Disclaimer: Transformers is property of Takara-Tomy and Hasbro. I'm just borrowing it.

"Strika, my love, I'm home!" Lugnut declared as he walked down the street towards his home on Cybertron.

"Lugnut," Strika said as she emerged from the front door to greet him.

"Your beauty remains undimmed, my love," Lugnut declared as he rushed forward with open arms to sweep her up. His advance was halted just in front of her when she held up her hand.

"Lugnut, we need to talk."

"About what, my destructive darling?"

"I've found someone else."

"I was unaware that anyone besides Lord Megatron was missing."

"I mean I've fallen in love with someone else," Strika rephrased for her dim-witted, would-be paramour.

"How is this possible?" Lugnut wailed.

"You were gone so long looking for Megatron,"

"Lord Megatron," Lugnut corrected.

"Fine, 'Lord Megatron'. Anyway, you were gone for so long, and I was so lonely slaying Autobots on the battlefield alone that I found a new partner to assist me."

"Camaraderie is not love. I forgive you," Lugnut declared.

"Let me finish! It started out as competition, developed into camaraderie, and then we fell in love."


"He complements me better than you did, Lugnut. Together, we were just two unstoppable forces of destruction, but Obsidian and I together are a force of destruction with a cunning riposte."


"And he appreciates me for my mind."

"Strika, I appreciate your mind. There is no femme more devoted to the Decepticon cause than you in all the universe!"

"See? That's what I mean. You have a one-track mind, Lugnut. Obsidian thinks of so many angles at once. He listens to my advice on tactics and appreciates my intelligence."

"In-telligence? Tac-tics? What are these foreign concepts you speak of? You're starting to sound like Starscream, my dear, but I'm sure you'll come to your senses. Just let me inside and we'll work all this out."

"No, Lugnut, my mind is made up. We're through. Goodbye," Strika said finally, stepped back inside and closed the door.

"Arrrraaaggghhhh!" He shouted, as his rage at Strika's treasonous rejection overcame his vocal skills.

Lugnut swung back his arm and prepared his 'Punch of Kill Everything' to break down the heavily-armoured door of his former abode. His fist flew forward with the rocket-accelerated might of righteous fury and was about to demolish the obstructing door, when it opened a crack and a spindly, orange finger emerged to press the red button upon his fist. Lugnut, Megatron's hound, the Kaon Krusher, was thrown backwards by the resulting premature explosion and landed on the street.

The house's door opened to its full width and a misshapen Decepticon appeared in its aperture. The mech hovered using a pair of rotors attached to his shoulders because he had no legs or feet, just a short tail. His arms ended in long, spindly fingers, much like the legs of a spider. His elongated head held no trace of a face except for two piercing red eyes. He hovered up to Lugnut.

"I'm Obsidian," the Decepticon declared quietly before flicking Lugnut in the forehead. "And yes, I am smarter than you."

The End