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Pairing: Rod/Shotgun

Warning: Slightly AU. Based off of Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, in a sense.

Summary: He was always different to her, that was why she picked at him so much - worried so much about him. Yet who knew that snow could begin what she always imagined.

..::Two of Two::..

..::Chasing Cars::..

It had only been a few days since that snowy night and the two already were about to have another fight. Shotgun couldn't find Rod; she called his home, she called the TURKs' main office, everything she could think of. No matter where she happened to call, there was no sigh of the red head. When she arrived at work, the snow was falling smoothly to the ground and Rod's motorbike was gone. This was exactly why the young woman was driving around in the car given to her by Tseng, her mission was to find him and bring him back to the office. The second in command had claimed that he had given Rod a mission before he came in, and there had been no word from him in hours - the mission was not to take more then an hour.

The bright lights of her car shone through the darkness perfectly, giving her a view of everything on the side of the road and on it. She felt worry filling her thoughts and stomach, it wasn't like Rod to take so long to get back to the building - especially in this weather. Though it didn't as long as she thought, maybe half an hour, of driving for a red flash to run out in front of her car. She hit the breaks as a snow covered Rod stood in front of her car, waving his arms around in a childish fashion. Fuming a bit as the car came to a stop, just a few inches away from hitting the TURK, she swung open the door and poked her head out. She sent out a heated glare to the sheepish smiling rod wielder, before he decided to speak out to her; "I... kinda wrecked my bike."

She rolled her eyes, "Oh really?"

"Yeah, could you help me find it?" He glared over his shoulder, heaving out a sigh. "I've been out here for hours."

"You're such a pain in the ass, you know that, Rod?"


She giggled to herself, no longer feeling as frustrated and angry as before, and slides out of the car. She couldn't believe he was this calm about wrecking his baby, but he did have far too many hours on his lonesome to freak out about it. She almost found it funny until she took notice to how pale he seemed, his shivering form, and not to mention his lips beginning to turn a dreadful blue color. She felt her heart sink at the pathetic sight and turned back to her car, opening the back door and beginning to dug through the objects in the back. She didn't take note to the curious look from the red head as she grabbed a warm blanket and pulled it out. She slammed the door and turned back to Rod, jogging to his side and swinging the object over his shoulders. "Where exactly should we start looking, Rod?"

"How'd you - "

"I know how you hate the snow," she answered softly. She was concerned for the slightly older TURK, watching as his body continued to shiver. "I know you get cold easily, so if you were out here too long, you might need it. Glad I brought it."

"Me too," he smirked as he sank into the warmth of the blanket for a moment. "Thanks, Shotty."

"Not a problem," she shrugs her shoulders as her stomach settled. At least the man didn't seem to be injured, and was now getting warm enough to use the nickname he always did for her. "Now come on, let's find your bike."

"Change of plans."

Before she could even speak, the young TURK fell backwards and landed in the fluffy snow gracefully. Her heart almost stopped at the sight, thinking that maybe he really was injured, just didn't let her know until the pain got horribly bad. A shriek escaping her before she could hear him chuckling softly, a chuckle that wasn't dry and couldn't be helped. Her face paled for a moment before her eyes narrowed, yet she couldn't help but release a relieved sigh. At least he wasn't hurt, but what the hell was he doing? Only he knew, which was probably more frightening then anything imaginable. "Come on, Rod, get up."

He grinned, "No."

She glares, "Rod..."

He glances up at her, "If I lay here—"

"You'll freeze to death, or," She breaks in, "You'll get hit by a car."

"Shut up and listen," He demanded gently. She was a bit surprised by this, he had never used that tone with her before. "If I lay here, will you lie with me…"

She shakes her head, "Rod what about—"

He adds quickly, "Forget the damn bike for a minute! Just—"

"Rod," she gives him a funny look. "What's going on with you?"

"I don't quite know how to say how I feel..."

Her eyes widen as a blush plays her cheeks. "Are you tying to say that you lo—"

"No," he mumbled a bit and shakes his head. "Those three words are not enough."

She stared down at him in shock; he was trying to admit his feelings for her? Rod had feelings for her? She was shocked. She couldn't help it. All of Rod's life, at least as long as she had known him, it was always his skills and his bike; there was never room for anyone else. She couldn't stop herself from moving next to him, kneeling down beside him in the middle of the snow-covered road. She stared down at him, "Rod… I—"

He grinned, "Don't say anything."


He rolled over on his side, quickly sitting up, and looks her dead in the eye. He gives a charming smile before leaning in, placing a passionate kiss to her lips. Her cheeks heat up as she returns the kiss shyly. Only a few moments later the two parted, Rod rolling on his back once more and the girl staring at him in shock. He turned his gaze to the sky and smiled. "I'm beginning to like the snow."

"I had a feeling you'd say that." She touched her lips slowly, giving the red head a small wink. "Now how about we get you out of the snow? You're going to freeze to death."

"Wouldn't want that."

"Of course not!"

Author's Note: The final part to the two part series. I realized how out of character they seemed, but it's still cute right? I dunno. I'm trying to decide if I want to make another short series on the two, lemme know what you think. Reviews make kittens purr!