Chapter 3 Day-care bash!

New Pokemon mentioned: Houndoom (Reaper), Bibarel (Loco), Blaziken (Charline), Torchic (Flame + Blaze), Snubbel (Paige)

Katie never realised how claustrophobic she was whilst stuck in an Umbreon's body inside a poke ball. From what she could remember, Katie was playing on her DS with her Umbreon which she then embodied in a matter of minutes. Suddenly Katie felt the air rippling on her short fur as she was released from out her poke ball. She was in an unfamiliar environment: grass, flowers, trees, a lake and a red bricked building. Katie realised where she was eventually. She was in the day-care in Solaceon town. She could overhear Katey and the little old day-care lady tittering,

"Don't worry my dear. That Umbreon of yours will be in safe hands!" The day-care lady said.

"Good!" Kateya replied "Take good care of her! She's my world!" Katey then left and headed north to route 210.

Katie (Starlet) was busy checking out which pokemon were with her at the day-care centre. Near the lake were a mother Blaziken and her two children, two male Torchics. She nuzzled them affectionately and fed them berries which the baby torchics swallowed whole. Near the forest were a Bibarel and a Houndoom whispering and laughing. The Bibarel spotted Katie and ran over,

"You new here?" The Bibarel asked, tail twitching. Katie shifted on one foot to the other in embarrassment.

"Uhhhh, Yes" Katie replied timidly "Im… Starlet" She lowered her head and cowered back, as if the Bibarel was about to attack.

"Starlet, eh? Nice name! My trainer called me Loco, which fits what species I am!" The Bibarel jumped up and down in response, but it wasn't looking at the Houndoom which was staring at Katie with lust. After realising his buddy, the Houndoom hadn't come over; Loco squirted a jet of water into the Houndoom's face,

"Hey, Reaper!" Loco called out. Reaper the Houndoom shook himself of the water and bounded over, love hearts in his eyes,

"Uh who is this dark creature of the moonlight?" Reaper asked. Loco sighed,

"This is Starlet! She's new here!" Loco replied, whilst slapping Reaper out of his lover state. Katie managed to sneak off and talk to the mother Blaziken.

"I see. Well better get back to… where has she gone?" Loco asked Reaper who managed to find Starlet near the mother Blaziken.

"Are you new here too little one?" The mother Blaziken asked Katie, whilst cuddling her precious children.

"Why, yes I am!" Katie replied. Her bright red eyes locked with the Blaziken's blue ones. Suddenly their gaze was broken with a pink humanoid dog bothering one of the blaziken's kids,

"I wanna play!" The pink dog yapped. The Torchic did nothing but let its mother handle it.

"You might not wanna bother her kids! They're powerful!" Katie told the pink dog. It sulked.

"I'm really sorry! It's just that my trainer hasn't come back for me. I think she might have abandoned me here!" It cried. Katie recognized this pokemon straight away. It was a Snubbull.

"Im sure your trainer hasn't forgotten about you!" The Blaziken reassured. "By the way, I'm Charline and these are my kids, Flame and Blaze!" The two Torchics hopped up and down and decided to play with their new friend.

"The name's Paige!" The Snubbull said whilst playing with the Torchic brothers.

In the meantime, Katie had snuck off and decided to punish Reaper off for looking at her with lust. When she saw the grim reaper dog, she made her eyes and her body marks glow,

"Why are you doing that?" Reaper asked turning around. Katie said nothing. She merely increased the intensity of the glow and Reaper stumbled back,

"You were staring at me with a look of lust. Even I knew that!" Katie said in an echoed voice. Reaper flinched; sweat dripping down his forehead,

'How did she know that?' He thought. As if on command, Katie responded,

'I was born in the darkness. I sensed your presence. Now leave me alone!' Katie screeched before Reaper ran away, scared like a little child.