Ouran host club reunion

Haruhi was standing outside the doors that lead into a room in the upper level of Ouran High School. She looked at the sign above the door, more like glared at it as she read it. The sign read " Music room three". How on God's green friggen Earth had she ended up hear agene? She asked herself. It had been 14 years since Haruhi Fujioka, a scholar student at the prestigious Ouran Academy, a high school located in Bunkyō, Tokyo, was looking for a quiet place to study. Haruhi had stumbled upon the Third Music Room, a place where, unknown to her at the time, the Ouran Academy Host Club, a group of six male students, gathered to entertain female "clients". During her first meeting, she accidentally knocked over and broke an antique vase valued at ¥8,000,000, and was told to repay the cost in service to the club. Her short hair, slouching attire and gender-ambiguous look caused her to be mistaken by the hosts for a male student. The hosts all agreed that she would be a good host, thus making her join the host club. Ultimately she agreed to join the Club as a host herself dressed as a male in order to pay off her debt. She agreed to join since she didn't mind hosting as long as she could pay the debt off faster. Most students came from wealthy families, but in special cases, merit scholarships were granted to exceptional students from a lower class. The school's unofficial motto was and still is "Lineage counts first, wealth a close second," meaning students with stellar family backgrounds were and still are given top priority over those from rich families but low socioeconomic status. She had developed close friendships with all the host club members and had stayed a host until her graduation. It had been 10 years since she had graduated from Ouran High School. Haruhi had moved on to Law School, and had not surprisingly graduated in the top of her class. From there she went on to work at several company's till she could afford to open her own law firm. She was now a well established lawyer, taking clients from the rich side of society to the poor side, she charged each a fee that was set according to class sometimes going as far as paying out of her own pocket to win the case. She still lived with her father even though she was making more than enough as a lawyer to afford a small mansion. The money she made went into a struggling students fund she had started herself to support other non wealthy youths like she had been who wished to go to Ouran High School. She had kept in touch with Huni sempie and Tamaki sempie via emails she received about once a month. Huni had gotten engaged through an arranged marriage and Tamaki had finally gotten accepted as the Souh family heir and was now sporting his own new bride. Poor girl had no idea what she was in for, but at least the Souh family had given up on her marring Tamaki. No news about Takashi or the others in person, but she knew the twins had started a few successful clothing lines two of which she owned most of the male lines . Interestingly enough much to her fathers dismay, Haruhi fallowed in her fathers footsteps and cross dressed a lot of the time, witch was hard to do as Haruhi had been a late bloomer and had developed into double d cups almost over night in her freshman year of college. That was a funny day waking up and walking into her bathroom to knock over the cup that held her toothbrush with her chest, which she amounted it to her clumsiness at the time still being groggy from sleep. Only to get her uniform, which no longer fit, turn around and look in the mirror and wake her dorm mates up by screaming out "WHAT THE FUCK !". Still though she found being dressed as a man she didn't get hit on as much or draw a lot of attention when she went to a bar. Both of which were plusses in Haruhi's book. On a normal Monday morning Haruhi would wake up, get dressed, make breakfast for her and her father, get the paper and the mail, and eat while opening bills, invites to parties, and other such boring mail. Today how ever Haruhi found a very fancy letter addressed to her. The back was sealed with a red waxy seal that had a very fancy O .R. C. stamped into the wax. She could only guess as to the contents of the fancy letter. Upon opening it she read its contents, looked up and swore, "GOD DAMMIT, MOTHER FUCKING JESUS CHRIST!" as she slammed the letter down. Her father woke up and came around the corner.

" Why? My little Haruhi? Tell Daddy what's wrong? Why must my baby utter such profanity?"

"Not now DAD! If you must know read that damn letter on the table I'm going out for a drink!"

"why baby must you be so mean to daddy? And isn't it to early to head to the bar?"

"Not now please I'm to stressed for this, and your starting to sound like Tamaki!" she hollered at her father on her way out the door she herd

"OOH! OUCH! Little Ice queen!"

She hollered back at him "And don't you forget it!" laughing as she closed the door.

As Ryoji paled at his comment being caught by his daughter. He turned his attention to the opened letter on the table he picked it up and read it.

Dear Haruhi Fujioka,

Your presence is hear by requested to attend the 10 year reunion of the Ouran High Host Club, This Saturday at 8 pm sharp in the grand Ouran high school ball room. You must also attend the pre reunion at 5 pm in the third music room. This is mandatory were you will be fitted with a uniform.


Kyoya Ootori

'ahh! That explains her abnormal mood and foul mouth!' Ryoji thought.

Haruhi was pissed to say the least when she walked into the rainbow bar. It was the cross dressing bar her father worked at. She stepped up to the bar tender and slumped onto the bar stool.

"Neji, give me a strawberry daquie, but up the alcohol!"

"Rough case Haruhi?" the bartender asked setting the drink down in front of her.

" Hardly, if it were just that I wouldn't need a drink so badly!"

The bartender came around the bar and sat next to her rubbing her back.

"Why don't you tell me about it hon.?"

" Oh Neji! Its toughs damn rich bastards I went to high school with! I have to go to a 10 year reunion! But I'm not ready to face them! I've change so much since then! I'm not the person they're expecting me to be! I'm not the sweet little Haruhi they remember!" she cried to the bar tender.

"Hey now its okay! Besides you know there's no tears allowed at my bar! Haruhi I've known you since your dad started working for me and trust me you'll be fine! You're a good strong person Haruhi, you are ready for this!"

Haruhi sniffed a little and smiled.

"Thanks Neji." she stood up and nodded towards her drink "How much do I owe you?"

Neji shook his head "Today its on the house!"

Haruhi smiled "Thanks Neji I'll see you probably Saturday, okay?" Neji nodded as she left the bar.

Saturday morning left Haruhi on pins and needles as she left to go to the reunion. She stood out side the 3rd music room door praying it was all a dream as she reached forward and started to open the door. Opening it to the sound of music, the music stopped as she walked in all the former hosts turned and Tamaki gasped out

"Ha-Haruhi? Is that YOU?"