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"I want what I paid for, you little bastard." The man pulled the blonde boy up roughly by his hair. "On your knees."

The boy gasped as the man tossed him to the side by his hair and roughly started to pull at his pants. "Wait. You paid for a suck. It costs more if you want more."

The man hit the boy across the face with the back of his hand. While he was stunned, the man pulled the boys pants off the rest of the way. "Don't back talk me. I paid you and I'm going to get a full ride out of it. Maybe if you sucked cock a little better I wouldn't need to fuck you." He pulled the boy onto his knees and pushed his head down so his ass was in the air.

The boy closed his eyes and grit his teeth as thick fingers plunged into him. At least the man was using lube. He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a condom, reaching behind him to give it to the man. The little foil packet was wrenched from his hand. He heard the man tear it open and looked back to see him roll it on.

The man gripped the boys hips and thrust roughly into him. The boy cried out and dug his fingers into the thin blanket on the cot under him. Closing his eyes, the boy tried to take his mind elsewhere as the man grunted and panted, thrusting his stubby cock in and out of his ass.

It didn't last long. It never did. The man thrust a final time and then pulled out. The boy laid down and curled his knees up to his chest. He watched as the man pulled the condom off and dropped it into the trashcan by the door. He pulled his pants up, buckled his belt, and put his jacket back on.

"Well, you may not know how to suck cock, but you're a damn good fuck. I love a nice, tight little ass." The man pulled his wallet out of his jacket pocket and pulled out more money. "Because of that, I'll give you the full price for a fuck." He put the money on the table by the door. "See ya round, kid. I'll call you again sometime."

"Thank you." The boys voice was soft as he spoke, but the man heard him. He nodded, looking slightly embarrassed now, and pulled the door open. He closed it behind him as he left.

The boy sighed and stood. He picked up the money and took it with him into the bathroom. He got onto his knees and pulled a loose tile away from the base of the counter. Reaching in, he pulled out an old macaroni and cheese box and slipped the money from the job into it. Replacing the box and the tile, he stood and turned on the water in the shower.

Stripping off his clothes, he tossed them onto the closed toilet and picked up his toothbrush. He needed to get the foul taste of that man out of his mouth. He hated it when they came to him unwashed. He hated it when they came to him at all. But he needed the money. His family needed the money.

When steam began rising over the shower curtain, the boy stepped into the shower and let the hot water wash away the rest of the experience. He was just wrapping a towel around his waist when there was a knock on the door. He stepped over and slipped the chain on before opening the door enough to see who it was. He almost choked when he saw his two best friends standing outside the door.

"Stan, Kyle? What are you two doing here?" He closed the door and took the chain off before opening the door and stepping back to let them in. He cast a nervous glance down into the trash but the condom wasn't visible in the pile of tissues currently in the bottom.

"Came to see you. We went by your house but your sister said you had moved out. Why didn't you tell us, Kenny?" Kyle looked genuinely upset that he hadn't been informed.

"It's only been a couple days. I didn't want to make a big deal out of it." He moved across the room, picking up his clothes as he went. "Hang on a sec, let me put some clothes on." He stepped into the bathroom and closed the door, leaning against it as panic fluttered up in his chest. What were they doing here? Why were they looking for him? What was he going to do if one of is regulars decided to just show up without calling first?

Pushing those thoughts out of his head, Kenny quickly pulled on his clothes and rubbed the towel over his head to get rid of most of the water. When he opened the door again, Kyle and Stan were still standing by the door.

"Erm, I know it's not much." Kenny blushed slightly and looked down at his feet.

"It's nice, Kenny." Stan offered him a small smile and took a step closer.

"I know it's small. But it's all I can afford right now. I can only work part time since I'm still in high school."

"It's great. But why didn't you tell us? We could have helped you move." Kyle looked around and cleared his throat. "Well, we would have bought you something for a home warming gift. We still will, of course, but you should haveā€¦"

"You don't have to buy me anything. I'm doing okay on my own. I'm saving for a TV, but with rent and other bills I don't have much spending money at the end of the month."

Stan nodded and looked around. It was a tiny one room apartment. When you came in the door, there was a small sleeping cot set at a 90 degree angle from the door on the right. A folding TV tray was set next to the bed as a nightstand. It had a small electric alarm clock and a plastic cup sitting on it, as well as a box of tissues. A threadbare couch was pushed against the end of the cot. Another folding tray was against the wall next to the bathroom door. It has a small CD player and a couple school books on it. To the left of the door was a counter and sink. At a right angle to it was a stove and an old, beat up refrigerator. In the back corner was a small card table and two folding metal chairs. There was a stack of fast food napkins and condiments on the table. On the other side of the bathroom door was a three drawer dresser. The only thing on top of it were two picture frames, one with a picture of Kenny's family, the other a picture of Kenny and his three closest friends; Stan, Kyle, and Cartman.

"Erm, do you want to sit down?" Kenny motioned towards the couch.

"We cant stay long. We just wanted to come see if you wanted to go to the movies with us tomorrow. Stan got four free tickets in that raffle last week. We tried calling but the number was disconnected."

Kenny sighed and closed his eyes. It figured that the money he gave his parents to pay their phone bill would go to something else. "That would be great. I have my own phone now." He pointed to the phone mounted on the wall next to the door. "I'll give you the number." He walked into the kitchen and pulled out a notepad and pen from the drawer closest to the phone. He wrote the number down twice and tore the page in half, handing each of the boys his new number.

"Great. We're going to see that new slasher movie. You know, the one where the guy is killing all those people in an abandoned hotel?" Kyle put the number in his pocket. He didn't want to make Kenny feel bad by putting the number into his cell phone in front of him.

"I haven't heard of it. But it sounds great."

"Okay. Cool. We are going to meet at the theater at 5pm."

"Okay. That's cool. Tomorrow then?"

"Yeh. Tomorrow. See ya, Kenny." Kyle pulled the door open and stepped out.

"Bye, Kenny. See you tomorrow." Stan followed the other boy and Kenny watched them walk down the narrow stairs back to street level before he closed the door.

The phone rang, making him jump because he was so close to it. He answered, told the man the price, and hung up. Crawling onto his cot, he pulled his knees up to his chest and allowed himself to cry for the first time that day as he waited for his next costumer.