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He could not tear his eyes from the picture. He was paralyzed; everything around him seemed attenuated, and his sensations were diminished, Except for his sight. But he could not see beyond the picture that he held in his hands. Jessi and him ... No! No, it was Adam. Adam and ... a woman who looked exactly like jessi.
78122 ... 8?

Seeing this issue, he believed that another experiment had been conducted after Foss has released him but he and jessi has the same age. He didn't understand anything. At least he didn't want to ...

he just took his USB key, he wanted to consult the file he had took from Madacorp that could answer all his questions. But did he really want to? There were things that happened to him when she was not far. Tiny, almost imperceptible. He made sure to ignore them and succeeded quite well. However, he could not ever act as if they didn't exist. He still remembered the rush of feelings that had come to him when he took her hand and pulled her out of Zzyzx. He asked himself again about it but he had to pretend like nothing had happened ... He felt lost. He believed that he was the only one left after Adam's death but now finally she was there. Terrifying and alluring at once. She was like him but different in a lot of ways. He knew he was lucky to have Nicole and she offered him a family, unlike Jessi, they manipulated her. This woman, Emily, was probably not her sister. He didn't need to look further to understand what she had become. She ...

"Kyle! You've got company! "

Josh's voice interrupted his thoughts. After a moment of panic, he put the photograph in the box and shut it with a sudden gesture. He wouldn't tell anyone yet, no need to make a long story as nothing was certain.

A few seconds later, Amanda came into his room with a smile. He composed a welcoming face and pushed the photograph in the back of his mind, or at least he tried.

"Am I bothering you?"

He concluded that he wasn't very good at hiding his emotions. He would have to make more efforts if he wanted to keep his secret.

He smiled at his girlfriend and he replied:

"No, I was just thinking "

She seemed satisfied with his answer, fortunately for him, because he didn't have the courage to lie to her. They had planned on spending the afternoon together and that's what they did even if he had his head was elsewhere. Amanda talked much and Kyle only answered her with "yes" or "no" from time to time so she thought that he was listening.

Basically, he had one wish, talk to someone. He was not alone; he felt less like a freak of nature. But who would he tell? Declan? He already knew his secret, but ... No, he could not! He suspected that the girl didn't even know anything about her real past. Worse! Jessi thought she had a past ... And what if he was wrong? And she was just a normal teenager? ... However, the photo of Adam proved otherwise.

A coincidence? There was an explanation and he couldn't be satisfied until he figured it out .He was relieved when they arrived at the Tragers house. In normal times, he would offer her to stay a little more but then he was more than eager to be alone.

After ensuring that no member of his family had needed him, he went to his room and he consulted the file 781228.

As he read, everything became very clear and limpid. He did not really feel like learning new things. The more he read the angrier he became. When he realized what had been done to jessi. She was programmed! They took her for a computer!

He took the photo out of the box and ran her fingers over the face of the young woman ...

He sank into his tub, always the picture in his hands, it felt immediately more relaxed but it didn't provide any solution. What should he do?

Tell? Who? In fact, the only person he wanted to see this moment was Jessie. She needed help! She had the right to know!.

His watch showed six o'clock pm, it would not be a good time to go to her. It was soon dinner time ...

At the table, he was silent and then he took a sudden inspiration, he asked:

"Amanda and I, we want to go to the movies tonight, is it ok? "

He surprised himself, his composure to lie and he didn't even feel guilty. It was a case of majeure force; at least he tried to convince himself and succeeded quite well.

"No, of course, you can go "Nicole replied with a smile.

She was glad to see him act like a normal teenager. She suspected that it will be always a gray areas with Kyle and she would not know but probably not until there was no trouble, it didn't bother her too much.

So, shortly before eight o'clock, Kyle left the Tragers house to go to Jessi's. He was not sure what he was doing, he took his USB key, hoping it would help to convince the young woman. He didn't think that she was living alone and he didn't think about inventing an excuse to explain his presence.
Only after a knock at the door of the apartment, he took full consciousness of what he was doing ... And it was already too late to retreat.


Jessie was comfortably sitting on the couch watching an old movie, Gone with the wind. It was the third time today. She was fascinated by the courage of Scarlett and taken by the love that Rhett could carry in him. She wanted to know that too ...

When someone knocked at the door, she was tempted to pretend that she had not heard but ultimately, curious about whom might come to want to see Emily or her, she stood up. A smile lit her face when she recognized Kyle. With a gesture, she invited him in, what he did after a brief of hesitation.

He detailed a little inside; it was the first time he came here.

"Your sister isn't here? "He asked when he didn't see Emily.

Jessi shook her head.

"Officially, she works late. "

She seemed a little bitter and even if it doesn't concern him, he could not help but ask:

"And unofficially?..."

"She is with her daughter, she will not return to night ... And she said that she is going to be late at work.

"I did not know she had a ..."

"Me too, "she interrupted.

He looked very surprise, she shrugged and merely told him it was a long story.

Speaking of story, he had to tell her ... How could he say it?

"You have a computer? "

If she was surprised, she did not let it appear and she just showed him the room where Emily has a computer that she could use. She had searched through all the files without finding anything interesting.
Kyle sat in front of the monitor and Jessie took place at his side. He took a deep breath and ...

"What I'm going to say, is not easy to understand, impossible to admit but if you want to listen to me and trust me, you'll finally believe me. You are, the only one I can share this secret with... "

She was in tears, lying on her bed, she could not stop. Kyle had wanted to take her in his arms to comfort her but she refused.

He frequently cast anxious glances toward the door expecting to see Emily arrive at any time. He didn't want to explain to her what he was doing there and why her fake sister was in such a state.

He went into the kitchen and rummaging through the closets, he found enough to make her a hot chocolate. When he brought it to her, she had dozed off. He stared a moment and realized he had never taken the time to do it before, She was beautiful. He placed the mug on the bedside table and sat on the edge of the bed. He gently pushed a bit brown streaking on the forehead girl. This simple gesture is enough to pull her from sleep. She had a look of frightened doe, except this time, instead of running away, she snuggled against him. Each felt the other's heartbeat as their lips met.

Who took the initiative of the kiss? Who knows? They both liked it.

This contact electrified them, more than anything they had known before. The moment they are reunited, things went very fest between them, that kiss wasn't enough for them .they wanted more ….

For the first time in his life, Kyle slept in a real bed. There he was, awoke, naked and alone.

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