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Halloween, Special!

Giotto was in his office doing his paper work.

The birds had sited themselves in the specially made bird house (made by Asari as a favor to Giotto) right outside Giotto's office's window. The chirping of the birds had clearly… pissed the Vongola Boss. As he was already having headache with all those paper works which never seems to end, no matter how hard he had tried.

"Please, keep quiet~" Giotto pleaded the birds. But to Giotto's great annoyance, the birds assumed that he is complimenting them. Thus, they sang louder than ever, making Giotto swears. (Giotto rarely swears unless he is really in a bad mood.)

Well, all this ended when the door suddenly burst opened with a loud bang. (Giotto had nearly fallen off his chair) and G came marching in.

He seems to be in a much worse mood than I am, Giotto though, making him feel better knowing that someone else is having an even worse day than he was. Giotto smiled at G and asked with a very sweet and evil tone "What's wrong, G?"

G looked at Giotto. He sighed and say "Yo…"

He started halfway but was interrupted when the broken door opened again. This time Giotto's 6-year-old-son comes in. Giotto's mood immediately lifted when he sees his adorable little son.


Giotto rushes to his son when he noticed that something was off.

He noticed that his son is covered with bruises.

"Tsuna, what happened?" Giotto asked.

"…papa…" Tsuna looked at his father with that big, round, brown eyes. But his eyes slowly become watery. Giotto was shocked. He hugged his son, hoping that this will prevent Tsuna from crying. "What's wrong? Who bullied you this time?" Giotto asked. He is very angry. Who dares hurt his son? He is going to…

"Papa, they say papa is a bad person. Papa is sorcerer of Head of Fantasma Dimora" Tsuna said, sniffing.


Fantasma Dimora is a rumored ghost house located near the Vongola mansion. Well, whenever Tsuna come home from school, he would have to walk past this certain house.

"Who said that? Are they the one that had hurt you, Tsuna?" Giotto asked, forgetting G.

"Giott…" G started when he was once again interrupted by the opening and closing sound of the door. All heads turn towards the direction. It was Alaude along with his 8-year-old-son. His son, too was covered with bruises.

Tsuna looked at Hibari and smiled and murmured a thank you. Giotto looked at Tsuna to Hibari and then to Alaude, G was forgotten.

"What is going on?" Giotto asked.

"I've wanted to ask you the same thing. Hibari is covered with bruises and so are the others." Alaude said in a very cold tone. He is clearly angry.

After he said that, Yamamoto, Ryohei, Mukuro, Chrome and Gokudera came in. All of them are covered with bruises. (Lambo is still a baby, around 1 years old)

What exactly had happened to them?

Yamamoto scratched his head and grinned sheepishly, just like his father usually does when he doesn't understand the situation. Guokudera had stand near Tsuna. Mukuro is laughing his signature laugh while Chrome looked at the bird house. Ryohei is shouting his "EXTREME!". Hibari just stood at a corner.

Well, as you should know, they are all about 6-9 years old. All of them went to the same school, a mafia school. And when they go home, they are always accompanied by one of the guardians. Definitely and always.

"Gokudera, explain." G said.

Gokudera glared at his father. He sighed and say "Tenth got bullied in the school." (I don't know what else to call him so I just type tenth. Hope you wouldn't mind)

Giotto's eyes flared dangerously.

"….eh?" Asari cried. (When did he came in?) "Are you okay, Tsuna?" Tsuna nodded.

Asari looked relaxed a little, as well as Giotto, but anyone can see that he is very angry.

"…and, where are the culprits?" Giotto asked Gokudera.



"Don't worry. I bite those herbivores to death already."

All heads turned to Hibari. He is still leaning at the wall, arms crossed. There's a little smirk on his face.

"Well. That doesn't explain how the rest of them are covered with bruises."

"Kufufufu. It doesn't matter anyway." With that, Mukuro grabbed his twin sister's hand and walked out of the room.

Giotto raised one of his eyebrows. Very much like his father. Then he looked at Yamamoto. "What had happened?"

Yamamoto scratched his head again. "Well… we sort of… went and find the rest of the bullies. Hehe."


"Papa. It's not their fault." Tsuna said, pulling his father's hand. He looked very worried.

Giotto looked at Tsuna and smiled very gently and sweetly, the kind of smile used by Giotto only when he is with Tsuna. All his anger had seems to evaporate.

"I'm not blaming them. Only that it is very dangerous to fight with some 13 years old brats." Giotto said. But Tsuna still looked worried.

Giotto sighed. Then said, "Never do that again. Got it? "

The kids nodded their heads vigorously. Giotto smiled. Then Tsuna pulled his hands again.

"What's wrong Tsuna?" Giotto asked. Tsuna bit his thumb.

"There's one more thing, papa…"

Giotto and Tsuna are standing in front the Fantasma Dimora. Giotto is panting slightly. Well, Tsuna did pulled Giotto and run as fast as he could, happily, towards the house. How can a 6 year-old run so fast?

Giotto looked at the house. It looks creepier then the rumor, Giotto though. Then Tusna pulled Giotto and thus, they walked into the house. Before they walked inside, Giotto paused for a few moments and took a deep breath then walked in.

Giotto walked into the house. He looked around. Every corner of the house is very dusty. He slowly ventures around.

"Tsuna, stay close to me" Giotto said. But when he got no response from Tsuna, he turned around, eyes slowly widen in fear. Tsuna was nowhere to be seen.


Still. No response.

"TSUNA!" Giotto searched frantically for Tsuna everywhere. Panicking, he searched the cupboard, behind the door, under the table, in the vent, under the bed and outside. He was halfway through searching the washing machine when he suddenly falls through the floor.


He stood and looked up. That's a long way up.

"Papa?" Giotto turned and saw his son sitting not far from him, grabbing his knees.

Giotto quickly rushed towards his son and hugged him. He nearly burst into tears when he found Tsuna.

"Don't ever, ever do that again. You nearly made my heart stop." Giotto said.

"Papa, my knee hurt." Tsuna said, wiping his tears away, putting up a brave little face.

"Let me see." Giotto looked at Tsuna's injured knee. It was just a cut. Not very deep.

"You'll be ok, Tsuna. Let me give you a piggy-back ride." Giotto said, smiling. He was relief to find that Tsuna is safe and sound.

"Papa, what is that?"

"Huh. What?"

Giotto turned around to see what Tsuna was pointing. There, at the direction where Tsuna was pointing was… a black shaped object. Although it was very dark, Giotto can make out the outline of the thing. It was a big teddy bear. Giotto let his breath out when he noticed that he is holding his breath.

But, the teddy suddenly moved. Very slowly, the black teddy slowly stood up and turns its head at Giotto. One of its eyes is hanging there, it is a bit torn. The teddy slowly smiles.

Giotto can hear that his hyper intuition is screaming: Grab Tsuna and get the hell out of there! Without needing to be told twice, he took Tsuna by the hand and ran.

The rest of the guardians, as well as their sons and daughter reached the house a lot slower than Giotto. It's not their fault anyway. Tsuna had though that they are walking too slow. Therefore he had pulled his father so that he can reach there faster.

"um… where are Giotto and Tsuna?" Asari asked.

"They are probably in the house already" G said.

"Then, let's stop wasting our time chatting here. Let's go." Daemon said. Why did he agree to go to this place in the first place? As far as he can remember, he is a very busy person. But nevertheless, he had joined this "game" solely because he thought that it is quite amusing to see that the Vongola boss had actually agreed ventured into this haunted house. He just can't wait to see Giotto's face. Daemon smiled evilly.

This made both of his children to inch away from him. "What is dad doing?" Chrome asked Mukuro. Mukuro sighed .

"He's probably thinking about something perverted again."

Then without hesitating, they went into the house.

"It's dusty TO THE EXTREME!"


"THUD!" something falls down behind them. All of them turned towards the sound. All eyes fell onto the object.

It was a woman, dressed in white. The woman had long black hair and her hair covers her face. When they observe longer, they noticed that the woman had sharp fingernails. Red sharp fingernails. She slowly dragged herself towards the guardians.

drag~ drag~

Blood trailing behind her.

They heard some soft laughter from her. Soft evil laughter...

What is the first thing you would do if you are in the guardians' position? Well…what would normal people do?

Alaude took out his hand cuff and said "You are disturbing the peace in the Vongola's properties. Therefore, I am going to have to arrest you." While, Hibari grinned and said "I'll bite you to death, woman."

Mukuro chuckled "Kufufu, Dad, you have to do better than that."

"… I'm not casting any illusions, Mukuro…" Daemon said.

Then, all of the sudden, more and more white thingy appeared. About a dozen of them. Wait. Maybe more than that. The guardians froze in their place. Temperature dropped dramatically.

"RUN!" Asari said, laughing sheepishly. He grabbed Yamamoto and then Alaude, seeing that he is going to attack them. "Run Alaude!. Don't ruin the game!"

This is a game…? Though Alaude. He too grabbed his son by the collar. This took Hibari off guard.

"AHHH!" yelled Lampo, running away.

"EXTREME!" Ryohei yelled, putting his hand into the air.

"AMEN to that!" Knuckles said, yelled. Then they also ran.

Now, there's only left G and Gokudera. They looked at one another then ran, seeing that everyone else also did the same.

"Supernatural beings, dad. Cool~"

"Can't say I don't agree to that."

Within 5 seconds, everything was still. Well, as for the things... they were never there, you see.

"Papa. What was that thing?" Tsuna asked Giotto.

"… it's a toy…that moves…on its own…?"

"A toy that moves on its own?"

"Yes, Tsuna. A toy that moves on its own." Giotto repeated.

"Then why did we run away?"

"Because…Papa's Hyper Intuition told Papa to."

"But it is right there…"

Giotto paused.

One second… two seconds…three seconds…

Then they heard a soft chuckle. Giotto slowly turns around… and finds himself face to face with the torn-up-face-teddy.

Giotto froze in his place.

The teddy slowly raised its paw; pass Giotto's face, towards Tsuna's.

Giotto, by instinct grabbed the teddy's paw.

"What do you think you are doing?" Giotto asked in a very dangerous tone. The teddy shuddered. From fear or from excitement?

The teddy squeaked.



Two teddies fall down. Three then four and on and on until there are dozens of them.

Giotto merely glanced at the teddies. He looked at Tsuna.

Tsuna looked as if he is much closed to crying already. He held onto his father tightly.

"Papa… so many teddies!" sparkling things surrounds Tsuna. Or is it Tsuna himself is shining.

Tears of happiness…? Giotto though.

Giotto sighed. "Tsuna, stay away from the teddies. They are dangerous." Tsuna looked at his father with his adorable, puppy doll eyes, begging his so that he can go and hug one of them.

Giotto tried his best to not look at Tsuna's eyes but failed. Those eyes~

"No. No! Mustn't fall into Tsuna's trap…" Giotto muttered to himself. He closed his eyes. "Tsuna, the teddies are dangerous. They may hurt you."

Tsuna's eyes began to water. Giotto gasped. Cursing himself. He bent down and grabbed one of the most innocent looking teddy. The teddy gave a small squeak.

"Yay!" Tsuna hugged the teddy tightly, making the teddy squeak in pain.

"Now. Shall we start, teddies?" Giotto asked, grinning. He positioned himself.

"Oya. Oya. It seems that you are in a tight situation, Giotto." Giotto turned towards the source of the sound and found Daemon and his children are there by the door.

"Yeah Giotto. Need a hand?" Asari asked, grinning sheepishly.




(Well, it seems that somehow, all the guardians had gathered at the same place. How lucky.)

Giotto smiled and lit his flame. "Let begin."

Within 4 minutes, all the teddies are running in fear.


With that all of the teddies ran away, never to come back anymore. As for those who are watching (ghosts and monsters), they too felt very scared of the Vongolas. Thus, they did nothing.

Giotto and the rest of the guardians and their kids are standing outside of the house.

"Did you have fun?" Giotto asked. All of them nodded. Some of them laughed. Then…


Goitto looked towards the sound. It was the teddy. On its face, it was grinning evilly...

The End

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