This is a crappy naruto end but please bear with me cause i think the real ending right should go to the Creator himself. I don't want to ruined it and I myself is anticipating the ending

"Hah...Hah... Sasuke, This... is it. I don't think... i can... move anymore." Naruto wheezed out.

"... I'm tired... Naruto. I can finally... rest..." Sasuke said.

"I'm... glad" said Naruto after closing his eyes.

(Wind rustling sound)

Naruto opened his eyes and saw that he is standing on Mount Hokage."Huh? What? I thought..." He looked down on the village. "Am i dreaming?"asked Naruto.

"No. This is not a dream. This is your inner world." said a voice behind him.

"Who..." Naruto turned around and saw his darker self glaring at him."Why?" His darker self slowly approach him. "Why did you let yourself get killed? Didn't you said that you wanted to be Hokage?" said his darker self.

"Just when you started to get acknowledged by everyone you just have to get yourself killed. You almost reached your dream but now you can't because you're dead!" shouted his darker self.

Naruto was shocked but when he saw his darker self's eyes he understood. His darker self was frustrated. His eyes were glistering there but he wouldn't let the tears down.

"I see" said Naruto softly. He raised his arms and embrace his darker self."I'm sorry. You were the one that suffered most of my hatred. And when we finally get acknowledge..." Naruto tightened his grip "I ruined it for you. All you wanted is for everyone to love you and care for you but you didn't get to experienced that huh. I'm sorry."

Naruto remove himself from the hug and looked at his darker self sadly. "I'm sorry that I ruined you're chance of being happy." Naruto understood. His darker self is the one that craved loved the most and yet he just let everything go. He let go of his only chance to be happy.

"Huh?" After steadying himself Naruto turned around and saw Konoha slowly crumbling down and the sky is getting darker.

"What's happening?" asked Naruto. "Your world is disappearing because you're dead. And soon i will disappear with them." answered his darker self while looking at the scene.

His darker self is forming a fist at his side. Naruto saw this and slowly took his fist into both of his hand. 'His hands are cold' thought Naruto while looking at the fist. 'To not be able to feel the warmth of others huh'

Naruto looked his darker self's face. His darker self is glaring at the ground. Naruto let go of the fist and took place them both on his darker self's face. He directed his darker self's eyes onto him.

"Is there any way to stop it?" asked Naruto softly while looking at his darker self's eyes. His darker self glared at him and said "Ya there's a way to stop it. But i won't tell you." smirked his darker self. But Naruto didn't wavered. He looked at his darker self with determined in his eyes.

"Just give up" sigh his darker self while looking elsewhere. "When this is over you will be a soul with no memory of your past. You can start a new life and forget about the hatred here. You will start building a new world with the things precious to you. This is your chance to finally be great." said his darker self.

"NO!" shouted Naruto. "I don't want to forget Konoha. I don't want to forget about my friends that are precious to me. I don't want to built a new world with other things. And... " Naruto look up but his darker self is not looking at him. "Look at me" said Naruto "Please" His darker self slowly direct his gaze back to Naruto. "I don't want to forget about you."

"And I know that you don't want to disappear. I know that you wanted to stay and be apart of the my world too." smirked Naruto. "Don't be shy. All you have to do is asked." taunted Naruto.

His darker self gritted his teeth and slapped away the hands on his face. "Don't you get it! I am your hatred! I am the dark part of you, if you accept me into yourself, you will have the same treatment as your childhood and the whole cycle will start all over again. Just take the easy way out and for once!" shouted his darker self. His darker turned and walked towards the darkness.

"Don't you dare disappear on me! I will not take the easy way out. Who do you think I am! I am Naruto Uzumaki and I will become the greatest Hokage ever. If I can't be Hokage then I will aim higher and become better. So what if I have to start all over again I will make them acknowledge me again! And this time you will be there to experience it!" His darker self stopped walking and slowly turned his head back.

Their gaze meet and his darker self said "I will give you one chance." His darker self turned around. He snapped his finger and the scenery changed. It changed into the underground tunnel that Kyuubi lived. "Inside here there's a power that can stop your world from disappearing but..." his darker self waved his hand and doors started to appear on the wall " You have to open one of these before you world disappears. Look at the palm of you right hand." Naruto looked and saw a spiral there in the middle but the tail is slowly disappearing. "The spiral will disappear completely when your world is gone." His darker self then smirked "There's no second chances so choose wisely." then his darker self disappear.

Naruto stared at the doors in front of him 'All of them looked the same, how am i supposed to choose.' He frowned and crossed his arm. 'There must be something different' Naruto suddenly widened his eyes 'Unless... ' He gritted his teeth and ran down the tunnel.

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