THE date full of LAPS

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The doorbell rang, the old coach looked at her granddaughter's room who was preparing for her so-called-first-date with her senpai.

After few seconds, the petite Sakuno stepped out of her room with her unusual look. She was graduated from pigtails and had her hair flow on to her shoulders. It was short. The coach noticed.

Old Coach Ryuzaki smirked and later on smiled at her, "Good luck." That was all she said walking her to the doorway seeing Fuji smiling at them.

She was wearing her pink dress and white jacket matching her white shoes, while her hair as mentioned, cut till her chest resting on to her shoulders.

The senpai was smiling and bowed to the coach before leaving with the girl, he was wearing his usual fashion styles.

Beige pants, white shirt with a jacket tied near his neck-chest..Ah, she was nervous. She noticed all the things he was doing and she knew she was growing more uncomfortable around him. It was very unusual. Especially for a 'kid' like her to go out with her senpai.

"S-S-Syusuke?" She stumbled on his name as she looked up. He chuckled holding her hands, "Feel free." He said looking at her nervous eyes. She smiled sheepishly and looked at him..

"So, what movie would you like to watch?" He asked getting his popcorn and standing by her side, she read the summaries of each movies looking if they were interesting or not. She had laid her eyes on to a big picture with a background design of a scary guy. "Horror." She said, not only was she interested but she knew her senpai loves scary movies as it deals with history though.

Entering, Momoshiro and the troop ordered popcorns and bought tickets for themselves. Ah, how they loves spying.

The movie hasn't started yet and the couple seated by the center as the other silent spies sat behind them. "Oishi?" A silent whisper escaped a man's lips. It was Tezuka. The regulars looked at him, how they wanted to scream his name in disbelief. "What? Can't I watch movie for my own? I was first here" Tezuka said in a childish reaction. Eiji wanted to laugh as Momoshiro covered his mouth making Bibura hiss. Yes, Bibura was there, dragged by the great Eiji. Kawamura was also there, not to mention they did not let him bring a tennis racquet.

Fuji smiled, he could hear the aloud behind him, and then whispered it to Sakuno. She blushed, "EH?" She asked as he nodded.


"Wait, that ain't Sakuno-chan!" Eiji's eyes were wide open. "The girl's hair isn't long and not braided!" He again said in a childish manner.

All of the regulars, including Tezuka was aware of it.

"Sigh, we need to confront him, eh?" Oishi asked as Momo was raging in anger. "This can't be happening, Coach will kill us all. Oh torture for laps!" Momo cried.

"Don't let your guards down." Tezuka said closing his eyes pointing at the big screen as the scary movie played making all of them scream (Excluding the captain of course.)


Fuji laughed and Sakuno was amused, ah..they didn't even notice that their hands were intertwined.

"Hey," Eiji poked Inui. He was pale and still. His weakness. "INUI!" They panicked, the data guy was freezing. The 100% scary movie didn't make him close his eyes. Stroke? Heart Attack?

"I said, don't keep your guards down." The captain said as Momoshiro cut his sentences, "Captain didn't even watch a single part of it." He stupidly said, "Momoshiro..10 laps on Monday." He said walking his way to the aisle leaving the stunned regulars with the nervous attacked Inui Sadahara.

After the recovery of the data guy, they all went out of the movie theatre to spy on to the womanizer Fuji. Ah, for all goats' sake.

Ordering in a very expensive cafe, plus the movie and a trip to shops, window shopping,..etc.

"Want to go to the amusement park?" The senpai asked as Sakuno nodded and smiled, Eiji walked behind with the other regulars. The looked at their wallets seeing the last yens in it. Fuji did it on purpose, they all thought

Ah, playing spies with a genius would make you a beggar.

They still insisted and went into some horror rides with the senpai and the unknown girl.



"I have had enough. I'll talk to him." Momo said as he huskily walked to him

The regulars agreed and walked as well.

"FUJI" He coldly called his name as the girl looked at Fuji.

"Eh? Momo senpai is also here?" Sakuno asked as Momo and the other regulars froze. "What a fail, I thought I could get some womanizing skills of you."Inui sadly stated.

"Hehe, got you" Fuji laughed as Sakuno smiled cheerfully.

"Sigh, we've been spying." Eiji said tiredly seating on the ground. "We know." Sakuno laughed, "Come on senpai, want some ice cream?" She asked tilting her head blushing,

So when did she become closer to them.

"C-C-Captian?" Sakuno asked looking at Tezuka

"CAPTAIN!" They said in unison,..Tezuka's eyebrow twitched.

'I AM a human, i can play when I want to right?' He thought and deeply breathed.

"ALL OF YOU 40 LAPS. INCLUDING YOU MISS RYUZAKI" He said walking out of the scene.

"Wait, why was I included?" Sakuno asked,...AH. What a was full of laps. .. what an irony.