Darkest Hour.

Note: English is not my first language, so please forgive for any mistakes x) If you'd be kind enough to point me though, it would be much more appreciated than a (gasp) flame!

Summary: Raven misspells some words during a ritual, and ends at another Universe, what will she find as she dwells in this mysterious new world? Love perhaps?

Crossover: Teen Titans and Percy Jackson (after PJLO) – Obviously I don't own any of those! Heh! But they would make a wonderful present if you ask for my opinion… (wink wink) OBS: I own a few things, like Thalia/Melpomene's personalities, Rocky, Bartie and a few others.

Pairings: NicoRaven (hehe!); and any other cannon pairings from PJ. ;)

Chapter one: Misspelled.

Hands traced the carefully drawn lines on the floor.

The white lines and light grey floor offering almost no contrast to the pale skin of those hands.

Raven almost smiled at her work, it was finally done.

Opening a thick black book at the middle, seemingly randomly, Raven started the chant.

"Rirba a megassap arap ortuo odnum" The demon hybrid felt the drain on her magic as the lines she drew on the floor started to glow. Holding the black book tightly to her chest, Raven intensified the chanting, her words gaining strength and loaning her magic to the spell she was weaving. "em eiug!" She finished, her voice loud as the light fed hungrily on the magic, and grew in volume, becoming almost blindly.

That's when something went wrong and Raven's world blackened.


Raven barely noticed when her senses started to get back. The pounding headache would be a give away, but she was too busy being confused.

What the hell happened?

Feeling the world around her with her by extending empathic powers, Raven determined two things right away.

She wasn't at the titan tower anymore, so her spell must have worked.

She didn't know where she ended up at.

Raven knew also that she was on the rough asphalt floor, and by the sound of intense traffic that reached her sensitive ears, she wasn't very far from a main street.

Sucking on a deep breath, Raven opened her eyes. Dark lilac irises greeted the world stoically.

'Where am I' wondered the half demon wearily. Her senses buzzing with the information she was receiving from the world around her.

Smells, sounds, sensations… It wasn't like the Earth she knew, there was something slightly different that Raven couldn't put her hands on.

So she decided to meditate on her situation. She was too weak to try another transportation spell, not before getting a lot of rest since, if she noticed right, the energy taxes that cost her to be brought here were high... to go back through the same way would be the same.

Where did her spell go wrong? It was supposed to create another door to Nevermore, since BeastBoy broke her mirror…


Raven growled silently, looking around her thoroughly, she was looking for a safe location to sit still while she meditated and mulled back to the happenings of the day.

The street was quiet and dark, the setting sun doing nothing to help it. There were a few cars parked here and there, and no soul around to witness her arrival. That she knew of at least, she didn't know how much time she spent unconscious.

The buildings weren't that tall, but they were old, so Raven decided that breaking in one of them wouldn't be a bad idea.

She was a titan, not a saint.

And if she was caught, escaping wouldn't be hard, not at all.

Choosing a shady building with some fading signs at the façade, it looked abandoned, and after a deeper exploration of the area within it, Raven "saw" no aura inside it. Abandoned it was, then.

Not thinking twice, Raven fazed through the wall and went into an old reception of some kind. The dark room intimidating the sorceress, Raven may have surpassed a few of her fears, but she still had a half human heart, easily scared.

The furniture covered with white sheets, and the paint peeling off the walls. By the way it looked; it was an old cinema house. With seventies movie's posters and fading popcorn stands. Raven wondered why it remained unused for so long, but shrugged it off and blamed human laziness.

Choosing a bench and seeing if it was steady, she sat on it and took her meditation pose, crossing her legs into lotus position and curling her fingers on top of her knees. Her black book resting on her lap as she started to chant.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos" Her lips moved automatically to form the so used words, bringing comfort to Raven's heart.

She decided to start with rewinding the day.

XxxX Flash Back XxxX

Raven entered her room last night, a suspicion frown on her face as she scanned her dark sanctuary. A black book clutched in her hands.

She felt there was something wrong, and then knew there was something wrong the moment BeastBoy gave her a stuttering greeting and Cyborg eyed her nervously, as if expecting her to snap at them any time. The guarded looks from Robin and the cautious avoidance of Starfire were the last straw on Raven's nerves.

There was something wrong.

And she wasn't even away from the tower for that long. She just went to the city library in search of literary source for the book she decided to write. The thick black book she was carrying.

"Ok, what's going on" she asked suspiciously, her voice even, when her eyes flashed dangerously.

"Err… Raven…" BeastBoy started, but his eyes wouldn't find hers.

She could practically taste their fear.

What could possibly cause them fear, concerning Raven?

There was an awfully long list…

"Promise you won't be mad at us…" The green changeling flinched when Raven's gaze focused on him.

"Too late…" She narrowed her eyes dangerously.

"Look, Raven, we didn't mean to, but…" Robin, their fearless leader, was barely hanging on his steady voice as Raven could feel from his emotions through their link.

"But?" She pressed, not yet hissing, but near.

"We… kind of broke… your… mirror…" BeastBoy stuttered out, closing his eyes and fearing for his life.

"WHAT!" Black tendrils of energy seeped out of Raven as her eyes glowed with rage. The lamps exploded and smoke started to rise from the few electronics on stand by. Cyborg flinched when the TV let out a muted spark and died down. "WHAT. DID. YOU. DO?" Their Dark friend raged.

"It was an accident!" BeastBoy, the official spokesman exclaimed.

"Yes, Friend Raven!" Starfire squealed when black energy curled around her feet like a snake. "We were just trying to find the perfect birthday present for you!" Cyborg and BeastBoy nodded profusely. Their wide doe like eyes staring at Raven as if she'd eat them.

Which she was very tempted to do.

Oh yes, her birthday… She may not despise her birthday that much anymore because of what happened the year before…

The fall of Trigon on that same date. Raven's birthday.

But her friends fought Trigon and saved her from her destiny, forever changing her views on life. Not drastic changes, no, Raven's emotions still ran rampant over her powers, but without Rage's influence over her demon blood, she could use her powers more freely without risking losing control.

But now Rage kind of held the leash.

"And what does that has to do with my mirror" Raven hissed this time. Her mirror! The passage to Nevermore, her own mind! Her chest filled with dread as her stomach clenched.

"We… entered your room… to find a clue as to what we could buy to you, someting you don't have" At this time, Raven wasn't even sure of who said what. Her mind trying to cope with the news…

That mirror was rare; there was only one in existence, made especially for Raven. A gift from the monks of Azarath…

'A complicated spell work, that needed four monks to channel the magic into it.' To help her meditate, to control her emotions by facing them directly. A good tool so far, very, very useful.

Since she couldn't let emotions run her life, she had a special place for them to get loose. Nevermore. And without a door to go in, it would be an unnecessary hassle and extra trying to access it through meditation.

Her mirror broke.

'Raven…" Robin called to her, she turned to him.

"No" Raven snapped "I need to be alone" And when she used that tone, it meant she needed time to reign in her emotions.

The other titans knew they did something very bad, and they regretted it deeply.

"We're really sorry, Raven" Just for effect, BeastBoy transformed into a kitten, with huge watery eyes.

The half demon didn't say anything after that, just nodded silently and floated to her room. She had a lot to think about.

Like creating a new mirror.

And finishing her book.


Perhaps her friends' accident may prove to be useful. Raven's rage subdued a little to shimmering degree as logic gained voice.

'I'll make a new mirror' Raven decided, walking to her bed and sitting on it cross legged, she reached with her powers to a feather pen resting on her drawer and opened the book to a littlewards after the middle.

A blank page, ready to be filled.

Readying the pen, Raven started to write, a flowing cursive almost like she was drawing every letter. She intended for her book to be special, every powerful mage, sorcerer, wizard, warlock, druid, or any magic user one day wrote a spell book, a grimoire of sorts, a reminder to the next generations of their experiences on the magic field and their personal spells.

Her mind unconsciously drifted to Malchior and Rorek. Rorek wrote a spell book, that he used to bind Malchior in.

Her book wasn't about to be used to bind Dragons, for that she was sure. And it was a calming experience, aside from reviewing her magical teachings, Raven could experiment with it her own way with her powers and reflect on it.

'Chapter 16: How to Create Passages to One's Mind'

It was a start. Raven frowned, she had knowledge of dimensional travel, but to create a portal to her own mindscape was tricky. She'd have to review her alchemy books, and perhaps runes too. And what to use as a power source?

And she still had to find a new mirror to be used as a portal, or fix her old one. Oh! She had to write that.

'Choose wisely your door, a mirror is most recommended, since it is said to trap one's soul, so what better to use as an entrance to one's mind?'

'Where are the shards of my mirror?' Raven asked herself staring across her room. 'There' A bundle of wrappings behind her door caught her attention, using her powers to bring it closer, and stating that yes, the bundle contained the broken pieces of her once Nevermore passage, she mended the shards together yet again looking at her reflex in the recently repaired mirror, but felt no magic within it.

'I hoped that the magic had remained' Raven sighed 'but it got lost when its container broke'

She held the mirror wearily in front of her. 'now what?'

Her night would be very long indeed.


Raven sighed tiredly, gazing at her work.

She has filled a lot of pages in her book about that subject on the span of time of twelve hours, but she made a lot of progress, like finding the right rune work to use, the materials that would cost less energy depletion, and the right spell words… that could be very tricky if she wasn't specific enough. She heard cases of mages blowing themselves up whilst trying to conjure wind… well, something like "blowing wind" shouldn't be used that way if one didn't want to instantly combust.

But she thought she had the right words for her spell, she wanted to go to another world, really, Nevermore is not considered a parallel dimension as it is merely Raven's mind opening itself.

Another level on unraveling yourself…

To connect to it, now. Meditation is an option, but then a lot of concentration is required so she needed an external link that served as an instant connector. 'My chakra may serve this purpose' Raven wrote down her observations.

And so, ending her little research project and feeling absolutely drained, the sorceress pushed her books, pen and notes aside and laid down on her bed, drifting to sleep instantly Ignoring the nagging of hunger constricting her gut. She has spent longer times without eating, a day wouldn't kill her.


The dark sorcerer of the Teen Titans yawned as she drank her tea.

Careful stares followed her around, her team mates stepping on eggshells waiting for the bomb to drop at any time. She ignored them purposely, still mildly angry at their stunt and unnecessary headache.

She would forgive them and stop to cause them pscicological scare when she had a new mirror at hand.

For now she was happy with the panicked squeaks and stuttered words. Even if she didn't really appreciate their fear, she wasn't going to do any lasting damage to her friends after all… their luck she was just so self controlled.

And they were just trying to give her a decent birthday present again, and for the fact that the Titans didn't even made an attempt at cooking or baking that day, Raven was feeling quite optimist that her friends wouldn't try to throw her another party being that they were already so scared of her.

Ah, the powers of suggestion really do wonders.

No birthday party for Raven this year yet again, for this time the Titans are fearing for their lives, again.

Though Raven wouldn't have minded the presents, if they were nice.

She would wait and see if the Titans would try to apologize via gifts.

The thought made Raven smirk slightly.

For now the Dark sorcerer would set with casting her spell.

Finishing her tea and dropping the cup in the sink to be washed later, she floated, covered with her cloak and leaking an ominous cloud of black tendrils just for the dramatics really, she wanted to hear her team sweat.

Raven made her way to her room feeling more satisfied and subdued, for now.

She had a spell to cast.

Using simple white crayon to draw the lines of the runes on the floor, Raven finished her preparations. As power sources, she would be using crystals as catalysts to her own magic.

It would drain her terribly, but nothing drastic.

She almost smiled at her work. It was beautiful, her hands traced lightly over the runes, appreciating it. Raven prepared to say the chant words and unlock her magic, but just to be sure, she opened her black book, at the page where she had written the chosen words.

"Rirba a megassap arap ortuo odnum" Her hands trembled. The drain was heavy, way much more than she originally predicted. "em eiug"

XxxX End of Flash Back XxxX

Raven slowly opened her lilac/indigo eyes, her body felt a little stiff, perhaps because of how long she sat there meditating. By the light filtering inside the building through small cracks at the walls and ceiling, Raven knew she must have spent a few hours for it appeared to be now early mornings.

It wasn't unusual for her to lose track of time during meditation.

'At least now I may have the answer to my problem' Raven mused to herself as she got out of lotus position and sat on the bench, stretching her sore muscles and dusting her cloak that went from a nice dark blue to an almost grey after a night in that dirty place.

After she was satisfied, Raven stared at her book. The hard black leather cover greeting her with silver letters, written by Raven herself, the title. 'Retributions'.

Narrowing her eyes and ignoring the slight burning sensations from all the dust, Raven opened the book at the right chapter, the one she was writing last night, to go over her notes again.

'I can't believe it!' Raven's eyes widened as she stared at the pages. 'I can't believe I made an amateur mistake like this!' She was beating herself mentally now. She'd gotten stronger, because it was her weakness that made her such a good puppet for Malchior.

She'd drown in her books, learning spells and magics, something she usually did with flippancy for the mind exercise, became a lifeline. 'It didn't help any with Scath though' She always thought bitterly, but then her usefulness to Trigon had been that of a portal.

And added to the fact Raven liked to read mostly to escape cold, harsh reality, studying ancient forms of magic, runes and alchemy wasn't hard.

Raven was no master, but she wasn't a fool beginner either.

So as she glared, burning holes at the notes written at the book's pages, she wondered just where her mind had been when she decided to use those words as incantations for the spell.

'To another world' Raven growled deep within her throat. She was taken to another world alright, and still mirror less... 'I should have used something more specific, like open a passage to Nevermore, a stupid mistake that I paid with my magic.'

Briefly the sorcerer wondered if this happened because of her mean streak toward her friends who wanted only to offer her a good birthday for once.

"Karma is a bitch" Raven mused bitterly.

The dark sorceress brooded silently for a few moments, gathering her thoughts.

She could try the spell again; see if it would lead her home. 'or to another dimension altogether' There were few options in reality. Perhaps try to make the portal to Nevermore again…

Though, this place seems really similar to Raven's Earth, even if it didn't feel like it. 'the magic here is chaotic, raw, unrestrained…' Hit by a sudden thought, Raven muttered her chant, observing critically as her hands glowed with black energy.

The familiar rushing feeling of her magic cursing through her body gave her a little comfort. 'My powers seem to work here'

Raven felt torn now.

'I have a lot of things to worry about right now, like getting back home and enchanting a mirror to Nevermore, but perhaps this dimension may prove to be interesting' The half demon thought, logic practically screaming at Raven to not waste another minute around this place, she didn't know it, it might be dangerous, but Brave and Curious won out the battle.

Lowering her head, Raven closed her eyes a bit; she would take a little nap after spending the whole night meditating. Her back leaning against the wall and her body adjusting to a relaxed state, the sorceress let her mind close down, welcoming the darkness of sleep.


Dusty air stirred, coiling like a snake's embrace around itself.

Raven's eyes felt heavy, she was still very tired, and now her back hurt so badly the dark sorcerer wanted nothing more but to just crack it.

"Oh dear, look at her!" A voice, a soft female voice reached Raven's ears, making the young girl jump awake, startled.

"Who are you?" The black bird demanded, her voice a scratchy murmur like a low purring. But Raven's face portrayed her caution. Her sharp eyes could see nothing, the theater looked to be as empty as the time Raven got in it.

"Oooooh, please forgive us!" Another voice cried "We tried to make no noise, bu-but-" The first voice interrupted gently.

"She asked us a question, didn't she, silly?" It giggled in a chipper tone. Raiven raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, yes she did" the one, more soft and sulky answered. "We woke her up!" It cried again. "We were so rude! The poor girl is so tired! I can't handle it!"

"She is standing right here, and she is getting pissed off" Finally Raven snapped. She heard more giggles, as if what she said was funny, not sarcastic and rude.

"Oh Raven! You'd make an excellent actress! But back to track" Giggling noises "I am known as Thalia, and this is Melpomene! But you may call me Thalia…" Laughing and a snort. Raven pondered for a second just what was so funny, but decided to let go as suddenly two figures materialized in front of her.

They were two women, both white skinned and tall. One of them had bleach blond hair, that fell in ringlets framing her face, dark brown eyes and a Comedy Greek mask hanging around her neck.

The other one had black straight hair that covered half of her face, dark circles around her black eyes, and a Tragedy Greek mask clutched in her hands so tightly her knuckles were white.

'Tragedy and Comedy…' Raven recorded what she had read about greek mythology, and about those same masks that she kept in her room. 'the reminder of emotions… the muses… Thalia and Melpomene… Muses…'

Realization dawned on Raven's face as she stared at the two women side by side. One of them with a smile so huge it ran from ear to ear, and the other with such a pitiful sad frown, it looked as if her eyes were melting down.

"You're th-" Raven did her best not to gasp, but Thalia, or the Comedy Muse, interrupted her with a high peal of laugher.

"Ooh, ohoho, ohoho Raven! You're just so funny! The face you made as you connected the dots!" She snorted through her laughs. Melpomene looked sadly at Raven's direction and tilted her shoulder helplessly.

Raven tried to control her temper, as it was rising swiftly even if they were Graces.

"What do you want" The sorcerer growled. Melpomene flinched.

"W-warn you!" the Tragedy muse sniffed. "About this dimension…" A violet eyebrow was raised silently in question. Comedy calmed down enough to gaze at Raven's eyes.

"We kind of like you" She said with a straight face, holding it for a second before breaking into giggles.

"What do you mean by "kind of like me"?" Tentacles of dark energy snapped at the Muses' feet, making them yelp.

"Oooooh, hold on!" Thalia squealed while Melpomene sobbed, muttering 'this is going all wrong, all wrong! Nothing ever works, ever…'. The black energy returned to Raven calmly as if it nothing happened. Though Raven's narrowed stare was threat enough for the two Graces.

"She is going to kill us now! All because of you, Thalia!" Tragedy muttered, trembling. "We j-just wanted to help… t-to avoid th-the Drama…" She sniffed.

"Stupid! We can't be killed!" Comedy laughed, as if Melpomene'd said the most funny joke she ever heard. "But really Raven! We like you! You give us some purpose, and you honor us!" Thalia sung happily the words. Tragedy whimpered.

"A-and I'm so-so Sorry about your Tragedy li-life so far" Melpomene's face fell, as her eyes filled with tears. "I've never cried that much watching someone!"

"You always cry too much" Thalia muttered with a smirk. "Raven, you're not at your Universe anymore" Melpomene sucked a pained breath, as her crying came to a stop. "You see? Chaos is chaotic!" Raven twitched and Tragedy only stared. "Ooh… tough audience I see… anyway! There is a lot of Universes around time and space, not even us gods are aware of all of them!" Her face was breaking into a blinding smile, as if every word she said held some funny meaning.

Raven just listened, her apprehension growing along her temper, again.

"And why, if may I ask, are the two of you here?" Raven didn't know much of this universe, but somehow she felt it was uncommon for the gods to deliver messages like this. 'Unless they are Hermes'. The sorcerer thought dryly.

So what did Raven do to deserve both Tragedy and Comedy personally come to find her?

"Warning you!" Both of the sister exclaimed at the same time.

"We like you!" Thalia smiled "and we want to watch the show unroll from the front seats!"

"Then talk away…" Raven sighed… later she would wonder if it was such a good idea to let to opposite goddesses lead a conversation…


AN: Since my Latin is terrible, I'll use coded sentences to form Raven's chants :)

Rirba a megassap arap ortuo odnum – To open a passage to another world
em eiug – Guide me. (reverse from the same sentence in Portuguese)

Before you ask or point out. Raven is torn between going back to her universe right away, SUPPOSING that the spell will work the other way… but she wants to make sure it does before risking her neck. Also, she wants to do research on this new dimension, for her book's sake or for her own. Aside the fact that she is almost drained from the big spell, that drained her magic.