The Oath at the Peach Garden

Domains under the heaven.

After a long period of division, tends to unite; After a long period of union, tends to divide.

This has been so since antiquity. – Luo Guanzhong, Romance of Three Kingdom.


*whack! *bamm!

The sound of bamboo blades clashed around could be heard from the Kendo club. All of the members are all sparring against each other or practicing their men strike. Swinging the shinai Hundred times is the most basic practice for the members, but the most important part.

Oikawa can not help but notice that one particular person has swung the shinai more than anyone else, but he does not seem to want to stop. Oikawa reached to him.

"Oi…. Kazu-pii! Are you still doing that?"

The person he addressed as Kazu-pii stopped his training and took his hand towel to wipe his sweat. Seeing this, Oikawa sighed. "Kazu-pii… compared to other member, you only shed very little sweat. Why would you bother train that hard?"

Kazu-pii replied as he let down his towel. "I don't know. This has become a regular habit to me."

"Regular habit…." Oikawa shook his head. "Why would you train that hard? Of all other member, no one is as strong as you."

Kazu-pii think for a minute. "not really. I lost against Fuyurugi-sempai in last week match." As he mentioned this, he checked his shinai and kabuto helmet.

"Oh… you …! Fuyurugi-senpai is our St. Francesca's representative during the national championship (which he won!), and you want to compare yourself to him?" Oikawa face palmed after hearing Kazu-pii reasoning.

Kazu-pii laughed a little. "Well… it is not like I want to beat him or be National champion. It just that…. Recently, I was bored." Kazu-pii silently placed his shinai and kabuto after polishing it. He looked outside through the club windows as if missing something in his live.

Oikawa understand, recently Kazu-pii has become a different person. It is true, when someone who understand your passion gone, you become at lost. He tapped his friend shoulder.

"Why don't you go to my next random date? You should start to think of interested at girl, you know."

Kazu-pii sighed, this Oikawa fellow is actually a nice likeable fool and pervert. If only he doesn't be overzealous at the prospect of looking girlfriend through a random date. He knows that Oikawa sometimes stutter when he met a beautiful girl, which become Kazu-pii job to calm him. But…. Remembering past experience make him slightly bored of Oikawa's invitation….

"No. I will stay for a while with my porn." Kazu-pii answered him calmly.

"Again? Kazu-pii, you should move on to the next level, you know! Don't you know that I already experienced three times dating with a girlfriend."

Kazu-pii stood. He tapped his friend shoulder. "Which makes you being rejected three times, because you changed girls for three times." Kazu-pii looked at the club room clock. He notice that it is already late for his next schedule.

"Sorry, Oikawa. I have 'date' with my next club." Kazu-pii leave him with a simple laugh. As Kazu-pii vanished from his views. Oikawa shook his head, astonished.

"Kazu-pii…. You know, girls always talks about you…. if only you are not such an otaku….."


Kazuto Hongo, a student of St. Francesca Academy. His is famous as the academically competent and quite an athlete. For that reason, no wonder girls admire him greatly. After he finished practicing in his kendo clubroom, he departed to his other club.

Officially, he registered kendo club as his extracurricular activity. But there is another club which he never missed attending. It is a club which he established on his own. A Historical and Warfare enthusiast club.

After he completes the official requirement and administration, he is allowed and given a permission to use a room to satisfy his interest. Oikawa remarked, that he is quite an otaku. A warfare otaku, which he sometimes upset because his own knowledge is not that great which make him an otaku.

"Every Ordinary person of course knew as much as I do!"

"Kazu-pii! No one in this day would have the same fascination at sword, and samurai as you! What the hell are you talking about!? Bizen Nagafune, Iaidou, Sengoku Jidai, …. And what are you always talking about? Sonshi? No normal boys are reading that in nowadays! You old man!"

"Hey….! Just because my grand parent taught me kendo since I was five, my habit on reading Sun Zi and all other military treatise, having fondness at tea does not make me less normal than you!"

"Which is why, I tell you. You are an OTAKU for knowing that old fashioned knowledge!"

"I… I also read modern warfare method and Confucian teaching! I also have some fascination at science and technology! I am as normal as you! I also watch porn!"

"Kazu-pii… I will tell you the reality. No one nowadays read and understand … for example Three Kingdom era more than the game and it's other modern adaptation. Only you, and those fellow members of your club overdid it." Oikawa sighed. "If you try to talk your fascination to other person…. You will get an exact same reaction with mine, from other people."

Kazuto ignored his word. If other person will think he is weird just because he have fascination on history and swordmanship, then so be it! He is tired of fooling around like Oikawa, spending his days meaninglessly. He want to do something great because he looked up to the heroes and all great person of the past.

But for now, he opened the door of his club room. Relaxing his mind in his own world.


The club room is quite spacious compared to the other clubs, The teacher and the school council allowed him to use this room because of his reputation. And also, thanks to his reputation, he did not have any trouble to find members to his club room.

Though, he had to admit… that among those members, only at least eight to nine person who regularly attended his club. Most of them given up after they blew their head because they did not understand, but they still remain though rarely attended except when they want to ask Kazuto's help in test or homework.

Kazuto don't mind it at all. Because the most important things for him, he managed to keep his club existence in the student council budget because his club member exceed the minimum quota of five persons at least. And with at least Twenty to thirty name recorded as his member, he never need to worry his club is threatened to be dismissed by the student council.

And to make sure that his clubroom remain exists, he made several backroom deal with the student council.

Kazuto looked around. For him , the kendo club is like an obligation. A duty imposed to him since he is a little. He does practice it more than anyone else, but he does not have any particular fondness at it. But, in this club room…. Filled with many antiquities and various ornament which he and all his fellow club member found, is where he can be himself. He places his copy of his own collection on various books and treatise.

Kazuto could brag his club room as if a small museum with the variety of items in this club room. He remember back then, during the school festival, he made a small exhibition of these item, making small museum of them, asking the regular members of his club to act as the guide who explain while he become the curator. Everyone was fascinated on their collection….

Kazuto took a single book as he try to recall last discussion.

"Romance of Three Kingdom."

All the members were having a heated discussion of this about the Three power of Cao Wei, Shu Han and Dong Wu.

Kazuto read around the book. Most members prefer the particular heroes of this story. While for Kazuto himself…. he is more intrigued with the story. It is hard for him to decide about the three faction of power. He took a replica of the weapon in his club room.

It is not a real metal, a cheap replica made from Styrofoam shaped in to some kind of spear. He muttered to himself. "I wonder, how could General Guan of the past swing a weapon this heavy…. Must have been a very strong warrior." His eyes run through the other replica of weapon. there are some which are roughly made, but there are others which may fool the people. His finger run through each weapon replica, and remember that he also placed his favored blade here.

He unsheathe the tsurugi , revealing the beautiful reddish color. He swung the blade and felt the beautiful piercing sound when the blade cut the air.

He sheathed the weapon back and returned it to it's place.

Reminiscing, how the weapon … all the weapon back then have the purposed when they were crafted. Now they are merely a decoration. But perhaps it is better when a beautiful prized weapon is never to be used….. No one really likes the meaningless act of taking other live.

War is a vital thing. Weapon is merciless, for they had no eyes to differentiate friend or foes.

But… is it wrong to be fascinated by the majestic feel and the beauty of these evil tools of war? Is it wrong to be impressed by their greatness and power?

Kazuto reached the Romance of Three Kingdom again. Not only the weapon and the warriors which are fascinating. The depth of their wisdom …. Is no less impressive. No wonder Romance of Three Kingdom is praised as not only as a novel but encyclopedia on tactics, warfare and strategy.

He also played the Game adaptation of Romance of Three Kingdom, but he is always unsatisfied. He felt that he is some kind of unappeased fan because he complained too much that the game should have added this and that elements from the original novel. Frankly speaking… perhaps he is curious of that era and sometimes imagined what if he is one of the character in those story?

His day dreaming is distracted when he heard that other members have arrived to continue the last discussion about Three Kingdom period.


Kazuto yawned. He is really tired after that discussion. He looked that the sun is setting and the night birds voice could be heard. He locked the door of the club room and proceeded to return to his own dormitory.

As he is going back…. He felt that he is really hungry. So he passed to the town, stopping by at the nearest fast food centre and ordered one hamburger from the renowned fast food chain which name is not be mentioned.

"I know that I am supposed to save money… But… I am really hungry and lazy to cook today." With that in mind, he started munching down the hamburger…. As he looked around. Sigh…. Everyone in this place have girls eating with them…. While he ate alone like a pitiful guy….

Darn it…. Why can not I found a girl who can understand me for who I am?!

Kazuto quickly finished his food, and retrieve his bag. He suddenly remember. "Oh.. right. Tomorrow is already week end. Rather than wasting my time…. Why don't I take several books from the club room?"

Kazuto ran back to the school. As he is about to go inside…. He notice someone acting suspicious. As he approached him, he notices that the suspicious person are carrying some kind of a bundle.

Kazuto greets him. "hey… What…"

The suspicious person was flustered. He quickly covered himself, the bundle he carry fall to the ground. Several things came out of the bundle. Kazuto recognized the items were…

"Is not… Why would you bring items from my club room?" Kazuto coerced the person.

"You are a thief!" Kazuto tried to attack him, but the person resisted back.

The person quickly grabbed the items and put it back to the bundle, Kazuto tried to fight over the bundle and the items.

"Return it back! You thief!" Kazuto tried to snatch the bundle, while the suspicious person tried to defend it. Kazuto thus reached one of the items, with his hand and hit the person with it. The suspicious person defend himself using an item from the bundle.


Kazuto see that the person defended himself with some kind of mirror. The mirror broke and shattered upon the impact with the item he used to hit that person. Kazuto heard the sound of several people coming. "good, so you have companion for your crime…."

But the suspicious person ignored him, only staring at the broken mirror helplessly.

"No… the Destiny Mirror…"

As Kazuto act in defensive manner, the sound of people coming grows near…. The suspicious person wailed. "Of all of the item…. Why…" He turned to Kazuto.

"Fool. Why did you have to meddle in this situation? Don't blame me for this. Blame yourself…"

The broken pulled out a strange light which envelops them with blinding light. Kazuto covered his eyes. He only heard that several people are talking. Damn…. Can not see them!

"The mirror broke…."

"Well… the plan still goes on."

"Sorry then…. "

And when he opened his eyes, his destiny will change.

He is no longer a student of St. Francesca Academy, but one of people who shall determine the fate of this tale.


Kazuto felt really tired. He felt the sunlight woke him…. Well time to get up for morning practice….. is what he want to say.


"Where… Where am I?" he asked in confusion.

Shocked and appalled at the unfamiliar sight. He think for a while…. And he felt his finger touching something. He realized that he held in his hand one of the object that was stolen by those thieves, The Muramasa blade.

That is right.

How can he mistake it? As he unsheathe it revealing the familiar beautiful scarlet color. He return the sword back to it's scabbard. Looking around… "Wait… I seem to remember this scenery…"

He tried to recall in National Geographic magazine and tv channel…. "for sure this is not japan….. where is this place….. China?" as he seems to remember ever seeing that mountain at distant. "well… I always wanted to visit China…" as he scratched his head.

He thus wandered around until he arrived at the small village. With the intention to take a rest, he heard a scream of girl.


Let us turn the time. Kazuto is a boring character. Let us switch to another character story. A story of a young girl who ran back to her own home. She carried a sword at her waist and ran happily, because she managed to buy the rare and expensive Wu Long Tea leaves. Today is a celebration for this girl's mother. She want to show her filial piety by buying her this tea leaves for her mother.

The tea is expensive and rare. She is really happy that she managed to buy it, and because of that she become a bit careless. she did not see the road and hit another pedestrians.

That girl, Tohka tried to apologize. Too bad that the pedestrian is not some kind of mister nice guy who says alright, fine or whatever or be careful. He instead make big deals of the minor problem and tried to confiscate her belonging. The sword at her waist and the tea leaves. Tohka tried to resist.

"Wait you ruffian!" A young girl with a very beautiful long hair addressed the angry pedestrian. " she apologize, right? please let her go."

"Shut Up YOU! take care of your own damn business! " the pedestrians ignore her and continued to bully Tohka.

The girl annoyed of being ignored, took out her weapon, Qinglong dao yuan. The Green Dragon saber.

"The name is Guan Yu Yunchang! As long that these eyes of mine could see, I will not let you do as you please! "

The Jet-black long-haired girl stepped forward and swung her Green Dragon saber. The pedestrian turned robbers surprised, they avoided her attack.

They pulled their own weapon and move to return the favor. But not until a few moments they become battered. Seeing the battered down underling, the leader of the street robber yelled.

"BOYS! Come here! Teach this arrogant girl some lesson! After that is up to you!"

"It is up to US… ALL RIGHT!" Hearing the tasty order of the leader, several underlings came as reinforcement. No less than twenty person surrounded and cornered her. Guan Yu lamented in her own monologue ….

"Oh dear ... if only i ate first ... I regret my recklessness ..." Guan Yu held her stomach.

Guan Yu look towards the people who surrounded her, thinking

"I could beat ten men, but the rest ..."


"WAIT! Twenty against one is not fair! That is not what a true man act!"

A little girl shouted, swinging his spear which shaped like a snake tongue, A Serpent Lance.

And this girl passed the crowd of people surrounding Guan Yu.

"Because you're too noisy, I, RinRin can not play with my friends. I'll take care of you and then leave. "

Guan Yu was shocked by the daring act of this girl, "Oh! You are a brave little fellow. Rinrin is your name?"

Rinrin smiled. "You can call me that, but now I, Zhang Fei Yide would take care of them!"

"How interesting. So you will help me? The name is Guan Yu Yunchang. But I will let you call me by my manna, Aisha."

"Aisha? You seem so calm, dealing with them. "

"Your display of valor makes me doubt no more."

Both two girl fight together against those villain. One by one underling were taught by their own manner. Number does not matter as the two girls are stronger than them.

The leading criminal become shocked. Fearfully thinking how to solve this problem. He looked beside him and notice that there is only one way out. That is by making the girl beside him, Tohka as his hostage.

"Drop your weapon, or this girl will get hurt."

Guan Yu and Zhang Fei noticed that these guys are serious. Irritated by this outcome, they dropped their weapon in displeasure. Feeling that the situation has turned down to his own favor, the leading criminal began to act more arbitrarily.

"Wait a sec. I changed my mind. Please strip your clothes too, one by one. "

The leading criminal smiled triumphantly. "Do take your time. I want to enjoy it as much as possible."

Guan Yu and Zhang Fei stared at the criminal, feeling shocked and exasperated.

"EH !" Aisha shocked at hearing the order, showing her unwillingness.


Kazuto ran at the direction of the voice and found himself in a hostage situation. He hid himself to overheard their conversation and quickly understand the situation. He stealthily moved behind the criminal leader who held Tohka as his hostage and attack him. The criminal fall and lie unconsciously. While all who present at this situation are either too surprised to act, Kazuto quickly use the chance to finish off the remaining hostile underling with the Muramasa, brandishing them…. Scaring them away.

The criminal all left the scene. Kazuto sheathe the blade back and addressed the girls.

"Are you alright?" The girls stare at Kazuto with perplexed eyes.

"Mmmnnnn ..." Aisha messed her words, as she tried to reply in gratitude, with some kind of simplistic word like Thank You.

Rinrin with great excitement said "Thank you! Onii-chan! Rin-Rin is fine. "

Tohka become fascinated at this person, but she realized that she is in hurry. She bowed down and expressed some gratitude at them as she leaves.

Seeing that the matter of these girls which he save has settled, he leaved them. However, Aisha prevented him in doing so.

"Hold on, young mister. Let me deliver my gratitude. "

"That's not necessary. It is natural to help other. "

"Wait, Onii-chan! at least let's play with Rin-Rin! "

As Kazuto try to modestly refused the kind offer, his eyes were fixed on the object lying on the ground. It is a sword. He picked it.

"Eh ...? A Sword? " Kazuto showed the sword to Aisha and Rin Rin, asking "Is this yours?"

They both shook their heads.

Kazuto thought to himself. "Hmm ... this must be belonged to that girl." He asked Aisha and Rinrin whether they know the girl, but they shook their heads. He then went around to ask about the owner of this sword, Tohka. And the two girls quietly followed Kazuto because they are being attracted of his kindness.


Meanwhile, the filial daughter , Tohka presented the expensive and rare Wu Long Tea Leaves to her mother. Receiving such valuable tea from her beloved daughter moved the mother. As she want to express her gratitude, she notices that something is missing from Tohka.

"My cute daughter, where is the family heirloom sword?"

Tohka looked at her waist, searching something. Finally realizing that something is missing. She uneasily laughed for a moment, followed by her mother who also laughed at her daughter's action.

"Maybe I lost them…. Could it be…. It fell when I walked here?"

The mother become angry, she dragged her daughter with her to the riverbank near their house. First she threw the valuable Wu Long Tea Leaves which was painstakingly purchased by Tohka to the river, at much horror to Tohka who screamed.

"Mom..! Tha..That is expens…."

Before she can finish her dialogue, her mother already grabbed her and flung her to the river. Her mother tossed her to the river and shouted.

"You foolish daughter of mine! although we are living in poverty, weaving mats and making slippers for our living, how could you forget our family roots which are the descendants of the imperial family! Know it be that you are the Eight prince of the Han dynasty?!"

Tohka swam passing the river to the bank, moving out to the shore. She is drenched wet of water. She replied to her mother lashing "Mom, that is impossible."

"Why?" Her mother glared angrily at her.

"Because I'm a girl ….. it is impossible to be a prince"

And once again in a fit of anger, The mother throw her daughter, Tohka back into the river. This goes on round and round, until the narrator get bored. So let us leave this mother and daughter slapstick comedy for a moment.


Kazuto learned about the owner of this sword. That girl, Tohka is known as a devoted and diligent daughter. She always help her family economy by going to town to sell mattress and slippers to the people, especially to the merchant ships. Her house is near the riverside.

As he walked to her home direction, he saw that girl walking out from the house. Look likes the comedy classic between the mother and daughter has ended with the daughter is driven out from her house, seeking her swords to make her understand the importance of that sword shall be, whether it will ended up as the sword of commoner, sword of the noble or the sword of the royal king (or emperor).

Tohka become confused, she did not understand what her mother meant, but for now she will find it first and ask about the sword later.

Kazuto called to her, and the girl responded. He waved the sword at her asking whether it is hers. The girl's eyes glimmer as she recognized it. She ran to him and retrieved the sword back. Seeing the joyful expression on her face, Kazuto ponder whether the sword is that important to her. But then, the girl become gloomy.

"What makes you so sad? You already find your sword , right? "

"That is true ... but I'm not allowed to go home before i understand the importance of this sword ..."

"Actually, why is a mere sword is that important to your mother?"

"My mother said that this sword is the sword of the emperor ... but I do not understand why this sword is that important ..."

Kazuto smiled, he then borrowed Tohka's sword for a while and unsheathe it.

The sword flashed some beautiful light. The blade is decorated with beautiful ornaments that stand out with the mythological animal, Qing Long ... why this sword is so beautifully decorated? Kazuto then think... as he felt it's power.

He tried to think for a while, 'Could it be that the mother used the sword as some metaphorical advice to her daughter so she can be useful to her country?'

"Hearing your remark make me remember a saying of Zhuang Zi, a sage who lived during the Warring State period."

"Eh...?" Tohka, Aisha and RinRin become confused at his word.

"I remember a word of advice given by Zhuang Zi about three kind of sword. The sword held by the son of heaven, the sword held by the noble, and the sword of commoner."

The sword of the son of heaven, the tip is the capital of the state, the edge of the sword is the national wealth, the back is their diplomatic allies, the ring of the sword is the natural resource, the base of the sword is their maritime resource and the scabbard is all the peoples who lived in his state. Whenever the son of heaven wield it's sword, it split the clouds, a single swing slashed the earth, conquering all and capable of drying the entire four seas.

The sword of the noble, the handle of the sword is the courage, the sword ring is their loyalty, the edge of sword is their honesty and the back of the sword is their virtue and skill and their valor is their tip of sword. Whenever the sword is thrust, he shall slay all around the world with it's amazing strength.

The sword of commoner, shaped like a long haired barbarian, with rough voice and low helmet, eyes like a dead fish in a duel. Whenever it swung, he cut the head of their enemy, piercing their heart. But after they lost their life, it is no longer any use for it's country.

Aisha become impressed at Kazuto's explanation. "you are indeed knowledgeable, sir…!"

With peevish smile, Rin Rin answered "Rin Rin did not understand it, but Onii-chan is amazing!"

"Is that what my mother want to explain to me? …. Mother…" Tohka pondered in gratitude for her mother. She decide. " It seems that I can not just stay like this, I have to move to devote my self to this country." Tohka stood and decided for herself. She then invites them all to her house.

During the meal, the flowers of the peach blossom tree are blooming, making the food taste more delicious.

"Our Meeting today is also by the will of heaven. We all across the four seas are brothers. Surely we should all tied ourselves so that we will promise to aid each other in need, never betray each other… Like a sibling." Aisha raised the subject.

"RinRin agree!"

"E ... to ... Well ..I" Tohka pondered in bashful manner.

Kazuto who are enjoying the food and captivated by the beauty of the peach blossom flowers were enchanted and agreed. "But first, we need to know each other…. I am Hongo Kazuto."

Aisha stood from her seat and introduced herself. "The name of mine is Guan Yu with style name Yunchang. As a fellow sibling… we should not be strangers to each other. My manna is Aisha."

RinRin excitedly exclaimed "Zhang Fei Yide ! But Onii-chan must call me RinRin!"

Tohka lifted her cup, saluting. "My name is Bei with surname Liu. Style name Xuande. Liu Bei Xuande. But, please call me Tohka."

Kazuto who enchanted by the beauty of the peach blossom did not react for a while, but his mind tried to process the name….. seems familiar now….Kazuto ? (grin….)

Suddenly, he know that name! he grew pale and try to make sure he did not misheard of it. "Sorry… is that really your name? Liu Bei, Guan Yu and … Zhang Fei?"

"""Yes ...""" the three girls answered at once.

Kazuto immediately stood and walked away from them.

"Sorry, my head acted funny. I can not accept your kindness. Excuse me ...and goodbye. " Kazuto felt confused and realized that something was wrong with them.

The names that they claimed are the names of heroes from the era of Three Kingdoms. But what surprised him was the heroes are ... ...

The F*? are they trolling with him?


Aisha, Tohka and Rin Rin felt puzzled after Kazuto leave and refused them.

"Did that mean as rejection?" Tohka asked Aisha.

"I think so." Aisha nodded sadly.

Rin Rin asked "Ne ... Why did Onii-chan go?"

"Are the three of us going to give up?"

""Of course not!"""

Tohka, Aisha, and Rin Rin lifted their cups and said: """Although the three of us are not born from the same mother, but the three of us expect to die together at the same time. We're three sisters bond together by this oath, to determine who among us ..."""

"Liu Bei"

"Guan Yu"

"Zhang Fei"

"""Which will be the chosen one for Hongo Kazuto, and until that moment arrived, we tied ourselves as sisters, and until we meet again, Kazuto-sama!"""

Finally, this event will be recorded as the Oath at the Peach Garden, an important event in the lives of these three sisters, an events originating from misunderstandings and rivalry in love between the three sisters. Meanwhile, Kazuto Hongo kept running to find a way out back to his own time. Out of annoyance of this unfunny jokes.

Author Notes:

Truthfully, I never intended to write complete introduction. Because I thought it is pointless, seeing this is based on Koihime Musou, so the introduction is more or less similar with the Intro of Koihime. Kazuto is a kendo player…blah-blah-blah…. Meeting a thief …. Blah-blah-blah…. Getting sucked by the broken mirror… blah-blah-blah….. and …. Transported back to the End of Eastern Han Dynasty.

But, seeing it is revision and I do make many misquote back then…. Here it is the clean version of chapter 1. Kazuto met the three sister, leave them (on the contrary of original visual novel.) WELL Excuse ME! They have no role during the Yellow Turban Rebellion! Only Huangfu Song, Dong Zhuo and Cao Cao are the active role during the Yellow Turban. The rest are…. Well not much record to write.

And seeing that Liu Bei is active during Xuzhou and Only important during the Jingzhou…. Well Good Bye. Then.

But pondering after writing until the Guandu make me ponder…. Sometimes I regret not writing much about Dong Zhuo. She is really cute…. And then…. I never know much about Yellow turban, which is why my sloppy writing during that arc. I only care after the tyrannical rule of Dong Zhuo which I consider where the fun began. I also have better knowledge about them. But for the Yellow turban…. I don't know much. This is why most reader prefer to read this fanfic starting the chapter 'The Rise of Dong Zhuo' or the 'Path of Legalist' .