Competition between Two Masters of Siege Warfare (Battle of Guandu part 2)

Is it wrong to admire the majesty of weaponry? For those who really loved their field of work, is it wrong to fall in love with their work creation and their subject of study? There is a renowned scientist and inventor Gerald V. Bull who loved his job too much. He was a brilliant man, who because he felt unaccepted in his desperation seek anyone who will acknowledge his talent.

For a simple man like him, he only want to design, research and study also to construct the greatest cannon capable of launching big size projectile, surpassing the geo stationary orbital range. It was a simple idealism of a launching pad system capable of launching artificial satellite. But no one could understand his aspiration. Until when a very influential man contacted him.

For a simple man like him, an acknowledgement of his talent is what he really want, even if the man who seek for his service is Saddam Hussein, the president of Iraq. Gerald V. Bull was given room to express his talent, though there is no free lunch. The Iraqi government ordered the construction of 300 howitzer and an Anti- Spy Satellite Heavy cannon.

But for a man like Gerald V Bull, this is just a walk in the park for he had done the harder task with his GC-45. He finished the construction of the howitzer through various channel, and for the construction of Anti Spy Satellite Heavy Cannon which coincide with his aspiration. With a model PC-2 under the code name project "Babylon", The world was shocked when they learnt the secret of this pretty little girl.

PC-2 is not a mere continuation of his former HARP, but a realization of his long life aspiration. People might say that what he did is such an overkill if not an awesome, as according to the Secret Document of UN Special Commission in 1991, the specification of PC-2 Project Babylon goes like this; 170m long barrel, 350mm caliber, capable of launching 600kg warhead (normal HE and even NBC) up to 1000km. From this mere specification, this beauty is already marked as a great threat need to be dealt with.

But then, this great man was assassinated. No one really know how or who responsible for his death. But rumor said that he was murdered after the threat of PC-2 Project Babylon was proven as real (from two successful experiment) and other reasoned that other hostile country of the mid-east region decided it after hearing his next attempt to reinforce the Scud Missile (Which the author also fell in love with…). But for sure, the weaponry business is always done in murky water, vulnerable to conspire with each other. Of the Krupp's Gustav, PC-2 Project Babylon and Project Manhattan, only Project Manhattan sees the light of days.

Truly! Heaven is jealous of talented men!


Encampment in Yangwu, north of Guandu.

Xun You calmly read the whole report of the situation in Yangwu, in addition she take quick glance to the cartography of the nearby area provided by the seasoned advisor Tian Feng. Among of all the Yuan clan's advisor, Tian Feng were renowned for his through investigation, for his habit as old people, who feared to make mistake.

She asked about the scouting of the area of Guandu, which he reported of the visible development of the fortress. Xun You nodded repeatedly in hearing that. She stood up from her seat and walk to the replica of the re-enactment battle table.

The table were situated where a replica of smaller scale (1 : 40 of the real situation) Fortress of Guandu were established according to the report, and the plateau before the Guandu were Xun You thought to place another nearby encampment for attacking. And she places numerous scale models of various siege methods.

"So, with their fort situated behind the Tan River, we don't have any choice except to attack them head on, is that what you meant… Old Tian?"

The seasoned advisor nodded. "We can only engage a siege against the castle."

"Ju Shou, what about you? is it possible for naval attack?"

The retainer well versed in Feng Shui annotated, "according to my calculation, this season will be a drought in this area. The river water will be to shallow to let the ship afloat. Except if we resort to using small vessels."

"That is out of question. I'm sure their rear protection will bombard us if we resort to small unprotected raft."

The three advisor remain silent, while Tian Feng asked. "What about the opinion from Shen Pei, Guo Tu and Feng Ji?"

"Land based attacks." Ju Shou asserted. "They agreed after witnessing it on their own."

Xun You spun one of the figure of siege weaponry in her hand. "Back then, in Yijing I only managed to use about two or three methods, before the elder of the Yuan clan grow impatient." She walked around as positioning each of siege methods around the scale model of Guandu. "But, I'm perfectly sure that with five method, the Yijing will fall. "

She set up another method for siege while simulating how they might be countering her attacks. "I wonder how much method will this fortress take me…" Xun You calmly sit after placing another siege weapon.


Cao Cao noted as she was briefed along with other generals of the situation in Guandu.

"This base, Guandu is hard to attack yet easy to defend. But that does not mean we can rest easy." Li Dian explained.

"With the help of General Li, I have asked her to place her numerous traps and contraption surrounding this base."

Cao Cao calmly turn around each pages of the report handed to her, regarding the protection in Guandu. "Wait a second, why would there seems to be pages missing from this record?"

"Advisor Yang suggested that the last portion were reserved for him. Yet he has not decided what he will do."

"That man again…. Sigh!" Cao Cao felt annoyed. "And he has ordered the materials… what is it? Wooden logs, bamboo…. " Cao Cao who read the report felt annoyed, she turned to Li Dian.

"General Li, did you know what that man's intention…?"

"Pardon me, Cao Darren. Advisor Yang only showed me several measurement and calculation… but he did not make any blue print for the device. It is kind of hard to guess his idea…."

"… I wonder what his idea will be, but first…" Cao Cao muttered.

"Yuan Shao's advisor…. What is she planning to do?" Guo Jia asserted.

"Keifa noted that we should not lower our guard against her sly cousin. Even if the fall of Yijing was not attributed to her, but I remind you…. she is the person who cornered Beiping's Gongsun Zan to barricade herself to Yijing."

"She single handedly create us the trouble, breaking apart our inherent power and greatest mind. It is really an act to fish in the murky water… she intended to loot a burning house." Xiahou Yuan speak up.

"If what I think is right, Keifa almost catch their tails… so what left is the external trouble." Cao Cao explain. She later turned to Guo Jia. "Guo Jia, what do you think of our situation right now…?"

"Cao Cao Darren, I can only suggest to adopt the 'Besiege Wei to Rescue Zhao'. With the Yuan army in superior number, we can only avoid their strong point and attack their weakness."

Cao Hong objected "Hold it, Advisor Guo. If we are really intending to adopt this stratagem, are not we bit of too late? They have camped north of us in Yangwu, and they are preparing for the decisive battle, how can we have the spare time to avoid them ?"

"No, General Cao Hong. Besiege Wei to Rescue Zhao is not a such shallow tactics. We can use it no matter how our situation will be, as long as we know their 'Daliang' ." Guo Jia calmly explained.


The Master Sun who always accompanied young Master Sima asserted. "Correct. for them to rely only on Mo Zi's Art of Defense is highly implausible. They will rely on another tactic. But judging from their movement…. They will rely to but one tactic."

"Besiege Wei to Rescue Zhao." Sima Yi cunningly guess as she gave a meaningful look to her Master Sun.

"If it was me… I will prefer to use that method."

"If it was me…. Master Sun, why the reservation?" Yi closely clung to Master Sun and giggled. "It was a tactic attributed to you, no. You created that tactic to destroy the whole army of the state of Wei during the Warring State Period."

Master Sun calmly released herself, as she continued "… That is unimportant. But what matter now is…. Zhongda do you know?"

"Hmm? about that both Cao Cao side and Yuan Shao side …about the matter that they both use your tactic?" Zhongda nonchalantly speak.

"… exactly… but they have different interpretations."

"Guo Jia use 'Besiege Wei to Rescue Zhao' to break Yuan clan's leadership…. Which mean… she targeted Yuan Shao solely. No, this girl rendered Yuan Bengchu from fighting, she demoralized her… by taking the most important thing to her."

Master Sun faintly smile "You already grasped the situation… I see."

"For a lonely girl like Yuan Bengchu, her pillar of support is both her Titan Generals; Yan Liang and Wen Chou. Guo Jia realized this, which led her to think of a scheme to assassinate her two favorite generals. The Whole Battle of Baima is all about this, to demoralize Yuan Shao from fighting." Sima Yi made a quick deduction based on her past friendship with both Reiha and Karin.

"But, unfortunately, Yuan Clan advisor has their own scheme. This led to this battle of Guandu."

"Yuan Bengchu's sly advisor, Xun You realized the weakness of Cao Cao's army. This is why she quickly marched to Cao Cao's territory of Zhongyuan. She has encamped herself in Yangwu. There are numerous possibility of her interpretation on 'Daliang'; first is Luoyang, Chang An, and Xu Chang…. Second is the Emperor himself…. but the third is…."

"Well… who knows what she really thinking of? But it is not over yet. Guo Jia might have used her interpretation of Besiege Wei to Rescue Zhao on Yuan Shao. But that does not mean Cao Cao army has exhausted their method."

"… We have not known what kind of tactic they have left… but I'm sure it is still 'Besiege Wei to Rescue Zhao' ."

"I have to admit, that even I, the strategist who were known as Sun Zi from the state of Qi become at loss of word in deducing what left for their interpretation on 'Daliang' ."

"Well, no wonder. Because this last trick must be reserved to Mengde's own Zhang Zifang."


Kazuto diligently worked on his laptop, he had opened an application to draw a schematics. He still undecided which should he constructed. He looked up the report from Li Dian, comparing to his own calculation, opening the e-book file of Mo Zi and a copy of Mo Zi near his table. He muttered repeatedly…

"I never expected that even during this era, the lever principle is already known… pity that they did not know how to develop it." Kazuto muttered.

"The basic frame should be like this…." He then type the command to animate his drawing. And when the application simulating the animation of his drawing, giving him a possible movement… he stopped. "I guess this will be it. Now… the question remain is about giving it wheels." Kazuto muttered alone as he started to think.

"Wheel?" a sudden familiar voice surprised him.

"Eh…?" Kazuto noticed that it was the voice of his lord, Cao Cao… but he can't seem to find her, as he is about to dismiss it as his own imagination, he coincidently looked below.

With a calm and sharp stare, Karin gazed at him under his table. Kazuto become shocked and reactively moving from his seat, almost fallen. But Karin catch his legs from below, preventing him from falling down.

"Oh…! You surprised me, Cao Darren!" Is this another interpretation of the saying 'speak of Cao Cao and she appears?' No, can't be! No one mentioning her! "Cao Darren! Since when… you are here!?"

With a mischievous grin, Karin stare back at him. "Well… you don't seem to get distracted even when I am crouching down below your desk."

Kazuto was at lost of words and …. Ask. "Can you… can you promise me not to do that again? You almost surprise me to death."

Karin playfully answer. "Well… let see about that. I don't like how you are ordering me around, and keeping secret from your own lord…. So, what about, no?"

Kazuto become facepalm. "Please, I am not asking this out of selfishness… But what if you are sneaking around under my desk while I was watching pornography and I was jacking…. I mean … I have my own reason for that. But that is dangerous!"

"Pornography? jacking? What is that?" Karin become confused of Kazuto's word. Well the concept of pornography is barely known at this time, nothing is pornographic at this era, it is all art (Such a kind world!).

"REGARDLESS OF THAT! Please don't surprise me like that again." Kazuto embarrassedly tried to disregard his own slip of word and spur of moment word.

Karin become annoyed, and come out from her hiding place, and place herself on Kazuto's lap.

"Um… Cao Darren…. I can get you another chair if you don't mind…" Kazuto become uneasy.

"Be quiet. I want to know first of your plan. You don't mind…. Are you?" Karin with annoyed tone answer him and give a coercing look at him.

"Uh… okay." Kazuto can not refuse her, if she already give him such a scary look. It's not that he was bothered by Karin on his lap, he can still type and use his laptop, as Karin has a tiny figure compared to him, and his eye sight is not blocked by her. But…. You know how distracting it is when your nose is filled by her enchanting fragrance of her body and her faint lily aroma's hair…

While Kazuto can only hold his reddish face, he pretended to not care and continue to draft another calculation.

Karin stopped him for a moment, chiding "Wait a second, Kazuto. There is something odd with your probability of ration consumption. We are not at march, we are at fortification. The rate of consumption will be different."

Kazuto noticed and checked on her own, the appearance on his own laptop. While Karin take another paper report scattered around the desk. "Oh…" Kazuto acknowledge the mistake he made.

"Really! Pay more attention, Ka~Zu~To~…. really…! What can I expect from a useless man, like you… Ka~Zu~To~…." Karin use a mocking tone each time she call his name. The always perfect and attention seeker (based on Karin's opinion) Yang Xiu always get on her nerve, and the very rare moment when he make a stupid mistake is not a moment where she will waste on, and she continued to pick on him.

Kazuto sighed.

He asked "Cao Darren, you seemed to hold a grudge toward me. Do you have to harass me like this? I believe I have not made any mistake recently… and you seems to enjoy mocking me using my real name (manna)."

"Humph… why don't you ask yourself what kind of subordinate you are…. You are a deputy officer, but always keeping secrets from the commanding officer."

"Is it about the plan for Guandu? That is because I have not yet decided what kind of model I should ask General Li to be constructed. How can I carelessly show something that even I have no confidence upon?"

"That's not it! Did you say something to me before you are moving to Guandu?"

"Eh…?" Kazuto was dumbfounded as he heard of Karin's unexpected word.

"You didn't, did you?" Karin resentfully stare at him.

"Well… I .."

"You are not a general in charge of troop anymore, Kazuto. You are my own deputy officer. How can you not tell me anything, instead of leaving one lousy letter?"

"Sorry… I just think that…" Kazuto realized that perhaps Karin felt it is improper, even if he had done the formal permission, but perhaps telling Karin beforehand personally will be much proper, personally to her feeling.

While Karin sulking away, with bored look on her eyes, Kazuto showed her something.

"Well, i will tell you my plan, then, so please pardon me, Karin-san."


"So… you two, you know where that sly advisor will place her rations? I remind you, she is planning to perform expedition campaign, and the weakness of such campaign is the line of rations."

"Her close confidante, Guo Tu and Feng Ji are now tasked to place the ration in Wuchao and Gushi. What about it?"

"Seems that this sly advisor will not rely to long line of rations, but will stack up enough rations to survive until the end of years… but judging from Shen Pei preparations, they intended to take over fort Guandu as their primary base and seize their ration. Then, they will one by one take over each of Cao Cao's major city, starting from Chen Liu, Luo Yang, Chang An."

The veiled Daoist remain silent.

"… What about it , Daoist Zuo Ci?"

" Nothing." Zuo Ci remain silent… will this closely follow the history where the ration in Wuchao will be burnt due to spy? He is undecided of this situation… "I guess I need to improvise on this situation…."

"Daoist Zuo Ci, will we use your tactic once again?"

"Hm? Anthrax? No. Guandu and Zhongyuan are too valuable to be destroyed by this disease. But, I ask you… you are both greedy persons… as I promise you back then… I will give you a new roles and the Yuan clan as your capital… I had finished my experiment, now I will uphold my promise."

"Could it be that…" the two greedy generals feel like the light shine upon them.

"Yes… from now on, you are really Yuan Tan and Yuan Shang. The new successor….. no. The new clan leader of the wealthy four generation of minister of Yuan Clan."

These two finally sighed in joy, because they can leave behind their old roles and embrace the new path of eternal bliss.

"Now, we only have one hindrance."


Master advisor of the Yuan Army, Xun You now summoned her own military treatise artifact spirit, the famed Minister of War from the state of Qi during the Spring Autumn Period; Tian Rangju.

"In general, to wage war, the following needs to be done: Solidify the morale; analyze the advantages and gains; impose order on chaos; regulate advancing and stopping; accept upright remonstrance; nourish a sense of shame; simplify the laws to follow and limit the usage of punishment; minor offense should be constrained, otherwise major offense will be committed. - Rules of Warfare/The War Minister's Method, The Sima Fa, chapter 3 on Before The Start Of War part 2"

Xun You attentively examine her preparation as the famed and militaristic Sima Rangju remind her a verse from the Sima Fa.

"Sima Rangju, can I ask you one thing?"

Sima Rangju stand unflinchingly, "Rangju calmly answer; proceed." (please don't mind her manner of speech, she is based on Misaka Imouto series 10032, after all.)

"Why did you address your military treatise as Fa (Code/Law) instead of Bingfa (Techniques)?"

"Rangju think for a minute until she spoke that; I emphasize on the importance of regulation, organization, administration and discipline first before anything else. Rangju continued on; As they say; Strategy may be carved on stones, while resourcefulness (capability to comprehend it) is the true essence. Success is the act of result, while having foundation (principles) is the true essence."

"In other words, you teach me not to rely on simplistic trick but instead having true foundation as my own strength?"

"Rangju smiled as she nodded, answering; Precisely." Though Minister of War Rangju remain impassive, contradicting her own words…..

"Now I can see why the Grand Historian Sima Qian praised you as vast, expansive, deep and far reaching. while Ban Gu (the author of Record of Western Han) annotated how you placed administration, organization, and discipline above strategy and field tactics. Only seasoned general who has experienced numerous battles and even the bitterest situation will realized this fact." Xun You become pensive in viewing this realization. "My loss back then during the Anti Dong Zhuo Alliance were caused by my reliance on pathetic trick instead of true strength backing them… I become disillusioned by the prospect of greater number of army at my lord disposal…. Pity, regret always came to late."

Rangju stand and reach her. "Rangju thus pet Xun You's head and encourage her; there is nothing too late. It is true that in matter of tactics, I am not the best option… but this is why among all military treatise artifact, I am the most adaptable. You can still rely on me on most type of warfare."

"Thank you… no one ever been so kind to me… everyone always neglected me. " Xun You closed her eyes as she let Sima Rangju stroking her head. "But, Reiha-sama has placed her trust on me, that is why… I won't let her down."


As Xun You was about to resting, a messenger came to report to her.

"Please excuse my intrusion, strategist Darren. There is a guest from the Xin clan who want to meet you."

Xun You prepared herself and let the guest to enter. Xun You ask for the girl with slim porcelain figure before her.

"Strategist Darren, this lowly vassal name is Chen Qun. I am here to assist strategist Darren per order of the Xin clan."

Hearing Chen Qun's word brighten Xun You's feeling. She was kind of worried of her situation "Do the head clan always healthy?"

Chen Qun talked grimly "after the unfortunate death of Master Xin Pi, Miss Xin assumed leadership at once, and she is always spirited."

"I am glad to hear that… I feel really guilty about Brother Xin Pi, he was not supposed to…"

"Miss Xin wish to pass the words that due to the severity of the current situation, national interest surpassed personal grudge. The Xin clan is not a petty clan, we will aid master strategist Darren to deal with Cao Cao first before dealing with our own problem. For that reason is, she sent me along with the twin generals Lu Kuang - Lu Xiang to assist you."

Xun You become touched "Miss Chen Qun, please pass that when this is all over, I will let the Xin clan to claim the greatest merit for this battle."

Chen Qun faintly smile. "Miss Xin reckon of strategist darren's kindness… That is why she will not doubt strategist Darren and will do everything within her power to repay the favor."


"Hm… so you are making that kind of preparation… " Cao Cao pondered after Kazuto showed her.

"Well, the basic idea will be that for now, in the end we still have to rely on one of the Thirty Six Stratagem, 'Besiege Wei to Rescue Zhao'." Kazuto asserted.

"But before that… we have to defend ourselves from the incoming attack from Reiha's sly advisor, right?"

"Indeed. I can not guess mostly, but I have suspicion… But it seems that she will exhaust all the method of besieging she can think of."

The atmosphere become tense for both Cao Cao and Kazuto….

Cao Cao wriggling from her position, she turned face to face toward Kazuto, instead of sitting on Kazuto's lap. Karin stretched her hands, touching Kazuto's face…

"Karin-san… you are to close…" Kazuto whispered.

"… I know… but there is something bothering me…. Kazuto, do you resent my decision? For selfishly placing you as my own deputy officer?"

"Not really, in fact, I consider it as an honor…"

"Is that so?" Karin face become warmed, as she show a faint smile. "Then.. why don't you show me how you felt about it?"

"eh..?" Kazuto become entranced and mesmerized by her soft and warm expression.

Until… Karin pricked his hand with her two long fingernails. Smiling mischievously and with meaningful look." what..? are you getting aroused…? you are such a predictable man." Kazuto waved his hand due to the pain, she latter flicked her finger against him.

Karin dismounted from her position, and leave Kazuto…. She turned before leaving "Kazuto, there will be no problem… Everyone will do each of their part… you don't need to worry."

"Thank you… Karin-san."


Xun You walked to the scale model of map deployment table. She showed Sima Rangju of her plan.

"Sima Rangju calmly observed the situation; In general, warfare is a battle of wits and combat is a matter of courage. The deployment of formations is a matter of skill. Employ what your men want and effect what they are capable of; abolish what they do not want and are incapable of. Do the opposite to the enemy. - Rules of Warfare/The War Minister's Method, The Sima Fa, chapter 3 on Wits and Courage."

"I have decided. I will use the Yuan clan advantage over the Cao Cao to defeat her. I am certain of the victory."

"Sima Rangju sighed; I admire how you gain control of the situation, leaving the dissident no room for argument."

"I learned a lot from you, Sima Rangju." Xun You calmly smile. "General in the frontline need not to obey their sovereign." Xun You waved her hand "But for now, please witness of my troop deployment tactics."

Xun You showed to Sima Rangju of her simulated battle to penetrate Fortress of Guandu, The 1:40 scale model of fortification in Guandu are now being surrounded by numerous attempt of maneuver and method of besieging scale model. By the look of variation she presented showed the extend of her knowledge, a display which would put shame to Master Mo Zi and Gongshu Lu Ban simulated battle.

Extracted from the book of Mo Zi, chapter on discussion with Gongshu Luban;

Toward the end of Spring Autumn period, Gongshu Lu Ban constructed the cloud ladder siege weapon for the state of Chu. The King of Chu once used his other invention to defeats the state of Yue, and for this merit, Gongshu Lu Ban was given important post in the court of Yingchuan. Later on, the King of Chu set his eyes to invade the state of Song. With soldiers at his disposal and weapon ready, the King was elated, believing that he has won the war.

When Master Mo Zi heard of this, he set out from state of Lu, feeling indignation toward the state of Chu for bullying weaker state. He decided to go to Chu to advise both the King and Gongshu Lu Ban to dissuade from waging war. As he passed along the state of Song, Mo Zi changes shoes three times due to the long journey, he witness in the Song territory there are no big house or big tree, neither lively person or plot of fertile land.

After travelling for ten days and ten nights, Master Mo Zi finally reached Yingchuan, the capital of state of Chu. It had wide streets, tall house, shop stacked with abundant supply and goods. The people were well dressed, in comparison the travel worn Mo Zi looked somewhat like a beggar. He gone to the residence of Gongshu Lu Ban, at first he was refused by the attendant, but when Gongshu Lu Ban who had long an admiration for Mo Zi heard of his arrival, he put aside his scale model for the cloud ladders and measurement rulers in his hand and invited the visitor in.

Gongshu Lu Ban said; "Master, what do you instruct me to do?"

Master Mo Zi replied; "In the northern region, there is one who has insulted me. I wish to make use of you to kill him."

Gongshu Lu Ban become displeased.

Master Mo Zi said; "Let me offer you ten pieces (jin) of gold for your help."

Fumming, Gongshu Lu Ban responded; "I do not kill people without sense of righteousness!"

Master Mo Zi rose and bowed twice, saying; "You are absolutely correct! but, allow me to explain. From the northern region, i heard that you were making cloud ladders and were about to attack Song. What crime is Song guilty of? The state of Chu has an excess of land but not enough people. To kill what there is not enough in the struggle for what there is an excess of cannot be wise. To attack Song when it has committed no crime can not be said as benevolent. To know and not contend cannot be said to be strong. To take righteous for not killing a few, yet to kill many cannot be called an understanding of analogy."

Taken aback, Gongshu Lu Ban conceded.

Master Mo Zi said; "? You don't wish to kill a man, yet you are helping the king of Chu to invade another state, killing it's inhabitants en masse, is that righteousness? This being so, why do you not stop?"

Gongshu Lu Ban replied; "I cannot. I have already spoken of it to the king."

Maste Mo Zi said; "Why not let me meet with the king?"

Gongshu Lu Ban agreed. He lent Mo Zi his own clean clothes to ask audiences to the king.

Master Mo Zi met with the king and said; "Your majesty, I came here to seek our instruction on a matter that has bugging my mind for quite some time."

"Speak your mind" came the royal command.

Master Mo Zi thus continued; "Suppose now there is a man who cast aside his own decorated carriage and wishes to steal a broken down carriage which his neighbor has; who cast aside his own embroidered coat and wishes to steal a short jacket of coarse cloth which his neighbour has; who cast aside his own grain and meat and wishes to steal chaff and dregs which his neighbor has. What sort of man would this be?"

The king mused; "He would certainly be pathological thief (Kleptomaniac)."

Getting to the point, Master Mo Zi ellaborated; "The land of Chu is 5000 li square whereas the land of Song is 500 hundred li square. They are in comparison, like a decorated sedan and a broken down carriage. Chu has Yunmeng Park, Rhinoceroses and various kinds of deer fill it. The fish, turtles and alligators in Changjiang and Han rivers are the most abundant in the world. Song, it is said, does not even have pheasants, hares or foxes. It is like comparing grain and meat with dregs and husks. Chu has tall pines, elegant catalpas, cedars, and camphor laurels. Song has no tall trees. It is like comparing a garment embroided and ornamented with one that is short and of coarse cloth. I take the King's business in attacking Song to be in the same class as these things. In my view, the great King will certainly damage righteousness, but will not achieve anything."

The King replied; "That is all very well. However, Gongshu Lu Ban has already prepared the cloud ladders for me so I must take Song to give it a try."

Thereupon Mo Zi went to see Gongshu Lu Ban. "Whether the cloud ladder can be used successfully or not no one can tell. If you don't believe me, you may give them a try."

As the king had penchant for novelties, he asked his attendant to bring some pieces of wood to serve as scale model representing weapon which Master Mo Zi requested.

Master Mo Zi thus, took off his belt and place it to serve as a city wall. The little wooden sticks were divided into 2 halves, one half for Gongshu Lu Ban and the other half for Mo Zi. They both marked them to represent each of their weaponry and maneuver they prepared for this reenactment battle. Gongshu Lu Ban asked for the first turn and the two renowned figure in carpentry and Mohism fought the as if playing a game of xiangqi. When the attacker moved a piece, the defender held it; when he retreated the defender deliver a blow. The two were inextricably locked in the "battle", but the King and his attendant were baffled. Not knowing of their situation.

Gongshu Lu Ban devised nine different strategies for attacking the city, but nine times Master Mo Zi repulsed him. Gongshu Lu Ban used all his machines for attack, whereas Master Mo Zi's method of defence were by no means exhausted.

Mo Zi then changed direction of the arc, changing his position from defender to being attacker. The method employed seemed to be the same, but after a brief fight, Mo Zi's pieces entered the empty space of the arc.

Still, the King and his attendants could make no heads or tail about their exchange of blows, but seeing Gongshu Lu Ban put away his pieces resentfully, it was known that he lost the fight, both as attacker and defender, the king upon realizing it become disappointed.

Gongshu Lu Ban submitted, but said shamefacedly; "I know how i can defeat you but I will not mention it."

Master Mo Zi also said; "I know how you are going to defeat me, but I will not mention it."

The King of Chu asked him his reason.

Master Mo Zi said; "Gongshu Lu Ban's idea is just to have me killed, thinking that if i am killed, the invasion of Song would be successful, as they won't be able to defend itself and could be successfully attacked. However my disciple Qin Huali and three hundred such men have already prepared my machines of defense and are on the walls of Song awaiting the attack from Chu. Although you kill me, you will not be able to overcome their defense."

The King announced disappointingly; "In that case, I shall drop the idea of invading Song."

Having convinced the King of Chu from invading Song, Mo Zi returned the clothes to Gongshu Lu Ban, putting his own tattered clothes and returned.

As he was passing through Song it rained heavily. He sought shelter at the gate but the gatekeeper would not let him enter. Mo Zi said; "In the case of those who bring order to the spirit, the multitude do not know of their achievement. In the case of those who contend in clear view, the multitude do know."

Xun You calmly announce; "The Patron Saint of Carpenter, Gongshu Lu Ban submitted after devising nine tactics against Master Mo Zi…. however I am not Gongshu Lu Ban." Xun You moved several scale model of siege weaponry, as she proudly claim

"Even if I have to exhaust all Twelve Method of besieging…. I will never submit."


Keifa sighed. "Once again, I was right."

Before her, the depressed old man looked at her. Keifa continued "Xun You intended to loot the burning house, hence there must be those whose loyalty are questionable… During the critical situation when Karin-sama is distracted with situation in Guandu, you lot are going to take advantage of it, instigating the situation to rebel. But I never thought that so many old face, ranging from friends and relatives of Cao clan and Xiahou clan would be involved… really disappointing."

The old man looked at Keifa, asking for second chance; "Advisor Xun…"

"Old Kong Rong, I never expected your stupidity to get entangled on this matter…" The senior minister Kong Rong felt that it seems his request will be refused… so he lost his will…

"However, in account to your past achievement… what about it? " Keifa coldly looked down on him "It is a pity if the only known descendant of Confucius has to end their ancestry line at your generation. When the plot against the lord has failed, the schemers are always given chance to redeem their mistake, to let the family keep their wealth..."

"But, only the rich one get the around it, the small one get knocked off and crushed… their ancestry were ended, with their wealth being confiscated." Kong Rong plead..


"Unless….they repay their mistake, and take their own life to redeem it… then nothing happened to their family and their wealth."

"Good. Seems that we have understanding here." Keifa grin as she patted the shoulder of the exhausted old senior minister. "It's a pleasant to pay respect to you, Minister Kong Rong."

Keifa walked away without looking at the exhausted senior minister.

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