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Pairing: Rod/Shotgun

Warning: Slightly AU. Based off of Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, in a sense.

Summary: He was always different to her, that was why she picked at him so much - worried so much about him. Yet who knew that snow could begin what she always imagined.

..::One of Two::..

..::Chasing Cars::..

"Please, Rod." the brunette girl begged her fellow TURK.

Rod rolled his eyes, "No, Shotty."

She only huffed before crossing her arms, giving the red head a pout. Even though the man was often crude to all those around him, Shotgun obviously found the other TURK amusing in a sense. She found herself picking at him more then she did the others, her playful nature always showing off to him. She had always found that he would send her glares or annoyed glances, much like he was doing at the moment over the clear plastic attached to the helmet he was currently wearing. She knew that he hated when she pouted at him, she normally won when she did so, which was why she was doing the action at this very moment. Since she seemed to be ahead, she gave a light whine as she spoke once more. "It's so cold! Why don't we just get a taxi or something? Why do you have to ride that thing? You're going to get sick!"

His eyes flashed with amusement at her tone, his lips twitching into a sly little grin. "Worried about me, Shotty?"

"Of course," she rolled her eyes. "You're my partner!"

He snorted, "Right."

"That's not attractive, no wonder you don't have a girlfriend." She stuck out her tongue at the scowling man, her eyes dancing with amusement. "Just leave the bike in the Shin-Ra garage!"

He shook his head, "Not a chance."

"It's going to snow soon and the roads will be bad, you'll wreck that damn thing." She placed her hands on her hips, showing off the sass that she normally flashed in these moments - the same attitude that makes Rod shudder, even though she didn't know that part. "I'm not going to be the one to explain to Verdot why we're picking you off the road."

He did shiver at that sass, at her words, but he had never been one to just back down and listen to anyone. "You sound like you're my mother."

"Someone has to," she mumbled before leaving out sigh. "Don't change the subject."

"Why not?" He retorted with a dry chuckle, "Not like anything is going to chance the fact I'm going home, with the bike."

"Why do you have to ride that thing home anyway?" She replied with a slight snap, losing her temper with him. "It'll be just as safe in the - "

"You really do sound like you're my mother or somethin'. Maybe even a wife."

She glared pointedly at him, how dare he pull that card. "You're changing the subject again."

"So what," he shot back. "What are you gonna do about it?"

She narrowed her eyes, she didn't like it when he got the upper hand. She found a long time ago, when a man turned the tables things never ended well for her. She felt herself becoming frustrated and she couldn't stop herself from snapping back a reply, one that she never thought she would ever say; "Fine, Rod, go on! Ride that damn thing off a cliff for all I care! I'm not going to continue worry about you!"

He was shocked by her words, not even being able to find his tongue. She was actually worried about him? He'd never had someone actually worry about him before, not even his old gang worried about him and certainly Shin-Ra didn't. It was obvious that Shotgun had always paid more mind to him then the other TURKS, even the more popular of the members - at least, the more popular among the female population. He almost got off the bike to please her, but that was until a snowflake fell from the darkening sky. He muttered, "Damnit…"

She sighs, "Rod…"

He revs up the bike, "I fucking hate the snow."

He did. He hated the snow more then anything. It had always bothered him, not to mention was just plain annoying. She took this moment as her chance to get him in a car. After all, since he hated the snow so much, he wouldn't want to be out in it. It was almost the perfect plan, if it wasn't for the fact that Rod was so stubborn.

She questioned, "Ready to get the car?"

She just wanted him to be safe. Since the moment she met him, she did nothing but worry about him. She had heard the stories of his gang days, always getting into fights and things, but it only got worse when he joined the turks. He was always sent on much more dangerous missions then she was, he would get hurt once in a while, making it all so much harder on the young girl. He was one of her first real friends, not to mention that things were always so much different with him. There had always been something about the red head, it was the same thing that made her feel much more different around the slightly older man.

He smirked, "Not a chance."

"You're not going to," she whispered with faint disappointment. "You never will listen, will you?"

He flipped up the plastic piece attached to his helmet, giving the younger TURK a playful wink. She felt her stomach knot with worry, she didn't want him to go, not on that damn bike in this weather. She just wanted him to listen to her for once in his life, but she knew better then that. Rod was far too stubborn to ever listen to anything anyone ever said to him, even her. He didn't realize what he was doing to her. "Of course I'm not gonna listen. I mean, I can't leave my baby in that dusty ol' garage! She means too much to me."

She sighs, "Of course, she does."

"Call me when you get home, alright, Shotty." He observed as she gave a slight nod, noticing her disappointment. He turned back to look ahead, staring for a moment before turning his head back to her and smirking. "You know, she means almost as much to me as you do."

She blinked as he snapped the plastic piece into place once more, standing there like a moron. She wondering a bit if she had heard him right, but did not get to linger much longer due to the man revving his bike once more. She cringed at the sound, only watching him speed off down the street at rather high speeds. Her lips twitched upward a bit as she thought of what she was sure she thought he said - she was important to him, more important then that stupid bike. She found her head tilting back as she moved her gaze from the road, to the sky and the snow falling aimlessly from it. She was beginning to think that maybe, just maybe, she should have hopped on that bike with him - or maybe, just maybe, dragged him into the taxi she called.

Author's Note: This is what happens when I watch Last Order. I think Shotgun and Rod have something going on, the way she sticks her tongue out at him was cute and his expression was even cuter. So I had to write this because I think Rod and Shotgun deserve some love, and since I think they look so adorable together, why not! It won't take long for me to type up the last part because, honestly, it's going to really leak into the pairing. I might write more for these two, but I don't really know yet. Anyway, reviews make kittens purr, remember that!