Eri never mentioned the Maiden Eri or the android Eri to the others, since then. At school, the following month, she was happy that Harima got at least one ounce of peace. She sat on her desk pondered a bit.

"Hmm," she thought, "Perhaps I should let her live in my home, from now on. Whiskers needed a little push. I can always have her visit him occasionally, just to see him happy."

She got up and went to Tenma, who was in forlorn that she misses the Maiden Yakumo.

"Hey, Tenma," she asked, "You feeling okay now?"

"Oh, yeah, I'm okay," Tenma responded, "I'm just upset over Yakumo."

"Huh? Why?" Eri retorted.

Tenma replied, "Well, ever since Yakumo broke her leg, it was cool to have a Maiden for Hire. But, I think it made Yakumo uncomfortable."

"Oh… your old Maiden," Eri smiled, "I guess maybe it's because that it cared for your sister."

"Well, it was only until she was in a wheelchair," Akira butted in.

"Who asked you?" Eri snapped.

"So, any news on Harima lately?" Akira asked.

"No, not yet," she replied, "But he has been happy to see me again, since he sometimes misses me."

She was wrong. Harima was brooding a bit, knowing that his robot visitor is gone for now.

"Whiskers just… well, he's been changed lately, not that I care," she continued.

Mikoto then asked, "Well, how about his Maiden, Eri?"

"Me? Oh, her," she said, "Well, she left him and is currently in the Yagami Branch Maidens for Hire Company."

"Oh? Is that where you work now, Eri?" Akira remarked.

Tenma was shocked, "NO WAY! YOU got a job there?"

"Oh, it was a favor from Miss Mizuhara," she replied, "I should be leaving to join by the time we graduate together."

She smiled and thought, "What they didn't know is that I've already have the job."

Mikoto then smiled, "Well, at least she could let me keep Miko's bonnet."

"You still have that horrid thing?" Eri snapped.

Akira stated, "It was a reminder of how much she thinks of Miko as a friend."

"Oh, right," Eri said, "Though, it did made me cry, seeing Hanai lose his Mikoto Maiden for Hire like that. That's the reason I joined the Company."

"Me, too," Tenma added, "It was so sad."

Mikoto said nothing. She walked away, feeling a little emotional.

"Sorry, it just that it happened so sudden," she choked, "Hanai… he almost died…"

"That's life," Akira said.

"Hanai should feel okay, Mikoto," Tenma stated, "So, don't you worry."

Mikoto smiled and said, "Thanks, guys."

They continued to chat together.


Meanwhile, at Class 1-D, Yakumo was eating her lunch with Sara, which was the Maiden Sara, who filled in for her.

"Sara," she asked, "I want to thank you."

The robot replied, "Oh, it's no big deal. It's too bad Yakumo Model had to go. I feel sorry for her. But at least you and Tenma finally patched things up. Maybe I'll see her again when I finish up."

"Oh, it's no problem," Yakumo smiled, "You're truly a friend, likewise my best friend."

"Thanks, but my time here is almost over," the Maiden Sara explained, "Once Sara is free from her bandages, I'll return to her house and carry on my services as her Maiden for Hire."

"That's good to hear," Yakumo smiled.

She let out a concerned look and was worried about Sara.

"I wonder if everyone will find out about the robot version of her in this school," she thought.


Just then, Imadori appeared and crept towards Mikoto, who was preoccupied.

"Now, with that psychopathic Maiden gone, I am free to go after her breasts," he snickered, "D… D… I want D… Hug hers… Come on… Miko…"

But as he was about to pounce, he heard a faint singing from the distance. He crept away and left the classroom.

"HEY! Imadori! Where do you think you're going?" Hanai shouted.


He rushed after him, who ran off in fear. He chased him all around the hallway. Imadori stopped by the music room doorway. He found the sound of Karin Ichijou singing, but as he was about to open the door.

"You bastard! How dare you run off before class started?" Hanai shouted, as he found Imadori.

"No, please, it's not what you think!" Imadori pleaded, "I just heard an angel singing!"

He opened the music room door and found two Karin Ichijous singing with Yuuki, Fuyuki, Megumi, and Karasuma.

"Oh, Imadori!" Karin said in a gleaming smile, "What a surprise."

"Oh, hey, Ichi," Imadori smiled.

Hanai said and did nothing. He looked pale and frightened. He saw two of Karin in the room. At least one of them was a Maiden for hire, namely Karen, Imadori's ex-Maiden, now owned by Ichijou.

"Oh, hello, Imadori. Long time, no see," she greeted.

"You know him?" Yuuki asked.

"Of course, I used to be his Maiden for Hire, before Karin owned me," she replied.

"Wow! What a cool move!" Megumi grinned.

"Hey, Hanai," Imadori said to him, "You okay? It's all right. I only had her for a while, because she has Karaoke Mode installed in her. She's a great singer."

Hanai then whimpered in fear. He hollered at the top of his lungs:


Karasuma added, "We needed back-up singers, anyway."


Itoko Osakabe arrived after school, seeing Harima, who was lost in thought.

"Hey, Kenji," she asked, "You okay now?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. No thanks to you," he snuffed.

"I'm really disappointed that your Maiden left you. I heard it all from Sawachika."

"It's okay. She was created by some type of jerk. She was being misused wrong, so I sent her back."

He then thought to himself, "I can't let her know what REALLY happened. If I told her the truth, I'm screwed."

"Well, anyway, since you've decided to give up on Eri," she stated, "How about I give you one, on me?"

"Really? You do that for me?" Harima grinned.

"It's the least I can do to say I'm sorry, for once. And don't you worry, I already asked for a custom model, just to fit your demands." Itoko smiled.


"It's Miss Osakabe, Kenji. And I suggest that you keep your home tidy for three weeks, when she arrives. Even if it's messy, she'll clean it, anyway."

She leaves as Harima was ecstatic. He spun around and was excited.

"A new maiden like Eri?" He cheered, "HOW WONDERFUL! I cannot wait! I'm happy!"

He then remembered his former Maiden. He began to grow worried.

"I don't know. If I get a new Maiden, then when Rich Girl leaves again, Eri might do something about her."

He then walked home, pondering the situation.

Three weeks later, Harima was happy to see his new Maiden for hire. However, when he opened the box…

"So, what do you think?" Miss Itoko asked.

Harima was frozen in fear. The Maiden, who was deactivated, was wearing a white Maid outfit with pink frills. She had long black hair, black as the night, and it was done in very small pigtails. Need we go on?

Harima read the sheet:

"Congratulations on your new custom-made Maiden for Hire, Model #T3N61. Her name is Tenma. She is her for your guaranteed service."

He fainted on the floor and was blushing red. Itoko pulled her out of the box and plugged her in.

"I think I should make you well acquainted," she giggled, "I have to go to the bar. See you at ten, Kenji."

She shut the door, as Harima staggered up.

"No… what a dirty trick," he thought, "A Tenma Maiden? Itoko has gone too far!"

He then thought of what her programming had, but not before he noticed an extra Maiden outfit for her, which was similar to Tenma's school uniform. You've guessed it; it was a gift from Itoko herself.

"What th-?" He thought, "Oh, crap… I'm in hell, am I? She has the same clothing as Tenma."

He took a glimpse of her, "Well, she does look like Tenma, and she could move like Tenma. She doesn't really speak like Tenma… … …does she?"

He held her tight and placed his hand on the button, "Well, only one way to find out. The moment of truth! Tenma-Chan! Awake!"

He pressed her button on her neck and she started to make noises. When she opened her LED blue eyes, she turned to Harima and bowed.

"Harima!" She cheered in Tenma's voice, "Good to see you! I am Tenma, your new Maiden for Hire! It is great to see you! I am here for your guaranteed service! I come with everything that is in my programming!"

Harima screamed at the top of his lungs, spinning around in his own misery:


He was in his corner, feeling downtrodden. The Maiden Tenma approached him and held him tight.

"Aw, don't feel scared by me," she said, "I've heard everything about you. I am programmed for everything, including…"

She kissed Harima on the cheek. Harima let out a howl, know that he was kissed by a Maiden Tenma.

"DUDE! THAT WAS HOT!" He cried in joy, ironically enough, thinks she's like the real Tenma.

"Now, let's see what we can do for you," she smiled, "I'll go clean up your house!"

She prepped herself up and began to clean. She ran really fast, cleaning everything in his home. She did it in one minute. She turned to Harima, who was shocked. Tenma then grabbed Harima and took off his jacket.

"Now, Harima," she said in a blushed smile, "Now I will make you happy. I will see that you get treated right."

"Uh, Tenma?" He groaned.

She placed her finger on his lips.

"Shh… not a word. Let me help you out… with a kiss," she whispered.

Harima let out a bloodcurdling scream:


Outside the door, Miss Itoko was giggling quietly, knowing that Harima is getting his.

"Thank you, Pleasure Mode. Kenji, now we're even," she smiled evilly, "Enjoy Tenma now. It's my gift… to you."

She stepped away from the door and left, laughing evilly.

Meanwhile, Harima was trying to break free from Maiden Tenma, who was kissing him constantly.

"Harima! Don't go! I'm here for your guaranteed service!" She cried.

"But… you know that I am-!"

"Oh, I know that! I find you as a very hot guy! Now take off those shades! You'll be even hotter!"

She snatched them off his face. She noticed his eyes.

"Whoa! Hold on… you remind me of someone," she said, as she stopped.

Harima gulped and sweated bullets, knowing what the answer would be. But, of course, he was wrong. The Maiden Tenma then smiled and hugged him extremely tight, with her pigtails twitching.

"I find you as a hot young stud, with that badass face!" She smiled, "Harima! You rock as my user! Kiss me!"

Harima then screamed in fear, "Tenma! You don't understand!"

"Oh, I do understand! You're my best user, so far, and I've only been activated just now! This calls for my delicious dish I'll make in one hour: Maiden Curry Supreme! That's when it's dinner time, my Kenji!" Tenma grinned, as she was still holding Harima, kissing him.

He then moaned, "I give up… Can't breathe…"

"Oh, Harima," the Maiden grinned, "Shall I tend to your bath first? We'll have dinner, as soon as you're clean."

The Maiden Tenma dragged him to the bathroom.

Harima hollered, "WHERE'S THE WARRANTY ON HER?"

Perhaps THAT story is better left untold. Sadly, this is Tenma and Harima we're talking about here. And let's face it. We ALL know what would happen next. Kind of a bittersweet ending there, don't you think?

Thanks for reading.

The End

At Eri's house, the Maiden Eri, who was still activated, let her hair down and began to twirl around her room. She looked at the mirror and let out a huge smile. She looked at herself and suddenly turned red. She turned away from the mirror and was bashful… again!

The Maiden responded in a blushed look, "Oh… sometimes I even embarrass myself. I guess since Harima loved me, I really wanted to make myself more enjoyable… and cute."

She undressed herself and wore one of Eri's designer gowns, a dark red one. She let out a flushed red look.

"Oh, wow! I am so hot! No wonder Miss Eri wear these clothes a lot!" She cheered.

Misaru then saw Maiden Eri and signaled to her. She turned around and saw him. She was frightened and hid behind the bed.

"Whatever it is," she whimpered, "Can it wait, or can you at least bring Mister Nakamura?"

Misaru said nothing… as usual.