(Companion piece to 'Willow's Thief'.) Luna is the Last Guardian… and she's not really sure what that means. She goes on a road trip across the multi-verse with Spike to figure out her role in the world and stop a new Big Bad along the way.

Story Notes: This is a companion piece, not a sequel, to my epically long Harry Potter crossover, 'Willow's Thief'. You don't necessarily need to have read 'W.T' to read this, but there are spoilers in this story to some twists in Willow's Thief. But basically, just know that Luna Lovegood is a Guardian (remember in Season 7 of BTVS, there was that old lady that Caleb killed?) and she befriended Spike along the way. In this story, she's going to discover her heritage quite a bit more and meet some interesting folks during her quest.

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"Miss Edith is ever so glad to have tea with you."

Luna Lovegood looked up into the shining, smiling face of a pale-skinned woman with hair as dark as a crow's feather. She wore a dress of white lace and was sitting at a grand mahogany table that featured a black and crimson tea set. In the seat to her right sat a doll that stared at Luna with glassy eyes, and the woman patted the seat to her left.

"Come now, little moon. I won't bite." Her smile was sugary sweet, but there was a predatory aspect to it that told Luna that the woman was fond of biting.

Barefoot, Luna soundlessly walked over the hardwood floors and climbed into a large chair with a red velvet backing and padded armrests. Her feet dangled slightly over the floor and she suddenly felt very small; even though the woman next to her had a slight build, she was much taller. The rectangular table was large enough to seat twenty people and above it hung an ornate chandelier that hosted a dozen flickering candles which provided the room's only light.

The woman gracefully poured Luna a cup of steaming tea that warmed her flesh when she held it; the room was incredibly cool and drafty. Suddenly intimidated, Luna's eyes traveled to inspect her tea cup. It was black with crimson tear drops forming a border at the top and bottom of the cup. Constructed out of thin glass, it tapered at the lid and bore a small crack in the middle.

"You helped change the world, little moon. Evil opened its maw to swallow us whole, but it choked on you. I was a bit sad when I heard the news, I was ever so looking forward to the chaos." The woman pouted slightly and sighed wistfully. "There would have been cake."

Not understanding the last comment and quite confused about the entire comment, Luna shrugged slightly. "I'm sorry," Luna apologized, but her lilting voice made it sound like a question.

The woman gave her a sudden beaming smile and patted Luna lightly on the head. "What good manners! Did you hear that, Miss Edith? I think we should give her cake after she's finished her tea!" She clapped lightly and Luna noticed that her eyes glittered slightly with madness.

"I should probably be going. I've got people to see," she stated. To be honest, Luna was quite confused as to how she got here in the first place.

The woman began pouting considerably. "But you haven't even drunk your tea yet, little moon!" Tears threatened to fall from her soft brown eyes and Luna felt guilty.

"I'm sorry, but I don't even know your name," she tried to kindly protest.

She clucked her tongue and shook her finger at Luna. "I am Drusilla and your dear friend's mummy. Did he not tell you about his mummy?" she asked sternly.

"My friend's mother?" Luna asked in bewilderment. The name Drusilla sounded familiar but she couldn't place it at the moment.

Drusilla growled. "Grr. He always was a bad pup. Before, he was good at being bad, and now, he is good at being good, and it makes my head hurt," she finished sadly with her fingers splayed across her temple.

"Right," Luna said, somewhat nervously. "Well, I really must be leaving now."

"Girls to find," Drusilla nodded sagely. "And your legacy to discover."

Her legacy… those were the same words that her grandmother had told her during the vision before the final battle against the First Evil!

"Do you know about my legacy? My grandmother said, in a vision, that it had been hidden. That every ten years, it was hidden so A Kwanza Bovu wouldn't find it, but now it is lost because the Guardian watching over it was murdered."

"I ate a flower child once, in the 1960s. She loved hugging trees. After I ate her, I watched my hand move for hours!" Drusilla giggled.

Ate? Luna stiffened slightly and suddenly realized she didn't have her wand on her.

Drusilla's face turned serious. "When the sun sets in the west, little moon will come out, but she will not be able to see the stars. Ancient beings will hide the stars, just as they hide your secrets."

Luna felt her face scrunching in confusion. "Secrets? Like what I need to learn in order to figure out how to fully access my Guardian powers?"

Drusilla poked the tip of Luna's nose and gave her a childish smile. "You will find trees, and then you will find a family tree."

Her head turned sideways and Drusilla blinked languidly at her before she giggled manically.

"And then you will find me!"

Kidlington, England
Watcher's Council, International Headquarters

Climbing down from the Knight Bus a week later, Luna gazed at the dramatically large castle in front of her. It was nowhere near the size of Hogwarts but, other than that, it was the largest castle she had ever seen.

The brick and mortar of the building appeared aged yet firm, and was encircled by a twenty-foot wide moat that was only accessible by a single bridge. Four turrets marked each corner of the castle, and the yard was divided into various areas. As she approached the bridge, Luna noted that there were several obstacle courses and an immense rectangular pool that sparkled under the dim sun that peeked through the clouds here. 'Here' was the countryside outside of Kidlington, England, which was only ten miles north of Oxford. Of course, 'here' was also the new international headquarters of the 'Watcher's Council.'

In the past two months since they had defeated the First Evil and Sunnydale had turned into a sink hole, Mr. Giles had taken control of the assets of the Watcher's Council, since he was the most senior member that remained. Even though their London Headquarters had been blown up and priceless artifacts were ruined, the Council still had a considerable amount of wealth and property that had accumulated in the last couple thousand years or so. This castle had been one of those assets and, especially since it was close to the resources of Oxford University, Mr. Giles had seen it as a fit replacement for their Headquarters.

The Headquarters consisted of more than just Watchers, though. Currently seventy-five Slayers called it home and, for most of them, it was a school as well. Forty of the girls were survivors from Sunnydale and the other thirty-four were girls that Willow had found during her travels. The only way that they could find the girls, currently, were through either Willow or Luna, since both were connected to each Slayer. Willow was connected since she enacted the activation spell, and Luna was connected because she was a Guardian.

And now it was time, after her brief holiday home with her father, to do her part in helping to find the new Slayers and explain to them their new role in the world.

However, Luna was secretly hoping that along the way she could figure out what her dream last week meant and find her legacy… although she hoped she didn't find Drusilla.

Being the Ravenclaw that she was, Luna had immediately researched the woman who called herself the 'mummy' of one of Luna's friends. It was with a bit of surprise when she discovered that Drusilla was Spike's infamous sire and a childe of Angel, whom she had met briefly during the final battle. The stories about her were rather unnerving, and it was evident that Drusilla was not a vampire that Luna wanted to meet.

Yet, it was rather curious that Drusilla would be featured so prominently in her dream. The vampire had a reputation as a seer, so Luna was curious if their common seer traits caused them to connect in their dream. After reading those books, Luna also remembered Spike mentioning Drusilla to her the previous spring and compared the two female's seer abilities. It made Luna wonder if their connection to Spike somehow allowed Drusilla to enter her dreams.

She found it most curious.

"LUNA!" Rona called out cheerfully from her location at the 'Information Desk' near the entrance inside the castle. Anya and Remus had been placed in charge of organizing castle logistics and, thus, things were incredibly organized – enough so that a large sign that said 'Information Desk' in bold purple font blinked above the desk.

Luna smiled and made her way over to the Slayer. "Hello Rona!" she said with a dreamy smile. Being around the Slayers always put Luna in a good mood. They simply glowed with this sense of familial energy that was only seen by her, but it was evidence of the bonds that tied the Guardian to her Slayer(s).

"What's up, girl?" Rona drawled as she leaned back in her wheeled office chair and plunked her feet on the desk.

That phrase caused Luna to giggle rather madly for a moment as she remembered the pun she used at Willy's during a bar fight that she and Spike had started. She had used a spell to float a vampire against the ceiling and asked him "What's up?", remembering that Buffy always encouraged quips and whit. That vampire had been confused until she said "You're up, get it?", paused a moment, and added "And so is this stake!" as she floated a stake up directly into his heart.

That had been the day when she killed a vampire on her own for the first time and it also became the first day of her and Spike's friendship.

"I'm just here to meet with Spike before we transport to America to conduct the new Slayer search," she informed Rona.

Luna was actually quite excited about their upcoming trip. Since arriving home two months ago, she had spent a great deal of time with her father – she had missed him terribly – and a lot of time trying to research the supernatural world. Thus, she hadn't had too much time to visit Spike or any of her other friends at the Watcher's Council. She had been looking forward to this trip with Spike for a while and could not wait to begin their new adventure.

Besides looking for new Slayers and her legacy, she was also hoping to find a crumple-horned snorkack along the way!

"Sweet! I can't wait to get some fresh blood in here," Rona grinned. "Willow and Buffy've been sending a lot our way from Asia, but it would be nice to have some American sistas here."

Luna smiled. "You just want some friends to watch that foosball with, don't you?"

Rona, a big New York Jets fan, rolled her eyes. "Dawg, don't mess with my sport. It's football. You cannot mess that up if you're in America, or those people will eat you alive. Especially in Texas."

"Ooh, what about Texas?" Vi, a tall and slender Slayer with red pixie-cut hair, chimed in as she entered the foyer.

"Rona was saying that Texas is a horrible, backwards state," Luna replied seriously before throwing Rona a teasing smile.

"What?" Vi practically screeched at the insult of her home state. "Ro, I know you ain't tryin' to mess with Texas, right?" she fervently declared with her hands hoisted on her hips.

"Hey!" Rona interjected before Vi could further her Texas-loving fueled tantrum. "Luna lied! You know I don't talk smack about Texas, not since you went crazy when the San Antonio Spurs lost the play-offs."

Vi shook her head and mock-glared at the younger girl. "Not cool, Luna, not cool."

Luna smiled innocently. "I suppose I must have misheard." Rona, Vi, and then Luna laughed at that. While she hadn't been able to visit the castle often since they arrived here, when she did, Luna often searched out these two girls and Dawn since they were the ones she felt most comfortable, as they had been in Sunnydale ever since she arrived. There was a two to three year age difference and while they were not close friends, they were friends…and before Luna came to Sunnydale, she had never had friends before, so they were quite special to her.

"Well I think Spike is around here somewhere, you want me to do use our sweet PSA system to call him in?" Rona grinned. She enjoyed having authority, and running the Information Desk gave her the authority to make other people listen to her via the public announcement system that had been hooked up.

"No, that's alright – we can't leave until nightfall, anyway. I'll find him later."

And later she did find him…in a rather amusing situation.

"C'mon Spike!" Andrew Wells, budding Watcher, whined from his spot near the industrial-sized kitchen sink. "Teach me how to fight. Please?" he begged with a pouting look on his face.

"Andrew, for the last time – I'm not a bloody Sunday School teacher and I ain't gonna teach extracurriculars here," Spike snorted.

"But-but, how will I become a good watcher like Mr. Giles if I don't understand how to fight?" Andrew whined again as his bottom lip stuck out slightly.

"Have the One-Eyed Wonder teach you," Spike rolled his eyes as he walked towards the fridge.

"Please, Spike?" Andrew begged with wide eyes.

"No!" the exasperated vampire responded as he explored the fridge before triumphantly pulling out a pouch of blood.

"Oh, Mister Spike!" piped up a high-pitched and squeaky voice that belonged to a slightly distraught house elf. "Pleases, we be happy to get you your blood, do not be frettin' 'bout feeding yourself!"

Spike rolled his eyes at the dozen house elves who were preparing dinner at a long granite table in the middle of the room. "Sorry, Spanky, but I don't really like people – er, house elves – touching my blood."

"Oh, Mister Spike! My name is Spaky, not Spanky!" the house elf nervously corrected him.

Again, Spike rolled his eyes. "Yeah, whatever. No problem, mate." He started to say something else before he saw Luna standing in the doorway.

"Crescent!" he called out as his eyes lit up and he walked over to engulf her into a hug. "Bloody hell, Crescent, how've you been? Feels like it's been ages." 'Crescent' had been the nickname that Spike had given to her after the bar fight at Willy's. Since 'Luna' meant 'moon' and she was slightly mad - in a good way, apparently - he had said she was a few slices short of being a full moon and henceforth named her 'Crescent'.

"I've been good," she smiled. Well, that dream had scared her but she didn't want to bring that up just yet. "I'm looking forward to our trip."

"Me too. Without Buffy here as a buffer, the one-eyed wanker and the old man are getting on my last bloody nerve. I can't wait to get out of this castle!" he shook his head tiredly.

"Well, I'm not sure how exciting the trip will be in comparison to living in a castle," she noted. A part of her was afraid that Spike wouldn't have fun on their trip. He knew her fairly well and accepted all the strange aspects of her personality, but one of these days she was afraid that he would think her too strange to speak to – like most other people thought.

"Crescent, I'm going with you because you need someone protectin' ya, and also your grandmum asked me to be lookin' out for ya. I'll be damned if I let you go without supervision," he said sternly.

"'Sides," he added with a wink. "If I know missions like these, there's bound to be all sorts of nasties that I can kill for fun."

Luna giggled at his statement. After destroying the First Evil, she didn't think there would be that many evil things attacking them on their trip, but she wouldn't want to ruin Spike's anticipation.

…Of course, being a new member of the 'Scooby Gang', Luna Lovegood didn't quite yet realize that evil attacks when you're least expecting it.


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