It was just weird.

The war was over, yet I couldn't help but feel that around every corner and behind every broken, destroyed or already fixed wall of Hogwarts, the school I loved and still love so much, a new threat or old enemy was waiting for me to let him kill me.

And so, while walking up the many turns of the staircase from the Boat House to the Entrance Courtyard, where a lot of rubble, broken walls and destroyed pavement is being fixed by multiple wizards, some under the watchful eyes of kids who know Hogwarts, others under the supervision of members of the Ministry, I keep my guard up and never let my eyes not check a certain corner or turn, while in my jeans pocket, my fingers are playing with my wand, ready to curse whoever jumps from behind these corners or turns or who dares to attack those working on the renovation of the school I love so much.

Then I jump over one of the slightly destroyed windows in the inner wall of the courtyard and smile as I see Dennis Creevey, brother of Collin who was a great young fighter and a great photographer but perished in his need to help the Order protect the school, making pictures of the places that need to be fixed and also of some places that have just been fixed. The boy waves me over and I wave back, not wanting to go over to him in pain of already missing Collin dearly and wanting to let the boy grief on his own way.

Then I enter the Entrance Hall, of which the doors to the Great Hall are broken open and the statue of Hogwarts is melted down to the legs of the man. The doors are being replaced by heavy, strong workers, by hand, while powerful Hit-wizards are magically repairing the melted statue, both groups under the watchful supervision of the bald, tanned and tall Auror, Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Then in the right corner of the room, right in between the doors to the Great Hall and the staircase to the Grand Staircase, I see my two best friends standing opposite of each other.

This makes me smile as they truly know how to calm me down and make me relax in the realization that the war is really over, something which the dead body of Lord Voldemort, chalk white, red eyes closed and snake line nose thrills no more moving can't even convince me off, while he was the whole cause behind the war.

Then I can almost see the nervousness radiating off of Ron's slightly red and heavily freckled face, while his brown eyes shine with the same determination he has felt for a long time during our years at Hogwarts. Then the boy starts to stutter, making me snicker and he asks:

"Hermione… Herm, will you – ehm – will you.. will you be.. be my… my girlfriend?"

This makes us both look shocked, but while Hermione's brown eyes seem to light up and her face starts to shine in joy, I feel a strange stab in my heart that feels like jealousy, anger and strangely enough betrayal.

Wondering why I feel this way, I want to walk over, but then a strong voice says:

"Alright, I have had it."

And while I see the Entrance Hall fading into nothing but whiteness and see Ginny, who is Ron's younger sister with long red hair and soft, chocolate brown eyes, disappear from my right at the top of the staircase and see Kingsley and the Hit-Wizards disappear from my left, Hermione, Ron and I all grab our wands and run over to each other to stand side by side.

But then the voice softens and says: "No, no. No need to worry. I'm not mad at you three. Quite on the contrary."

And a pretty young lady, of at least her mid twenties, with long chestnut brown hair that goes down to her thighs and who has azure blue eyes framed almost circular in a pale white face appears, wearing a beautiful dress. The woman has a kind smile on her face and I decide to chance it, not wanting to risk my friends or their safety.

"If you're not mad at us, why did you bring us here?" I ask, holding my wand down slightly, but also aiming it so I can easily curse her if need be. To this the woman says: "I brought you here, young Changer, because your life, and its timeframe not to forget, has been running amok long enough and Fate, Jonas and I are just sick of it."

To this Ron asks: "Ehm – sorry to ask, but did you just say Fate?" The woman nods and says: "Yes, Fate. And I am Miranda."

But then the woman seems to get sulky at something and says: "But because those stupid Greek, Egyptian and other poets couldn't find a suitable way to rhyme to that they changed my name into other idiotic titles. Venus being the dumbest of all."

This makes Hermione gasp and the girl asks:

"You're the Goddess of Love?"

Now the woman smiles and says: "Yes, I am. And Jonas is to you mortals known as Tempus or something of the like. You know, God of Time."

This shocks us all and then I ask: "But wait, why would you think my life has been running amok? I mean, sure I didn't have the easiest life, that's a fact, but still." To this Miranda sighs and then she moves her hand in a circle and says: "Here, have a look. This is how it should have been. Oh, and this might also explain why Remus was so against trying anything with Tonks at the beginning. Poor lads, not even Fate himself wanted them to die."

This shocks us and then we look at the strangely swirling mass of clouds and winds that look like a small swirling stream of water. Then the white starts to change colour and we, to my pure shock, see ourselves, two years younger, running into the Atrium.

"This is the day Sirius died."

Hermione says and Miranda nods, but as if I can read her mind, I can tell that Sirius should not have died either, which makes me smile as I look at the memory of how that night should have gone.

I see myself, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, a blond haired, purple eyed girl named Luna and a slightly chubby boy with brown hair and soft brown eyes named Neville running over to the large fountain with golden statues and then I see the greying blond hair and soft brown eyes of Remus appearing as the man seems to be guarding something. The man sees us and says: "Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny."

We all look at him and I say: "Lupin." The man runs over and asks: "What are you doing here?" To this Ginny asks: "Didn't Snape warn you?""Warn me of what?" To this I snap: "Sirius. Voldemort has him. In the Department of Mysteries." This shocks the man and then I want to start running again, but then Remus grabs me and says: "Harry stop, Sirius is fine. I just put him to bed for an early nap myself. To make sure he wouldn't feel lonely while I go on patrol." This shocks me and then I ask:

"He's safe?" Now the man smiles and says: "Yes Harry, he's perfectly fine."

Then the man sits me down on the edge of the fountain and asks: "Now, why don't you tell me why you thought he was in danger in the first place?" To this I sigh and then I start to tell the man of my dream and say:

"The twins had just used their fireworks to escape Umbridge and we were all cheering for them when Voldemort send me a vision, I think. He was at the Department and had Sirius. He was tied to a chair and Voldemort told him he needed some kind of prophesy, to which Sirius retorted that he would have to kill him. I then saw Voldemort, saying he would, but that Sirius would first fetch it for him. Then Voldemort cast the Cruciatus curse at him. Then I saw the prophesy, I think, along with the row of where it was standing, a memory of Fudge with Lucius Malfoy who I saw just before my trial last summer and the door of the Department. That was the last thing I saw."

But as I look at Remus, I see the man looking grim and immediately I ask: "You don't think he?" But then Remus says: "No Harry, I don't think that Voldemort can still have him. I do think you've been tricked." To this I sigh and say: "I know." But then Remus says:

"No, I don't think you do."

This makes us all look at him, even the three of us not in the memory and the man says: "What I mean, Harry, is that I don't believe it was Voldemort who send you that dream. I think it was someone else." To this Hermione asks: "Someone else? Who?" And to all of our shocks, he says:


This makes us all look at him as if he has grown an extra head and then he says: "I know it sounds crazy, but I have been suspecting Dumbledore of wanting to kill Sirius ever since your third year." To this I ask: "Why?" To this the man shrugs and says: "It's just because of what happened at the lake that day we discovered the truth. Dumbledore had scared off the Dementors during the Quiditch match earlier that year and they had agreed to listen to his order of not getting on the grounds at all times, yet they were still at the lake that day. I just don't really trust that."

This shocks even Ron, Hermione and me as it does prove a point in why not to trust Dumbledore blindly and then, while Hermione starts to think, the me in the memory says: "You have a point there, Lupin." Making the man smile at me. But then Hermione, both present and past, gasp in shock and then the her from the past says: "And next to that is there another piece of evidence I just thought of." This makes us all look at her and she says:

"Dumbledore knew of Sirius' innocence, right? Else he wouldn't have wanted Harry to find that out. So if he knew that, then why didn't he help out some more when he send us out with the Time-Turner. I mean, sure he helped when we saved Buckbeak, but after that we were on our own. Dumbledore wanted us to save Sirius… without saving Sirius."

Now we all look confused and she says: "Ugh, I mean that he wanted us to save Sirius, but on such a way that it would look like he broke out to make the public think of him as a criminal all the more. You know, to lessen the chances of him ever getting free."

This shocks us all and then Remus says: "You're right, Hermione." And then I go on and say: "And seeing that you didn't know we were coming, I believe it's not the Order that Snape warned, but the Death eaters." To this Remus asks: "Warned about what?" To this I say: "We wanted to check if the vision was true, but we got caught by Umbridge and then Snape came to tell her that he was out of Veritaserum." But then I get interrupted by Lupin and he says: "And there you should have known that something was going on, Harry. Why would Snape come? Why not Minerva, Fillius or Pomona? They are all a lot closer to her office, are they not?" This shocks the group and then Ginny says: "Hey yeah, and Snape was there a little too quickly for comfort." To this Remus nods and says:

"Someone told him he would be needed. It was all a set-up. Dumbledore gave you the vision, Severus would discover you are after the prophesy, inform the Death Eaters, they would lure you to the Room of Death that is the room next tor the Hall of Prophesies and then the Order would show up and one of those Death Eaters would kill Sirius, making it look like the Dark side was behind it."

This turns each of us angry, but then a curse is shot at me from the elevators and to my shock, Remus shouts: "Harry!" While grabbing me and pulling me into the fountain for cover.

Then the man jumps back up and starts firing at the elevator, where Bellatrix Lestrange appears out of, running and shouting spells at him.

Then Remus shouts: "Guys, warn the Order. Just use London's full name! Warn Kingsley!"

To this Ginny and Hermione run off, but then they too get cursed, luckily both of them avoiding it with quick Protego curses and Remus curses vocally, before suddenly a spell is shot from under his wand arm and they see me hiding behind the statue, firing spells with great speed and even better aim. This makes the man smile and then I shout: "Ron, Neville, Luna, hide at the edge and start cursing. Hit, but don't get hit!"

This makes the three react in seconds and while Remus hides on the other side of the statue they all start cursing the Death Eaters, who curse us back, but have to stay standing and don't even get the chance to hide somewhere.

Soon the Order does arrive in the shapes of McGonagall, a strict woman with brown hair and sharp eyes who is my Head of House, Kingsley Shacklebolt and Alastor Mad-Eye Moody, a man with an amazing amount of scars, one fake eye and leg along with one normal eye and leg and together with this little trio we are soon able to prevail over the Death Eaters. But then a red curse is shot at McGonagall and the woman screams out, before Harry shouts: "REDUCTO!" And to everyone's shock Voldemort is shot out of his own fireplace.

Then Dumbledore appears, to the slight anger of our group and the relief of the three late arrivals and to all of our relief he has the Minister with him, who gasps as he sees Voldemort aiming his wand at me, along with a small number of nameless Aurors.

Then Voldemort shouts: "Avada Kedavra!" And just like in my Fourth year, I shout: "Experliarmus!" And the silver thread once more appears.

But this time Voldemort breaks it early and shoots the Killing curse at me again, but I dive under water and with a smirk, Voldemort curses Remus to be shot out of the water. Quickly Hermione and Luna run at him, almost running into Voldemort as he walks at me and then he aims his wand at the water, but then a beam of ice freezes the arm high above his head and my smirking face appears out of the water, before it shouts:


Aiming my wand straight at the end of the icy beam. It breaks and Voldemort shouts out in pain, while I once more hide under water, obviously swimming out of harms way.

Then the man looks around, but then he sees the Minister, who looks at him in shocked fear and shoots the Killing Curse at the man, before disappearing. The spell shoots straight at the Minister, but to my shock, my past me appears out of the water and shouts: "ACCIO CORNELIUS FUDGE!" And the man is shot to the side, avoiding the curse, before being pulled my way, but I quickly cancel the spell.

The killing curse, in the mean time, hits a pillar of the fireplaces and explodes and the Minister asks:

"Harry Potter, why… why did you… do that?"

To this I turn grim and say: "Because this was my battle against Voldemort and I didn't want victims to fall from that fight. Not even when they don't like me, but are on my side in this war." To this the man nods and then Moody and Kingsley step forward and Moody says: "Good use of spells, Potter."

Kingsley nods and asks: "Would you mind if we train you in using some more lethal spells?" This makes me smile and then I ask: "Does that mean I will get to stay in Grimmauld Place all summer?" To which the two nod and instantly I say:

"I'll do it."

Making the two smile, before the vision gets rippled and ends, turning back into the white nothingness that is still around us. Ron, Hermione and I in the mean time are shocked senseless and then I ask: "No deaths?" To this Miranda looks thoughtful and says: "Well, I do believe Lestrange died from that Reducto-Rictussempra combination of Hermione and Ginny later on, but else… no."

Making us all smile widely. Then the woman seems to sit down on air and says: "Now listen up. As you have understood from this memory has time been messed with, making it run amok, which has caused the timeline you have lived in.

In truth should Harry have realized the truth of Voldemort's Horcruxes just before his birthday and would he have told this to Moody and Kingsley, who would have then gone to search for them one by one, while the other would train you. They would have then been able to find the last one at Hogwarts and would have kidnapped Nagini to take her and the Horcrux in you down at the same time and Voldemort and you would have duelled at Hogwarts on Halloween.

You would have both shot the Killing Curse and yours would have shocked Voldemort so that he was unable to dodge it, while you avoided his. And that was supposed to be followed by this action which I was allowed to cause to make your life a little easier and a little better to cope with."

And again the woman circles her hand over the white mist and again we see it change, this time showing the Great Hall, the four long tables standing in a vertical way and the platform of the Head Table at the far end. Next to that is there a podium looking like a beautiful owl with candles on both wings and behind that a beautiful pair of windows with in each corner the sign of Hogwarts. The door to the trophy room is on the left of the Head Table and then there's the sky above me in the enchanted ceiling. The four hourglasses, showing how many points what House has are at the right and on the back wall and finally are there gargoyles that look like the four House Mascots, a lion, badger, raven and serpent and hold plates with fire in them.

Then I see that the floating candles are unlit and that Voldemort's dead body is on the floor in front of me. For a short second, like when I destroyed Voldemort myself, all is silent in the hall before a massive sound, filled with screams, cries and shouts of joy and relief is heard throughout the Hall. Then three voices, two female and one male, shout my name and my other self turns around, smiling as he sees Hermione and Mrs. Weasley run over, but before either of them had made it to me,

are the lips of one Remus Lupin on mine, to my, Ron and Hermione's shock.

But then our eyes widen and shock deepens as my other self wraps himself into Lupin's embrace and kisses him back, seeming to be deeply in love with the werewolf, who pulls him so that the boy is almost under him, with one hand on his back to hold the bent boy up.

Then the woman lets the vision disappear and smiles at us as I am the first to regain my speech, making me ask:

"Me and… and Lu – Lupin?"

To this the woman smiles and says: "Of course. You and Remus were after all both the ones who were hit the hardest by all that happened all those years ago. One lost his parents, his godfather and his chance for a normal life and the other lost four of his friends, his cub and his own believe in the chance of ever finding happiness again. So if anyone would understand how the two of you felt it would have been the other and that is why Fate and I were sure you two would fit each other perfectly. Here, let me show you some other visions of how Fate and I had planned your future. Starting at the end of your Third year."

And new visions appear, this time making my friends sit down with the belief we will be here for a while. Then the vision becomes clear and Lupin's office is shown, with me standing in the middle of the room with Lupin. Then the man says: "So now I'll say goodbye, Harry. I feel sure we'll meet again sometime. Until then, Mischief Managed."

This makes me smile as up until now it goes exactly as I remember, but then, instead of watching the Map clear off, I say: "Talking about managing stuff, professor." To this the man hums and I say: "Thanks, if it weren't for you and your lessons, I wouldn't have been able to save Sirius at all. I owe you great time, Sir." This makes the man smile at me and then I hug the man, before, to all of our shocks, kissing the man softly on his cheek.

This seems to cause some strange reaction in the man as suddenly he sniffs at me and growls softly. Then the man grabs my arms and pushes me against the left wall of the office. Scared and confused at his behaviour I ask:

"Lupin? Remus?"

Causing the man to growl again softly, before sealing my slightly opened lips with a searing kiss, making me close my eyes in obvious delight. Then he mutters: "Let me have you, Harry. Let me mark you." To this, to my great shock, I breathe: "Yes."

Making Lupin smirk, before he latches his mouth on my neck, sucking and licking on the pulse point in the left of my neck where my neck also meets my shoulder. This causes me to bend my neck backwards, obviously in a submissive order to give the man a better access to the point and this action is rewarded by a strong bite.

Then the man pants and looks at me, obviously once more in control of the situation and as he looks at me, he sees the mark and I see his eyes widen, before the man flees, leaving his cloak and walking stick behind.

Then the vision changes into the office of Headmaster Dumbledore and there we see Lupin, obviously a year older, say the least, and Dumbledore. The first man seems to be pacing the office, obviously in deep worry over something, while the second seems content with just letting his companion pace out his worries.

Then Remus asks: "How could you have let him go to the Yule Ball, Albus? Don't you know how dangerous that could have been?" To which Dumbledore smiles and says: "My dear Remus, I can hardly believe that the Yule Ball is any more dangerous to the boy than the Hungarian Horntail he out flew." But then Remus says:

"Not to him, to the students."

"What do you mean?" This question, asked by Dumbledore, causes Remus to explode and the man says: "What I mean! What I mean is that on the day I resigned, I bit Harry. I. Bit. Him. Albus, that boy's a werewolf and the night of the Yule Ball was a full moon night."

But then Dumbledore chuckles and Remus, obviously on the end of his nerves, asks: "WHAT THE HELL IS SO FUNNY?" To which Dumbledore calmly replies: "Harry's no werewolf, Remus, and neither has he shown any signs of having werewolf traits. No needs to scurry around in the Forest, no love for dry or raw meat, no desperate need to attack his fellow students. Not any signs that he has turned into a werewolf."

This shocks Remus so much he stops pacing and he asks: "Nothing?" Making Dumbledore shake his head. This causes Remus to sink down in the chair behind him and he asks:

"But if Harry didn't become a werewolf of that bite, why did I bite him then?"

To this Dumbledore sighs and says: "I'm afraid I have no answer to that, my good friend. If you want to know more, you will have to ask Harry. And if I'm not mistaken, he and his friends are right now in the Entrance Courtyard, wondering and worrying over the Second Task."

To this Remus nods and then he leaves, thanking the man. Then he walks down and indeed sees me and my friends, all hanging around one of the open walls in between the inner and outer ring of the Courtyard. Walking forward, Remus keeps his eyes straight on one point, the place where he bit me in the vision of the year before.

I seem to be the first to notice the man and happily jump out of the window sill I was sitting in. "Lupin!" I shout, making the others look and smile. Remus smiles back and asks:

"Hey guys. Harry, do you remember the day I gave you that?" To this Harry touches the mark and says: "Yeah, strangely enough I don't feel different and I haven't transformed."

To this the man sighs and says: "So Albus told me. I just don't understand what other reason I could have for doing that." To this I say: "Well, you did react pretty weird after I thanked you for those Patronus lessons." To this Remus looks at me shocked and then he asks:

"I did? How?"

And I say: "Well, first you sniffed my hair and growled and then you suddenly pushed me against the wall and kissed me. I remember it, because it was amazingly nice and my first and all, but then you muttered something about having and marking me and I remember agreeing to it, feeling as if it would be the one thing I wanted more than anything. And then you started sucking and licking this spot, to which I arched my neck and apparently I did well, cause you bit me. That's all I remember."

This seems to shock the man and he asks: "Are you sure?" To this I nod and then the man starts to pace again, but this time the pacing is stopped short pretty soon and he looks up shocked, before turning to me and asks: "And after that thanking, my first action was sniffing?" To this I nod again, making the man looking as if he is contemplating something, but then he turns to me and to my confusion a big smile is on his face.

Then he walks back to me and says: "Then I finally understand what happened that day. And I apologize.

Harry, I should not have walked away from you that day, especially not after that."

To this I shrug, but then the man shakes his head and pulls me close, seeming to sniff me again. This causes me to say: "You did this last time." Making the man laugh and then he says: "That's because, my little one, your scent is slightly adapted to smell both of a youth and of the scent you will have when your magic matures. And that part of your scent is." The man sniffs again, deeper this time in obvious need to really take the scent in, before he whispers with a purr in his voice:

"Heavenly delicious."

Shocking us all and making Hermione ask: "You mean… is Harry… your mate?" To which Remus looks at her, smiling at her shock and nodding in confirmation, making her eyes, and those of Ron, widen in even bigger shock.

Then Remus turns back to me and says: "And that is why, my little beautiful Harry, I must apologize for not realizing this before the Yule Ball and taking you there myself, as is my duty as your destined mate." Then he caresses my cheek softly and lovingly and says:

"I do hope you will let me make up with you."

To this my other self looks at the man for a small second and then, to my shock, he slowly closes the distant between his face and that of Remus, pressing his lips to the man's and actually kissing him lovingly.

This makes the other two scream and shout in shock and then I smile and while putting my forehead against Remus' chest, which makes Remus tighten his hold even more than when I kissed him, I say:

"I've been growing a really large crush on you since that first kiss."

Making the man smile all the wider, before the vision disappears like the other two and Miranda smiles and says:

"The next two visions you already know as you've already seen them, so let's get down to bussiness. As you have guessed by now were the last two years and a few months that you have lived not to be lived like they were and that is exactly why all those lives were lost in that terrible battle.

Now there is also good news and that is that Jonas has agreed to let me send the three of you back in time.

Harry, you are to go back in time, because it is your destiny to be with your mate and to save his hide from the fate the Manipulator has in store for him.

Hermione, you are to go back in time, because you of all people know just about everything that has happened in the last two years and so you can best adapt the timelines on such a way that no one will notice you are changing things.

Ron, you are to go back in time, because you are to save Harry from your sister and from that Manipulator and because as his best friend you are to be there for him in everything he will most probably get to face."

To this we all nod and then I ask: "But… who's the Manipulator?" Now the woman sighs and says: "The Manipulator is the man who's been running your life for you since the day your parents were killed and even a little bit before that. He has been in the belief that because of his power he can live the lives of others for them, by keeping big dark secrets about them and only revealing those when he believes they should. He runs their lives and if he believes that they can be a danger for him, his image or his plans, he gets them killed."

To this Hermione, Ron and I look shocked and then we all shout:


The woman nods and then I think: "So Dumbledore really did try to kill Sirius at the Lake. And he really did get to kill Sirius through Lestrange. And then Snape, he was even playing him, knowing that his years under him would let him lose favour with Voldemort and would let the maniac kill him. He wanted everyone who was against me or could help me escape him killed. It all makes sense."

To this I feel pure anger, but then Hermione asks: "Wait, what do you mean that Ron has to save Harry from his own sister? What does Ginny have to do with anything?" This makes us both look at Miranda, but the woman looks at Ron and the boy sighs. Then he says:

"Hermione, Ginny… I think she knew that there could be something growing between Harry and someone else… and ever since Harry saved her from the Basilisk, she's been in this weird belief that he did it because he loved her without knowing it. So to make sure you wouldn't walk in her way of getting Harry to actually like her, she gave me the first signs of liking you, before helping me giving you a Jealousy potion, which she also fed to Harry. We then both started to date other people and through that jealousy Ginny told me I could get you to like me and she would get Harry to like her. She just didn't use Love potions because she knew you would smell it from a mile distant, so to make sure she could still get Harry without getting you on her neck, she fed him Jealousy Potion and to make sure you would be too busy to really notice the smaller hints of trouble, she made me keep you busy. I'm so sorry, Hermione, she used my insecurity. I mean… I was already starting to like you and she made me see it and then she played me in on it, to make sure I would be keeping you busy. I'm just so, so very sorry."

And with that the boy lowers his face, but then Miranda says: "In all truth was that feeling supossed to grow into a true sibling bond that you also have with Fred and George and that was to make you realize you have the same with Harry, but because Ginny made you see it, you started to believe it was different." This shocks Ron and then he asks: "So I was meant to be lonely?"

"No, of course not."

Now Miranda smiles at the boy and says: "You were meant to understand that Harry is very much a part of your family, that Hermione is very much another sister to you and that while your best friend wants to be normal, you are attracted to the weird and the different. And that would have made you fall for Luna Lovegood." To this Ron asks:


And the woman nods, making Ron look shocked. Then Hermione asks: "So you were planning to put us all together?" Miranda nods and asks: "Hermione, how would you describe what you want to do for the one you love?" To this Hermione thinks and then she says:

"I'd do whatever I can to make sure the one I love is happy, no matter what it takes."

To this the woman nods and then she asks: "And you, Harry?" And while being shocked at her words, I say: "I feel the same. The ones you like, yes you try to make them happy, but that is mostly because it means you can have fun with them. But the ones you love… well, I'd do anything just for a smile that shows pure happiness or that the one I love is really enjoying him or herself."

Now Miranda smiles and then Hermione gasps and asks: "But what… what about – Remus?" To this Miranda moves her hand once more and says: "You're going to love this one, Harry. That I can very much assure you." Making me smile, but then I look at the vision and see myself standing at an aisle,

together with Remus,

but apparently still waiting for someone.

Then the music starts playing and instead of the ceremonial bride music that I have heard many times and that every human being knows the first notes of, another tune is played and Miranda says: "This was not the usual wedding. This was a Bonding Ceremony and so different tune." To this we nod, but then my and Ron's eyes widen, as we see Hermione come in, dressed in the most amazing dress I have ever seen.

The dress started at the chest and had two wide arms that were wrapped around the upper arms widely, showing off the shoulders and the upper part of the upper arms nicely. The skirt was made of three layers and the upper layer went to the back and was fastened there with a dark red button. The layer reaches the woman's upper legs and under that was a second row that was wide and reached the ankles. Under this was one last layer and the part that was visible was frassled up.

Looking at the woman in shock as her smile widens at seeing me and Remus at the aisle and while she walks over to us, carrying a bouquet of dark red hyacints and soft red roses I ask:

"So I… I was meant for… two?"

Miranda nods and says: "When you were shown in our world, you were but a thought in your parent's mind and the prophesy was yet to be spoken by Trelawney, but you came to excistence in our world and Fate itself told me to do two extra things, while it was the task of me and all other Gods to do one thing that we do to every person, whose excistence comes into our world.

Put extra pieces to the timeframes already shown to us and make the life as easy to cope with and live in as possible.

Of course with your life that wasn't easy, but luckily there were a lot of timeframes already in excistence that made it easy for me to fulfil the other two tasks Fate had set out for me.

Number one, get you a friend you can always count on and that would get your through even the hottest and most dangerous parts of your life. That one was very easy as Ronald here strived for friendship and adventure. His nature fitted that task perfectly, so I planned for you two to meet.

Number two, find a mate or mates who you could and would spend the rest of your life with, without letting you regret it. Remus was the easy choice. You had a lot in common, yet your lives and situations were different enough that it wouldn't annoy the crap out of you. Hermione was also a perfect choice. And that is because…."

Now the woman looks at me and immediately I know what she is getting at and while smiling at my best friend and almost sister, I say: "Because she has truly been the one to always be there for me. Even if Dumbledore, Hogwarts, Sirius and the Ministry would all turn against me, Hermione would have still been there for me."

This makes the girl smile and then Miranda says: "Exactly. Now as I said you need to go back in time to make sure that life is lived a little more than it has, so I will send you back to one month before the O.W.L.s. That way you have plenty of time to think of those things you mostly have to do. Stop Sirius from being killed. Let Voldemort be seen. And stop Ginny from getting Harry. Ginny's anger and jealousy can really become dangerous so you really have to watch it with her. She could even become a threat to your destined bond with Remus. So, is all that clear?"

All of us nod, while I feel both fear for what Ginny could do to Remus as well as anger at how far she has been able to distance me off my destined partners and then the woman smiles and says: "Good, then I will give you a few extra's and will then send you all off." This makes us smile and then Miranda says:

"Harry, I can give you a mental Occlumency shield, but you will have to forge it into something you believe you can save your memories, emotions and thoughts in.

Hermione, I can give you a mental link with Harry, because that is what happens between a lot of Soul mates and because you will have to constantly be able to assist him in all the battles he will most certainly have to fight.

Ron, I can give you the same, but then the link will be to Hermione and through Harry.

Harry, you will be able to shut this connection off of yourself, but for that you will have to forge those walls, is that clear?

Good, now there are three more things you really need to know.

The first, you can change whatever you want, as long as you make sure that on the day Sirius died, you let Voldemort be seen by the Minister. Fail in that and Voldemort will have Hogwarts, filled with dead, murdered and massacred D.A. members and muggle borns before the end of the week.

The second is that after you save Sirius from his death, all of them will remember everything the way you first did up to the day of their deaths. It sounds rough, but that was the only way Jonas and Nichols, the God of Games, were willing to let me do this. Oh, and Dumbledore won't know, because, let's face it, if he does we're all screwed.

And finally is there the matter of you two, I will make a little adaption to that, but it will only be known to the Ministry and only through Mischief can you manage to find out what. That is all I can tell you. Concerning Remus you are on your own, but my advice is letting him sniff your scent. Oh and you both will be imune to Love and Jealousy Potions from now on. If you get fed them, you will know and you will have to think of someone who it should be fed to. Then that person will fall under the effects."

To this we nod and then Ron asks: "So all those 50 people we lost will remember that they died protecting Hogwarts?" To this Miranda nods and then I sigh and ask:

"And what about my Scar?"

Now the woman smiles and says: "I will let you keep your Snake language talent, so that if Voldemort hits you, he will not kill you, but that will be only because he has your blood in his veins. Next to that, if you don't kill him with the Elder Wand will you fail to kill him all together, is that clear?" To this I nod and then I suddenly start to feel the urge to see Remus all over again, together with new regret with how I treated him in Grimmauld Place and how I could not be there to save him and so I ask:

"How can you send us back?"

But then the woman smiles and says: "Oh, but I won't be sending you back. You will be sending yourselves back." To this Ron asks: "How?" To which Miranda looks at Hermione and me, making me look shocked as she means that we have to seal our bond here to go back there, to a month before our O.W.L.s during which Sirius died. This makes me turn slightly red, but then I turn my head and as my lips softly touch those of my best friend, who I for a short time saw as my sister, I can only think of one word.