"You lied to him to come out and see me?" Tamani laughed.

"You lied for me. I feel special." His voice was sharp and harsh, but there was something else behind it appreciation, satisfaction.

I scoffed and started to walk away. "Don't even think that; it wasn't for you."

Tamani grabbed my arm and whirled me around so quickly I stumbled forward
against his chest. He didn't try to embrace me, just held me in his arms as I stood sprawled
across him. "Wasn't it? Tell me you don't love me."

My mouth moved, but I said nothing.

"Tell me," he said his voice sharp and demanding. "Tell me David is all you need or want in your life." His face was close to me, his sweet breath caressing my face. "That you never think of me when you're kissing him. That you don't dream about me the way I dream about you. Tell me you don't love me."

I looked up at him, desperation consuming me. My mouth felt dry, and the words I tried to force out wouldn't come.

"You can't even say it," he said, his arms pulling me in now instead of holding me steady. "Then love me, Laurel. Just love me!"

His face was filled with a yearning I could hardly bear. I couldn't leave him again. Not like this-not now that he knew. Why couldn't I hide it better? Why did I keep coming back when I couldn't stay? It was hurting him more than it was hurting me. How was that love? Love wasn't supposed to be selfish

Tamani' lips were in my face now, in my hair. It was as if every emotion he had stifled, every temptation he'd resisted had burst forth like a roaring river. And the current threatened to carry me away. I forced myself to open my eyes and looked right into Tamani's deep green eyes. They were full of love and yearning. Something deep inside me responded to what I saw in his eyes and suddenly it was me kissing him. I kissed him with feverent abandon, and for once I felt free, no guilt for kissing him, and not a care in the world about David. This is what true love felt like. His lips were gentle and unsure I parted my lips slowly and he slid his tongue into my mouth. He tasted so sweet, sweeter than anything I'd ever tasted. . His tongue was hot and smooth against mines, our saliva mixing with each others as the kiss heated. He sucked lightly on my lower lip and I moaned into his mouth. "I love you" I said thinking aloud, startling both myself and Tamani.

Tamani looked at me with love in his eyes "do you know how long I've been waiting to hear you say that?" He asked breaking the kiss.

He put his hands on my shoulders and looked straight into my eyes "I love you Laurel I always have and I always will. Then he smiled that breathtaking smile and it was all I could not to pounce on him.

Suddenly it was too much for me to take and I pulled his head to mine and kissed him. My hands ran through his soft hair while his arms circled around my waist and pulled me against his hard chest. In the distance I heard a car drive off, but Tamani's kisses kept me entranced and I ignored it.

Soon we were kissing on the floor. Tamani broke their kiss "Laurel could you stay here, tonight?" He asked quietly, uncertainty in his eyes

"Tamani you know I can't my mom and dad will wonder about me"

"I know, I just hoped that you would stay"

" my parents would worry," I said simply

"Okay, I understand," he murmured "guess I'll see you again tomorrow for round two," he said with sudden cockiness

"Oh shut up Tamani," I said lightly punching him in the arm "I'll see you this same place tomorrow at 11am, okay?


"Good night Tamani" I said turning to walk away

"Sleep well Laurel," he called just as I exited the woods

As I walked into my house a blast of warmth welcomed me

"aah so good" I said i didn't realize how cold it was out there. I'll have to remember to bring a coat tommorrow

"Hey, Laurel,where have you been?,"my mom asked.

"Out with David,"I answered

"Oh, I didn't see you get out of his car before he drove off"

"Crap," I muttered under my breath I dully remembered hearing a car drive off "Oh, I didn't realize you saw us"

"Don't be embaressed I've seen alot more itamate stuff than that whether you guys realize it or not"

"Soo, do you uh want to go to the movies or something, have some mother daughter time?" I asked quickly covering up the awkward silence

"Sorry hun I gotta do some things at the store," she said a bit quickly

"Oh okay, its just that we haven't been able to spend much time together, since you started that shop you've been really busy," I hinted

"I know honey maybe some other time,"she said her eyes softening a little


She took her coat off the coat hanger

"bye mom"

"Bye, Laurel" she called just as she walked out the door

"I love you," I said,but she was already gone. It had been four months since I had left to go to that fairy school annd she was still being distant. Always using her new herb store as an escuse to get away from me. Believe it or not right now things were alot better now than they'd been before she wasn't avoiding me as she ever going to accept that I was a faerie?