After the sasquatch ambled from the Grove of Titans and the humans left the area, the only sounds left in the forest were the minor movements of animals and the wet sounds of a creature coughing up her own blood.

In the shadows of the tree known as the Lost Monarch, Bellatrix Lestrange lay dying. Her wand had impaled her chest, in her right lung to be exact. It was collapsing at an alarming rate and her organs were slowly shifting to the left side, squeezing her heart centimeter by centimeter. Blood pooled on her dirty black dress and her natural ivory skin was pallid and frightening.

He watched from his location on one of the Lost Monarch's branches as Bellatrix began breathing her last breaths. With his keen ears he could hear the slick slide of organs and the rapid beating of her dying heart. He debated on going to her, but could not decide if she would be more of a hindrance or a help in his quest.

A lithe shadow emerged into the grove and it seemed the matter was settled for him – the vampire Drusilla had come back for her pet witch.

"There now luv, drink up," Drusilla encouraged in a motherly tone as she pressed her bleeding wrist to Bellatrix's mouth. The witch coughed at first but Drusilla cut herself again to increase the blood flow and soon it was spilling down Bellatrix's throat.

It was fascinating to him how he could hear Bellatrix's heart start to slow and then the re-knitting of tissue. The sound of her organs, covered in blood and sliding back to their natural locations whet his tongue, and he swallowed hard to make the thirst subside.

Finally, it was done and Drusilla leaned against the moist ground, her newly made vampire in the death slumber next to her.

"Such a pretty family we'll be, twin ravens and the white peacock, raised from the dead," Drusilla murmured dreamily; his gifted ears could hear her regardless of his distance.

He stiffened. What did she mean by 'white peacock, raised from the dead'? Did she…No, she couldn't, could she?

Drusilla giggled and her eyes roved around the darkness before finally settling on him. "Oh yes, you'll be a good daddy, won't you?"

Rolling around in the ground, Drusilla laughed some more, as though she was drunk on power. "A witch, a wizard, and a seer, oh wait until the Dark One hears."

Although it had not been his primary plan, Lucius Malfoy found her proposition entirely seductive.

A slow and dangerous smile slid over the hard contours of his face. Oh yes…just wait until the Dark One hears…

Willow Rosenberg and Sirius Black would regret defeating him in Sunnydale.


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