxes soon?

Of what service is its toad? What the gift on it bestowed?

-Qu Yuan, Heavenly Questions.


Have you ever looked at the sky? Try to gaze and admire how magnificent the night starry sky is. The stars shone as if infinite jewels scattered over on the black carpet.

Such natural wonder!

Some countries have different stories about these stars told even now.

The Babylonian, who learned astronomy, built the tower of Babylon to reach them and peek the work of their God. And, whenever we gaze upon the stars, we remember the romantic tale of the cow herders and the weavers girl who are allowed to meet each other once every year at the seventh day of the seventh month, The meeting of Vega and Altair in the river banks of the Milky Way .

People of the past have all the romantic stories about these stars.

Now, Let I, the Narrator begin this tale.

The Mythical Primordial God, Fu Xi and Nuwa are a pair of sibling who loved each other as lovers. Their feeling at each others are so deep, that one day... when Nuwa unexpectedy died... Fu Xi chased her going as far to the underworld.

Seeing his determination, the underworld allowed Fu Xi to take Nuwa back with him with a condition that he refrained to turn and look at her face before they reach the surface world.

Death is a time of separation.

Fu Xi should have given up Nuwa, but his desire to see her is to strong. For that he dared to challenge the Destiny going as far to the realm of the death. With the permission from the Underworld and Jade Emperor, Fu Xi retrieved his lover...

The time for separation was unbearable for Fu Xu that he forgot the promise. Fearing that Nuwa will be taken when he did not see her, he turned to her and see her face.

Absence makes heart feel fonder... But as the time passed... the feeling also change.

Having gone through the death... Nuwa has change, for she has been tainted by her death and the evil presence of the underworld.

Fu Xi was always faint hearted. Fearing of what he saw, he backed down leaving his long lost lover. Nuwa who was abandoned once again... alone in this underworld. Her love become hatred.

Nuwa vowed and cursed so that Fu Xi descendant, the human being will die. Thousand lives for every each day. Fu Xi replied "then, to balance it. There shall be one thousand and five hundreds new life born for every each day."

And with those vows they declared, Fu Xi was then known as the South Star, The God who rules over life and Nuwa become known as the North Star, the God who rules over the death. Both this gods whom started as two as one of unity now become contradiction to each other.

The Death and Life.

The Yin and Yang.

Their contradiction led to bigger dispute which force the Jade Emperor to intervene and place them at the sky among the stars.

And from thereon their influence determined the destiny of man on earth.

The rise of Xia dynasty that influenced by the South Star that symbolizes the beginning of life. The fall of the Xia dynasty because the despotic Emperor Jie who is affected by the North Star which symbolizes death.

And this influence still continues

With the rise and fall of Shang Dynasty, The Zhou Dynasty, The Spring - Autumn Period, The Warring State Period ,The Qin Dynasty, The Chu-Han Contention and now, The Han Dynasty.

Four Hundred Years has passed...

And now the dispute between the South Star and North Star will start again.

At the end of the Eastern Han dynasty. The Jade Emperor who is tired of seeing their role at the rise and the fall of every dynasty decided to intervene by placing himself between their disputes.

The Three-way conflict would begin. This is the bloodiest period in the history of this land.


Some One Thousand Eight Hundred years ago, the world is in chaos as a group of heroes vied for power.

Cao Cao , The Anti Hero at the time of chaos and the Capable Minister in the era of peace,

Liu Bei and his two brothers, vowed in the name of justice to restore the Han Dinasty to its former glory.

Sun Ce, The Little Conqueror. Three generations of family fighting for power.

Zhang Jiao, The Yellow Turban, who wished for the world ruled under the name of Earth.

Dong Zhuo, The Tyrant, who wished for the world ruled under one single order.

Lu Bu, The Greatest Hero of the Land with his grand ambition to carve his name in the history of mankind.

The Yuan Clan; Yuan Shu with his strong army and abundant resources and Yuan Shao who held power as the four generations of minister, command the services of many able people.

Gongsun Zan, The veteran General who commanded the elite cavalry The White Riders.

And many brave officers, retainers, commanders and beautiful women.

These stars who shone so brightly in an age of chaos and darkness, once again have the chance to shine in year of 184 AD, The era when the sun that shone on the prosperous Han Dynasty had finally begun to set.

The curtain rises for this, the final battle…. Who shall unite this land?

This is the era of Three Emperor who rules in the land of China.


As North Star and South Star has once again taken a part of the destiny of this land,

The Jade Emperor showed himself to one person destined to end the bloody struggle period on this land.

"…. Then I shall blessed you …. Children of mankind, Zhongda."

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