The Saintly Warrior Embarked on A Thousand Li's of Journey

In the twelfth year of Duke Xi, in autumn, the duke's seventh month.

The king, because of the attack of the Rong, proceeded to punish his brother Dai; who fled to Qi.

'In winter, the Duke of Qi sent Guan Yiwu to make peace between the Rong and the king; and Xi Peng to make peace between the Rong and Jin. The king wanted to feast Guan Zhong with the ceremonies due to a minister of the highest grade. But Guan Zhong declined them, saying, "I am but an officer of mean condition. There are Guo and Gao in Qi, both holding their appointment from the son of Heaven. If they should come in spring or in autumn to receive your majesty's orders, with what ceremonies should they be entertained? A simple servant of my prince, I venture to refuse the honor you propose." The king said, 'Messenger of my uncle, I approve your merit. You maintain your excellent virtue, which I never can forget. Go and discharge the duties of your office, and do not disobey my commands." Guan Zhong finally accepted the ceremonies of a minister of the lower grade, and returned to Qi.

The noble man will say, "Guan well deserved that his sacrifices should be perpetuated from generation to generation. He was humbly courteous, and did not forget his superiors. As the ode says;

"Our amiable, courteous prince was rewarded by the Spirits."' - Confucius's Spring Autumn Annals (ChunQiu), chapter of Duke Xi; followed by Commentary of Zuo (Zuo Zhuan)

Shuri calmly closed her copy of Spring Autumn Annals after finished in reciting them, she then asked Himari who held the Commentary of Zuo in her hands to recite the following commentary as they try to asses them. Of all the Five Literary Classic, ChunQiu is considered as the hardest to learn…. But these two girls understand them easily…. Really remarkable

Even, I the narrator has great difficulty in understanding this part.

Shuri tried to recite them together slowly, she tried to feel how Confucius who wrote the ChunQiu as he was being trapped in the conflict of two states and how Zuo Qiuming wrote his own Commentary to the ChunQiu despite being blind (also to avoid stuttering).

"Even if Guan Zhong was parted from his lord, he still regard his lord highly as if the lord beside him… he is really an admirable character. Really an example of loyal retainer."

"A.. Ano, Shuri-chan… Did not Master Kong mentioned his admiration of Guan Yiwu?"

Shuri quickly looked up the Analects of Confucius (Lun Yu) and found the passage

Extracted from the Analects of Confucius (Book of Lun Yu);

Zi Gong says: Can we speak of Guan Zhong as loyal? When Duke Huan of Qi executed Gongzi Jiu, Guan Zhong did not opt to die with him, instead he served Duke Huan in government as his Prime Minister.

Zhong Ni (Confucius) says: With Guan Zhong's service, the state of Qi soared among all of Central Plain, the whole realm came in to state of order, even commoners still reap from the benefit of Guan Zhong's past achievement. If not for Guan Zhong, perhaps we still remain uncivilized with messy hair, and clothes fastened to the left like barbarian. Would you prefer for Guan Zhong to act like a mere commoner, not seeing the bigger picture and died in obscurity?

In this part they tried to discuss the meaning of loyalty. Because as the old saying goes… Loyal vassal serves only one lord, but they also says good bird chooses the tree to nest in. What is the meaning of true loyalty?

Perhaps it is for the Greater Good. That day, Shuri shed her tears as she recalled Guan Yiwu , the loyal retainer of Qi, whom his sovereign give him honor with title "Premier Uncle." Because….


After finishing a farewell letter, Guan Yu prepared herself. She take her guan dao walking, seeing behind her the whole gifts bestowed to her when she is serving Cao Cao. She make sure that everything is still intact and she did not bring anything even by mistake. She stepped out as she only brought her guan dao with her.

She looked at the stable, taking a normal horse with her. Quickly riding it and spur toward the outside gate of Xu Chang.

Truly, she want to say goodbye to Cao Cao who released her… but, she realized that parting without saying anything, silently without anyone knowing is more suited to her situation.

As She is passing the town gate, she turned back and cupped her hand. Then continuing her journey to return to her sister, Imperial Sister Liu.


As Karin finished her official duty and arrangement council with Keifa and Fu, a guard told her that Guan Yu has left with only letter as her parting words.

Karin read the letter which expressed Yunchang's utmost gratitude for her hospitality and kindness (for releasing her). But the time has come, that she had grew worried of her sister, in which she had to go.

Karin then placed her letter, swiftly replacing her Prime Minister clothes with more casual civil officer clothing. As she finished changing, she asked Keifa and Fu to take care of the Imperial Capital for a while.

At the outside, Yang Xiu, Zhang Liao, Xu Huang, Xu Chu, Xiahou Yuan are waiting with the horse ready . Karin gladly smiled of all her retainer readiness.

"Oh.. Yang Xiu, Bring the Red Hare with me. Of all my generals, only you seems accustomed to that weird steeds."

Kazuto quickly take the Red Hare with him from the stable, and helped Karin to mount on the Red Hare.

"Please hold tightly, Cao Darren."

As they are ready to depart, Zhang Liao asked Cao Cao. "Lord Cao, will we manage to catch up with Yunchang?"

Xiahou Yuan calmly assured them. "You don't need to worry. Aneja will stall her… though I worried if we did not get to them fast enough."

And they all pursued the direction where Yunchang are going.


"Guan Yu! This is my chance to repay the 'favor' from Xuzhou!" General Xiahou Dun challenged Guan Yu who she tried to pass and getting out from area of Xuchang. She brandished her black dao saber.

Guan Yu tried to defend herself, as she for the thirty third bout, defended and blocked every attack that Xiahou Dun sent against her.

Xiahou Dun delivered the attack more and more ferociously. As they avoid each other, Xiahou Dun made a preparation stance.

"Jade Maiden: Second Slash, Moonlight Shadow"

Xiahou Dun smirked, she swiftly used ginkang without any preparation. It is as if her legs had adapted to simultaneously switch between ginkang mode or normal mode. Guan Yu was startled. The vanishing general quickly used her free hand to hit Guan Yu.

Guan Yu quickly parried her hand, deflecting it. But Xiahou Dun connected her attack with her dao saber attack, which forced Guan Yu to spun her Guan dao in overturned motion, the shaft were pointed above to defend the Dao.

But, then the parried hand, attack again. Connecting the attack without breaking down their timing of tempo. Guan Yu finally noticed the essence of her attack. This is the full potent of basic movement from single saber user. One hand wield the saber while the other hand coordinate with the saber attack, either to direct them (of their weakness) or to distract their attention.

She quickly backed down, rolling back as she whistled her horse. As the horse ran to her, she quickly jumped at the steed. Xiahou Dun also called her horse.

"General Xiahou, I have no intention to attack you. please give me leeway in regard of the past."

"Guan Yunchang! We are not comrade of arms anymore….! And who knows when I have the chance to fight you the next time!"

Yunchang was surprised. The reason Xiahou Dun challenge her is purely because of a pride of warrior who want to fight worthy opponent. She understand Xiahou Yuanrang's feeling. She calmly prepared her black guan dao in sword dragging stance, announcing.

"General Xiahou, I will fight you, then. Please don't blame me if anything happened to you." Guan Yu pulled the girdle of her to direct it's movement. "I hope that my act will not offend Lord Cao."

Yuanrang smirked. "You don't need to worry. Because I have not finished in showing off my second slash to you." The two horse charge against each other.

Guan Yu quickly does an arc direction chopping toward Xiahou Dun, but she cleverly drifted her horse to avoid it. And continued her Second slash of Moonlight Shadow.

Xiahou Dun pulled the girdle of her steed with her teeth, forcing him to leap toward Yunchang. The two horse are now aligned together. Yunchang parried each attack with the shaft of her black guan dao and the back of her hand which is protected. Yuanrang deliver toward her the connected attack movement from the Moonlight Shadow.

Annoyed that she had to defend, Yunchang tried to make distance, however.. Xiahou Dun quickly deliver the next stage of her saber attack from moonlight shadow.

"From the Jade Maiden: Second Slash, Moonlight Shadow…. 'Shadowmoon'."

And with it, as Guan Yu was about to deliver her own attack it was swiftly intercepted by Xiahou Dun saber, but as soon as the attack were intercepted, the saber movement become an assault movement, followed by attack Yunchang. Guan Yu responded by defending the attack, but as the attack were halted, the saber once again were pulled out, and another attack from her side were delivered. Each of Xiahou Dun's attacks from the beginning she announce her attack until now and continuing are all interconnected without ever breaking it's movement.

It's like the attack were delivered without stopping. Yunchang were startled as she notice her pace. She tried to use her own Jade Dragon's guan dao movement … but she needed some more distance.

Finally she done something, she never did before.

She let the horse charge at Xiahou Dun. She calmly connected her attack from before, and proceed to chop down the charging opponent, but to her surprise… Guan Yu did not try to avoid, and as soon as the horse were slashed down, she hurl her own body to behind, making a great distance…. Against an opponent like the seasoned general Xiahou Dun, she was forced to sacrifice her horse. But, for now … she has the safe distance to prepare her own move.

"Really admirable, General Xiahou." Aisha spun her guan dao as she prepared her greatest move. "You forced me to use my own special attack."

Aisha calmly spun the guan dao several time, measuring the possible incoming attack…. Her Jade Dragon movement, Unchallenged under the sky. Her attack which was never anyone could penetrate her defense and seek for her opening to attack, as she deliver the counter attack. Each attack will surely be intercepted and returned more severely.

But for a seasoned general like Xiahou Dun, she was not less threatened. She only scoff her as she mention. "Don't you ever think you have the upper hand. When I use this 'eye' of mine….. You will surely see hell!"

Xiahou Dun placed her free hand to her eye cover, preparing to remove it. Her feared Fantasy Move.


As they are about to strike against each other, their weapon both were intercepted by something. A large blade.

"This is…"

"Must be… Zhang Wenyuan."

Both turned at the direction of where the weapon coming from, and they noticed that the rumbling and thunderous sound of that famed Red Hare followed by several war horse.

As Red Hare stopped before them, Xiahou Dun and Guan Yu lowered their weapon. "Stop this both of you." Cao Cao declared to them both. Xiahou Dun tried to oppose her command

"But, Karin-sama~…!" Shunran pouted.

"Are you trying to defy me, Shunran?" Karin give her a scary smile.

Shunran shrunk in seeing Karin reply, "Uu~… " pouting as she disappointedly moved away.

Guan Yu cupped her hands to Cao Cao. "Cao Darren…"

Karin smiled at her, as she walked to her. "Yunchang, you leave without saying anything…. Don't you think it's rather cold?"


"At least let us give you a proper send-off." Karin nonchalantly spoke. Yunchang in respectful manner toward her answered. "My apologize for my rude action, but the next time we met again, we might be enemies. Hence, I don't want to bother lord Cao with my trifling matter."

"That is true… but.." Karin did not continue. Instead Yang Xiu asked Yunchang "General Guan, do you know the whereabouts of the imperial sister Liu?"

"I... I don't." Aisha just realized it.

"Without knowing where will you go, won't your journey ended up in vain?" Yang Xiu asked. Aisha remained silent as she is thinking.

"Shunran killed your horse, but… even if the horse still alive, it will only burden you." Karin calmly speak. And she turned to Yang Xiu. They nodded in understanding. "Please at least accept this gift."

Kazuto give her a key and a driver license (it is a crime to drive any vehicle without proper driver license). Guan Yu was surprised. The other generals who followed her also more surprised.

"The Red Hare artifact is yours." Karin smiled.

Aisha tried to refuse. "But Lord Cao, I….isn't this fine steed are…"

"No one among my retainers are capable in using the Red Hare, and only you can control this beast. So, it is rightfully yours."

Aisha was shocked, she became hesitant… while the other generals admit that no one can drive that monstrous artifact, save for Yang Xiu. But even Yang Xiu's driving skill pale to comparison to Aisha, which forced him to use the more common warhorse. This is why the other generals does not dare to oppose Cao Cao's decision, more less the short tempered Shunran

"But, I… Lord Cao … are not you afraid that…."

"If you are going to blindly search of your sisters, a strong stallion like this Red Hare is suitable for you.. beside, An unbroken stallion or an unwieldy prized weapon are not that useful to me. They'll just be wasted if you don't want them."


Wenyuan also approached Aisha. She gave her something.

Aisha was surprised. "This..!"

"Young Master Sima asked me to return this to you, your old weapon. the green jade guan dao." Shia smiled "And she is sorry that such terrible things happened to you. she never expected it."

Aisha take the weapon and hugged it, as if meeting a long lost old friend. "Thank you! Thank You, Shia!" She swinging the green jade guan dao, to try it. And as she recognized it, she felt relieved. She cupped her hand. "I never expected to met her again. Please pass my word to Young Master Sima, I am grateful. And … I never think badly of her. It was not her doing."

Aisha then placed her green jade guan dao to the Red Hare, and noticed that the weapon that Wenyuan threw to stop her from fighting to death against Xiahou Dun… she pulled and hard steel blade, and return it to Wenyuan.

But as the weapon is at Shia's hand… the weapon cracked in two. Shocking them both…

"I..I am sorry!"

"No. it is to be expected. For this fellow to withstand your attack and general Xiahou's enormous strength is to be expected that this little fellow cracked." Shia sighed sadly "I can ask some country blacksmith to repair it."

Guan Yu felt bad, but she remembered something. Taking her own black jade guan dao which was given by Zhongda to replace her own green jade guan dao. Fairly speaking, the black one is made from much stronger material, but in consequence it is heavier than her own green jade guan dao. She offered it to Zhang Liao.

"Please accept this as the replacement to your broken weapon."

Zhang Liao was surprised. But before she can refuse it, Aisha bowed to beg her to accept her parting gift. Which make her understand. "Okay. I will treasure this." Shia smiled as she accepted the black jade guan dao.

The weapon explains the warrior.

With a single edged blade, this is not the old Zhang Wenyuan.- Chan Mou, Ravages of Time vol. 43 (translation: merc, edit: ki shodar)


Yang Xiu then muttered softly to Aisha's ears as he approached her.

"Your sisters, Tohka and RinRin are still alive. If I am not wrong, they should be heading to province of Jingzhou."

Yunchang was surprised by his sudden words, but as she was about to ask more, he silently give her a meaningful gaze , and withdraw back to Cao Cao's side.

"Yunchang."Cao Cao cupped her hands in respect to send her off. "I hope you will be well, the next time we meet."

As Cao Cao cupped her hands, all her general followed her example and gestured to Yunchang. Guan Yu can not help but feel touched. She returned the gesture and goes away without turning her head.


While Cao Cao still stand, gazing at the direction where she vanished….

That is right….

"I hope you've been well… since our last meeting." Cao Cao style name Mengde - Luo Guanzhong's Romance of Three Kingdom, chapter 77


Guan Yu marched. She decided to pass through Xu Chang toward Xuzhou. Perhaps if she returned to where they are separated, she can find some hint. She was told that Imperial Sister and Zhang Fei are still alive, much to her relief.

She thought to herself, that if they really went to Jingzhou, she will make sure of it first in Xuzhou.

Hence she started to make her journey. She stopped as she reaches every passes to take a rest and was treated fairly kind by Cao Cao's general. They have heard of her decision to leave Cao Cao which make them sympathized to her reason…

Cao Cao had given her a permission to continue, which make her journey goes easier than she thought.


As she reaches the Mount Tai area, she met a former acquaintance.

Zhao Yun Zilong.

Last time, Zilong ask for permission to return to Beiping to aid her lord, Gongsun Zan in defending Yijing. But Gongsun Zan refused her assistance and command her to return to Xuzhou because she predicted the worse situation in Xuzhou. As she was at lost, she later heard of the fall of Yijing. She later tried to gather the remnant of Gongsun Zan's elite White Rider under her leadership and thinking to join Liu Bei who had declared war against Cao Cao.

But, once again she was late to her annoyance.

Though personally, a superhero always come late as the narrator joked about it. As she then camped in the area near the Mountain Tai because the civilian begged her to protect them from the remnant of Mountain Tai Bandits.

Guan Yu then tried to recall her memory, if she is not wrong, Lu Bu's wise advisor Chen Gong recruited the band of Mountain Tai Bandits of Chang Xi, Sun Guan, Wu Dun and Yin Li to harass Cao Cao's forces back then. But she also recall that Cao Cao asked Yuan Shu to help her suppress them, which should disbanded their bandit activity.

"Non, Non, Non, Non! Those Four might have died… but there are always replacement for them." A cheery girl appeared next to Zhao Zilong

"Zilong, who is …her?"

"Oh..? She is an insider agent which I employed against the Mount Tai Bandit. She is…."

"Formerly a division commander of Zhang Jue's Yellow Turban Fan Club, later Formerly a division commander of Mount Tai Bandits of Wu Dun division. Now, I am an insider employed by former White Rider, commander Zilong. It is Liao Hua~desu…!"

Such a lengthy introduction…. Aisha turned to Sei and stare at her attentively.

Sei become flustered. "What is it? I dislike how you look at me."

"no. it just… what people say is not wrong. Some people do attract people who befits their character." Aisha calmly goes on.


"So… to cut the story short, what about it ?"

"Usually I want to explain it attentively. But… It is better for you to ask the local spy, as in accordance to Sun Zi.."

Guan Yu quickly ignored Sei before she is enticed to perform her boring Standing comedy, "Liao Hua-shi, Could you explain the situation."

"HAi~Hai… desu! The story begin in simple manner. First there are three sister, Zhang Jue, Zhang Lang and Zhang Bang. They aspired to be the greatest singer on the earth, and they creates the idol group of their own, Yellow Turban with their catchy tune, Heaven Dead, The Earth Thrives.." Aisha quickly stopped Liao Hua from continuing.

"Please, about the Mountain Bandit. You don't need to start from the very beginning."

"But, how could you understand if I don't tell you how the Mountain Bandit were formed?" Liao Hua reasoned.

"… Please tell the story, starting from the time after the Four Leader of Mount Tai Bandits died." Aisha facepalmed, sighing,…. SEI DO ATTRACT PEOPLE LIKE HER OWN CHARACTER!

"Muu~ … Thought the four leader, Chang Xi, Yin Li, Wu Dun and Sun Guan died after Yuan Shu and Cao Cao eradicated them, the smaller people formerly under their leadership still commit minor crime to fed their stomach, as they are people who know nothing but doing their bandit activity…. One day, Zhou Cang, a former leader division of Sun Guan unit (also a former Yellow Turban) collected a group of her own and assumed leadership. He began terrorizing people and vanished swiftly before official can take care of them. Zhou Cang is a macho muscle man. He loves to show off his strength and his beautiful muscle to everyone who are willing to listen and gaze upon his beautiful muscle, boasting them everyday until the listener head is only filled with his beautiful muscle." As Liao Hua tried to catch her breath and continued, Guan Yu calmly stop her and ask a simple question.

"Just one question. You are also formerly Mount Tai Bandit. Are you also a victim of that Zhou Cang's bragging of muscle strength?"

Liao Hua nodded and wept.

"Ever since he showed me that beautiful muscle, talking nonstop about muscle, without trying to cover his muscle… and every time the muscle vibrate, he will not hesitate to show it off…. I began to lose my appetite in eating meat, because I lost my appetite as it remind me of his beautiful muscle, and every time I try to sleep it haunt me even to my sleep and brought me nightmare, then the muscle started to produce sound of it's jiggling noise of 'muscling' 'muscling' and then everything I touch started to feel like a human muscle sensation. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! IT IS BETTER IF HE JUST RAPE ME!"

Aisha can not decide whether to pity or to facepalm her. But she know that, she need to place her hand on Sei's shoulder as she mention "Now I understand why she bothered to help you."

"You see… she is fun right?" Sei calmly smiled. But she quickly clasped her hand after seeing Aisha here.

"Hear, Hear, Liao Hua-chan. I have a suggestion. Wanna listen?" Sei give a mischievous look


The Next day, the burly muscle man arrived before them. Zhou Cang is his name. He proudly declared as loudly as possible, so all people will hear his declaration (though they are still in the middle of nowhere, where there are only mountain surround them)


Hearing such loud declaration made Zhao Yun and Guan Yu coming out from their encampment.


Aisha confusedly come forward, asking. "It is I. The name is Guan Yu, Yunchang. What are the intention of this Zhou Cang here for beseeching my appearance?"

Zhou Cang was but shocked in seeing the slender girl here claimed the name, but he relentless continued.


Aisha turned to Sei asking "So, this is your so called suggestion? Sacrificing me? What if he rots my brain with his muscle!"

Sei mischievously smiled "Rela~x! he pride himself with his muscle and extraordinary strength. Fight him with wits. Beside…. Will we carelessly kill people? We can use him to carry most of our baggage."

"Darn you Sei!" Aisha cursed her, and move to Zhou Cang.

"Since you claim to be physically powerful, let us compete in strength."


"No. if we fight, you will complain of my skill. Let us compare strength, not technique."

"HOW THEN?" Zhou Cang asked in confusion.

Aisha pointed at the ground.

"you claimed that you have immense strength. But I bet you can't even kill these ants with your fist. Not even one."

Zhou Cang looked below on the ground, near the ant nest. There are many ants scattering around. He then Laughed loudly "HAHAHAHA! YOU UNDERESTIMATE ME!"

Zhou Cang then crouch the ground, hitting the ants with his clenched fist. He beat the ground repeatedly , as he get tired after punching them around.

Aisha calmly point at the ground. "What are you doing? These ants are still alive! look carefully!"

Zhou Cang was startled in seeing the ants simply walked around the ground, not even one of the ants were died even after tiring himself punching the ground.

"What a weakling. Here let me show you." Aisha then crouched down. "Even with your full fist you still failed. Watch me now! I will only use this single finger." Aisha pointed her index finger to the ground, calmly flattening the ants with his single fingers.

"Now look! Are they still alive?"

Zhou Cang exclaimed. "AHHH THE ANTS ARE ALL DEAD." He unwillingly admitted his lost.

"The strength of your fist can't even beat the strength of my one finger. You must now concede defeat."

Zhou Cang bowed at the ground still lamenting his lost, but as A man of warrior, he remained stubborn. "NO! I WON'T I AM A MAN! " He stripped his clothes, showing off his muscle which traumatized Liao Hua. He began to pose several times and moment, and all the muscles in his bodies stiffen. "HUMM… HUMMM" as he poses.


Aisha sighed in seeing his action. She later revealed something before Zhou Cang. "What is this?" she asked Zhou Cang.

Zhou Cang confusedly answer. "YOU ARE HOLDING A CHICKEN FEATHER."

"Your arms may be strong, but I am sure you won't be able to throw this one feather past that stone." Guan Yu gave him the feather she held, and showed the big stone at the distance.

Zhou Cang then held the feather tightly, then with his whole strength, he threw the feather…. But the feather just fly around him as it landed near him, Zhou Cang tried to thrown again, but the same result occurred…. And after Three Hundreds attempts… which almost bored Aisha as she play around with her own long hair and almost take a nap….

Zhou Cang admit his loss,

Aisha then does her turn. She showed another thing to the exhausted Zhou Cang. "Now… What is this?"


Aisha then casually throw the chicken, and it do passed the stone at the distant. Which startled Zhou Cang. Aisha with a bored looking expression calmly explain. "You can't even throw a feather. Now think about it. How many feathers does that chicken have?"

Zhou Cang bowed to Aisha, concede and showing his submission.


And this is how Guan Yu make Zhou Cang submit to her, becoming her weapon porter until later…. As seeing the result of her trickery, Sei laughed about and rolling around the ground can not held her laughter.

"Aisha-chan! You are really strong!" HAHAHaHA… " As Sei hitting the ground several times, while Aisha bashfully complain… "Arghhh… this is your fault."

What an Idiots….


After this, Guan Yu heard that from the people that her sister are intending to go to Jingzhou… But she is now are staying in Runan. So Guan Yu, Zhao Yun and her White Riders, Zhou Cang and Liao Hua followed them like a big band of warriors.

During the journey to Runan, she rested in Chen Liu, where she coincidently met with a group of conspirator against Cao Cao. They are planning to attack her in swift coup while her mind is distracted during the battle against Cao Cao. They claimed that they are supported by the imperial insider.

Knowing of Guan Yu reputation and strength also her secession from Cao Cao' troop… they tried to recruit her, but unknowingly to them… Guan Yu killed all six of them. So ended life of these conspirator; Kong Xiu, Han Fu, Cai Yang, Bian Xi, Wang Zhi and Qin Qi. Guan Yu then continued her journey to Runan…

Where she finally met her sister.


"Keifa, I heard Guan Yu killed six of our Generals during her journey."

Keifa was surprised, but on the contrary of her expectation… "So please conduct an investigation of the background of her six victims."

"Why, Karin-sama?"

"Guan Yu won't recklessly killed someone." As she notices…"Where is Yang Xiu?"

"He has gone to Guan Du to help Advisor Guo Jia in preparation…"

Cao Cao sighed. "Is that so? Also send this letter…. With now he is stripped off from commanding a military division, this is his new position."

Keifa read the content "Are you sure, Karin-sama?"


"Other will complain. Even I regard this as unfair."

"Keifa, he is being demoted. He is now just a deputy officer."

"But… but why not anyone else? Why he has to be your own troop's deputy officer?!"

Author Note:

Usually I want to talk about porn, but for now let me talk about the song I listened whenever I stuck in writing this Koihime Fanfic. To bring the atmosphere of what I want to write, I usually listened to Teresa Teng various song. My favorite goes to Tian Mi Mi , then Xiao Cheng Gu Shi.

Why Teresa Teng's Xiao Cheng Gu Shi? Because I want to bring back the atmosphere when I played Suikoden 2, you know? When we first went outside a mission to buy two bags of flour. We go to Ryubi village. I love the naturalistic feeling of the song, but Goddamn Konami for burning that beautiful village!

Then, Tian Mi Mi…. well mostly because it suited Yue… my favorite Koihime character, Okay you want to complain that Yue Liang Dai Bai Wo Di Xin suit her more? I meant Kazuto's Feeling toward Yue (my own interpretation on Kazuto), not Yue's Feeling toward Kazuto which bordered to Yandereish feeling.

I sometimes listen several Wuxia drama's song.

For example to bring the feeling of fighting ferociously and gracefully (this is the difference between old Chinese Wuxia drama and nowadays fighting film and anime, they lack the beauty…)… I relied on Yi Tian Tu Long Ji's 2003 Xue Lai De Shi Hou, then there are Zhou Huan Jia's Dao Jian Ru Meng (which I liked because of the flute plays, from Yi Tian Tu Long Ji's 1994), Zhou Huan Jia/ Emil Wakin Chau's Jiang Hu Xiao (from Shen Diao Xiao Lu/ Shin Tiauw Hiap Lu 2006) .

Dao Jian Ru Meng is really fun to listen while I depicted how the character are fighting. While Jiang Hu Xiao is fun to depicted the coolness and the feeling of the battle.

Well I also listen Tian Xia Wushuang from Shen Diao Xiao Lu 2006, and White Snake Legend 90's ED song. This title if you can read it "渡情."

Oh by the way, last time I read my book… I was exasperated.

"Several song influenced by Beijing Opera; Wang Lee Hom's Hua Tian Cuo, Jay Chou's Huo Yuan Jia, Chen Sheng's One night in Beijing."

God Damn it! Hua Tian Cuo I knew from Youtube coincidently and I just realized that my book noted it? ARGHHH! What a foolery! I need to check the other, whether they are good. I always listened Hua Tian Cuo because I loved the oriental feeling of the Beijing's Opera.

But excluding all of the song I mentioned above, there is one song which I always placed in my playlist. Fripside's Sky 2008 arrangement. You can found it in 2nd track of Koihime Op single "Flowers of Bravery.". I just like the feel from the song whenever I play around the theme, the setting and story plot of this fanfic. Inspiring enough, True Story.

By the way why I bother talking about those unimportant things? No , I am not trying to bring you the atmosphere of this fanfic from that song. It just that I am bored due the lack of Erotic Material and H Doujin. Especially about Nobuna…. So I venting.