A Mage's Love

C- Crysania

R- Raistlin


I did not like this. AT ALL. Why was I even thinking about her again? That cleric with dark, heavy hair and gray eyes like dawn mist….

Stop it, fool! I scolded myself. Lady Crysania is over and done with. Why think about her? And yet, when I kissed her, it felt so right…

"So, how is our little mage today?" sang Queen Takhisis.

I sighed. What had I done to deserve this? Getting ridiculed by a dark goddess, stuck in the stupid Abyss, not seeing Crysania…oh God, what was I thinking? Since when did I care about her?

"I'm fine," I said curtly.

Queen Takhisis raised an eyebrow. "Right. Like those pretty gold eyes weren't clouding over due to a remembrance of a certain…Lady Crysania?"

My heart ached at her name. However, I said, "Don't be ridiculous." However, the words sounded wrong. They came out shakily. WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE ABYSS happened to my much disciplined emotions?

Takhisis looked at me with amusement. "Yes, indeed, what happened to them?" she asked, her dark eyes watching me intently. It was so annoying when she read my mind.

"Forget it," I snarled. "Leave me in peace."

"Very well, then," she said, offended, and she huffily stormed off. Good, now I can be in peace I thought.

However, in my dreams, I dreamt of a pair of tender, loving eyes the colour of dawn mist…