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Rebecca's POV





Wasn't that how this breathing thing worked? It sure didn't feel like it was working at all. My lungs were burning, my head was light, and I felt like I was swaying on my feet.

First Philip told me he was my dad.

Now my best friend shows up and says she is my mother?

It was bad enough learning that everything I knew in general was a lie, like my heritage, and the fact that my parents were not really my parents.

Now, there was a long silence in face of this announcement.

At least there was until Philip started yelling.

"Lies!" he yelled, making me flinch from the shock to my ear drums. Kalin pushed me behind him, protective as always. It was fine; I didn't want to see this anyway.

"I am no lying, Philip." Crystal snapped.

"You are I know she is my daughter, she came from me and my wife, and you people took her!"

"Philip, I know you only wish to believe that, you know it is not the truth."

"Are you denying you took my child?"

"No, but you know very well Rebecca is not yours."

"What do you mean?" Fortis broke in, and I peeked around to see her holding up to hands to each of them to keep them separated.

"I mean if he really believed that Rebecca was his daughter then he would have done a DNA test."

"I tried!" Philip yelled going forward until Fortis stopped him.

"No, you didn't. Otherwise you would have saw she shares none of the same markers with you. She is my child; I gave up my egg for her to be conceived! I choose out her parents to carry her to term. It tore my heart out to give her up! But it was for the greater good of my race."

"How did you know she would be paired with Kalin?" Fortis asked, and I felt Kalin tense, as if he were angry by the question.

"Easy, we already had Kalin in custody at the time. Since we had managed to make her the best of both species we were also able to tweak the time when her body would search for a mate. There was a large risk of doing damage to the fetus but we decided to do it anyway. And tadaa, she was paired with Kalin since he was the closest eligible male, we made sure of that."

That made me tense.

"Wait," I said weakly, stumbling out from behind Kalin, even though he tried to stop me. "Are you saying to me that I Kalin's forced bride? Are you saying that . . . that he could have another Bride out there?"

"Yes, I am. And yes, he does." Her face softened and she looked actually sad. "I am sorry Rebecca, I really am. I tried to make your life good, but I wasn't able to see you until you were older. And you were everything I thought you would have been and more. I dreaded the day when they decided to finally bring Kalin in, but they didn't want to wait any longer, they wanted to see results."

"I . . . I'm not . . . his Bride . . ." I felt Kalin's arms, him forcing me to look up at him, but I struggled, tears in my eyes.

"Why were you able to birth a half breed when the others weren't?"

"Like I will tell you," Crystal snapped at Fortis.

Finally I was forced to meet Kalin's eyes, and they were so full of emotion they seared my soul.

"You are my Bride, never think otherwise."

"But, she said . . ."

"I don't care. I would know, I would feel it, here." He forced my hand over his heart, where it was beating furiously. I felt like I was on the verge of a panic attack. "Rebecca!" he snapped, and I jerked slightly, startled that not only was he using my full name, but the tone in which he used it with.

"Damnit, I am so close to making you my wife this day, you will not run from me. Do you get me?"

"But what if you meet her one day?"

"I won't! You are her! There is no one else!" he kissed me hard and branding and I felt my body come to life. "I will never have nor want anyone but you! You are mine, heart, body, and soul, and that will never change. I may have found you because of what they did but I love you. Do you hear me? And that has nothing to do with the instinct or anything else. Nothing else but you, wonderful you." He kissed me hard again, and then jerked his head away from me to look at his sister.

"We are doing the ceremony now."

"But, Kalin! The village isn't ready yet! Neither is Rebecca."

"I don't care. I'm sick of people popping up, one saying he's her father the other that she is her mother and that she isn't really mine. Personally, I don't give half a fuck what the hell you guys have to say. Today, she will become my wife, and if either of you so much as say another word I will personally cut out your tongue and shove it in a very unpleasant place."

"Just made sure you do it reaaaaly slow for me," Crystal drawled, rolling her eyes like it was some sex joke. But Kalin ignored her and began dragging me along the hall ways once again, leaving everyone else to follow behind us. I didn't fight, still reeling, wishing I could just close my eyes and open them and still be in bed with Kalin. That none of this had happened, and I could just drown in that bliss and ignore the rest of the world.

"Philip, get the stuff, Crystal, since you seem to just make yourself at home, hurry and get the ceremonial cloth . . ." Fortis's voice tapered off the father we went.

"Kalin . . ." I started again, but he ignored me, dragging me into the sunlight, me stumbling over my own feet from his grip on my wrist and his rapid pace. His people did not even spare us a glance, either knowing better or used to the bickering between the royal families.

"Kalin!" I said again, and this time he whirled on me, his eyes full of fire.

"If you so much as dare to say anything more about how you are not my bride or anything else those two morons said I will personally lose it."

That sealed my lips shut.

He really did look like he was about to blow his lid.

My brain scrambled for something to say, to cover up my tracks, and I even felt ashamed.

"Where are we going?"

"To the main house on the grounds. There is a room there where all of the females in the family complete the ceremony that binds them to their husbands. It requires a special cloth that was made by our Goddess; it is the tie to the realm our Goddess made for our women to go to when they die while they wait for their husbands to join them, and if they wish, their sons." And he began walking again, even though a million questions were now running through my mind.

"Why do we need the cloth?" I asked as he pulled me into the largest house on the property, but I barely noticed.

"Because the Brides are human, they have no Thorian blood in them. The cloth helps the process."

"What is the other realm like?"

"Anything you want it to be. It changes for every woman."

"Why is it only a realm for women?"

"It is just how our Goddess made it."

"Can the men not go in?"

"We can, but if the Keeper catches us we can be harmed until we leave."

"The keeper?"

"The watcher of the realm. He hides in mirrors."

I pondered that as he drew me into a room that was bare except for a long stone table. A window allowed strong sunlight in, and it still somehow felt warm and welcoming. Without thinking, I reached out and touched the stone, gasping and jerking my hand away when a warm current ran up my arm.

I looked over and Kalin to find him watching me with a hooded gaze.

"That felt like . . ."

"Pure love?" he said softly, and I nodded, thinking that was the only way I could describe it. It was warm and welcoming and seemed to fill my chest and make it a little hard to breath.

"It is one of our most protected and cherished items. It is kept here instead of in the main family house because the whole clan will protect it with their lives. And we knew that they were working on half breeds, so we put it here just in case they were successful and they were allowed to step onto the sacred ground."

"Like me?" I asked quietly, but he did nothing but glower.

"Also, the little ones seem to be drawn to it."

I didn't get a chance to respond before Fortis, Philip, and Crystal game crashing into the door behind me.

I jumped and moved around the table, out of their way, as they began setting everything up, and it made me realize that Fortis and Philip had done this a lot of times.

Crystal, however, was holding a beautiful multicolored scarf like it was acid, away from her body and with two fingers.

"Give me that!" Fortis snapped, taking it from her with a disapproved look. Crystal didn't look at the table any better, and discomfort radiated off of her loud and clear.

"You don't like the table?" I asked, wondering why she wouldn't but it made me feel so wonderful.

She made a face before she answered," no, their Goddess hates up and therefore all of her items cause us pain on contact."

"She is my Goddess too then, I suppose, since none of their stuff hurts me."

Crystal made an even worse face before she turned away and began muttering to herself.

"What are the fluids for? And the machines?" I asked indicating the IV's set up and the small equipment Philip was pulling into the room.

"Don't worry," Fortis assured, gently touching my arm. "It is just to monitor your vitals, keep your hydrated, and to pull you out in case you stay too long."

Didn't comfort me, but whatever.

"Please climb into the table, Rebecca," Fortis instructed, and so I gently climbed onto light gray stone, tracing the small speckles of white. I was surprised when Kalin climbed up next to me.

"What?" he asked at my surprised look.

"Well, this table is small enough as it is, and I thought I was the one going in, so. . .?"

"I will be coming with you." He said simply with a shrug, before forcing us both to lie back, me half on him. Fortis leaned over us before I could protest, thoughts of the keeper running through my mind, and tied my left hand with his right, the cloth warm and tingly against my skin.

"Ouch!" I yelped when I felt the sting in my other arm, looking over to realize that Philip had stuck me with the IV.

"Had to be done." He said simply, still sulking, so I rolled my eyes.

"Okay," Fortis said, then let out a breath. "Are you two ready?"

Since I really couldn't say what was going to happen I wasn't ready to say I was 100 percent ready and willing to go. But this seemed like an important aspect to them, in ritual as well as also playing a role in the relationship. Kalin looked calm and ready, but thoughts of the Keeper seemed to still keeping eating at me.

"Kalin," Fortis said softly as she moved around the table to stand beside her brother, gently putting her hand on his arm. "Remember to stay away from the Keeper. And don't be stupid, if he comes after you you need to come out, you know he won't hurt Rebecca, and she is safe as long as she is in the realm with our Goddess." She gently brushed away a strand of hair when he gave her what looked like a non-committed nod to me. But either Fortis didn't notice, or this thing was on a time limit.

I didn't know about Kalin, but things were starting to seem fuzzy to me. It was a little bit harder to breathe than it was a minuet ago, and my heartbeat seemed to be going sluggish in my chest. My whole body was warm and buzzing, and I couldn't even feel the cold stone underneath me anymore. I couldn't even feel Kalin's hand tied with mine. My head was too heavy to lift anymore, so I let it rest against the table, slightly off the edge, my hair spilling over the side.

The last thing I remembered seeing was the sun shining off of my hair in shards of gold.

This is the song I picture in Rebecca's world.


Rebecca awoke in a black world, with Kalin standing beside her, the only thing she could see were two lovely birds keeping post about a yard from her. They were big, almost her size, and every color imaginable, shimmering in the unknowing light source like mercury.

"Birds?" Kalin asked in confusion, looking around for somewhere to go, but the only obvious path was ahead, between the two birds. She was having a flashback from the first never ending story.

"Not birds," Rebecca said softly, stepping forward. This world was overwhelming to her, so much attacking her at once. It was suddenly like she knew everything, like the very air was saturated with knowledge and power.

"They look like birds to me," Kalin said hesitantly.

"They are now, but they used to be women. They gave up their forms to guard this realm." She had crossed the distance now, Kalin still trailing behind her, unsure. "They knew there was no going back once they made this choice, they knew it was to be a lonely existence, but still they chose to do it." She gently brushed the side of one of their bowed heads, hearing the soft sound made in response. Her heart was breaking for them.


"Because to them, you're Goddess and the safety of this realm for other women is more important than their own lives."

And she glided between them without either of them stirring. It was as if she was standing on the other side of a wall of water, her form was blurred. She reached through this wall, offering him her hand. He paused for a moment, nervously looking between the two bird women, wondering if they would attack him as the keeper would.

"They won't harm you," she assured, even her voice sounding like it was coming from another place, whispery and watery. "They are just here to make sure no males come through on their own, and no women who aren't ready."

So he took her hand, feeling within her strength and calm that he wasn't feeling even a little bit. She pulled him through, which was akin to stepping through a wall of cool mist; kissing his skin and making him feel invigorated.

Then he got a look at where they were.

Rebecca's world was beautiful, just in front of them multiple hallways leading to multiple rooms, all dashed with color, worn furniture, pictures, and toys.

She stepped to the right, peeking into the first room she came across, finding the rooms ceiling covered in glass in every shade of color and light refracted at every angle, making the room feel warm and cozy. It was bare, except for an oriental carpet, its artwork twisting and winding a midnight forest with fog creeping over the trees and the moon illuminating the sky and stars.

"Becca," Kalin's voice made her glance up, but he wasn't looking at everything the way she was, he was supporting himself with one hand on the blue wall that almost seemed to be sparkling like diamonds.

"Isn't this place amazing?" she breathed, looking up at the ceiling again, not afraid in the least that the jagged edges were pointed downward towards her. It was like standing in a cave with millions of stalactites playing a symphony of colors just for her.

"How did you know about those women?" he asked, ignoring her question. It brought her attention back to him, but for some reason she couldn't understand why it was important.

"I know everything in this realm." She said simply. Then she tilted her head, her eyes growing wide. "Oh god, I know everything."

"Becca?" he asked, unsure.

"Kalin, I am not joking. I can see it all clearly. What happened to your Goddess's mother, with her love? Her tears causing the lilies to spring up, giving the moon water to her daughters husband." She shook her head, a smile playing on her lips. "You guys got it all wrong. Your Goddess didn't put the curse on your women, her sister, Clara, did. She did it because they refused to follow her. So your Goddess helped them find the women they were meant to have. The having only one child thing was something she didn't foresee, but she could only have male children, so it extended to her children for generations. And by time the turning of the tides came the curse was already in place."

Kalin's lips parted in surprise, watching her with amazement as her lips parted and she took in a stunned breath. She met his gaze, hers so intense it shook him.

"Kalin," she said softly, "I know how to give your women immortality and children."

Just as that blow hit him he looked up and realized he had just made a fatal mistake. He had thought the Keeper could only travel through mirrors, but as he looked up at the glass he saw his own reflection staring at him, and the image of a man who looked like something from someone's worse nightmare.

Philip frowned at Rebecca's vitals, noting they had suddenly escalated, but he felt helpless because there was nothing he could do to help her anyway.

But he was startled when he looked up from his computer screen and saw Rebecca's sister, standing there over her. Her black hair was tied back, her face solemn, and her green eyes dull emeralds. What has surprised him the most though was not only had he not heard or sensed her presence, but the vibe he felt coming off of her surprised him.

"I've always watched out for her, you know." Her voice startled him, and he stood up from his chair suddenly, making it screech on the floor. But she didn't react, just titled her head and continued looking at her sister. "We always knew she wasn't our sister. Out parents had told us that they were going to be hosting a child. And my brother and I are also Grit experiments."

"You're a Grit." It wasn't a question, it was a statement. He didn't know how he has missed it before but she was giving of the signals now loud and clear, like a broadcasting beacon.

"I was the one who gave you the hint you know? The call that told you that a Thorian queen would be born."

"Why would you do that?" he asked in confusion, moving around the table, but her sister skirted away from him, like a scared animal. He held up his hands in surrender. "I'm not going to hurt you."

"I heard you think she is your daughter?" now that was a question, and he frowned at her. But when he opened his mouth to respond she cut him off. "You're wrong you know. She couldn't be. She is the perfect merger between our two people. She is neither Thorian nor Grit, and therefore she cannot be your daughter. She has no father, and her mother had no choice but to give up the embryo that made her."

"How do you know all of this?" but she wasn't done.

"I have done everything I can to protect her, I even tried to stop them from sending Kalin in, because she wasn't ready, but they wouldn't listen to me. I even tried to get her away from our parents, who abused and used her, just like our brother did too. And all the time I just tried to get you to notice me!"

"Notice you?" he asked, baffled.

"Yes, me." She said, brokenheartedly. "Me, your daughter. I have always known, they told me when I was little that you were my dad. And then I had to sit there through the years and watch you cuddle and coddle her, the queen of your race. I knew you thought she was yours, I could tell by the way you were always looking out for her, how protective you were. But it wasn't her! It was me!" she slapped her palm on her chest.

He saw her other hand reach into the bag at her waist, pulling out something that glinted in the low light of the sunset.

"And I have spoken to your Goddess and she has told me what I need to do." And she swung.

Rebecca didn't even think about her own safety, or even what she was doing. But when the Keeper manifested, he looked like something from her worst nightmare. This just happened to be pyramid head from silent hill.

When he stood before Kalin, muscles rippling, she leapt in front of him, just barley registering the fact that this could be a danger to her own life. Kalin saw her coming, reaching for her to try and pull her out of the way. But the moment she passed in front of Mr. big and scary he suddenly shattered into thousands of colorful butterflies that scattered in every direction, some of their silky wings brushing Rebecca's skin.

Shaking, she wasted no time, shoving Kalin from the room and back into the hallway, feeling sick to her stomach and scared. The tranquility that had overcome her at this place was gone now, and she was struck with the harsh reality that only she was safe here.

"Becca, are you okay? Becca!" Kalin grabbed her by the shoulders, shaking her hard. Her eyes, which were stark, shot to his face, her face pale.

"I'm fine," she mumbled, looking back down at the ground, trying to gather herself.

"Baby, I know this isn't the time, but what you were saying before he appeared, did you mean it?"

"Kalin," she said softly, still trying to put herself together enough to give him an answer.

"I need to know, Becca."

"I know, just give me . . ." her body suddenly tensed, her head tilting to the side, as if she were hearing something.


"Shh," she leaned slightly, listening intently. "Don't you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

She didn't answer him; instead she began down the hall, stumbling in her haste. She passed door way after doorway, each more unique and colorful than the last, but she did not falter. She finally made it to the end of the hallway, opening up a large oak door that led into an extravagant ballroom, complete with mirrors on the walls. But the room wasn't well lit, half of it cast in shadow.

"It's from here," she murmured, but when she went to step forward she suddenly gasped, clutching at her chest, dropping like a stone. Kalin barley managed to catch her, wincing as her shrill scream of agony pierced his eardrums. He dragged her to the middle, where there was more light, and pulled her hands away from her chest to see what was the problem, but there was no wound that he could see.

"Stop, Becca, there is nothing there!" he had to keep her from clawing at her chest, and she was panting hard and fast.

"The change hurts, doesn't it?"

Kalin tensed at that voice, shivers running down his spine. It couldn't be who he thought it was, but he slowly turned to see.

A woman came from the shadows, her hair as black as coal and her eyes the color of the sky. She was small, dainty, and she had a mean smile upon her lips.

"Who. The. Hell. Are. You?" Rebecca managed to breath between the pain, gritting her teeth, and she struggled to make it to her feet.

"Tell her, Kalin."

"She's my mother."

"NO!" Philip screamed, ripping Rebecca's sister from the besides, throwing her to the floor to get a look at the small knife that was now embedded in Rebecca's chest.

"I'm sorry, but she told me, she TOLD me!"

"Who!? Who told you?"

"Your Goddess, she told me to do it, she said I had to." She curled up into a ball, tears pouring from her eyes. "She told me."

Philip looked helplessly between her and Rebecca, her body twisting and convulsing. He held her down, screaming at some of the women who came in to check the noise, demanding the help. He didn't know what he was going to do, but he knew one thing. He could not lose Rebecca, daughter or no, if she died Kalin would go down with her.

The Thorian people would be destroyed.

"Your mother was a Grit?" Becca got out.

"Yes, she was." Kalin said, still reeling from seeing her here. "She was my father's second Bride, my sisters mother was in a comatose state, still alive. We found out later she had tricked my Fathers instinct to accept her, even give her a child, but by drinking her blood she poisoned him and killed him. Our people rebelled, scared and worried, they decided to . . . to kill Fortis's mother while she was still in comatose."

"Yes, all of that work, years of pretending to be happy and sleeping with the enemy, all of it for nothing. In the end I still gave birth to a male Thorian child, I gave him the heir he didn't have." She preened like she was proud of what she had done to Kalin's father. "But it doesn't matter anyway. I am not here as your mother but merely the embodiment of Cara."

"Cara?" Kalin asked blankly.

"Your Goddesses sister." Rebecca filled in, panting, leaning on the mirrored wall.

"Bingo. I am here to push you into the transition."

"What transition?"

"Oh, the painful one. Where your genetics become more Grit, your body begins to change." She began sauntering towards Rebecca, and Kalin was still too dazed to stop her. "Hurts, doesn't it? That is your heart stopping. That's right, you are going to die, Rebecca, and you are going to become my tool, like you were born to be."

"I was not!" she hissed, panting through the pain.

"Yes you were. Everything about you was planning. You are my granddaughter, did you know that? Your mother, Crystal, is my only child. She was born to give birth to you. Nothing more. You will be completely unique. Your heart stopping? It is so no one can change you—"

"Step away from her!" another woman came over, her hair as gold as the sun, wearing a white dress. Kalin's mother backed away quickly at her approach, and the second woman kneeled beside Rebecca, gently touching her forehead. The pain seemed to ease, and her body was able to relax.

"Who are you?" Rebecca asked tiredly.

"She is Fortis's mother." Kalin answered, his mouth hanging open. "Impossible. I saw you die."

"Ah, Kalin," she smiled brightly, looking so pretty, standing and embracing Kalin. "I have always considered you my son. You took care of my little girl when she needed it the most; I can never thank you enough. But right now I am just a step in, just as she is." She pulled back, her smile softening. "I am here to help your Bride."

"I'm scared." Rebecca whispered, and the woman kneeled beside her again, touching her shoulder. "I know, but you understand this, don't you? Being here you see all the answers, you know why you must do this, but you also know that it is a choice. It will hurt, because yes you will be unique. But you won't be a monster, I promise you."

"I always knew you would look like an angel," Rebecca whispered to her, sweat coating her body.

"This is just a body, but yes, she was very beautiful when she lived."

"She was made, just like me, right?"

"Yes, in a lab, much like the one you were conceived and tweaked in."

"Am I Kalin's real mate?" she whispered, tears filling her eyes.

"Oh, Rebecca, my sweet girl," she said, softly wiping the tears away. "The Grit's think they have the process down, but they don't. I pick every woman out for my decedents, I choose carefully. Yes, they made those women, but I am the one who gave them the essence they needed." She closed her beautiful blue eyes for a moment, concealing her sadness. "I knew it would hurt them, Philip and Kalin's father, but things had to work out the way they did for you to come into the world, and for Fortis as well. I regret that I did not get to see Fortis grow, but I watch over her all the time and I know how beautiful she has become." Then she sighed, looking up at Kalin with regret.

"I am sorry Kalin; I cannot tell you how Rebecca will play a part in all of this. She knows, but she can't tell you till the time comes. And now, for the worst part." she took his hand, smiling sadly as she kissed his cheek. "Tell my baby girl I love her so much."

Kalin suddenly jolted awake to pure and utter chaos. Rebecca had been pulled from the table, blood running down her sides, pooling from her chest. A bloody knife lay off the side, and people buzzed around in a panic, putting pressure, gather materials.

Before Kalin could even get into a panic a hard hand clamped around his wrist and yanked him clean off the table. He barley landed on his feet, stumbling forward when the pulling didn't stop. When he finally stumbled to a halt he looked up to see his sister standing over him, her hair in a ponytail and a little bit of blood smearing her cheek.

"Fortis . . . what happened?" he croaked out, feeling like he hadn't spoken in months.

"She," she pointed to a huddled figure on the floor up against the wall "said our Goddess told her to stab her sister, so she did. Oh, and apparently she is also Philip's real daughter." She swiped at her brow with the back of her wrist, her hands stained with blood. "We can't seem to stop the bleeding, and if it weren't for the fact of how quickly she can produce it she would be dead by now. Philip says he can't stitch her up because he can't see the wound, and we can't stop the bleeding, no matter how hard we try."

Madness was creeping in, he could feel it, but he had to keep his head, even though he felt Rebecca's life force pulling on his like a drowning person on a life line. He had to focus on what his sister was saying he had to make his brain work.

Then he realized who the woman was.

"Rebecca's sister?" he gaped, she barley lifted her head in registration to his words. "You stabbed her?"

"Had to." Was her only reply before she put her head back down.

Then the memories came flooding back.

"No, she's right. Make them stop!" he went to bolt into the room, but Fortis caught his arm.

"What? Are you out of you mind? If she bleeds out like this much longer she is going to die, Kalin. You will die with her, do you get that? The line will end; our people will descend into madness!"

Smiling softly he touched her hand on his arm, leaned forward and softly. "She is proud and loves you very much." And pulled away from her, leaving her gaping.

"Stop! STOP!" he yelled, shoving away the attendants and Philip, all of who looked at his like he had already gone mad.

"Kalin, I need to stop the bleeding." Philip reasoned hands up in surrender, edging slightly closer.

"No, you don't, this is supposed to happen, trust me."

But even as he spoke the words he felt Rebecca's heart stop, and before he could even blink the madness swept him over, his body trying to stop his heart and his mind rebelling against it.

Fortis couldn't seem to stop the tears. Her brother was restrained, sitting in the corner, rocking back and forth, mumbling nonsense of some subject or another. They had put the muzzle and strait jacket on him, to keep him from doing harm to himself and others.

Rebecca's body lay on the Goddesses' stone slab, her body long ago having lost all heat it had possessed. She was gone, truly gone, and all of their people were feeling it like a physical blow. She blamed herself most of all, for not stopping Kalin from letting her die. He had been slipping into the madness, she should have known. But part of her wanted to believe that he had known what he was doing, especially since he had delivered a message from her mother, she had been sure of it.

What had happened to him while he was in that world? A world she could not enter, no matter how hard she tried, just proving how different she was from her own kind.

She just couldn't stop looking at her. So soaked in blood, all vibrant life gone. She had come to love Rebecca, so full of energy and smiles. She had run in the beginning, but she had known that was just what he brother had needed. And she had felt sure, just like Philip, that Rebecca would be the saving of them all, a godsend from their Goddess.

Now she was gone.

Fortis wiped her blurry eyes and looked to the door when she heard a small sniffle, finding Elizabeth standing in the doorway, tears in her eyes.

"Why did she have to die?" the little girl sniffled, and Fortis felt a new wave of tears washing over her. But she forced them back, determined to help this little girl deal with her own grief.

"I don't know, baby." She answered honestly, watching as she crossed from the door to Rebecca's body.

"It was her wedding day." She whispered, looking over at Kalin, looking so sad. For a moment, Fortis though she saw Rebecca twitch, but when she wiped away her tears she was still, so she wrote it off.

"I know she would have made a wonderful bride." She forced a smile. "I think she would have had children just like you."

"Really?" but then Liza froze, frowning.

"What is it?"

"She had fangs?" she asked, looking back at Fortis. Fortis sported a frown of her own.

"What are you—"but she didn't get to finish her sentence. Suddenly Kalin was on his feet, his eyes clear, struggling in the jacket. Before Fortis could even feel joy at that, suddenly Rebecca came alive in a flurry of movement. She snatched Elizabeth up and bit deeply into the side of her throat. Fortis cried out in panic, her limbs frozen in shock before she finally leapt up, trying to pull Elizabeth from Rebecca.

"No! STOP! PLEASE! YOU'RE KILLING HER!" she found herself screaming when she couldn't get the little girl away. Tears began pouring down her face again; not understanding what was happening, panic tearing at her chest.

Suddenly, Kalin was there, having torn through the jacket and ripped the muzzle off; he grabbed Rebecca's arms and with ease pried her off of Elizabeth. Almost like it was a wakeup call Rebecca let go, looking panicked and weak. By this time people were coming in, and Philip grabbed Liza before she could roll from the table to the floor. He cradled her, checking vitals, stemming the bleeding.

Rebecca was mumbling something, but her words were so weak they meant nothing, and Kalin cradled her, crying from joy as he kissed her face. He muttered back to her, rocking her, clutching her close, ignoring the rest of the people around them.

"What did you do?" Fortis asked Rebecca, ignoring the noise. Weakly, Rebecca's gaze met her own. "WHAT DID YOU DO!?" she screamed, feeling physically capable of violence at this point. Rebecca did have fangs now; she saw when she parted her lips. And her skin was so much paler.

"I saved her life." She said weakly, before her head lolled and she was unconscious. With wide eyes Fortis looked over to where Philip held the little girl, wondering what her Goddess had planned next.

And now Fatal Attraction is over! I know I drug it out; I just didn't want it to end! Thank you to all who made it this far! Love Across Sands will be coming soon, Fortis's story, find out what happened! Also, come and download the new and improved version on Fatal Attraction for epub and mobi when available! PLEASE COMMENT!