Embody an Umbreon

Chapter 1 – It begins

This story begins in a little house at the end of a street. In this house lives a very shy and mute girl called Katie. She was a rather slim teenager with black hair and striking red eyes and she always wore bright yellow armbands around her forearms and a bright yellow necklace.

For some strange reason, Katie is curled up in her room crying. This is because she has been heavily bullied by older boys at her high school which is down the road. In an attempt to cover up the cuts and bruises that she received, Katie covers them up with the bright yellow armbands.

She realizes that the armbands are not enough to cover up what the bullies did to her. So she took them off, puts on a simple black long sleeved top and places the armbands on top. Then she opens a black case and pulls out her DS lite and starts to play her favourite game, Pokemon Diamond.

She has an Umbreon on her team called Starlet (Which is at level 55) and a Gabite called Helen (Which is level 53). On her game she was in the resort area where she got membership to the ribbon syndicate. This is how she evolved her Eevee to Umbreon. As soon as Katie saw that her Eevee had evolved, she fell completely in love with the black fox called Umbreon. She would keep it in her team and train it with the wild pokemon who lived in the nearby grass.

As soon as Katie maneuvered her player into the grass a battle commenced with a wild Male Gloom at level 50. Katie sent out Starlet, who pulsed into battle with star shaped flashes. Katie clicked on the move, Confuse Ray to confuse the Gloom into attacking itself. Then the Gloom attacked using lucky chant to prevent critical hits. Starlet's turn was next. Katie commanded the Umbreon to use Faint Attack, which hit successfully and took about a third HP off the enemy Gloom. Then the Gloom used Moonlight to restore its lost health. Katie ordered Starlet to use faint attack again and managed to secure a critical hit, causing the Gloom to faint and then rewarding Starlet with 750 exp points.