Warning: This story does contain rape, curse-words, yaoi, and child abuse. I advise those who are light hearted to not to read this, as well as some content may be disturbing to some readers. If you for some reason, do not think this story is for you, I ask that you leave now. Later chapters will include rape and yaoi.

Pairing: eventual Tamaki/Kyoya, Kyoya-centric

Text- Kyoya's inner voice

Golden Horizon

Kyoya awoke startled from the sound of his door opening, he saw a figure walk toward him.

The smell of alcohol filled the room, widening Kyoya's eyes even more. Not again. please not again.

He reached over to turn on the lamp but a cold hand beat him to it, grabbing his hand. The young man wanted to scream but couldn't with the man's hand over his mouth. The other cold hand caressed his cheek, sending chills down Kyoya's back. The figure began to talk in a low voice, "Relax Kyoya. I just wanted to see you." Shaking from head to toe Kyoya looked down to the ground, he knew that voice.

"What do you want?" he asked his voice barely above a whisper. He could feel tears in the corners of his eyes, he felt so dirty. He knew what the man wanted.

"What I always want. Take your clothes off." No! Please anything but that….

Kyoya made a noise but complied, he didn't want to anger the voice. Shaking, he took off his shirt, he tried to be careful and not fumble over the buttons like last time. Bruises and cuts lay over the creamy skin, his shoulder blades marked by knives, in all different directions. His once flawless skin was covered in ugly dark marks, old scars and new.

The young man was scared out of his wits, no ruse or charm could get him out of this. Looking at the figure he swallowed the lump in his throat.

"..D-Do I have t-to? C-Couldn't I-I d-d-do so-something el-else?" he stuttered.

In truth the boy didn't want to do it and he certainly didn't want to do it all those other times. He was met with a slap causing him to fall off the bed.

"When I tell you to do something, do it! Now take off those damn pants or I'll do it for you!" the voice screeched.

Cringing Kyoya got up and took off his pants trying desperately to go slow. The pervert saw how slow he was going and yanked off his underwear, pants and socks. Now the young man was naked and exposed to the pervert. Kyoya was scared, what if he was going to be beaten like last time? Would anyone notice or ignore like they did before?

"You're so beautiful I could just fuck you all night long. You'd like that wouldn't you, you slut?" the voice laughed when tears started falling. But the voice, continued, You're pathetic, take it like a man. Oh wait, you're not one! You like when your father fucks you."

Kyoya kept his gaze on the ground, determined to not make a fool of him again. The cold hands grabbed his member and roughly jerked it. Kyoya hissed in pain. This caused another laugh to come out of the man. By now, Kyoya was on the bed hands above his head, pinned down by the stranger.

"You like that huh? You dirty piece of shit, faggot!" he said.

The boy couldn't stop the tears from falling, as if they were a waterfall. He hated what it did to him always making him feel weak. The man started kissing all over the boy's pale, smooth skin, he was eager to taste him. Kyoya was barely able to fight back, knowing what that would lead to.

The stranger had lost his control and started taking off his robe, revealing his erected member. Taking the younger man's leg up, he pushed straight into him, moaning at the tightness. It was ironic he thought, how one minute he was warm and cozy the next, cold and naked. Kyoya gasped, the pain was excruciating, it felt like needles were pushing into him, twisting and ripping anything in it's path..

"You feel so good, so tight." he grunted. Sweat began to form on his forehead. Tears still fell from the younger boy's eyes never stopping. The boy didn't know what felt worse, being rape or being weak. Sobs soon fell from his soft pink lips, the pain was becoming unbearable.

The pervert wrapped one hand around Kyoya's throat. "IF you don't keep quiet you're going to regret, understand?" he warned.

He saw the boy gasping for air, his beautiful brown eyes filled with pain. Still, Kyoya nodded, and the man took his hand off, leaving a dark black bruise. The man increased his thrusts, recklessly tearing Kyoya's tissue. A stream of blood began to form as the stranger kept thrusting, a puddle was about to form right under Kyoya's ass. The boy tightened his eyes in agony, this was hell! Sobs came out of his mouth, heart-shattering ones at that. Though the boy was crying, he looked even more beautiful. His father took a shirt and gagged it into Kyoya's mouth, determined to fuck the boy without any disturbances. Close to his climax the man grunted a sound and shot his seed right in Kyoya's abused and torn ass. The boy withered in pain, blood was still coming out.

Cruelly the man yanked his manhood right out, earning a cry from the boy.

Satisfied, he let out a laugh, "Now Kyoya, was it really that bad? I would think sluts like you enjoyed getting fucked."

Putting his robe back on he turned to the broken boy, "If you tell anyone, I will kill you", he continued, "You make me sick, go clean yourself up, faggot."

He left the room and let the boy lay in blood and his father's own semen. Once Kyoya was sure he heard the door click, he took out the shirt and tried to get up. Having his hands tied up for so long really hurt his arms. All he could do was lay there, fully disgusted

His whole body felt numb and cold as if he'd been sliced open. Kyoya had to get up, wash and change those sheets. Last time, he was barely able to move at all, he considered himself lucky this time The shadow king for once felt a feeling he felt oh so many times in his life before: pain. There was no other way to put how he felt, he simply felt as thought everything around him had died.

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