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Sasuke's POV

I was walking down the street towards the meeting place. Before arriving, I can already hear the the idiot's loud noise. "Sakura-chan~, p~lease. Just one date wouldn't hurt." "No! How many times do I have to tell you!" She shouted. When the both of them saw me, they greeted me. "Ohayo, Sasuke-kun" the girl smiled brightly and waved. "Good to see you made it bastard!" the other one greeted while smiling brightly. "Hn" We then waited at the bridge.

It was peaceful morning. The river below us is calm, the sky is clear and the wind is blowing. I closed my eyes and wished that this moments wold last longer.

Normal POV

(Knock Knock)
Sasuke opened his eyes. He looked at his surroundings. After awhile he remembered where he was '... a dream'. Another knock came from the door. Sasuke sat up and went to the door.

Rukia was about to knock again when the door opened. Sasuke was looking at her. Rukia suddenly feels self conscious and retreated her hands. "Um, today will be your welcoming ceremony so I brought you your clothes. Come to the meeting room after you changed." She handed him the clothes and was about to leave when "Thank you" Sasuke said in a small voice. She widened her eyes. She then look at Sasuke and discovered that most of the hatred from yesterday disappeared. Sasuke looks more peaceful now. She smile softly "Sure". She then turned and leave.

Sasuke closed his door and slowly went to the windows. He opened it and was greeted with the sight of a beautiful garden. He looked up at the clear blue sky. He then closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment a little longer.

Sasuke stepped into the meeting room. Inside there are a few elders and Kuchiki Byakuya. The elders inspected him carefully. Sasuke feels uncomfortable but kept his face passive. Once it was over, the elders stepped back and smiled "He would make a good addition to the the clan. I can feel power radiating from him." Kuchiki Byakuya then step forward, Sasuke immediately tensed but didn't move away. A servant held a box towards Byakuya. Byakuya took the necklace out and wear it onto Sasuke he then took out two pieces of Kenseikan (the hair accessory) and clip it on the both sides of his hair.

Byakuya then step back "From this day onwards, you will carry the name of the Kuchiki. You are a proud member of the clan so held your head high and never bow towards those who tarnish the rules. " His voice echoed through the room. Byakuya the turned and leave the meeting room. The elders followed soon after.

After all of them left, Sasuke went back to his room. Inside there a bowl of warm porridge and a piece of note there. Sasuke read the note "Eat them and rest for awhile." 'It must be Rukia.' Sasuke ate the porridge in silence.

At the Academy

Whispers are going around the whole campus. "Hey, have you heard?'" "Huh?" "It seems that this year a new Kuchiki will join us" "Really!" "Ya, it seems that he's a new member"

Meanwhile at Naruto's side

Naruto is walking alongside with Renji and is chatting happily. "I can't wait to start training. What do you think the academy would be teaching us?" He asked excitedly. Renji chuckle "Well all I can say is that the you need to study a lot of book." Naruto face turned sour. "What do you mean study! Didn't you say that you guys would go off slaying hollows and things like that." "You only get to experience that when you've mastered the basic." Renji explained.

Naruto pouted and walked faster. Renji watched his back. Suddenly a thought went through him. "Naruto" Naruto turned and looked at him "how old are you?" "Um, 16" Renji decided to push his luck "How did you... die?" He asked carefully. Naruto's face turned sad, he unconsciously gripped his sword. Renji seeing this quickly said "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. Haha." He laughed awkwardly. Naruto shook his head, he then looked up towards the sky. "I..." he started "died saving a friend" he said with a soft smile. Naruto's gaze went back to Renji " and I would do it again if it means he can find happiness." He then smiled brightly and continued walking.

Renji gazed his back. 'He may look like a kid but...' he then started walking himself, its as if he was meant to follow him. 'he has a strong back'. Soon the both of them walk side by side towards the academy.