Darkest Hour.

Summary: Raven misspells some words during a ritual, and ends at another Universe, what will she find as she dwells in this mysterious new world? Love perhaps?

Crossover: Teen Titans and Percy Jackson (after PJLO) – Obviously I don't own any of those! Heh! But they would make a wonderful present if you ask for my opinion… (wink wink) OBS: I own a few things, like Thalia/Melpomene's personalities, Rocky, Bartie and a few others.

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Chapter 14: The Missing God.

Sounds of battle were heard above the angry yells, desperate calls and war cries.

Camp-Half Blood was the scenario for one heck of a battle right now. The barrier yet to be restored.

"We are not to let those suckers gain ground!" A Senior Camper by the name of Daphne Cane, a hardened girl daughter of Ares struck her sword with precision, eyeing the shower of golden sand fall to the ground where just moments ago a rather nasty little wolf stood. Her contemptuous yell brought the attention of other campers, who were following her leads at the moment, seeing as she had some experience. It didn't stop them from wishing Clarisse was here though. Daphne Cane was doing her best.

"Cane!" Chris Loop, a son of Hephaestus called out for Daphne, stepping out of the way of a swiping claw. "We need reinforcements by the lake! Mermaids! Cane, Mermaids!" He huffed as he used a strange mechanical scissors to defend against another attack. "The Naiads are doing what they can to keep those bitches away" Daphne cursed under her breath and motioned for one of her brothers to come forth.

"Go look for Jackson and tell him to go cover the lake" She hissed. Dodging out of the way of a club. Chris Loop huffed and used his mechanical contraption to pierce the eye of the Cyclops that was towering over Daphne. She hissed a thanks his way, before slashing once again at another monster.

"What the hell is going on?" Chris stepped up to Daphne and stood back to back with her. The girl's dark brown eyes were so narrowed it was a mystery how she could still see. Her lashes were fluttered with the sparkly golden sand left from when monsters disappeared… Chris could only gather that he must look the same, if not worse than his fellow camper right now. At least he was thankful someone that participated in the New York battle was here with him, he would cater to her leadership.

He heard Daphne's feet shuffle, and it was warning enough, he dodged the incoming attack, hooking his arms through Daphne's and using the momentum, she slashed the troublesome Cyclops.

"Hade's balls if I know!" Daphne growled. Chris had the decency of letting out a wince and inwardly wish the Underworld god was looking elsewhere at the moment.

They were also being swarmed by monsters…

"Need some help?" The sassy voice of Sadie Aoka, daughter of Aphrodite danced in their battle followed closely by Camille Fronte who was holding onto her sword with confidence. The appearance of the two of them almost made Chris sag in relief.

"Since when you pampers sword fight?" Daphne growled, Camille tossed her hair over her shoulder shrugging off the Ares' child's words. Aoka hissed as she kicked off a monster right into Chris' awaiting weapon.

"Ever since that stick got up your a-"

Chris tuned them down and kept slashing monsters, they needed to keep their position for as long as they could.


Rachel's POV.

Rachel Elizabeth Chase could be many things. But if there was one thing she prided herself on being, it was brave.

Heck, she was the one, One Hundred Percent mortal girl who threw a plastic hair brush at a Titan's head! What other Mortal could claim the same thing without being smithered to cinders on the spot?

So what if her bright green eyes were a bit dimmed, and so what if the ancient soul of the Oracle of Delphi residing inside her body joined her own soul and was screaming at her to hide. So what if that's the exactly thing she wanted to do?

Since when was Rachel one to seek the easiest way out?

She had the headstrong stubborn-like-a-raging-bull infamous Chase temper. Her figurative enemies would have scars forever… her mother wouldn't cross her. It was something that amused Apolo greatly… he even had a haiku ready for her… she didn't even care to hear it when he pronounced it to her, making the sunny-haired god smirk good naturally and mess her hair.

Then what the Hades' was she doing cowering like a frightened rat underneath a table when there were things she could do to help?

"The hell I am staying out of this!" The young woman growled under her breath, uncurling her body and making a disheartening hard effort getting to her feet. The red head wobbled a bit, but securing a hold on the table she was hiding under, she managed to stay up.

A whimper caught her ears. Turning her head so fast it made her neck snap painfully, Rachel found herself staring at a bed. So she was in the medical bay… She didn't remember getting here…

Closing her eyes to focus, the ancient magic pulsing under her skin made her eyes glow eerily green before subsiding… she wasn't getting any premonition… 'Is it a good thing, or a bad thing?' Rachel wondered briefly, before the figure laying on the bed whimpered again. It was a sound Rachel knew well… she made it always when she had a killer headache and no painkillers ready.

"Are you alright?" The red head asked cautiously. The dim light made difficult to see well, and she was still frightfully aware that there were monsters lurking outside… she wasn't deaf to the wails and screeches the monsters made just outside the Med bay, it made her skin crawl and the urge to hide grow even larger.

Maybe the Priestess of Delphi' spirit was warring with Rachel Dare for the first time. It wasn't pleasant.

"Yeah" The voice groaned back, bringing Rachel back to attention. It sounded female and vaguely familiar… Raven… Raven!

Rachel could have sagged in relief… if only the wall remained intact… if only that Minotaur left them alone. If only…


Anabeth's POV

She and Percy had only just got to the Weapons Rack when a disheveled son of Ares came barging in, in hysterics, yelling something about Percy being needed at beach and "bloody Mermaids". Anabeth instantly recognized the possibly dangerous situation they could be in if their enemies gained ground through their Pier, and hushed Percy out with the son of Ares.

When she was getting out after finding a suitable armor the eccentric son of Hermes, the one and unique boy that appeared a few months after Percy's deal with the gods. Anabeth didn't know what to make of the spiky haired blond kid.

He was too similar to Luke to hit comfortably well with her. And Fred was a bit odd at times, and reclusive to fault… people shunned him for various reasons, and for the past week or so, when Percy took an interest in Raven because Nico took an interest in the strange girl, Fred Harsen who for some unfathomable reason stuck to Raven like glue. She had the chance to get to know the other blond a little better.

His golden eyes seemed ablaze as he gazed at her, his face contorted into a frown of confusion and worry. With a hiss, Anabeth told him to save it until she had the right mind to think things through. Right now they needed all the man-power they could get to barricade the monsters.

'What's wrong with the big guys?' Anabeth shuddered to even think of a reason as to why the gods could be pissed about with them. But even without her consent, her mind was already furiously working on the possible why, how and the solution to it all.

And at the same time picking up her dagger from underneath her shirt and standing ready, armor on and making sure Fred had his own armor… 'Multi-tasking is a female specialty' She thought with grim amusement.

She felt like a hypocrite for a second, but then shrugged it off.

"Are you ready?" She asked the other blond demigod. Fred nodded curtly, making Anabeth eye him critically. He had his sword ready, and like most of Hermes' children, preferred light weight armor.

"Yah, as ready as I can get" He smirked at the smaller blond, winking cheekily. Anabeth glared a little, ushering him outside the weapons rack. More and more demigods were running toward it now, so Fred took Anabeth's dagger-free hand and dragged her away from another rushing kid.

It was at that moment that a explosion made the whole Camp shake. The dark sky lightened for a second, only for the thunderstorm's clouds start to change shape.

"I greet you, my little friends" A cheery voice came from the clouds. There were more lightening crossing the sky, and as if by a cue, the clouds finally settled in the shape of a face… a distinctly female face, with a curling smile and a burning stare. The voice was coming from all directions, and it made their bodies tremble.

"Holly Sh-" Fred Harsen snapped, but being under the glare of one Anabeth Chase made him gulp. "Sh-eetos" He corrected with a sheepish expression. Anabeth only glared more. Both had their eyes wide as they took in the scene in front of them. The golden haired demigoddess would bet anything that this story wouldn't end so soon.

All around them the other campers struggled with the monsters, and it didn't take long for the pair of blonds to join the battle.

"I hope you're having fu-un" The voice stretched the word fun. The monsters roared at her words, attacking the demigods more viciously.

"Holly Shit!" And this time Anabeth was too busy fending off a dracnae to worry about Fred, but she made a mental note to slap him later… dodging an attack, the blond Athena's daughter gave a battle cry as she turned her opponent to gold glittery sand.


"Duck!" Raven jumped to attention as soon as she saw the red haired girl freeze in front of the giant Minotaur. The creature's brown fur rippled ominously as it broke down the wall. The red head heard Raven's warning and ducked, crouching to the ground protecting her head with her arms. "Azareth Metriun Zinthos!" Raven chanted, sending one of the beds around them cruising through the air and hitting the Minotaur straight on its stomach.

The dark sorceress noticed with a low curse the body of the other red haired girl laying on the bed. Rachel, the woman who acted as the Oracle stood up, green eyes aflame with a fierce determination...

"Wake her up!" Raven ordered the Oracle girl mentioning for the immobile body of Carol. The demigoddess had yet to stir, even with all the noises… Raven felt guilt start to crawl its way into her chest, but at the same time the confusion was overwhelming. 'How did I get here?'

The last thing she remembered was ending the spell, then sweet oblivion… But she couldn't shake the feeling that there was something terribly wrong, for one, her Rage was suspiciously abashed. It threw her off a loop.

Rachel nodded, reaching toward the smaller body of Carol and shaking her. The Minotaur was rising again, and it seemed even more angry. Raven chanted again, pressing more beds against the monster, hoping to hold it off at least until Carol woke up. She didn't like the idea of running, but her energies were dangerously low.

The Minotaur raised its weapon, a giant spiky club, and smashed through the beds easily. Its enraged eyes were red and made a shudder run down Raven's spine. The dark titan girl's eyes narrowed to slits and started to glow white as she focused what she had left of her powers.

Absently, she wondered if Beastboy would be able to turn into a Minotaur… but it was only a passing thought that entertained Raven for about a fraction of a second before her attention was called back to the horned monster that was raising its weapon.

Aiming the blow directly on Rachel and Carol.

Another amused thought passed through Raven's head at that moment. 'Maybe red truly enrages a bull' she paused, controlling the snort, reminding herself of how dire the situation was. 'maybe I am going insane' It was such a sad destiny.

Her amusement turned into panic as soon as she realized that there would be no time to act. Her chants took too much time, and the club was descending at an alarming rate. Without even thinking, Raven flew at Rachel and the still passed out Carol, using what was left of her magic to shield them.

The club collided with a black bauble.

To their utter grief, the shield didn't hold. Raven held it for as long as she could, but the physical blow was too much, and the spikes penetrated her defense, taking it down.

It also struck her directly in the back.

Pain exploded in her senses for only a moment, her vision blackened and she swayed dangerously. She felt a pair of arms secure against her waist and hissed when a hand pressured her wound. After that small second the pain came back though, in the form of a throb all over her body.

"Raven!" Rachel screeched desperately. The pair of conscious girls watched as if in slow motion as the Minotaur's club descended yet again to strike them down.

"Look out!" A new voice called them, Raven opened her eyes, not realizing that she had them closed in the first place, to see the misty form of a boy standing between them and the bull like monster. He had vaguely familiar features and his blond hair stood out. The boy was muscled and was holding off the club with a strange pair of gloves.

The Minotaur roared at the boy, and lunged again. The boy grunted as he caught the club, feet digging into the polished white porcelain tiles covering the bay – by now it wasn't as pristine as before though.

"Run!" He ordered, pushing against the Minotaur. "Find Di Angelo" He growled. Rachel stammered something that Raven didn't catch, before turning to Raven.

"You got'ta help me here" The red haired pleaded, still pressing something on Raven's back. "I'll get some supplies first" With this, Rachel ran to the room's supply cabinet, grabbing a first-aid kit and some extra gauze rolls, she stumbled back to where Raven was hunched over Carol' sleeping form. Raven understood what Rachel wanted even if her mind was hazed with pain. She willed the pain away and tried to stand on shaky legs.

It was easier said than done… but years of controlling her emotions and body taught her discipline, so struggling with the deep pain radiating from her back, Raven locked it all in a black box at the corner of Nevermore… no doubt she'd be paying for that later when she started a healing stasis… for now her body had to endure.

Her spiritual powers were still dangerously low too.

Rachel smiled humorlessly and hooked an arm under Carol's shoulder, Raven did the same holding back the grimace at seeing her own blood now trickling down Carol's arm where she held it. The trio of girls left the med bay stumbling horribly. It was a scorch against their honor to leave like that, and Raven wanted nothing more than to release Rage and let it take care of things… It just… wasn't worth it…

What if she hurt someone?

Her Father's grinning face said it all.

They heard the Minotaur roar once more and the Greek styled building shake on its bases, walls falling to the ground soon followed by the ceiling. Raven exhaled in relief and pain as she saw the blond boy who saved them scramble from under the ruble with a coy smirk on his face… that is, until he saw Raven' state.

"Di Angelo!" The called loudly. The last thing Raven was aware of before passing out from blood loss was the dark and gentle caress of her very own Hades' child against her aura, soothing it like a long awaited balm over her pain.

And she felt his rage just boiling under it all… it was utterly delicious.


If Chaos were to see her now, she was sure the Titan would be very proud of everything she was doing… after all, her works functioned just fine for him.

Her hand lazily moved through a cloudy veil. Beyond the veil, her wickedly twinkling eyes observed greedily the battle occurring in that twice cursed Half-Blood Camp. Manicured red nails glinted with the fading light.

"Are you sure they're going to look for it?" A voice brought her out of her Discord-caused glee. It always made her feel giddy when she managed to create chaos. A smile lit her face even though the words spoken weren't so pleasant for her.

"Oh, they will" Eris cackled, her blond hair dancing with a supernatural wind. "My dear Damneus, they will, they have that pathetic Oracle to help them" Her smile got larger "Besides, now it is time to start Part Two of our plan" Behind her, the tall humanoid form frowned. His hard red eyes were trailed upon the veil in which they were spying. "Now go take care of that problem…"

"So be it" The other eight beings blinked out of existence.

"Its time to do what I do best" Eris held her hand above her head. When she lowered her hand, her eyes were gazing lovingly at the glowing golden apple she now held. "Humanity at its peak…"

Her laugh echoed through the skies in the form of an ominous thunder.


"The camp is under attack!" Mr. D's voice echoed inside the gold decorated temple. The architecture helping his voice to diffuse, but the strength of it still fluctuated.

"We have more serious problems right now" Athena replied more calmly, even if her eyes showed how troubled she was.

"Do you have any idea of who's responsible for this?" Asked Hermes with an unknown emotion seeping into his voice. The other gods around him frowned. Eleven gods made part of the inner circle of their congregation, and another thirteen made an outer circle.

"First the Curetti, now this" A goddess from the outer circle muttered darkly. "Hades is not present" She noticed with a somber look. Nemesis was one who took everything personally.

"My son is with him at the moment, he is unable to leave the Underworld" A goddess with dark flowing hair that moved like a breeze replied to Nemesis' accusations. Nyx shrugged off the glare she received, trusting Thanathos to keep an eye on the Underworld Lord.

"As is my daughter" Demeter added venomously. "Are you implying my daughter has anything to do with this?" The goddess of fertility asked the now glaring Nemesis.

"We are not here to fight, but to find a solution" The low baritone voice of Poseidon made the other gods stare at him. He is one of the "Big Three". "We need to save my brother… and obviously our demigods are… detained" The words were clearly spoken, but the meaning wasn't lost.

And he wasn't talking about Hades too…

Zeus was missing in that room.


Unknown Place

"You're awaken, son" Zeus' enraged eyes scanned the room he was in. It was a trap… one he fell like a little bird! If he ever caught the responsible for this, he'd skewer them alive and make their deaths a slow, painful one. That voice was familiar though… a voice he's not heard in a long time.

"You still call the godling son?" Another familiar voice replied… why couldn't he see them? The Thunder god felt all of his powers were in check, but his eyes were blind and his body bound. Whomever was responsible for this, they've found a way to bind a god…

"Who are you?" His voice sounded like an angry thunder. Any other being would have been terrified, but not his captors… he tried once again to see, but all he could make out was a black bubbling tar…

An island…

"We're sad you don't recall" A new voice spoke… so far he heard three of them… how many they were?

Then it fell into place.

His missing Curetti…

'We know where you can find what you've lost… come to Tartarus' domain and we shall show you' The message was clear. His fury bubbled from his skin in the form of his aura. The heat and light was enough to make Apolo jealous… The golden white aura of the Thunder god washed over the island, lifting for a moment the blindfold magically tied to his eyes.

Around him nine forms circled. Nine familiar forms… Nine Daemons who now represented more then the comfort her felt when near them.

Betrayal made his blood boil.

On Earth above, a dangerous Lighting Storm was forming.


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