Harry sat staring at his blood-covered hands. How could this happen? One minute he was lost, running for freedom in a different country, after his had been so brutally stripped from him. Now he was covered in the blood of the man who freed him from his cage and all he could do was try to keep the man from bleeding out. He knew it was hopeless, and so did his rescuer, there was too much blood.

Harry gazed into his savior's blue eyes and the man held the contact for a brief second. The man's last words were a simple command.


And Harry ran faster then he ever had before. He never looked back.



"Where is Gibbs? It is not like him to be late." Ziva asked looking around the bullpen as she walked to her desk, coffee cup in hand.

"He'll show up eventually Ziva." Tim said, not glancing up from his computer.

"And probably scare the crap out of us." Tony mumbled sulkily opening and closing the drawers of his desk as he looked for a trinket he had lost.

"What's up with you? You generally aren't this sulky without provocation." Tim asked Tony who had started fiddling with a ball that he had found in his desk.

"Emily broke up with me. Again. And then she sent me a link to that, whatshername pop girl who sang the song 'We Are Never Getting Back Together' and now it's stuck in my head." Tony grumbled and then tossed the ball at Tim. "Not that it's any of your business McNosey." The ball bounced off Tim's desk and rolled onto the floor near the plasma.

At that moment Gibbs swept into the bullpen never pausing as he grabbed his gun and jacket, "Suit up, we've got a dead Marine. And no throwing things around the equipment." The waiting trio all jumped into action grabbing their bags, guns and jackets.

"Where are we going Boss-man?" Tony asked as they entered the elevator.

"St. Mary's County. Let's go."


The four agents swept into the clearing that was being taped off by the local police. Gibbs approached one of the officers and presented his credentials as he asked, "Who found the body?"

The cop looked him over before gesturing to a group of boys and adults "A boy scout troop was taking a hike and stumbled across the body. Found him wearing dog tags and we called you folks."

Gibbs nodded, "When did they find him?"

The cop looked at his notes and said "about half an hour ago sir."

Gibbs frowned and walked away but called "Thanks" over his shoulder to the cop.

As Gibbs approached the body and snapped on his gloves Ziva mentioned, "There was someone here when he died, or right before, they tried to help him." While gesturing to how the blood was pooling around the body.

"Think whoever it was got him killed?" Tony said looking at some of the blood splotches near the body. He frowned "These couldn't have all been made by him. And, over there's a bloody T-shirt. I think whoever was with our vic tried to stop the bleeding." And Tony snapped picture upon picture of the area, focusing on the other blood splatters and bloody shirt. Tim bagged and tagged the shirt and blood samples.

"Look over here!" Tony and Ziva looked over at Tim who had been surveying the surrounding area, "There's a blood trail leading to somewhere."

"So go follow it McGee. DiNozzo, go with him. Find out what's on the other end."

"On it Boss-man."

"Got it boss."


Gibbs approached Ducky and Palmer as soon as they began to survey the body.

"When was he killed?" was the first thing Ducky heard after the liver probe was removed.

"Oh, Jethro, I estimate he died about an hour ago, but he was injured well before that. Died from bleeding out, poor chap. Rather painful way to go I'd presume. Did you know-" Ducky explained but what was cut off by Gibbs.

"What killed him Duck?" Gibbs asked impatiently.

"A bullet wound to the chest. Wouldn't be fatal if he'd gotten the proper help in time."

"And who was he?" Gibbs needed the information.

"Major Ryan Ghallegher according to Timothy's device." Ducky said scanning the fingerprints. "Stationed on the USS Independence according to his dog tags." Gibbs walked away as Palmer started loading the body into a body bag leaving the two to talk about ancient rituals that required people to drain their blood.


Tim came to a stop as the blood trail came to an end. He looked in the direction it was going before looking at the map on his phone, "The person was headed to Leonardtown Square by the looks of it."

Tony looked slightly perplexed, "Why would they do that? Wouldn't it make them more obvious because of the blood?" He paused "Also wouldn't the lack of shirt cause problems as well?"

Tim nodded "But what if they were injured too. They could pass it off as an accident or something related."

Tony shrugged "If you say so McGoogle. Maybe we should check recent hospital check ins?"


Ziva looked up when she heard rustling in the bushes past the far side of the crime scene away from where the police were keeping the witnesses, her hand reached towards he gun and called out "Identify yourselves immediately." Two blondes in white shorts and t-shirts slunk out cautiously barely leaving the safety of the trees. The boy held out his hand to balance the girl when she tripped over a root. Ziva lowered her hand away from her gun these were children! The boy whispered something to the girl who shook her head. "What are you two doing here?"

The boy glanced at her then the girl, as if asking permission to speak. "We belong here. Right Lu?" The girl nodded dreamily seeming to pay no attention to her surroundings. "We're looking for EW1"The boy cut himself off that train of thought and changed it to "-Rai. We're looking for Rai. He and Ryan left this morning. So did Nev-Gaia and Victor. We're the last, we didn't need an escort."

Ziva narrowed her eyes but didn't challenge the pair's story, for now. "Ryan? Do you mean Ryan Ghallegher? He was found dead about twenty feet that way." Ziva jerked her head towards the clearing.

The boy looked confused, "Dead? Why would Ryan be dead? He's just Rai's handler." The boy then covered his mouth with a hand.

Ziva's mind focused on the last word "Handler? Why would this Rai need a handler?"

This caused another silent exchange between the two blondes and Ziva lost her patience "Would one of you explain already?"

The girl spoke for the first time, her voice having the same dreamy quality as her body language "We're part of a government experiment here. We just escaped."


AN1: Rai means lightning in Japanese, Gaia means earth. Rai is Harry, Gaia is Neville, Blonde boy is Draco, Blonde girl is Luna. Duh.

AN2: I just did maaaaaaaaajor revisions to make it more like the show. And if I owned either HP or NCIS this wouldn't be fanfiction. Also this is not based on an actual case in the show. Suggestions for Ducky things to ramble about and Tony to reference are always appreciated.