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Haruhi sat at the gazebo in the center of the maze her hands shook furiously as she pulled a pack of Newport's from her tiny purse then fumbled around for her silver Zippo. Finding it she pulled out it out opened it and tried desperately to light the cigarette she had placed in between her lips taking the cigarette from her mouth she through the damned lighter, that refused to help her further her addiction, cursing to her self. Haruhi put her head down on her arms and started to cry in earnest now as her shoulders violently shook with her sobbing. Not realizing anyone could over heard her cries.

Mori had quickly ran after Haruhi even though he had no idea why he knew he needed to comfort her. It had been obvious to the quiet young man that she had been in pain, and that pain had no doubt been caused by the presence of the host club members. Why did seeing them hurt her so much? He knew Honey had stayed in touch with her over the years, hadn't the others as well? Takashi halted in his hasty tracks as he realized. No, they had not. That was the only explanation to Haruhi's hasty exit. Shaking himself from his thoughts he realized Haruhi was no wear to bee seen, so Takashi let his instinct take over. He barely noticed himself exiting the building and swiftly moving across the grounds, till he noticed he was standing outside the opening of the rose maze. Stiffening as he heard someone sniffling. Mori ran as fast as he could through the maze toward the sound of what he knew could only be Haruhi's urgent sobs. He slowed down as he neared the gazebo, not wanting to scare or startle Haruhi, when suddenly a lighter came sailing through the air to land inches away from is feet in the wet grass. Takashi walked over, picked it up and read the inscription on the fancy Zippo.

To Haruhi,

Happy 21st Birthday,

Now Quit smoking before WE kill you

Love Neji and Ranka!

Takashi took the Zippo over to the form of a sobbing Haruhi. Opened his mouth and said "Excuse me miss, but do you need a light?" giving her a rare but small smile.

Haruhi's head shot up as she dried her tears, and she nodded sheepishly reaching for the lighter. Takashi saw this and shook his head smiling agene and merely said

"Please Madam Allow me?"

Haruhi lifted the cigarette to her mouth and allowed Takashi to light it. It took him ONE try. And Haruhi grumbled "Rick bastard under her breath as she exhaled.

"Excuse me miss but I must have miss herd you Takashi shot an all knowing glance at his companion as he too a set in the gazebo next to her.

"Oh cut the crap Takashi!" Haruhi said sliding back into her seat looking a little more relaxed now.

"So are you going to talk about what just happened or am I going to have to talk more that I please to get some answers?" Takashi asked.

"So you gonna tell me ware the fuck you have been these past ten years or am I the only one who spills the beans?"

"Well met. Fine I was traveling the world picking up new combat styles to use in the dojo. Now I believe its you turn. No?"

"No way In Fucking Hell !"

"Haruhi, what happened to you?"

"You don't want to know"

"on the contrary I believe I do"

"Fine but it's a long story and you'll have to get Honey to fill in the blanks I've blocked most of it from my memory." Haruhi said a tear rolled down her cheek and was caught but Takashi's hand.

Honey was pissed to say the least as he stood facing the hosts.

"you really don't have any clue do you? You should all feel ashamed!"

"why is that Honey?" Kaoru asked.

"Because this is your guy's fault. Do you even know why you haven't seen Haruhi in 10 years?" a very pissed off honey roared.

All the hosts looked down or away from Honey.

"Well I'll tell you. You all abandoned her after high school. Hikaru Koru did you know that Haruhi only buys Hitachiin's clothing? Koyuka did you know she only goes to Ootori family ran medical facility's? Tamaki when she said she could have kicked your ass she wasn't lying. Haruhi goes to my Dojo every day she is second to only Takashi and myself! And" he said lifting his shirt so every one could see the scar on his stomach " do any of you know what this is?" he asked pointing to his scar. "Haruhi and have matching ones! She has a part of my liver! SHORTLY AFTER COLLEDGE HARUHI WAS ATTACHED AND BETTEN SO BADDLY SHE NEEDED A NEW LIVER! I GAVE HER PART OF MINE SINCE OUR BLOOD TYPES ARE COPATABLE! I tried to call all of you on her cell phone! NOT ONE OF YOU COULD FINDE THE TIME TO ANSWER IT! If any of you ever see Haruhi agene I would be truly amazed! Now that I have informed you all you are never to utter a word of this or I will kill you!" Honey turned and left the room taking bun bun with him, leaving the rest to ponder his words and hopefully see the error of there ways.

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Virginity Crisis

When Haruhi's father decides its in his draughts best interest to marry Koyuka Ootori she needs to find a way to get out of an arranged marriage before the vows are said so she learns that if she isn't a virgin then the engagement is void the only problem. Haruhi is a virgin and she has two weeks to change that! What will she do, and who will help her out? Then in the after math things get a little more umm complicated?

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