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"Veronica?" Wallace waves his hand in front of my glazed over eyes a few times before snapping his fingers.

"I'm sorry, what?" I blink a few times in surprise, sitting bolt upright. The cafeteria is crowded and boisterous, but it can't keep me awake for more than ten minutes.

"Did someone miss their afternoon nap?" Piz teases, lacing his fingers through my own.

"It's this case I've been working on. It's been messing with my sleeping patterns." I lie. There is no case. But I can't admit to myself or anyone else the real reasoning behind my tiredness. There is no way.

I pull my hand away to eat my fries, picking at them one by one. Piz looks away, a slightly disappointed look on his face. I pretend not to notice.

"Has anyone seen Mac lately? She hasn't been around much. " Piz asks, breaking the silence.

"Did I just catch you thinking about another girl? Dear Sir, I do declare I'm shocked!" I gasp in feigned alarm, a southern accent coming out strongly. He looks at me worriedly, shaking his head in confusion.

"Kidding," I reassure him. I shake my own head, stuffing more fries in my mouth. I look away from them, letting my eyes wander across the room. The next thing I realise is Piz shaking me lightly, waking me up. My face is compressed against the table and my arm outstretched towards where Wallace had been sitting. I sit back up, confused. The cafeteria has emptied greatly with only a couple of tables still occupied. Wallace is gone and Piz is standing behind my chair.

"Are you okay?" He asks anxiously.

"How long was I out?" I ask, my voice strangely husky from sleep.

"About fifteen minutes. We just let you rest. You look like you needed the break." He explains earnestly.

I nod absently; barely noticing as we leave, our hands laced together.

"What's on your mind?" Piz asks; a slightly worried look on his face. It seems to have permanently fixated itself there, leaving him anxious all the time. It's like he doesn't really want the answer to the question, like he's scared somehow.

"Nothing." I respond robotically. I lean over and peck him on the lips. "I'm happy." His dorm room has barely changed over entire time he's been here, even with the addition of a few things; it's still almost identical to how to was when he and Wallace moved in. I'd become especially accustomed to it since my intense drowsiness had taken over my life; I'd come to sleep between classes, or rest my eyes before going home. I roll over in bed, rubbing my eyes. Flashes of bright lights and vivid memories flicker in my mind, reminding me of the dreams that have been haunting my sleep.

"I love you, Veronica." He murmurs into my ear. I smile at him, surprised to find him grimacing. "But you don't love me."

I stop smiling.

His features grow more and more crestfallen as I make no argument. He stops for a moment, temporary awkwardness taking over the situation. "It's still him, isn't it?" He doesn't even mention a name. I look away, anger beginning to rise. "I thought you'd moved on. But I don't think you have."

"I'm completely over him. I promise you." It doesn't feel like a lie and I thought it to not be a lie, and yet for some reason I know it isn't the truth.

"You talk in your sleep. Did you know that?" He asks. My eyebrows furrow in confusion; that is ridiculous. I know for a fact that I keep my thoughts to myself when I'm asleep. "These past few days, you've been so tired. I can see it in your eyes. You've been mumbling clearer and clearer every day."

I try to look at him, but I can't help but avoid his eyes. "You said 'I love you', just now." He smiles a little, seemingly humoured by the situation.

"So?" I whisper.

"You said 'I love you. I love you, Logan'. Clear as day." He looks so heartbroken that it makes me want to cry. Slowly, I reach my arm out to him but he leans away. I can't say anything. Nothing. Any feelings that I had for Logan were buried deep down and ignored. I can't say that they don't exist anymore, but I'd forgotten about them to the best of my ability.

"I was asleep. I'm sorry, but—"


"Piz, I can't help what—"

"Veronica." He interrupts more loudly. "What's going on with us?"

"I will not go back to him. Ever." I promise, ignoring his question. My eyes are welling with tears, exhaustion, possible realisation and anxiety becoming too much.

"Pretend there is no one else. What are we doing?" He asks firmly, no hint of awkwardness or lack of control. But I have no answer. I don't really know. "I really like you Veronica. I love you, you know that. But is this working?"

I avert my eyes to gather my thoughts. "Why do you love me, Piz?" I ask.

"Because you're funny, and smart, and beautiful. Because you're you." He says slowly, carefully enunciation each syllable.

"Because I really like you, and I want to know if you love me enough to try?" His eyes finally meet mine and I'm left with a lump in my throat. After a few seconds he nods, reluctant adoration clearly showing. "Thank you," I murmur, kissing him deeply.

Logan watches them from across the cafeteria the following day. Piz and Veronica act closer than ever, and yet she looks detached. Like she has been changed overnight. Dick was talking to some blonde sorority girl, beside him, but Logan ignored the two of them to stare. It had been a while since he had consciously paid Veronica much attention. The public rejection of Veronica being with Piz had hurt. Being dumped by Parker had not. But that was in the past. He was over it.

He could see them holding hands under the table. He shouldn't care. He looked away quickly, focusing his attention instead on the floor beneath his feet.

"Dude, Pi Sig party tonight. You in?" Dick asked loudly. The blonde girl had walked away leaving Dick with Logan.

"Yeah man, what time?" Logan replied, glad for the distraction.

"Eight. And you better be there. There are some people I want you to meet." Dick insinuated. "And by people, I mean chicks. And I mean seriously hot. Like, asses so tight you could blow a quarter off them." He smiles at the thought.

"It's bounce a quarter." Logan laughed, smiling at his friend's ignorance.

"Whatever. Just be there."

The party was going off. By the time Logan arrived it was nearly one, but by this time girls were walking around drunkenly if they weren't already dancing or with someone. Despite the amount of people spilling out of doors and rooms, finding Dick was very easy.

"That's my girlfriend!" An angry voice was yelling. Logan arrived just in time to find a huge blonde guy throw a punch into Dick's face. Dick fell to the ground, blood spurting from his nose. Getting himself back up, the other guy punched him in the stomach, sending him down to his knees. Logan ran up behind him, trying to pull Dick away. The frat guy pushed Logan back, reaching for another swing at Dick.

Logan ran towards him, tackling him to the ground before laying into him, punch by punch. Quickly more and more people were getting involved, joining the fight until it became a complete brawl. Logan took the big guy easily, until he had mustered the strength to get up. The blonde guy punched Logan back with much more force.

Dick pulled Logan away, leaving the fighting masses behind them.

"You alright, man?" Logan asked Dick who was clutching a bleeding lip and nose. He nodded, making his way toward the bathroom. He returned a few minutes later with a cleaner face and a redhead clutching his waist. He grinned at Logan as he walked her upstairs.

Logan was by himself again. But not for long. Suddenly there were officers everywhere. Deputies swarmed the party, led by the sheriff brandishing a megaphone. "This is the Sheriff's department, remain where you are." His voice filled the house. People were running everywhere.

"Did you hear about the on campus dealers?" Piz asks, sipping his soda, after I take a seat in his dorm room.

I look at him quizzically. "The sheriff arrested them last night, or this morning I guess. There was a huge commotion at the Pi Sig house. Lots of people got arrested for possession and dealing.

"Pi Sig? What is with those boys? Must be something in the water," I remark as my phone begins vibrating in my pocket. One New Message. I read it through quickly, then again more slowly; carefully. My face remains neutral. "I just realised. I need to go do something. It's urgent." I say hurriedly, standing up. I peck Piz on the cheek before rushing to my car.

The Sheriff's department is relatively crowded, news about the drug seize seems to have spread rapidly. I march to Sacks' desk determinedly. "I need to see my father immediately."

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