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Golden Horizon

When Kyoya woke up he was amazed to see silk sheets against his pale legs. Not only was the touch incredible, it made him feel better. Looking around the room he came to the realization that this was in fact not his room but another's.

Reality had hit like a ton of bricks. Kyoya knew there were three major problems on hand.

Firstly, this was not his room! He didn't recognize anything and the color scheme was beautiful. There was thought put into this room not just the usual sense of sophistication. Secondly, this was not his house. The Ootori mansion had no likes especially in Kyoya's room for silk sheets. On the other hand he did see his father's room with silk.. He shook his head before any more 'bad thoughts' as he liked to call them, could rise. He refused to be held down to these thoughts anymore. Thirdly, if he was not home within a few minutes there will be even more hell to pay then now. There was absolutely no telling what Yoshio had in store for his son upon his arrival. Well, Kyoya knew, he just didn't want to say it out loud, it would make it more real.

Nevertheless, the youngest Ootori flipped the covers completely off and shifted in the soft bed. He wrapped his arms around his bent knees and frown. There would be no use of him here if he did decide to stay with Tamaki but there would be even less use of him if he stayed 'home' with daddy.

He couldn't become a burden to a person he cared for so dearly but he couldn't bear to disappoint him either..

Tamaki already saw how much of a screw he was from the episode last night, just the thought made a small blush dust across his cheeks. How embarrassing!

Maybe if he convinced the blonde to let him go home somehow he could fix everything?

All though he was ever the pessimist he still like to think he could think positively even if the situation was entirely fucked up. Whatever pent-up enthusiasm he had, had been taken away from him. He sighed softly and laid his head on his knees, the bandages rubbed against his thigh sharply.

He remembered how Eiji laughed at him whenever he would wince, the taller boy would just sneer when his eyes teared up.

Kyoya opened his mouth and all that came out was a sob.

Eiji didn't care how he felt, he didn't care when he cried or begged for medicine, help, or anything at all.

All Eiji cared for was himself and it was hard for Kyoya to understand that.

It was hard for anyone in such a position to understand that.

Maybe if Kyoya had been strong enough he could have done something to prevent all of this. The longer Kyoya questioned this, the more loss in time he had become. He looked up from the clock and saw that it was in fact 11:00 o'clock. Wiping his eyes he took a deep breath and went to the bathroom.

There was something he wanted to check.

Tamaki Suoh was in trouble and not the normal kind more like the risk of getting disowned.

But he didn't care in the slightest. When he told his father what he had done, he was not happy to say the least.

Well, okay, maybe he was over exaggerating, but, it was a real possibility.

All that was his top priority was Kyoya and everything and everyone could take a back seat. When he looked into the boys eye's he saw sadness, and if that didn't break his heart, tending to his wounds did. Just the sight of the pale soft flesh marred with fresh cuts on top of old one sent shivers down his spine. There was definitely over 100 cuts on his legs alone. The idea of human branding didn't make it any more bearable.

How could you mark another person in such a way? Did they even think of the scarring it would lead or the pain Kyoya went thought? How could someone be this cruel to an innocent person?

Tamaki breathed, as he heard the maids tell him of his father's arrival. He sighed but stood up as his father entered the living room. He bowed in respect as his father nod and sat down.

The maid walked in with a tray of tea and cookies, Tamaki knew of his father's sweet tooth, what better way to persuade him then with cookies.

Yuzuru's eyes sparked when he looked at Tamaki.

"Are you sure son that Yoshio is abusing your friend?"

"Yes! Father, I had to take him home with me, he wasn't well." The blonde talked in a surge of panic. The events from last night were enough to fire him up even more.

"Be that as it may, Tamaki-!"

"He was hurt what was I supposed to do? He's my best friend and I refuse to leave Kyoya with that monster." The young boy took the tea calmly from the tray and sipped it, waiting for his father's response.

All he saw was calmness; there were no traces of anger, resentment, nothing!

"I just want you to know son what you are getting yourself into. This is someone's life not a project. What you do from now on will affect both of you. You have to understand the repercussions." The older man said this so easily as if he was okay with….

"So are you telling me, Father that Kyoya staying is alright with you?" The blonde carefully placed his cup down and looked up.

Yozuru Suoh nodded solemnly. He held his finger up before his son eyes could widen even more.
"The only thing I ask is if you asked Kyoya this."

Tamaki frowned, "I don't see why he wouldn't be okay with staying here I mean, he seems to like it here and he's away from him."

"Well Tamaki, that's your only problem, you have to ask Kyoya if it is okay first. After all, I think he would be okay here." The patriarch nodded his head wisely.

"Thank you Father!" The boy's violet eyes sparkled with merriment. There was still the whole process of decorating Kyoya's room to think about too.

His father only nodded and the blonde hugged him. The blonde earned a chuckle and a hug back. He was thankful to have a father like Yuzuru. One that didn't hurt him or make him feel inadequate but rather one that guided him and helped him.

The two quietly say their goodbyes and once Yuzuru left, he ran up the stairs. With sweaty palms, Tamaki ran a hand through his hair as he made his way to the guest room.

He didn't know what to expect.

Kyoya was very interested in the bandage under his navel. He didn't have any need to check it but to just watch the injured area. His stomach was starting to hurt as he pressed softly into the cloth.

He wondered how he looked underneath, if any of skin healed or if he just looked …better. He loosened the buttoned down pajama top and his eyes glazed over.

Looking at the mirror, Kyoya couldn't help but bring his fingers up to his torso. He traced his ribs and stopped when he reached the bandage. When did his body become so ugly. His palms pushed on the soft skin of his stomach, he felt nothing. For the first time in years, his body had become a stranger to him.

How did he let his skin get so ….dirty? But what Kyoya couldn't remember for the life of him was why did he have dents in his skin as well? Dents he never noticed he had, the ones he did in fact remember where on his thighs not on his face.

His hands shook as they reached his hair. He carefully combed his fingers through them only to get halfway and notice a patch was missing. His stomach lurched at the mere thought of his hair.

His hair, his skin, his body were so important to him that it made him even more sick just to think about it. Kyoya refused to think of the disgust Tamaki probably felt looking at his naked body.

How was he supposed to be part of the host club if he didn't look up to par? It would be plain embarrassing to insult his friends by looking like this.

He was ugly and worn out. He didn't belong with his friends anymore, he deserved something lower.



The action pulled the troubled boy out of his thoughts. "Kyoya, are you almost finished? There's something I need to ask you."

The boy blinked twice and shook his head, desperate to clear his head from any more vicious thoughts. He buttoned his shirt up quickly and without so much as a sigh he opened the door knob.

The blonde was beautiful. He smiled at Kyoya and said carefully as if the boy would break, "I have something very important to ask and I was hoping you wouldn't..say no?"

Kyoya opened his mouth to reply but his voice was stuck as if it didn't want to come out. He closed it and tried again but nothing came out. So the raven haired boy just nodded and waited for more bad news.

The blonde smiled again and breathed out "Would you move in with me?"

Kyoya cocked his head and sucked his bottom lip in so that it resembled a pout He didn't quite hear what the blonde was saying, it all came out too fast for his liking.

Tamaki really could not catch a break. Kyoya looked positively adorable just standing there and dear heavens, he was pouting.

'Oh god.'

He cleared his throat and tried again, "I was saying, would you like to move in here, with me?"

The boy's eyes widened but showed no emotions of happiness or anything at all.


The blonde's heart dropped but it didn't hurt as bad because he saw a flick of something in Kyoya's eyes when he asked so this had to be a step up.

"Great. So, how are you feeling?" The blonde could have punched himself for sounding so stupid. Where was his charisma when he needed it most? He sounded like an idiot just standing there and making Kyoya uncomfortable.

"Um.." the boy took a moment to think about this. The blonde could have jumped him if he wasn't hurt (and had approval), Kyoya took a deep breath but continued, "I feel okay, but this bandage is really bothering me."

The blonde's eyes perked up at the mention of the bandage. This was another reason to touch Kyoya, excellent.

"I'll change it for you! If you're okay with t-that?" The blonde had to be smooth and confident but he just messed that up.

The boy tried to smile but couldn't, his face hurt terribly. This upset Kyoya, he swallowed shallowly and made an attempt to nod which didn't work out well either.

Instead, he tried the direct approach and grabbed Tamaki's hand. And tried to move him inside the bathroom with him. This failed because Kyoya was too weak to pull the taller boy.

"Please.", he whispered. His eyes teared and Tamaki had to hold him to keep Kyoya from falling.

"Of course. Anything for you, Kyoya.", the blonde whispered. He guided the boy to the sink, which was short enough to place him on top of the smooth surface.

He waited for the boy to unbutton his top and strategically opened the cabinet; he grabbed more bandages antiseptic ointment, and soothing cream.

He looked up at Kyoya and smiled one last time before he carefully peeled off the bandage. He didn't want to irritate his skin further if he just ripped it off. He rubbed the skin tenderly, careful not to interfere in the wound area.

He took some of the cloth and cleaned it. Kyoya didn't make any movements he just sat there clutching Tamaki's unused hand. However, something must have bothered him because he wasn't looking at Tamaki but rather the wall behind him.

Deciding to question him later, Tamaki continued his work and once finished he helped the boy down (even if the counter was low). The blonde throw the old bandage and other items away. He looked at the boy and washed his hands. He wanted to make sure that Kyoya wasn't crying. When he was done he opened the door and waited for the boy to come through.

Kyoya said nothing but walked out of the room, Tamaki grabbed his hand and moved the boy to his already made bed.

"How did you sleep?" Tamaki asked, breaking the silence.

The other boy sat on the bed and whispered, "Well."

Tamaki's eyes narrowed in concern at the boy's firm grip on his pants.

"Are you still in pain?", the blonde had lightly touched his shoulder he sat with Kyoya. His best friend nodded and did something that surprised them both.

He laid his head on the blonde's lap and smiled. It wasn't flashy but still it was sincere and only succeeded in making Tamaki's heart flutter. A light blush dusted the paler boy's face, and he just found it so cute.

He leaned down to place just one soft kiss on the boy's forehead. His skin was so soft and he smelt like roses, he would lose himself in this if he wasn't careful.

"Kyoya, do you want any aspirin? I know it must really hurt right now", his voice lowered an octave as he brushed his lips against the boy's soft cheek.

The boy under him nodded and said nothing hypnotized by Tamaki's swiftness. He pulled Kyoya up and left shortly to the bathroom and brought with him a glass of water.

With the bottle in his hand he read the instructions, he frowned and looked up.

"You shouldn't take these with an empty stomach. Are you hungry?"

Kyoya bit his lip but said, "No."

"Not even in the slightest, Kyoya?"

"No. I feel full." He shifted so his legs dangled from the bed.

"How about just something small? Would that be okay?"

"..I guess so.", Kyoya sighed. He wrapped his arms up around his legs and watched as Tamaki left through the room again. He felt a bit cold but decided not to say anything about it. As much as he wanted to get under the covers he couldn't because it would require him to move even more than his body wanted him to.

He couldn't help the feeling of anxiety the bubbled in his chest, what if Tamaki didn't really want him to stay here? What if he wanted nothing more than to put him on out on the streets? Or worse take him back to Eiji and leave there…

Kyoya hadn't noticed the dip in the bed and the warm finger that slide across his cheek to wipe the tear. Tamaki had returned with a small bowl of soup and place it on the desk in front of the bed. He sighed inwardly as he noticed the boy's sad face.

He had to remind himself that it wasn't something he did but rather how the boy was coping.

"Kyoya, I'm back." He whispered softly. He sadly smiled as the boy noticed him, clearly shaken out of his thoughts.

"O-oh, thank you.", Kyoya remarked carefully as Tamaki gave him the small bowl. He took one sip and immediately wanted to finish the whole thing but he knew he shouldn't push himself. He waited as Tamaki handed him the small pills to finish the soup.

Tamaki had smiled again. 'Probably thinking of a new way to get rid of me.' , he thought cynically.A small voice told him that wasn't the case but Kyoya ignored it. He knew Tamaki genuinely wanted him here.

"How do you feel now?", Tamaki asked as he placed the bowl on the desk again. He sat on the bed again and watched the boy's actions carefully. He didn't want Kyoya to fall or faint.

"Better.", Kyoya mumbled. The aspirin had hit him fast, he guessed because he wasn't used to taking medicine. He yawned tiredly and stretched, as far as he could without hurting his arms. This action caused Tamaki to chuckle and he opened the bed covers.

"Get some rest Kyoya."

The boy blinked his eyes owlishly before replying, "I'm okay, really. It's just the medicine."

"I think it would work best if you took a nap.", he gently kissed the boy's' cheek and left the room once said boy had fell asleep.

It was just at that moment, Tamaki remembered the date.

it was November 10.

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