Hi everyone, I was so looking forward to Lie to me's new episode when I saw that it's only next week! Have to wait so long to see Gillian drunk! I couldn't handle that of course so I wrote something myself!

Spoilers for s03e04, Cal's (stupid) Cat and Mouse thing he said to Gillian (which was SO mean I thought...)

A mouse

Gillian stood straight. She didn't feel very happy, she felt a bit heavy in her head. But she wasn't drunk. She could still see every thing around her very clearly and her brain wasn't foggy at all.

She steadied herself as she stood up out of her chair to walk towards her handbag. She was going home.

Oops, standing up took some effort she thought as she slowly made her way towards the chair where her handbag was.

Ria had left a few minutes ago. Gillian looked at the clock and saw with surprise that it already was two hours later then she had expected. She narrowed her eyes confused as she looked back at the glasses they had been drinking from. Ria left two hours ago? Had she been sitting that long alone? She didn't remember.

'You already looked through the Manson file?' A male voice came from the door.

Gillian looked up as she steadied herself on her desk. Ah there he was. She looked at him wearily. The cat. She focused her gaze on her handbag as she tried to open it. Because there can only be one cat in the house.

'Oy.' Cal said when she didn't answer. He walked towards her with his hands in his pockets.

One whole cat.

It's cat and mice, not CATS and mouse or mice or what the ever hell… Gillian pondered angrily as she fumbled trough her handbag. Where did she leave her phone?

Cal invaded her space when she didn't answer. His eyes went over her face thoroughly. He smelled the liquor on her breath and his face turned towards the table where he noticed two glasses and two bottles. One bottle was empty, the other still had something in it.

Suddenly Gillian looked up at him. He saw the blurriness of her otherwise clear blue eyes.

'What?' She almost snapped at him.

'I was asking you something.' Cal stated with mild annoyance in his voice. He was busy, he had other things to do.

'O really? You want to ask me something?' Gillian asked and Cal narrowed his eyes as he took in the angry undertone in her otherwise soft and sweet voice. His focus went to her lips.

'Well, why don't I help you?' She offered sarcastic. 'I'll help you.' She repeated as she loosened her grip from the desk and began to walk.

Cal frowned as he followed her with his eyes. She pointed slowly and uncoordinated towards the two chairs. 'Come sit down, and I'll-' She stopped midsentence as if she had forgotten that she was talking to him.

Cal raised an eyebrow at her as he put his hands in his sides and watched her bend over and take off her long black heels.

'What was I-?' Gillian asked confused as she straightened herself again and seemed to forget what she had been doing. She looked back at her handbag and then at the chairs and then at Cal. 'O yes, why don't I sit down here.' She said as she made a show of lowering herself in one of her chairs. Then she put her blue gaze on him again. 'And you tell me what to do.'

'Ey? Tell you what to do? About what?' Cal asked confused as he walked closer to her. What was she getting at?

She shrugged. 'I dunno.' She shrugged again as she looked beside her lazily. She seemed to discover the bottle of liquor there and grabbed it. Her other hand went to the glass but it fell on the table. She pushed it away and it fell to the ground in a few pieces. She shrugged again and looked at him again all business now.

'I don't know Cal, it's me who's the mouse. So now I'm acting like a mouse.' She told him.

His lip twitched. So that's what it was about. He didn't feel like talking about that. 'You're drunk.'

Gillian began to laugh. 'Drunk? I don't think so. I can hold my liquor.' She said as she brought the bottle to her lips and took a few long swigs. She yawned widely. 'I'm just acting on what you said earlier.'

'Two days ago.' Cal reminded her. It had been days since that last incident between them. And, he had to admit that he hadn't seen much of her since then. The last weeks he had felt better when she wasn't near him. When she couldn't look through him, couldn't surprise him or confront him.

'Z…What?' Gillian asked groggily.

Cal noticed that her tone began to slur a bit. 'I said that two days ago.' He reminded her impatiently as his eyes went to the clock on the wall, he still had some paperwork to do.

'Like I said: earlier.' Gillian took another swig of her bottle. Cal narrowed his eyes as he looked at the bottle. It probably wasn't a good idea to let her drink more.

'And tell me, what does the cat do now?' Gillian asked as she stood up and walked over to him with the bottle clutched to her side.

'About what?' Cal asked as he looked from the bottle up to her face again.

Gillian gestured around her wildly. 'About everything of course.'

Cal's eyes widened when he saw her stand straight one moment, and go dangerously close to the left side without any counter reaction from her feet to balance herself. He stepped toward her instantly to catch her before she would fall.

Gillian didn't seem to take notice as she hung lazily in his arms, with the bottle still in one hand, the other hand going up when she began to talk again as if nothing had just happened and as if she wasn't carrying her own body weight.

'O and by the by.' Gillian began again as Cal tried to balance her as well as he could manage. He could feel her warm breath against the skin in his neck. 'I stopped doing the finances.'

'You what?' He asked shocked as he took her by her upper arms and pushed her away from his body to see her. Was she serious? Or was it the alcohol in her blood? Or was she just playing him to see his reaction?

Gillian nodded at him. 'And..' She put up one finger. 'The rest of the adminifla… No…' She looked away as she got a deep think-wrinkle between her brows. 'How do you say that.' She looked at her finger. 'Amini…. ADminigra…Admini-'

'Administration?' Cal spat as he let go of her arms. She wasn't serious! But her expression was.

Gillian's eyes widened enthusiastic as if they were playing a word game. 'That's it!' She shrieked happily as she slapped him on his chest hard.

Cal's nostrils widened in anger.

'O but it's okay!' She clarified quickly as she noticed his anger, even in her state. 'I didn't stop today.' She put up two big wide eyes as she lowered her chin at him and slowly shook her head both ways.

Cal almost sighed in relief. Who knows what more trouble could have happened if she had…?

'But two days ago.' She told him casually as she noticed something interesting on his shoulder.

'What?' Cal snapped.

'Yes.' Gillian took another swig of the bottle as she began her way back to the chair. 'It wasn't hard really.' She scratched her head and then stared at her nails. 'I just said to myself 'just quit' he wants to be the cat, the only cat, then let it him….' She narrowed her eyes in concentration. 'L-et be it him.' She slurred as she gave him a confused look. She shook her head. 'Let it be him I mean!' She giggled as she dropped herself in the chair again.

'You've been doing that these last few days and you didn't tell me?' Cal snapped as he walked towards her angrily.

Gillian hiccupped. And gave him a lazy look as she shrugged. All her boundaries seemed gone.

'You know what Cal?' She put her hand hard against her chest. 'This mouse just doesn't care no more.' She hiccupped again. 'And if you don't like that, I suggest-' She began to giggle again as she looked at him. She pointed outside her office towards his office. 'Take it up with the BOSS, iz around the corner there somewhere.' She said as she gestured wildly at it now. 'He likes to be called THE CAT.' She began to laugh now.

'I can't believe this!' Cal snapped as he turned around and stalked off towards his office angrily. He had to go see what damage there had been done already with her not paying any attention to the administration and finances.


What did you think? Shall I continue? I'll finish my other story too I promise, but I'm just a bit annoyed by Cal's behaviour right now! I hope Gillian will FINALLY stand up for herself!