He sat in his office, it was dark and cold and he was drinking scotch as

usual, he sat there thinking about his complicated, pathetic, infracted

life also he thought about her and why she loved him so much it didn't

make any sense to him cause he didn't seem to find any reason why she

should. He was a lonely, damaged, sad man and she was the only one who

understood him in ways that freaked him out, the only other people who

understood him the way she did were Wilson and Cuddy and it had taken

them almost 6 yrs, it took her only 2 yrs, Damn! She read him like an

open book and he didn't like being that open to anyone, every false move

he made she read into it, every lie he told she was able to see the truth

even when she asked him if he liked her, he had lied and said that he

didn't, immediately the words left his mouth he regretted it because he

could see a familiar glint in her eyes and right then he knew she knew he

was lying.

He was no different from her because he could also read her, only better,

he could see that she was almost as damaged as he was. He who had sworn

never to have any feelings for anyone of the opposite sex had now found

himself caught up in a web of confusing emotions, he didn't know exactly

how to describe it because it felt good and bad at the same time, it made

him feel content but also lacking Damn her for making him feel this way.

He felt not in control and he hated that as much as he hated surprises

and pickles in his Reuben sandwich and clinic duty. He did not understand

when Wilson was describing how he felt around his ex-wives the first time

they met but now he guessed he pretty much did, what were they

again...um dizziness, tachycardia, tightening of the stomach, loss of

words, unusual staring, careless thoughts, clumsiness if he didn't know

better he would say that there were all symptoms of a strange and serious

disease, but he knew better all right, he knew it was because of her,

Damn her damn her to hell...or not Damn her maybe to his heart. Oh,

Allison Cameron what are you doing to me?.

He snapped out of his thoughts when he heard someone call him it was


"Er...House you okay?"

When he switched on the lamp Wilson looked at him funny he guessed he did

look drunk, after all he had just downed an almost full bottle of scotch


"Yeah I'm fine never been better, but I think I may be a little bit drunk

you wouldn't mind driving me home I mean you wouldn't let a drunk

cripple drive at night now would you?"

"A bit drunk?, House you almost finished that!" he said pointing to the

bottle of scotch on House's table

"But yeah I'll drive seeing as I was already going home anyway c'mon lets


House got up and left his office with Wilson, he left the almost finished

bottle of scotch but took the only thing that mattered to him, thoughts

of Allison.