I just know people are going to take this is as Tsuna/Goku implied fic, well... it's not. Not implying anything; it's just a humorous fic, er intended to be.
Btw, italics=Tsuna's thoughts.

Tsuna sighed, wishing he could rip his hair out in frustration. They had been going on and on about this stupid misunderstanding for God knows how long now. Plus, it was so embarrassing considering the content of said misunderstanding. He was walking in-between his two friends Gokudera and Haru, only, he wasn't quite sure that the term "friend" was accurate...

It was bad luck that him and Gokudera ran into Haru while on their way home from school. The eccentric girl had to, of course, rush over to them with a wide smile plastered on her face. And this is how the misunderstanding got started:

"Hahi! Tsuna-san! What a surprise for Haru to meet you!"

"It's not that big of a surprise..." Tsuna said dully, since he ran into her quite often whether by coincidence or not.

"Oi, idiot!" Gokudera snarled. "The Tenth and I were having a meaningful conversation about the future of our family, and here you come butting in!"

"Hahi? How rude! I was simply saying hi to my future hus–" Haru paused mid-sentence. "D-Did you say... yours and Tsuna-san's... future family together?"

"Of course! Did I stutter or are you deaf, woman?"

Haru suddenly stopped walking and looked at the two boys strangely, who in turn also looked at her quizically.

"H-Haru?" Tsuna stammered.

A tinge of red marred her cheeks. "I... I see... I didn't know... you were into... m-men..." she could barely say the last word. "It looks like Haru being Tsuna-san's future wife is impossible after all!" she cried.

"E-Eh? WHAT?" Tsuna blurted out, his own face growing crimson. "I-I don't...! I swear! After all I like—" He abruptly stopped speaking. He was going to say "After all I like Kyoko-chan" but he didn't want Gokudera and Haru to know that.

"Hahi?" Haru said confused. "So Tsuna-san... isn't into... um, other guys?"

"Of course not, Haru!" Tsuna's shoulders slumped in exhaustion. Sheesh, Gokudera-kun, look what've done! Talking about the Vongola family in front of Haru!

"Stupid woman!" Gokudera turned on Haru in a rage. "How dare you accuse the Tenth of something he is not!"

"But you confused Haru by saying yours and Tsuna-san's family!"

"H-He didn't mean our family!" Tsuna desperately intervened.

"Tenth? Yes, I did though."

Gokudera-kun...! Why are you making this even more complicated?

"Haru... still doesn't understand." The girl had a look of utmost puzzlement on her face.

Tsuna had to think of something. "Y-You know... that mafia game we play with Yamamoto? Yeah, that, Gokudera-kun meant the future of the family in our game."

"Tenth, that isn't—" Gokudera began to say.

"OH! So that is it!" Haru exclaimed brightly. "Haru understands now!"


"But, Tsuna-san," she smiled cunningly. "I didn't know Tsuna-san was still such a kid; no wonder you're always playing with Lambo-kun and I-Pin-chan."

"Uhh... yeah, yeah..." mumbled Tsuna, just going along with the flow so they could end this bashful topic.

"How dare you call the Tenth a kid! He is a great boss who no one could ever hope to match to!"

...And of course, anything which was seen as an insult to the Vongola Family's 10th Boss was loyally opposed by his ever faithful right hand-man.