Rebecca stared.

No matter how hard she tried she just couldn't seem to make herself stop. At least she wasn't as bad as her classmates, who were openly gawking at their new classmate. She only stole short glances from the corners of her eyes before she would stare down at her blank piece of paper once again.

And for God sakes, who wouldn't stare? He was escorted in during the middle of the art class by two cliché bald large body guards all decked out in black, and ever completing the look with a pair of dark sunglasses. Not to mention he would have been gorgeous, with silky ear-length charcoal black hair framing lovely green eyes that were only amplified by his pale skin. Would have been, because his good looks were then horribly marred by the fact that he was wearing and honest-to-god-muzzle. Not to mention he was wearing a straight jacket just to top it all off.

And if that didn't make it hard enough not to stare, how about the fact that he was sitting right next to her?

Rebecca shifted in her seat, rubbing her sweaty palms on her worn out blue jeans, and tugging her green blouse just a little lower out of habit before she tucked a blond strand of hair behind her ear. Something about his presence made her anxious, and no, it wasn't the fact that he was an obvious psycho.

You do not know that, Rebecca scolded herself, knowing that there were some people who were not crazy, but if your convicted insane and you try to prove your not insane, the results usually did not work out so well.

To distract herself she looked about the classroom, beyond all of the gaping whispering students. The room itself was fairly large, filled with filing cabinets and enough tables for all thirty four college students. In the front of the class was a white board, which bore the scribbling of their teacher, Mrs. Morris, that explained what they would be doing today. They would be doing whatever they pleased, as long as it had something to do with art.

Like always.

There was a large window to Rebecca's left, which allowed the bright summer sun to light up the table she sat at, and the door was just behind her. She had always taken advantage of sitting in the back of the classroom, since not many people came back here to sit, and even fewer would come back here to bother her. It was not that she didn't enjoy the company of others, it was just that she seemed to unnerve them with her talents.

Like her photographic memory.

So having this silent stranger sitting beside her was a new experience to her, and she was not honestly sure she liked it.

Suddenly he made a noise, and Rebecca's whole body tensed up like a deer who had just heard a sound coming from her safe grotto. She was not expecting it, but chided herself for having such a stupid reaction. Human's made noise, the only ones that didn't were dead, even though they could be noisy on occasion also, but Rebecca kept that to herself.

Blue eyes peeked at the stranger cautiously, to find his lovely eyes to be somewhat unfocused, but fixed on the glass on the edge of the table. He made the noise again, and she realized he was trying to speak, but was hindered by the muzzle that clamped with silver buckles in the back of his skull, almost hidden in his thick hair. She bit her lip, her eyes sliding to her left, head turning slightly, so she could look at the two guards who had escorted him in. They were standing by the door in the back of the class, looking at her classmates, pointing to one or two of them and talking amongst themselves softly enough that not even she, who was closest, could over hear them over the busy chatter of the classroom.

The young stranger made that noise again, and against her better judgment, Rebecca knew she was going to have to figure out what he wanted. Since the guards were obviously meant to take care of him, and she was too much of a coward to approach them herself.

She turned to the stranger, and sucked in a large breath.

"Can I help you?" she asked, and immediately wanted to smack herself dead in the face. Can I help you? Obviously not if the mans in a straight jacket and muzzle. A hah! There you go condemning people again! But while she was having this inner argument with herself, the stranger had focused his attention on her. And his eyes were no longer unfocused, as a matter of fact they were sharp with attention, like the most beautiful emerald. It surprised her a little bit, and she drew back slightly, her heart pounding in her chest at the pure and unhindered attention that was held there. No one ever gave her that much attention, never had in her whole life.

She licked her lips nervously, and his eyes focused on the motion,making a shiver run down her spine.

Shiver on unease. She told herself. It was NOT attraction, just as it was most defiantly not her liking the attention.

"Hi, my names Rebecca. Welcome to our art class. Um, are you okay? I mean, I heard you say something." she was stumbling over her words, unsure of what to say, or worse, how to say it. How did one speak to a person who could not speak back? Would he think her rude?

His eyes flickered behind her, and she glanced back slightly, noticing he was looking at the guards. When their eyes met again, his held a note of warning, and she understood.

"Here," she said, pulling out a piece of paper, determined to be friendly when everyone else was just going to stop and stare at him. She knew what it was like to be different. And besides, he didn't seem too bad so far. She wrote the alphabet and then glanced back up at him, tucking hair out of her face. "This will help me find out your name. I will point to each letter, and just give me some sign when to stop. Okay?" a subtle nod. So she began pressing her pencil down on each letter of the alphabet, watching him for a sign. He nodded when her pencil touched the letter k. She wrote it down at the top of the paper, and began again. Soon an a, then followed by an l, then an I and an n.

"Kalin?" he nodded, and his eyes seeking her face, studying her expression better than any man she had ever spoke with. It was as if he was picking up on every little thing she felt, even the things her expression may not say, but the little flicker of her eyes away or even to his lips?

Ah, no! Don't be a whore Rebecca. She had just found out his name, and already she was thinking of what it would be like to kiss him. What was wrong with her? She had never felt a need to kiss someone, as a matter of fact, she had never felt the need to make love to anyone either, but she did that even though she found no enjoyment in it.

"It suites you," she said with a smile, and his gaze went to the cup on the edge of the desk again, and he made the same noise he had before. Then he looked back at her, a somewhat pleading look in his eyes, hoping she would understand.

"Oh! Water, your thirsty?" he nodded, looking relieved, so she reached into her backpack that sat by her right leg, and pulled out a water bottle, and then, with a second glance, a straw from a juice box she had bought that morning. Cracking the lid, she slid the straw in and held it to him, allowing him to lean forward so the straw slid between the small slits in the front of his muzzle that allowed him to breathe, and in this case, drink. His eyes locked with hers, heated and intense, and she was helpless to look away as she drank. Even when he was done, they remained in that position for a minuet or two more, until she became aware of the eyes of her peers.

A blush spread across her face and down her throat, and she pulled back, hiding her hair with her face. But she froze when she pulled the bottle back, and the straw came out with blood on it. She gaped at it, her stomach churning at the sight, and her heart again beginning to pound a million times a minuet once again. Okay, she was wrong, he was defiantly frigging crazy to cut himself with a straw!

Great, a now she had basically made friends with him, what the hell was she gonna do?

She then noticed the peculiar way he was looking at her. He looked at the straw, then at her, as if he was expecting her to do something, waiting for something to happen.

"Um, Kalin, did you cut your mouth with my straw. On purpose?" his eyes searched her face, trying to understand more than just her words. He suddenly looked away and shrugged, as if he knew that by answering he would be condemning himself in her eyes. She sighed, deciding that she would not break her friend with this crazy person just because he was crazy.

His head jerked back to her just as she felt the large hand wind in her wait long hair and yank her clean out of her seat and onto her feet. She cried out, her hands instinctively reaching to grab the hand that held her to ease the sharp pain that radiated through her scalp. She was extremely tender headed, and she wished for a brief moment she knew how to kick this person's ass when she looked up to find herself looking into the face of one of Kalin's large body guards. She heard Kalin mumbling urgently, trying in vain to get them to stop.

"What's this?" the other one asked, lifting up the bottle of water and straw she had dropped on the floor when she had been grabbed. He studied the blood, giving it a sniff, oddly enough, and gave a nod to his counterpart, who tightened the grip in her hair until she cried out again and her eyes blurred from unshed tears.

"How did you know to give him blood? Who told you to give him blood?" the one holding her hair demanded, giving a yank when she did not respond, causing her to gasp anew and try to gain her breath. She was barley standing on her own tippy toes as it was, and she could barley think from the pain. All eyes were on them.

"I don't know what your talking about," she finally rasped, and he gave her a shake, and she heard Kalin jump from his seat, only for him to be restrained by the other guard.

"Do not lie to me! There is blood on this straw, explain this to me!" he demanded, and she gasped for breath, desperate for the pain to stop.

"Stop! She was only giving him water!" someone in the class room yelled, and there was a small stunned silence, even Rebecca was surprised.

"Is this true, girl?" the guard demanded, and she tried to nod, and barley manged it with the restriction she had on her head. He paused for a moment, considering her, and then tossed her aside, causing her to collide with a table and a few chairs. Luckily to students had moved out of the way, otherwise Rebecca would have added harming them to her list of bad deeds she had done.

Her head swam when she came in contact with the cold floor, the wind knocked from her, her stomach churning from the added pain of the collision and the lingering pain of her scalp. She was barley aware of a new scuffle unfolding, the sounds of tables and chairs being overturned, as well as a muffled yelling. Her eyes cleared to find one of her classmates, Ben, hovering over her, concern clear in his deep blue eyes. She shot up, pushing him aside, swatting at his hands when he tried to restrain her, or hell, touch her soothingly.

She sucked in large breath so her brain could understand what she was witnessing, as Kalin threw one of the biggest struggles again two men much larger than he was. He had kicked over the table they had shared, and the chairs had been unfortunate enough to be scatter on the floor with them.

But for a moment, their eyes met, and his were instantly filled with relief, drained of the pure rage her had had moments before. He fell limp in his guards arms, his eyes refusing to leave hers. Her heart pounded, but not from fear, almost as if it were trying to find the rhythm of his. She frowned, touching her chest with a frown, and could have sworn his eyes crinkled as if he were . . . smiling.