The Only Exception


And I've always lived like this
Keeping a comfortable, distance
And up until now
I had sworn to myself that I'm
Content with loneliness

Because none of it was ever worth the risk
Well, you, are, the only exception

A yell. Metal meeting hard bone. The slow drip-drop of liquid meeting cement.

She's on the ground beside him, her arms uselessly hanging by her side, and vaguely knows she hears an affirmative when she asks his wellbeing but the spike of fear doesn't even overcome the sense of realization that he had saved her from a potentially life-threatening injury.

Even now he tells her to save her own life.

A shadow appears, overhead her own body and she wonders why she was never good at thinking quick on her feet. Not with Ayaka and now, not with her own life. It's all over.

A huff of breath. As a body crashes down and metal clatters to the ground.

Her wrist is pulled and she hears the yell of crouching down and spots the shovel with its destination, once again, being her face, but she's too late and it's the second time today that she's sure she's going to be reunited with her sister. But she's pushed into a warm chest right when she braces for collision.

Another yell. She's pulled out the door and watches as he slams down on the door, hastily winding the chain around the handle. Her wrist is tugged on again and she listens as he tells her that they need to get going. Heeding his command, she wills her legs to mindlessly move to keep up with his. Her mind is filled to the brim with nothing and everything, a jumble confusion and admiration wrapped in exposed fear. Even the whiplash of the night's cool air does nothing but knock on a closed door.

Sprinting. Hard stomps on tree branches to avoid tripping. Ragged breathing even when they're on campus again.

Two bodies slump on the ground of the club room and she is leaning on the wall for life support. Her breathing stops sounding like a person waiting for Death's claws to grasp onto their feeble fingers and her nerves have finally connected enough to question what happened.

"Ouch," he murmurs.

Something primitive snaps and she's sitting forward on her legs, trying to examine his face but he's too far. "Are you okay?' She disregards any hesitation and says, "Let me see."

His face is tilted in apprehension toward her as she comes forward with a handkerchief she found swarmed in her bag. Hesitation seeps in as she settles herself between his legs and the distance between them minimizes.

He touches her fingers, "It's fine," and pushes them away for the handkerchief. "I'll do it myself." He applies pressure to the damp area on his head, closes his eyes and tries to even out his breathing so she'll move back.

She remains seated in her position and her hand stays raised in the air. A hollow carving in her stomach is opening up and it's when he finally looks to meet her eyes does she take note the welling in her eyes spilled over. Her stomach turns and an oddly familiar sensation of endless nights and the softness of her pillow is drenched up to encourage the tears. The numbness turns to aching and she's ready to curl into herself.

Time continues in silence, in tune with her tears, until he gently brushes his hand to the base of her neck.

"Was it scary? It's all right now." His quiet voice seeps into the confines of her mind and pushes the latch up, her tears freefalling now and warmth starts to bubble.

His hand moves down to her shoulder and it's a safety blanket being wrapped around her so she grips onto his sleeve in return and she chokes the sobs back but they threaten to explode as she speaks. "It was so scary," and she's realizing that fact only as she says it because the churning she feels can signal nothing but, "I thought we would be killed. But you saved me." She stops there because thinking about how he helped her when she couldn't do anything and is still helping her now only make the tears stream faster. Her grip on his sleeve tightens.

He stays silent and she continues crying, knowing that it's been years since the shadows creeping in her mind managed to slither in and grip her like this but he was an unknown variable and this time, she thinks her tears are healthy.

Embarrassed, she apologizes for crying one she manages to swipe away the leftover stray tears. She wants to reprimand herself when she thinks about the self-pity party she just threw and jumps in alert when she remember his injury.

Then she notices.

It's a threaded swirl of roses and red-velvet cake and strawberries overtop soft kisses of amber. He looks down but it does nothing to deter the imprint of it in her mind, even as he closes his eyes in dismay and says something.

Heat floods her ears and cheeks, but she's pretty sure it's consumed her by now, and her control over her limbs has escaped her once again. Her mouth is already open so she whispers, "Pretty." He questions her and she confirms it once he looks to her again. "Your eye is really pretty."

He laughs. His body quivers with it and in vain does he try to muffle his laughter.

Nerves seep to curl her hands into fists and she foams in worry."W-Why are you laughing?" The rekindled laughter only becomes harder for him to restrain.

"That's the best one yet—to say it's pretty. Where's your common sense?" Another chuckle. "I thought you would scream."

His jaw is relaxed and the paleness is dissipating, there's life in his face again, more than she's ever seen. Softened eyes and his mouth is turned up even as he speaks, the hint of humour still there.

A stream of lava is journeying up to her face again but she tries to concentrate on something else to keep it down.

She wants to say he looks even prettier now but she decides to keep quiet about that and documents it for later.

A/N: This will be Yakumo/Haruka, in any sense. It will be a collection of drabbles, and they may be themed if I wish. Their relationship will be either platonic, romantic or whatever it happens to be. I don't know how this'll go along because the fandom/fanbase for this is so tiny. I'm just going to have fun with this, because I am very taken with both of their characters and their relationship, and I don't even like Paramore all that much but that song is like the theme song of their relationship.

Anyway, until next time!