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Tsuna was sitting on a bench right outside the warehouse. As he sat there, he swings his legs playfully.

He looks at the warehouse that papa went in.

"Alaude (travelled in a different transport), take care of my son…. Tsuna, listen to Alaude and be a good boy, ne. Papa will be back soon" Giotto had said and it had been 3 hours already.

Yes, during these 3 hours Tsuna has been a good boy but his patience is getting thin. If papa didn't come out right now….I am going to ignore him for one whole day. He said to himself, half nodding.

"What's wrong, little animal?" Alaude asked…well, more like demanded an answer.

Tsuna looked at Alaude with those big, innocent brown eyes and said, "Nothing…"

Alaude just looked at Tsuna and sighed.

He stood up from his seat suddenly and slowly moves towards Tsuna.

When he is right in front of little Tsuna, he lower himself until his eye level is the same as Tsuna's.

Alaude's usual hard and cold eyes burns into Tsuna's warm, innocent eyes.

But for Tsuna, he can see some warmth in them. Thus, he grins sheepishly. He's starting to grin like Asari….Alaude though.

"Tell me." Alaude demanded.

Few seconds later, Tsuna finally talked. "I want to be with papa…"

For a second there, Alaude seems hurt but the expression disappears as soon as it comes.

Then, Alaude put his hand on Tsuna's head. "He'll be back soon."

Then he smiled gently, the kind of smile he never gives anyone, except for his wife and son.

I am going to bind Giotto to death if he doesn't come out right now….

"What a pleasant surprise. If this isn't the Vongola's Cloud Guardian?" an unknown voice was heard from behind. "Babysitting?"

Both Tsuna and Alaude look towards the source of the voice.

It was a young man, with yellow hair, and when he smiles, both Tsuna and Alaude can see his gold teeth.

Tsuna looked at the man and smiled cheerfully.

"Onii-san….. you ate too much candie, didn't you, onii-san. " Tsuna said confidently to the yellow-man, with the determination in his eyes. This made the man's eye visibly, twitched.

"Papa always told me not to eat too much candie because if one eat too much candie, the candie will become a monster and aven..avenga…"

"Avenge" Alaude said.

"Avange…their friends. They do that by pulling off your teeth." Tsuna continued, half nodding to himself, half pointing his teeth.

Alaude just sat there, chuckled slightly.

"They taste very good, but they're scary…" Tsuna shivers.

Then there was silence.

"Is this some kind of a joke?" the yellow-man asked, clearly furious about Tsuna's remark.

Alaude looked at his face then grabbed Tsuna's hand and walked away, ignoring the man. To him, this man ceased to exist.

The man, clearly annoyed and angry, just looked at them both. This…isn't going according to the plan….

"Hey! Don't you dare ignore me! If you don't listen to me, I am going to attack you." The man said… almost desperately...almost.

Alaude only knows that the person is making weird noises so he didn't bother to listen to him. They kept on walking.

"Ne, ne, Alaude-nii, who is that yellow-man talking to?" Tsuna asked.

Alaude looked at Tsuna and then at the yellow-man and then at Tsuna again. "What yellow-man? All I see is a useless herbivore sputtering nonsense."

Tsuna looked puzzle at first then his expression changed, showing that he understood what Alaude had said just now. So, with that innocent determination looks again, he nods. "Wakarimasta., Alaude-nii"

The Yellow-man stood there, gaping at the two people in front of him. Oi, Oi, they're ignoring me? They aren't even considering my feeling… I'm a failure…. With that, he drops onto his knees. Sad and dark aura can be seen emitted by the Yellow-man.

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